Sandstone Flooring and Sandstone Tiles about Advantages Maintenance Durability of Sandstone

Where Sandstone Flooring can be used?

Sandstone tiles will enhance the flooring appearance of bathrooms. Sandstones are installed in various interior locations like flooring, cladding, paving, etc.

There are many flooring that can be used during house construction, and it’s also recommended to take the suggestion of your Architects on which material to use for construction.

When you install in bathrooms, a high level of maintenance operations should be carried out.

If you would like to consider Sandstone Tiles for bathrooms, you should calculate the water retention of the tiles. The water absorption property of sandstone is very high compared with other natural stones.

There are certain verities of sandstones that can resist water better than other kinds of sandstone.

You can install sandstones in extra bathrooms where showers are not fitted and where the bath is not taken quite often. When you prefer sandstone, a regular sealing regiment should be applied.

You can use this kind of flooring for the guest bathroom as they are seldom used. Sandstone cost varies from Rs 60 to 145 / sq ft, and it can also be preferred if you go for a half bath in which no shower is arranged but a sink. If there are less water and moisture, you can prefer this option.

Cost Factor : Rs 60 to Rs 140 / sq ft

The tiles might discolor with exposure to sunlight after a period of time. Different colors are ranging from medium tone whites to maelstroms. You can take advantage of vast stretches of hues as well. You will get the feeling of earth and rock right in your home with the installation of sandstones.

Advantages of Sandstone Flooring / Tiles

  • You can derive the beauty of nature by going for sandstone flooring.
  • The major advantages of Sandstone tiles are that its durable.
  • Unique pieces are formed from nature.
  • One can walk on the stone without hurting your feet.
  • These are natural and eco-friendly.
  • The replacement tiles are available very easily.

Disadvantages of Sandstone Flooring / Tiles

  • As the stone is porous, the water absorption is very higher than other stone materials.
  • The surface will get scratches and dents over a period of time.
  • The major disadvantages of sandstone tiles are that it’s soft compared to granite.
  • Too much polish will lead to a slippery surface.
  • There will be weathering and aging impact on sandstone.

Durability of Sandstone Tiles / Flooring

Best practices should be followed during the installation and maintenance of sandstone durability for flooring.

By taking maintenance regularly, the durability of the product is very much enhanced. Preventive steps should be taken so that you will be able to protect the floor for many years.

To avoid scratches, furniture pads can be arranged on the surface.

As the stone is quarried from the mountain core, the hardness of the stone is very high. Even though the durability cannot be compared with slate or granite, it offers a high level of resistance and has the power to be adapted to any application.

Maintenance of Sandstone Tiles / Flooring

Sandstone Maintenance for flooring should be done as per the guidelines are given by the manufacturer. Excess sealer should be removed with the right kind of sealer remover. The cleaning solution that is left on the flooring will impact the quality of the seal. Hence, it should be removed by using the right kind of vacuum machine.

The sealers will break down with the usage of the cleaning solutions. Sealer-friendly materials should be used for regular cleaning. If you obtain factory-sealed tiles, you should not want to mend them yourself.

Trained professionals will operate so that you can make the most of your investment. Regular sealing is required to prevent damage to the stone.

However, the sealing should not be done without consulting the experts. If you install a specific brand, you should hesitate to take help from the manufacturer.

When you take the help of a professional layer, it is possible to install sandstone tiles efficiently.

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