With the dangers following the climate change scenario, everyone is worried about the effects of it.

Green Architecture or Green Building or Sustainable Architecture or Eco friendly or Eco Design is the way the building is designed and constructed so that it is conducive to the environment.

Many buildings, as well as independent houses, are made with this concept. During construction and even after the construction is done and the structure becomes operational by using a minimum number of natural resources are used.

In a nutshell, Green Architecture is nothing but an environmentally friendly architecture.


Today there is a dire need of having a Green architecture as it has numerous benefits along with the obvious environmental benefits the Green architecture will help economically and socially as well.

The detail about these benefits is explained below.

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The green architecture will help the environment. As the foundation of the Green Architecture is to cause minimum damage to the environment.

When one does a construction, it produces a large amount of waste due to demolition and other construction work, and simultaneously it produces the greenhouse gases as well, which are unfavorable for the environment.

The objective while building a Green building is to reduce the number of products which are harmful to the environment.

If the materials from the old construction or old home are in good condition, reuse them.

Materials like fixtures of the old house, the grill of the windows, or the doors can be-reused without thinking twice. The construction of the building done with recycled material would go a long way in sustainability.

There are blocks which can be kept in the outdoor area, are made out of discarded plastic and plastic as we all know in very difficult to recycle. The way the environment is getting degraded, it is now a necessity to have a Green Architecture.


Almost all of us spend a considerable amount of money on energy and water. Merely incorporating rainwater harvesting or solar panels would save a lot of money.

While designing a Green building, the preservation of the existing natural water cycle is kept in mind so that it becomes useful when the site becomes operational.

The greywater harvesting method is used a lot in the Green building.

Whats is Greywater?

All the wastewater from the household except the waste from the toilet termed as greywater.

The water from the sink, washing clothes or utensils is filtered and reused for irrigation or toilets. The energy and water that has been reused and recycle that itself will lower the long-term cost of maintenance as well as the present price of energy and water bills.


As the core of Green Architecture revolves around building a structure that is viable to the environment, that itself will help one gauge about how beneficial it would be for the people.

As these structures are environmentally friendly, the quality of air and health will improve considerably.

In Green building, people would be working or living in a place that reduces stress, headaches, or other problems that are associated with sick buildings.

The reason, natural resources surround the building, there is proper ventilation, and overall, it has an improved quality of air which will benefit the people staying there immensely.

As the world is developing every minute, it is vital to respect the natural resources, as it is seen that during the development process, our environment is getting impacted adversely.

Hence, it has become imperative to trade to a more sustainable way of living and to adapt to Green Architecture would be a good start.