What is BOQ (Bill of Quantities) . . ?

The (BOQ) Bill of Quantities in Bangalore abbreviated as BOQ is a tendering document and Quantity Surveyor or Architects prepare it. This is an important document in all types of building works.

Its prepared based on the building plan which in turn is prepared by the architect. This is an itemized list of the various components needed for the work. Based on the description provided in the BOQ, the contractors would quote their rate for taking up the construction work.

Details: Sample Quotation given by us for Building contractors to fill the BOQ item rates

Advantages of Having BOQ’s for a Project

A comprehensive detail of the work:

As already said the BOQ contains descriptions of the various components required for the work. Thereby the contractor willing to quote for the work will get a comprehensive detail of the work involved and also the material required for taking up the work.

The BOQ would specify the quantity of the material required, the specific quality of the material along with all other details relating to the material. This would give a complete picture of the material needed for the work and this also helps the contractor to quote for the work.

No guess work:

In the absence of BOQ, the contractor would have quoted for the work by guess-work. But it does not allow any guess work because every component needed for the work is described with abundant clarity.

They contain various details like the preliminary description of the work, the preamble which provides details of the work involved.

After that, the comprehensive list of the materials needed is also provided. All these will enable the Building contractors to quote for the work with crystal clear clarity.

As you know, when a BOQ is announced, several contractors would quote for the work. They will quote on the standard format provided by the owner of the building. The contractor is required to quote for the work in the same standard format.

As a result, it helps to compare the rate quoted by different contractors. It also helps to make a cost analysis by adding up overheads and other unforeseen expenses.

Time limit:

The building owner calls for tenders or quotes from various contractors and he will also stipulate the last date by which he should receive the quotes. At the same time, the building owner may also prescribe certain standards for evaluating the quotes.

For example, the building owner may say only contractors who have taken up a particular nature of works alone should quote. There are also instances where the building owner may restrict the BOQ only to contractors who have taken up works costing more than a particular sum of money.

BOQ in the city of Bangalore:

As you can see, the BOQ is very helpful in making the item-wise comparison of rate quoted by different contractors. In the city of Bangalore, the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is published in all kinds of works taken up by government or semi-government organizations.

However, in the case of individuals and private organizations this method is not generally followed.