Cost of Building a House in Bangalore? Read about Cost to Build a House in Bangalore on 20×30 30×40 40×60 50×80 Sites

COST TO BUILD A HOUSE IN BANGALORE on 30×40 20×30 40×60 50×80 G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors Cost of Building a House

It’s been the IT capital of India where it all started in the late 90’s form where the IT industry started to establish here, from then this City has seen an influx in qualified professionals all over who were looking for a Job.

This has led to an increase in the real estate market and the demand for housing for people who are looking to make this city their new home.

The current cost to build a house in Bangalore varies from Rs 1500 to Rs 1700 /sq ft for building a home.

Today if one needs to Buy a Site or Plot, which easily costs Rs 2500 / sq ft to Rs 20,000 / sq ft all depends on the locations and the amenities nearby like Schools, Colleges, Restaurants, Hospitals, and General stores, Hotels, Parks, CA sites and Malls. These are the few factors that play a crucial role in determining the cost of a Plot/Site.

The Cost to Build a house in Bangalore varies from Rs 1500/sq ft to Rs 2000/sq ft.

Below you can read about the current cost of building a House on 20×30 30×40 40×60 50×80 and other dimesions.

Today one can see that there are high demand localities such as Koramangala, Indiranagar, Jp Nagar, HSR Layout, BTM Layout, Domlur, Old airport road, Jayanagar, HBR Layout, Electronic city, Outer ring road where the going real estate prices are anywhere between Rs 15,000 + / sq ft.


It’s everyone’s DREAM of Living under their own ROOF today one needs to have a modest Rs 60lcasand upwards to Rs 2.5 cr for a Luxury living.

Bangalore offers you different plot dimensions such as 50×80 20×30 40×60 30×40 40×40 30×50 40×40 80×100 100×100 and other odd dimension plots. Below we have put together the different possibilities of Building a House and the cost involved, including the site.

Cost Factor Considered : Rs 1700 /sq ft.
BUA: Built-up area.



  • Sarjapur road.
  • Hosur road.
  • Kanakapura road.
  • Tumkur road.
  • International Airport road.
  • Mysore road.
  • Bellary road.
  • Bannerghatta road.
  • Inner and Outer ring road.


Site Cost: Rs 23 lacs to 39 lacs.

We have considered the Site cost varying from Rs 3000 to Rs 6500 /sq ft it again depends or varies on the real estate market where the price per sq ft for real estate depends on the amenities or facilities near the plot.

These are the smallest dimensions available; one can be prepared with a minimum budget of Rs 22 lacs to Rs 36 lacs if one is planning to build or construct Duplex houses or Rental houses.

These plots or sites have a small road approach in most cases, the width of the road will be between 15 ft to 20 ft, including drains. One of the disadvantages of these plots is that one can see already built houses with no setbacks left on either side of these sites.

Having a good setback helps to have good natural light and ventilation for the House. Below are all the possibilities that can be possible to execute on such kind of site dimensions.

DUPLEX HOUSE of G+3 / G+2 / G+1 Floors Cost : Rs 22 lacs to Rs 30 lacs:

BUA: 1100 sq ft to 1600 sq ft.

One can quickly Build a House of G+2 or G+3 Duplex House on a 20×30 or 600 sq ft plot having 2 to 3 bedrooms. One can also plan to leave the entire ground floor for parking and building First, and Second Floor for residential usage.

If the Client has budget issues, he can think of leaving space for one small car and starting the residence from the Ground floor itself.

Ground Floor: Entire space for Parking.

First Floor: Living area of 150+ sq ft + Kitchen and Dining + Common bathroom without shower provision + Small guest room of 10×10 + Internal Staircase leading to the above floors.

Second Floor: 1 Master bed of 10×13 with attached bath + Small family seating area with a small balcony opening towards the road + Guest room of 11×10 area.

Third Floor: Staircase headroom or Can have a provision for another room which might increase the construction cost by another 3 to 4 lacs depending on the area constructed.

Note: The Bedroom sizes that one might get on such small dimensions are around 10×10 or 10×13 Master bedroom.

As informed earlier that the setbacks might be an issue while designing the house, If one has a sufficient budget he can opt to go for a corner site which might be 20% more expensive when compared to an intermediate plot.

RENTAL HOUSES G+4 / G+3 / G+2 Floors Build Cost : Rs 27 to Rs 37 lacs:

BUA: 1600 sq ft to 2100 sq ft.

It’s always advisable to have or provide the entire ground floor for parking if building rental houses on 20×60 / 600 sq ft land.

One can construct One 2Bhk house on each floor the overall size of each unit of a 2BHK Home might be around 450 sq ft another 100 to 150 sq ft will be taken by Staircase and Setbacks given towards the front and back.

Ground Floor: 1 Car + 6 Two-wheeler parking slots.

First to the Third Floor: 2BHK x 1 nos: 1 Small living of 120 sq ft area + One Master Bedroom + Dining area with attached Kitchen + Common bath + Guest room with attached bath.

Fourth Floor: 1 BHK x 2 nos (each unit’s size of around 220 sq ft )

Note: If one is going for a Rental concept of G+4 floors then the Fourth floor can be designed for 1BHK x 2 nos as climbing might be a bit difficult if families move in.

It’s also important to note that as per the Plan sanction given by BBMP / BDA / BMRDA / Gram Panchayat it might be a building violation if the fourth floor is built.

But normally one can see or come across buildings having 4 floors this building deviation can be rectified once Akrama Sakrama is into implementation.


Site Cost: Rs 42 lacs to 62 lacs

This is the most common plot dimension seen all across Bengaluru, It’s highly preferred by the mid-income category hence these dimensions are always in demand.

Nearly 40 to 50% of these plots are of these sizes in layouts formed by the approval of BBMP BMRDA Gram Panchayat and BDA.

One has to also note that one might also have an Option to buy B Khata Sites which are generally much cheaper than sites in Approved layouts.

But there might be some risks for purchasing or owning these properties such as Land might not be Converted, Land not approved for forming sites, It might be still under a green belt, No proper infrastructure, No Common amenities area created, Buildings might have deviations in construction, etc.


Generally, the current residential House construction cost for Duplex houses or Rental houses on a 30×40 site or 1200 sq ft area is explained below.

If one is looking to Build a 30×40 Duplex house with decent Open spaces or Setbacks, this might be their best option as one can leave around 3ft setbacks on all three sides and 4 to 5 ft towards the roadside as per the Architect’s design.

If you need to know more details then visit 30×40 construction cost page to read further details.

Having more open spaces always helps to have good natural light and cross ventilation.

If building Rental houses, one can have multiple options on each floor like 3Bhk / 2Bhk / 1Bhk x 2nos / Single Rooms x 4 nos. Different combinations of these options can be executed depending on the Kind of housing demands at the location.

DUPLEX HOUSE of  G+1 / G+3 / G+4 Floors Build Cost Rs 37lacs to 68 lacs:

BUA: 1800 sq ft to 3000 sq ft

Ground Floor: 1 Car park of 14’x17’ area + Living room of 170+ sq ft for 8 to 10 seating arrangement + Dining area of 120 sq ft with space for having crockery unit + Open Kitchen with Storeroom and Utility for washing + Common bathroom + Guest room of 12’x10’ sq ft + Pooja room + Internal staircase to access above floors.

First Floor: 1 Master bedroom of 14’x 12’ size with attached bath + Family living of 140+ sq ft + 1 Small/large Balcony with minimum 5ftx10 ft or 50sq ft+ size + Smaller bedroom of 130 sq ft.

If the Budget Permits one can continue with the below requirements for the above Floors.

Third Floor: 1 Master bedroom + Tv room of 13ftx19ft with 8 to 10 seating arrangement + Family room of 300 sq ft + Larger internal opening of 100 sq ft looking towards the below First floor + Balcony with 2 to 3 seating arrangement.

Fourth Floor: Gym area of 200 sq ft + Can have a provision for Bar area / Barbeque deck seating + Small terrace garden with a potted arrangement.

Note: The overall cost of building a residential Bungalow might be Rs 70lacs to Rs 1cr including the site cost.

As informed above the option of having the Third Floor or fourth floor having additional luxury amenities including the LIFT option again depends on the budget allocated by the Architect at the time of finalizing the House plans.

Hence it’s always very important to finalize the floor plans and make sure whether the proposed project is fitting within the given budget. So that cost escalation during the construction stage is to the minimum.

RENTAL HOUSES G+2 G+4 G+3 Floors Cost Rs 40 to Rs 78 lacs:

BUA: 2700 sq ft to 4350 sq ft

One can construct rental houses on a 30×40 plot with different design possibilities like 2BHK, 1BHK x 2 nos, Small 3Bhk with 10×10 rooms, etc.

If one is Building G+2 floors and above it’s always recommended to provide the entire Ground floor for the parking area.

The entire rental units are designed based on ROI (Returns on Investment) in today’s scenario a 1Bhk can easily fetch a rent of around Rs 7000, and a 2BHK can fetch a rent of around Rs 10,000 in most parts of the city.

Ground Floor: Entire parking 8 to 10 two-wheeler parking (if building G+3 floors).

First Floor:
Small 3BHK: Small living + 1 Bedroom of 10ft x 9.5ft with attached bath + 2 Small rooms of 10×9 + Kitchen + Common bathroom.

Second Floor : 2BHK : Living of 100 sq ft + Kitchen 80 sq ft + Common bath + 2 rooms of 10×11 sizes.

Third to the Fourth Floor: 1Bhk x 2 Nos : 1 living 105 sq ft + Kitchen 60 sq ft + Common bath + room of 10×9.

Note: Building the 4th floor would be a building deviation as the Plan approval can have only G+3 floors if the ground floor is shown as parking.

But today we see structures that have built the 4th floor also, So it’s always the risk for the Owner if he plans to construct the fourth floor which can later might or mightn’t be rectified once Akrama Sakrama is implemented.


Site Cost: Rs 73 lacs to 1.25cr

This is the best Plot to buy if you are planning to Build a 40×60 Duplex house, The main advantage of Constructing an independent Building on 2400 sq ft is that one can leave adequate spaces right around the house which allows good natural light and ventilation.

The scope for an Architect to Design on such is much greater when compared to smaller sizes. One can also design landscaped gardens and other luxury amenities.

On such kinds of sites, one will leave minimum setbacks of 4ft on all three sides and 6ft to 8 ft towards the road. The FAR for 2400 sq ft considering at 1.75 one can easily build 4200 sq ft.

The FAR can increase if the plot is facing a 60ft road. Building a Duplex house can have a built-up area of around 3800 to 7000 sq ft is mentioned below.

DUPLEX HOUSE of G+3/G+4 /G+2/G+1 Floors Construction Cost : Rs 69lacs to Rs 1.30cr:

BUA: 3800 sq ft to 7800 sq ft

Ground Floor: 2 Car covered park 300 sq ft + Landscaped garden + Foyer 90 sq ft + Living room 300 sq ft + Dining area for 10 seating + Pooja room + 400 sq ft Mater bedroom with walk-in closet with attached bathroom provision for shower enclosure + Spiral / Modern Internal staircase + Common bathroom + Second Bedroom of 300 sq ft + Island open Kitchen concept of 300 sq ft with Utility and Storeroom.

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First Floor: Family Living of 400 sq ft with TV area + 14 ft x 7ft Balcony Overseeing the garden below + 2 Master Bedrooms of 360 sq ft each with attached bathrooms + Opening in Slab (Double height) at Living or Dining area.
(Below requirements are optional and can be planned according to the Budget)

Second Floor: 1 Master bedroom of 16ft x 18ft with attached power room walk-in closet + Slab opening overseeing the First floor Below + Family living area with a large attached balcony + Home Theatre with 10 seating arrangement + Guest Bedroom of 250 sq ft.

Third Floor: Terrace garden or Planter boxes + GYM area of 500 sq ft + Open bar counter with seating Deck + BBQ area + Semi-covered Jacuzzi or Steam sauna room + Solar provision.

RENTAL HOUSES / APARTMENTS G+1/G+4/G+2/G+3 Floors Building Cost : Rs 85lacs to Rs 1.90 cr:

BUA: 4000 sq ft to 9900 sq ft

Building rental Houses or Apartments or using it’s of multi-dwelled units for Rent or Sale Purpose is possible on a 40×60 or 2400 sq ft plot.

If one is looking to Build houses purely for rental income or Roi’s then it’s recommended of G+3 or above floors having 2BHK x 2 nos on each floor with around 900 to 1000 sq ft for each unit.

One can also have a provision with a lift provision and a decent setback of around 3to4 ft around the property which helps for Good natural and cross ventilation within the property.

In the other option of Build 4 Sale if one is planning to construct an Apartment complex of 3 to 4 salable units where one constructs a 3Bhk one unit on each floor.

One needs to provide small common amenities like a Security room at the entrance gate, a small kid’s play area, a small swimming pool, a Terrace Gym area, and a Common room of 300 sq ft.

Ground Floor: Security room + 5 Car parking spaces + Lift + Small play area for Kids + Small kid swimming pool.

First to Third Floor: 3BHK x 1 nos : Foyer at Entrance + 1 Master bed room 14ftx16 ft with attached bath + 2 rooms of 140 sq ft + Living room of 190 sq ft + Dining area for 6 + Open kitchen with utility of 60 sq ft + common bath room.

Fourth Floor: 2Bhk x 2 nos: Suitable for Rental concepts only: 1 living room of 160 sq ft + 2 rooms + common bath without shower + Small dining + Kitchen with small attached utility.

50×80 G+4 G+1 G+3 G+1 Floors COST TO BUILD A HOUSE on 4000 sq ft Site

Site Cost: Rs 1.4 cr to 2.5 cr

It would be a Dream for an Architect to work on these plot sizes of 50×80 or 4000 sq ft area as there is more than enough scope for implementing new and creative concepts while designing the House plans especially for Duplex houses.

The demand for these sites is high especially with HNIs who want their house to be built with good open spaces having all modern amenities that fit into their budget.

The luxury amenities that can implement on such kinds of budget and plot dimensions are landscaped garden, Portico, Swimming pool, deck area, Sauna, Professional Home theatre, Gym area, Bar counter, Terrace garden, etc.

One can get the best with respect to an Architectural concept in the House plans as one can leave sufficient setbacks and design the best elevation concept using the best cladding materials.

One can easily have a good 40ft road frontage for such kinds of plot sizes. The Cost to Build a Duplex house in Bangalore on 50×80 depends on the kind of footprint or sq ft area finalized at the time of final floor plan approval.

DUPLEX HOUSE COST on 50×80 Site Building Cost: Rs 1.20 cr to Rs Rs 1.9 cr:

BUA: 7200 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft

Ground Floor: 3 Covered car parking + Garden with seating area + Portico overlooking the garden + Foyer with Shoe rack + Formal living of 300 sq ft + Informal living room 400 sq ft + Dining area of 10 seating arrangement + Open Island Kitchen concept with dinette + Utility with sinks + Storeroom area for groceries + Common bath with shower provision + Power room + 1 Master bedroom with pc table provision walk-in closet attached bath/shower enclosure + Architect designed Internal staircase + LIFT (if budget permits).

First Floor: 2 Rooms of 250 sq ft with bath shower enclosures + Family lounge area with cutout looking into the below G floor + Large balcony which oversees the Garden below + Study room / Library of 200 sq ft for reading.
If the Budget permits one can consider the below requirements.

Second Floor: Terrace Garden + Wooden deck with seating + GYM room of 300 sq ft + Covered Jacuzzi or Sauna room of 200 sq ft + Open Bar provision / Barbecue area.

RENTAL HOUSES / APARTMENT on 50×80 Site of G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors Cost : Rs 1.3 cr to Rs 2.40 cr:

BUA: 7000 sq ft to 14,000 sq ft

Generally, not many people construct multi-dwelled houses on a 50×80 or 4000 sq ft site in most cases it would be either a Single Independent house or an Apartment complex of 6 to 8 units. Hence below we are proposing different possibilities for building an Apartment on this site dimension.

It could be either a 3Bhk x 2 nos or 2Bhk x 3 nos on each floor.

Ground Floor: Parking for 10 cars + 20 Two wheeler + Security room + Small play area + Swimming pool if required + Lift + External Staircase.

First to the Second Floor: 3 BHK x 2nos: 2 Master rooms of 180 sq ft with attached bath + One common washroom + Kitchen with utility.

Third Floor: 2Bhk x 2 nos : 1 Master bedroom of 10ftx14ft + Common washroom + Open Kitchen + Small dining area + Guest room of 10×12 / 120 sq ft.


Site cost: 20% to 30% Cheaper when compared to A khata properties in the same location.

Generally, layouts formed by BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) will come under A Khata because they have all land conversions and follow government guidelines while the formation of layouts like leaving Open/Reserved areas for formation of Parks, Playground, Kids play, Civic Amenity (CA sites) reserved for Schools, Colleges, Library, Marriage halls, etc.

There are many Builders and Developers who are involved in the formation of a layout in some cases these developers might not follow the proper government guidelines issued by government authorities.

Such as BBMP ( Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) / BMRDA Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority / BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) / KIDB (Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board) while developing the layouts like Land conversion, DC Conversion, Leaving open spaces for parks and playgrounds, reserving CA site, Appropriate road width, etc.

In such cases, these are Termed as B Khata properties, As the Khata is issued by BBMP after paying property taxes.

Owners of such properties might find tough to get a Home loan / Composite loan from Nationalized banks like SBI, Canara Bank, etc

In such cases, the owner might need to approach private banks such as ICIC Bank, HDFC Bank, etc for getting the loans at higher interest rates when compared to Nationalized banks.

One might also see a lot of building deviations with respect to Adding additional floors, Leaving minimum or no parking area, No Setbacks, Constructing more no of houses than approved, Deviating from Plan Sanctions given from BBMP BDA BMRDA KIDB or Gram Panchayat, No rainwater harvesting, Utilizing for Commercial purposes.

Hence considering all these points the Owner or the Client has the option of purchasing a B Khata site at 20 to 30% cheaper when compared to A Khata plots in the same location. One of the advantages of B Khata is that the Land purchase cost is much cheaper and one can do building violations easily.

So, It’s up to you to Decide on What type of Property you need to Buy considering all the pros and cons.

What is the Cost of Building a House in Bangalore? Use our Building Construction Cost Calculator Tool to know your Budget

Cost of Building a House in Bangalore/ Cost of building a House in Bangalore on 20x30 30x40 40x60 50x80 30x50 40x50 40x40 etcNo of FloorsBuilt up area (BUA)Total: Cost to Build a House in Bangalore/Cost for building a House @1800 /sq ft (construction cost)
20x30 Ground Floor Cost to build a House in Bangalore G Floor 450 sq ft 12 Lakhs
20x30 Ground + First Floor G+1 Floor 980 sq ft 19 Lakhs
20x30 Ground + Second Floor G+2 Floors 1450 sq ft 28 Lakhs
20x30 Ground + Third Floor G+3 Floors 2000 sq ft 38 Lakhs
20x30 Ground + Fourth Floor G+4 Floors 2550 sq ft 49 Lakhs
30x40 Ground Floor Cost of Building a House in Bangalore G Floor 850 sq ft 21 Lakhs
30x40 Ground + First Floor. G+1 Floor 1800 sq ft 38 Lakhs
30x40 Ground + Second Floor G+2 Floors 2800 sq ft 56 Lakhs
30x40 Ground + Third Floor G+3 Floors 3800 sq ft 75 Lakhs
30x40 Ground + Fourth Floor G+4 Floors 4700 sq ft 95 Lakhs
40x60 Ground Floor Cost to build a house G Floor 1500 sq ft 31 Lakhs
40x60 Ground + First Floor G+1 Floor 3600 sq ft 68 Lakhs
40x60 Ground + Second Floor G+2 Floors 5600 sq ft Rs 1.12 crore
40x60 Ground + Third Floor G+3 Floors 7500 sq ft Rs 1.56 crore
40x60 G+4 Floors G+4 Floors 9500 sq ft Rs 1.90 crore
50x80 Ground floor Cost of building a house Simple 3BHK with open garden area G Floor 1900 sq ft Rs 40 Lakhs
50x80 Ground + First Floor more open spaces G+1 Floor 3900 sq ft Rs 78 Lakhs

What is a construction cost calculator tool?

A Calculator tool is a software that uses algorithms and various information from the client’s end to suggest the approximate cost of constructing a building.
Cost of building a house in Bangalore calculator

A construction cost calculator is a DIY tool that is designed to be intuitive and manageable by people with the least technical acumen.

“ Click on the Below image to use the Calculator tool ”

Before using the software, the user should have specific information handy such as the location of the site, the area of the plot, the type of materials they want to use for the doors, windows, and flooring, the kind of house, no. of floors, and no. of BHK.

Once you have all the information, the process of cost calculation takes less than a minute. Follow the step below to calculate the cost of building your residential building.

Procedure for Using the Cost Calculator:

After you have visited the page, the interface of the website is simple and it displays the cost calculator tool. One can easily notice various fields or input areas that are marked in Orange, Green, and White.

The fields marked in Orange color are the various parameters that one needs to fill or choose as per his requirements.

The Green mark indicates the various variables that you have selected except for site area, location, and no of floors, where your selection is only indicated in White. Follow the instructions to fill out each parameter accurately.


There are three ways you can fill this information by toggling on SITE AREA, SITE DIMENSION, or SQ. FT.

If you toggle on site area, you can manually type the area of your plot. If you toggle on-site dimension, you can select the size of your site from a drop-down list, or you can toggle on sq. Ft. to choose the area of your plot from a drop-down menu that displays areas starting from 400 sq. Ft. to 20,000 sq. Ft.

Once you have provided the information, you can move to the second parameter


In this input, one has to provide the property location of his plot or choose the appropriate locality from the various locations from the dropdown. This information is used as a location input to suggest the estimated cost of the building.

Filling this input area accurately is critical as the cost of the plot varies from one location to the other. If one fills the wrong area, the estimated value may be completely different from the actual price. Hence, always choose the correct location where you wish to construct your home.


The next step of the process or parameters is to choose the number of floors or levels that you want to build. Again you need to choose the correct option from the drop-down menu. By clicking on it it will show the various parameters.

One will have to choose from the four options – Ground Floor Only(G), Ground+1 Floors (G+1), Ground+2 Floors (G+2), Ground+3 Floors (G+3), and Ground+4 Floors (G+4). Depending on the number of floors you want to build in the home, choose your appropriate option.

For example, if you’re going to build a ground floor and another level on top, choose the option Ground+1 Floors (G+1), and so on.


Here, one needs to choose the type of home he wants to build. A residential building is mainly of two types Duplex or Rental or a combination of both duplex + rental home.

A simple duplex house is of 2 or more floors in a building with an internal staircase that connects both the two levels.

Whereas, a rental home is built to rent out several units on the same floor or multiple floors.

A Duplex + Rental is the combination of both such units, where the first two floors may be a duplex, and the remaining levels, such as three and four, might be rental or vice versa. One needs to select the type of home you want to build and move to the next option.


The abbreviation BHK stands for Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen. In this section, one has to select the number of BHKs you want in the residential building to be constructed.

The cost calculator provides you with four options – 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK. Each option is essential and must be chosen precisely to obtain an accurate estimate.
Selecting the wrong value in any of the alternatives will completely throw away the cost estimate, and all the effort will be futile.


In this option, one needs to select the building materials that will be used in building the structure of the house. As the cost of different types of materials varies, this parameter is significant in the cost estimation process.

The options available for one to choose are Cement Blocks (6’), Cement Blocks (8’), and Bricks. It is advised that before you decide on the type of material you will use, consult with your architect or if you do not have one, give us a call.

Some materials may cost you less upfront, but the maintenance cost will be high, whereas some materials cost more initially but require very little maintenance.


After you have selected the material for the structure, next, you have to choose the material for flooring. The options available in the cost calculator are Vitrified, Granite, and Marble + Wood. Select the type of flooring you want in the house.


Similar to the flooring option above, one can also select the material options for the doors of your home. Some materials may cost you a lot more than others but will be more durable and can last the whole life of the building, whereas, others are cheap but might require regular maintenance. Do your research and select the option.

The cost calculator provides options such as OST Doors, Sal Wood, Honne wood, and Teakwood.


Like the doors, you also have to select the materials for the windows. In the cost calculator, you have options such as Sal Wood, Honne, Teakwood, UPVC, and Aluminum.


The last in the list of parameters you need to fill in the type of painting you want on the house. The options available to you are basic and Premium. Select your choice.

After you have filled all the parameters, click the red button that says “ CALCULATE CONSTRUCTION COST” and scroll down for the total estimated cost of construction. Scroll further down for a detailed break-up of the construction cost based on the various stages of development.

Building a House? Know about the factors that influence the Construction cost during building construction

The process of House construction:

The process of House construction in Bangalore includes getting an accurate Cost estimation done pretty early as it’s necessary before you decide to start your home construction.

Process of building a house in Bangalore and cost

It’s essential in the process of budget planning/cost estimation. One should have an accurate cost estimate even before any physical work stats on site as it allows you to plan the budget more accurately, which in turn provides your project financial stability and wards off any mid-project financial problems.

The accuracy of the cost estimate is vital as an inaccurate cost estimate can be futile for the project. For this purpose, you need to identify the factors that influence the cost of a building to arrive at an estimate.

Although one might come across numerous factors that can affect or influence the construction cost of a project, we will consider the top six that constitute a majority of the price.

As the process of cost estimation is complex and requires expertise in the field of construction, we advise that you hire an Architect to perform this pivotal part of a project.

Here are the top 6 factors that influence the cost of building a house:

Location and Current Condition of the Site:

If you are yet to purchase a site or plot, Then you need to know that the location also plays an essential role in the total cost of the project. As you must be aware, the cost of land varies from one part of the city to the other.

Suppose a piece of land in HSR layout will differ significantly from a piece of land in K. Narayanpura. In some areas, the cost of the plot will be a large chunk of the total cost.

Therefore, consider the location and the market value of land for the site. One needs to be wise in taking this critical decision and make sure that you have sufficient budget left over for the construction of the House after purchasing the site.

The condition of the site is another essential factor. It can increase or decrease the cost of construction. Depending on the state of the land additional work may be required to bring the plot to a condition where development activity can be initiated such as the site can be in a wetland.

Other site conditions that can influence the cost are buried storage tank in the location, poor soil condition, loose soil, overhead lines, dumped earth, existing bore well or natural well, conflicting utilities, road width, etc.

The role of Architects before and during Building Construction:

Like any other profession, there are different types of civil professionals with different levels of expertise and skill set. Some Civil engineers and Architects are highly qualified and reputed; they will charge a considerable sum of money.

The trick here is to determine the right Architects for your getting your house pans designed and constructed under his guidance. He needs to also help in appointing all the right contractors and consultants required during the project.

Hiring, a very reputed Architectural firm that charges more than 4% on the project cost to build a simple residential building is not wise.

Instead, One should hire a professional or an experienced freelancer who has completed similar projects to the one you are about to start.

During the initial meeting with him, one can enquire everything about his previous works and experience including the fees and if they have a contractor in mind.

Most of them prefer to work with contractors they have an association with previously, as it’s easy for them concerning project coordination.

There are generally three ways an Architect charges the fees for a project fixed lump sum, a percentage of the overall project value, and on an hourly basis.

In a fixed sum, he considers the responsibilities and provides you with a fixed price; on a percentage basis, they charge a percentage of the total cost of the project. As per regulations, one cannot charge more than 5 percent of the total cost of the project.

On an hourly basis, one’s charges depend on the number of hours they spend working on your project – drawing designs or onsite.

Cost of Building and Construction Materials:

When we talk about the cost of materials, it includes the tax levied, transportation cost, and any other additional cost incurred to get the materials to the site.

The cost of materials is another factor that weighs heavily on the total cost of the project.

The distance between the site and how close the source of construction or building raw materials is, can also increase or decrease the project cost. It’s always recommended that you choose to purchase materials from a vendor that is closest to the site;

It will significantly reduce the cost of materials. In addition to being cheap, if the materials are easily accessible, they can be bought easily in case the stock depletes.

One would not have to halt the project due to a lack of materials, which may add to the cost in the form of idle equipment and labor charges.

Labor Charges:

The wages of labor can vary from one location to the other. Depending on the size of the project, you may have to bring the workforce from other parts of the country, which can increase the cost of the project.

Apart from the remuneration, labor charges also include the food, lodging, and other facilities you have to provide to the workforce.

The construction cost estimation is done several months before the start of the project.

The wages of the labor may have fluctuated due to various external factors such as minimum wage revision by the government. Hence, consider the current cost of labor when the actual construction begins.

Market Inflation and Economic Factors:

As we mentioned earlier, the process of cost estimation is complex, and several things can go wrong.

Moreover, most of these things are not in our control. Economic factors are one of the essential aspects that can change the cost of a project.

Economic factors such as inflation, where the price of goods can rise will have an impact on the value of the project. Due to inflation, the cost of materials, equipment, labor, and tools can vary during the project.

Duration of the Project:

The size of the project and the period it takes to complete the project can also have an impact on the cost. If a home project is completed quickly, that can decrease the cost, whereas, if a project takes a long duration to achieve, that can also increase the value of the project.

Hence, you must follow the specific deadline of the project.

These are the top 6 factors that influence the cost of building a house, as the process of cost estimation is complex.

We recommend that you hire an Architect who can provide the necessary recommendations and take the burden of cost estimation or reduce the chances for a possible increase in cost escalation.

How can Architects Help in Reducing the Cost of building a Hosue in Bangalore during building construction?

Most people think of Architects as an additional cost or something for the rich and famous with fancy desire.

However, that is not true at all. An Architect helps reduce the cost of construction in several ways – directly and indirectly.

He acts as a guardian and an experienced guide for a while building your house, He oversees every house construction activity proceeds as per the final plan/concept and completes the predetermined budget estimated before the start of the project.

Architects role in reducing construction cost of a house

He coordinates with the selected building contractors and discusses his rates, even bargains the charges of the contractor on your behalf. He ensures that the design obtains the necessary permissions from various local government bodies like BBMP, BDA, KIDB, BMRDA, Gram panchayat, etc.

Apart from these responsibilities, he also ensures that your home is completed in time and as per the right specifications without compromising on the quality of construction. He advises changes and redraws the design to eliminate problems that arise during your home construction.

On top of all this, an Architect also reduces the cost of construction, which we will focus on in this article. Here are the top reasons why you should hire an architect and save money on your construction project. As of 2022, the current cost of building a house in Bangalore varies from Rs 1850 to 2600 per sq ft.

Improves Health and Quality of Life:

An architect designs and constructs a house that the residents enjoy living within. He creates beautiful interiors and thoughtful designs that elevate the experience of living in the house and the holistic well-being of the residents.

An Architect follows all the safety measures to ensure that the house is safe to live. He ensures that the home has proper ventilation and adequate natural light.

The various rooms within the house need different levels of light; the architect keeps this in mind. A home designed with the right HAVC systems, acoustical properties, and light levels ensures that your ears, eyes, and body remain healthy.

A poorly designed house can also cause physical danger to the residents. Professional plans safe spaces that prevent falling and trapping. With all these health benefits, the architect helps you cut costs on medical expenditure and, thus, saves money.

Reduces Construction Cost:

He can help reduce the cost of construction in various ways. He ensures that the project does not exceed the predetermined budget.

He designs efficient floor plans and provides cost-effective materials choices, and simple home designs. Apart from these activities, there is so much more an architect does to reduce the cost of the building.

An excellent way to reduce the cost of a project is during the designing stage.

Architects do conduct regular meetings with all the contractors appointed to work for the project and other parties involved in the construction to discuss the fees.

He negotiates with them using facts and previous experience to bring down the fees charged by them and also ensures that the project is completed as per the plan. If a project takes too long to complete, the cost of the project can increase.

Architects also help you plan and get approvals from various authorities to construct the building. This enables you to avoid any unnecessary fines after the project is completed.

An Architect ensures that the workers are performing as directed, which can help prevent any mistakes and problems during the construction and saves you money.

Improves Productivity and Functionality:

We often fail to see the time saved as money gained. Architects can save you time performing various activities within the house to enhance your productivity, and you will spend less time accessing multiple parts of the house.

One can use this time to perform other activities such as work, which can help you achieve better at your job and earn more.

An Architect who is good at what he does can design spaces within the house in a practical manner, which will allow you to access the various parts of the house quickly. He will utilize the space more thoughtfully.

So everything within the home is easily accessible, and you do not have to walk from one end of the house to the other to access the bathroom or the kitchen.

Here are a few ways How the Architect can help increase your productivity:

• In the kitchen, the Architect will understand how you will be using the space and minimize the distance between appliances so you can cook efficiently.

They will create a design that will provide you with more space for storage within the kitchen.

• If you spend too much time on specific tasks such as laundry, the architect will provide space for the dryer and the washer, so you spend less time traveling to the machine and the dryer after using the laundry.

• If you like getting up early in the morning or work at night and want to wake up late in the afternoon, then, he will place the bedroom in the east, where the sun can hit your bedroom early, or in another direction so you can have a sound sleep and not be disturbed by the sun.

An experienced Architect will think of everything while designing the house to increase your productivity and efficiency within the home.

Reduces Maintenance Cost:

The total cost of the project is only 25 percent of the lifecycle cost of the house. Hence, to reduce cost, you must try to cut the remaining 75 percent of the value of the project.

He can suggest materials that might cost you higher upfront but will save you money in the long run in the form of reduced maintenance costs.

Increases the Resale Value of the House:

Architects design the house, keeping all things in perspective – amenities, adequate water supply, proper drainage, aesthetics, etc. Due to this, the resale value of the home increases.

Having an architect design the house is a good investment. Studies have shown that a house designed by an architect is much easier to sell and achieves a higher amount than a home that is not developed by an architect.

Building a House depends on the demand and supply in the real estate market.

The cost involved in building a house in Bangalore, including labor and material is priced around Rs 1350 to Rs 1450 per sq ft. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata are important metropolitan cities of India.

Day-to-day living is more expensive in these cities in comparison to that in other cities. But every coin has two sides and so do these cities. Though they are costly, they provide a lot of opportunities for earning daily bread to millions of people.

However, owing to a large number of people migrating every day into these cities, the current cost of building a house in Bangalore depends on the real estate industry seems to be shooting up. It is next to impossible to find accommodation within budget in this city.

It has turned into a nightmare. The architect’s role is to plan and design house plans, which can reduce the cost of the building to a certain extent.

The current Cost to Build a House is Rs 1400 / sq ft onwards.

The current construction cost to build a house in Bangalore is Rs 1500 to Rs 2400 / sq ft. There is no denying the fact that real estate prices are touching the sky all over the world. Of course, then, in metropolitan cities, the prices of real estate will be much higher.

This city capital also faces a similar kind of brunt. This is a situation beneficial for some and worrying for others.

The construction cost in Bangalore is increasing skywards day by day. For instance, the builders are sure to make a profit but the buyers are definitely going to be in a crunch.

Unless one has bundles and bundles of money, it is not so easy to buy property in a metropolitan city. Even though the sky-rocketing rates have shot down a little, it isn’t enough for the common man, yet.

Whether one wishes to buy residential or office space, one has to scratch their head over it for ages. There are going to be oodles and oodles of research involved before buying a property.

The construction cost of a House majorly depends on the real estate market.

The Residential building construction cost has seen a 10% rise in the past few years due to the demand of the real estate market. The research will involve asking all sorts of real estate agents in the market and not just asking, but asking the right questions is very important.

Building construction cost in Bangalore will give you some insights into the property rates. Just relying on these agents won’t be helpful; you should also use the internet.

Gobble up all the information available on the internet. Then, mix and match the information you have received from the estate agents and the information that is there on the net. You are going to construct a property, and hence, all such knowledge is of absolute importance.

Building House Construction cost has increased by 10% in the past year.

Building construction cost Bangalore has seen an unprecedented increase in construction costs. The cost of the building depends on house plans, residential building elevations, and market conditions. Make a record of all the items that will be required to construct the house.

The current House construction cost in Bangalore will always depend upon these items. Thus, after the research has been done, if you are using antique pieces or materials such as Italian marble, then make sure you calculate these materials as well.

These days, one ought to spend somewhere around 17, 00 per square feet to build a house in Bangalore.

This is a rough estimate of an unfurnished house. The cost will increase two-fold if one is looking for a fully furnished construction, including interiors.

Come what may do not rely on rough estimates. You need to be specific. Hence, all the minute details such as area, materials, and the number of elements have to be accounted for.

And one can definitely not leave out labor charges and transport costs. All of this is very important and hence, has to be kept in mind when looking at the average cost of house construction.

What is the cost to Build a House in Bangalore?on 20x30 30x40 40x60 site

The cost to build a house in Bangalore varies from Rs 1500 / sq ft for Basic construction and Rs 1700 / sq ft for standard residential construction.

What is the cost of building a Duplex house in Bangalore on 20x30 30x40 40x60 50x80 site/plot?

The cost of building a Duplex house in Bangalore on 20x30/600 sq ft site of G+1 Floor: Rs 20 lacs | 30x40/1200 sq ft site of G+1 Floor: Rs 36 lacs | 40x60/2400 sq ft site of G+1 Floor: Rs 62 lacs.

How much is the cost to build a house on 1200 sq ft or 30x40 G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors?

The cost of Building a house on a 30x40 G Floor with 840 sq ft BUA will cost Rs 19 lacs | 30x40 G+1 Floor with 1800 sq ft BUA will cost Rs 33 lacs | 30x40 G+2 Floor with 2790 sq ft BUA will cost Rs 49 lacs | 30x40 G+3 Floor with 3750 sq ft BUA will cost Rs 64 lacs | 30x40 G+4 Floor with 4680 sq ft BUA will cost Rs 80 lacs.

How much is the Cost of building a house on 2400 sq ft /40x60 G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors site/plot?

The Cost to build a house on a 40x60 2400 sq ft site/plot in Bangalore for a 40x60 G Floor with 1600 sq ft BUA will cost Rs 29 lacs |40x60 G+1 Floor with 3580 sq ft BUA will cost Rs 62 lacs |40x60 G+2 Floors with 5580 sq ft BUA will cost Rs 91 lacs |40x60 G+3 Floors with 7580 sq ft BUA will cost Rs 1.30 cr |40x60 G+3 Floors with 7580 sq ft BUA will cost Rs 1.30 cr.

How much is the Cost for building a House in Bangalore for 20x30 30x40 40x60 50x80 site/plot?

The Cost of building a House per sqft in Bangalore starts from Rs 1499/sft for basic rental house construction and Starts upwards of Rs 1700 / sq ft for more standard construction.

What is the FAR for a 30x40 40x60 site/plot in Bangalore?

The FAR (Floor Area Ratio) for a 1200 sq ft/30x40 site having a road width of 30ft can get a FAR of 1.75 and For a 2400 sq ft/40x60 site one can get a FAR of 2.25.

How many Floors can I Build on a 30x40 site?

One can build a G+3 Floors as per BBMP bylaws as per FAR of 1.75 one can get a built-up area of 1200 sq ft(Site dimension) x 1.75 (FAR)= 2100 sq ft. Note: If you are getting a sanction plan for G+3 then one needs to show-ground floor as parking space.

How many Floors can I Build on a 40x60 site/plot?

One can build G+3/G+4 Floors on a 40x60 or 2400 sq ft as per FAR of 2.25 one can get a built-up area of 2400 sq ft (site dimension) x 2.25 (FAR) = 5400 sq ft. Note: To get a FAR of 2.25 the road width should be a minimum of 40ft.

What is the Time duration for building a house in Bangalore?

The time duration for building a house in Bangalore one standard site dimensions such as 20x30 30x40 40x60 site/plot for G Floor: 3 Months | G+1 Floor: 5 to 6 Months | G+3 Floors: 8 to 9 Months | G+4 Floors: 9 to 14 months.

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Comments 43

  1. Hi,
    I have a 30×40 site and wanted to know what would be the current cost of Building a house in Bangalore 2015/2016, As per your site charges says that that the current house building cost varies from Rs 1400 to Rs 1600 /sq ft. I want to go for a Duplex house construction of G+3 floors within a budget of Rs 45 lacs. I also want your team to take care of the entire building construction including interiors also.

    My requirements are mentioned below.

    G+3 Floors (G+1 Duplex House and 2nd,3rd Floor Rental houses)
    Ground Floor
    1 small car parking + Living room + Puja room facing east + Open Kitchen with Utility + Guest bed room + small common bath room + Dining + Internal staircase for First floor access.

    First Floor
    1 Master bed room of 10×14 size with attached bath room + 1 guest bed room + Family living with open balcony of 8×4 size.

    Second Floor Rental House
    2 Bhk – 1 small living + dining + 1 Bed room with attached bath room + 1 common bath room + 1 room attached to common bath room + small Dining + Kitchen.

    Third Floor
    1BHK x 2 Houses and 1 Small Bachelor room.

    Now based on my above given requirements what would be the approximate cost to build my house with good quality construction.


    • Thx for showing interest in our firm, As per your given requirements we have calculated that the cost to build your house with 3200 sq ft of total built up area will be approximately Rs 51 lacs excluding interior.

      We have sent our proposal to your given email id.

  2. Hi Team,

    I have recently purchased a 40×60 site in a gated community off sarjapur road and I also own a 30×40 site which I had taken 5 years back in. Now I want to build my house with a maximum cost of Rs 55lacs including interiors. You have mentioned here that the current cost of building a house in Bangalore varies from Rs 1400 to Rs 1600 / sq ft. Now taking these cost into consideration, what would be my approximate built up area for a 3BHK duplex house within budget of Rs 55 lacs with the given requirements below.


    GROUND FLOOR : Car Park + Foyer + Living + Dining + Open Kitchen + Bedroom with bath + Common Bath.
    FIRST FLOOR : 2 Master Bed rooms with Bath rooms + Family Room.
    SECOND FLOOR : Small GYM + Terrace Garden.

    Since I have 2 different plot dimensions that is 30×40 and 40×60. Pls send a detailed quotation for construction of a Duplex house with all standard fixtures included. Also let me know what would be the approximate Built up area as per my requirement.

    Thank you,
    Jaiswal Sharma

    • For a Budget of Rs 55 lacs you can construct a g+2 floor House having a super built up area of 3400 sq ft including parking 3400 sq ft. In terms for good planning and decent landscaping you can consider a 40×60 site. As it is a better option for planning.

  3. Hello Sir, I have a site of 20 X45 KHB, Basaveshwar Nagar. Please provide the total construction cost and interior design cost with different options.


  4. Hi. I already have ground floor. i want to construct duplex on top of the ground floor (G+2). Can you please send me your detailed quotation to me? Area is 30×40.

    My requirements:
    1. main door and pooja door be teak wood. For other doors i want to go for OST flush door or pvc membrane door. Or you can suggest me
    2. vitrified flooring
    3. For internal staircase (duplex house) i would like to use granite

    • Thx for sharing your details about your requirements to build your house in Bangalore. We have sent our detailed proposal to your given email id for Designing and Building your house.

  5. Hi,
    I am planning to start House construction on my 30×40 south facing plot in.
    I wanted to know What would be the Cost of Building a residential House in Bangalore…?
    Based on my below given requirements.
    Seek your estimate / prevailing rates for planning and constructing G+1st.
    The requirements are as below.
    Ground Floor: Car Park + Living Room+ Kitchen + Dining Space + one Bedroom with attached bathroom.
    First Floor: Living Room + Two Bedrooms, each with attached bathroom.
    Sump tank (below car park) : 5000-6000 liters capacity.

    Request you to pls provide approximate cost estimate, taking into account good quality material, interior design and workmanship. Thanks.

    • We have received your request for designing and construction of your house. We have sent our detailed proposal to your given email id.

  6. Thx for sharing your requirement’s for building your house. We have sent our Designing proposal to your shared email id.

  7. Hi,

    I am interested in constructing a house on my 30×40 site at Annapoorneshwari Nagar, Nagarabhavi for which I would like to have further details. Please get in touch with me so that I can discuss and understand further.

    I am intending to Build my House on 30×40 North facing site at Bangalore and I have a total maximum budget of Rs.40 lakhs. My intention to construct a basement for car parking along with a room and toilet for stay of a security person, and have the main house on the first and 2nd floors.

    I intend to have a Kitchen, Living room, Pooja and Bedroom on the ground (first) floor and have 3 bedrooms on the 2nd floor. All bedrooms to have attached toilet, While I understand from your website that the cost of construction would be Rs.1600/- per square foot, I would like to know if this is true even for the basement that I wish to construct. I intend to only keep concrete flooring in the basement car parking but it would be covered from all sides. Please let me know the details on my email id and also if this budget is good enough to construct what I have planned. Now based on my Requirements mentioned above What would be the Cost to Build a G+2 Floors House in Bangalore on 30×40 site?.

    Praveen Rao

    • Thank you for writing in detail requirements about building your house. The Cost of Building a House in Bangalore of G+2 Floors on 30×40 will cost Rs 40lacs to 45lacs. We have sent our proposal to your given email id.

      Note : There would be addition charges amounting to +5% on the overall project cost like Getting Building Plan approval, BWSSB water connection, Temporary electrical connection from BESCOM, Deposits etc.

  8. Thank you for letting us know your requirements for building your house. We have sent our details proposal along with the charges to your shared email id.

  9. Hi ,
    I am planning to start my new house construction at Kurudusonnenahalli, Bangalore.
    It’s 30*30 plot North facing.
    It has to be like
    Ground floor leave empty (no construction)
    1 Sump Tank
    1st floor should have following things
    1 Hall
    1 Kitchen
    2 bed room
    2 Bathroom
    Please let me know what will be the Architectural charges and the present construction cost running at bangalore.
    Can you email me some of your designed plans and What is the cost involved for building my house.


    • Thank You for sharing your detailed requirements for building your house in Bengaluru and the cost involved. We have sent proposal regarding this to your email id.

  10. Hi Sir,
    Planning to build duplex house in west facing 30*40 site.
    Ground – full parking + two 40k liters water tanks for storage & rain water capture tank
    1st floor – 2 bhk
    2nd floor – Master bedroom & living room in half roof.
    Please let me know the rough cost saving quotation.

    • Thx for sharing your requirements for building your house. We have sent our detailed proposal to ur shared email id.

      • Thx for sending your details. I shall go through the proposal and get back asap.

  11. We really appreciate for the time taken to writing such a detailed requirements on constructing your home. We have sent a detailed mail which proposes our charges for different services.

  12. Thx for sharing your request to know the house building cost for which we have sent our detailed proposal to the given email id.

  13. Hi Team,

    I own a house built around 750sq ft in a plot of 1200sq ft. Now I have decided to build 1st floor for 1000 to 1100 sq ft which is located in Ram Murthy Nagar. I want to know the approx construction budget with interior and best exteriors. Kindly do share the ideas.

  14. Hello Team,
    IAm planning to build a house in 30×40 site north face to road. requirement grould floor celler, 1st floor with 3 BHK + 2 Bath room + Pooja room + Hall + Veranda.
    Please send me the design details.

  15. We have sent our proposal for the cost involved for building a house on sq ft basis. Pls do go through the mail and call us for further details.

  16. We have sent our proposal to your given email id. pls read and call us for further clarifications.

  17. Hi,

    I have 30*40 sq ft .
    Am planning to build 2 floor House.

    G Floor, ..Full Parking + Small Storage Room (optional)
    1st Floor, : 2 BHK
    2nd Floor : 2BHK
    3rd floor :2BHK

    What would be my approx cost for build without Interiors…

    Can any one send a plan to me so that i can check on the same.


    • Thank you for inquiring about the cost involved for building a house in Bangalore on 30×40 to build G+3 floors residential building. We have sent you are proposal by mail for which you can call us for further details.

  18. Rajesh Maiya U G


    I have a 1200 Sq feet site in kengeri. Can you please share the plans and cost for below requirements.

    Ground floor- car parking, entrance hall, dining hall, kitchen, pooja room, bedroom with toilet, common toilet

    First floor – 2 bedrooms with attached bathroom, 1 hall, 1 veranda

    Second floor – gym, small garden with swing etc

    • Thank you for for sharing your requirements for building your House, We have sent our proposal regarding the Standard cost involved. You can see through our proposal and reach us back for any further clarifications.


    I’m going to purchase 30*40 constructed house. Currently this is 3BHK duplex house . But the model looks pretty old and space has not been utilized properly. I would to like construct it as 4BHK duplex house (Renewation) and change the interiors with moudlar kitchen ..

    How much would be cost for renewation 4BHK duplex house ??

    and also please send me the estimate for building 2BHK house on top of it.

    • Thank you for showing sharing your requirements to know the current cost for building your House, We have sent our Standard proposal to your given email id.

  20. We have sent our detailed proposal regarding the cost involved for building your house as per the given requirements.

    • Bharath Srinivasan


      I have a 2400sft plot near sunkadkatte Bangalore. My requirements echo with the gentleman above..i.e duplex zen culture home using minimal materials preferably with ACC blocks.Would you be able to provide me with a quote.


  21. We have sent our proposal again to your shared email id. Pls do check and let us know if there are further clarifications about building your house.

  22. Hi A4D Team,

    I am planning to make a Duplex House with stilt parking house built in my plot.
    Looking for various design option (floor plans).
    I am getting some issues when shortlisting floor plans as lot of space getting wasted due to vastu complaints.

    What would be the Cost to Build a House in Bangalore..? Based on the below requirements.

    If you get me some draft floor plan for me (not formal one) with my requirement mentioned below.. then I can verify it.. If satisfied with .. then I can go ahead with your proposal for rest. More than one draft could be good.

    Here is my requirements

    Description of Plot
    Size : 1200 sq.ft.
    Measurement : 30ft x 40ft (30ft facing the Road).
    Facing : East facing.
    Road : 30ft Road.
    Location : AECS Layout A Block, Kudlu/Singasandra

    Ground Floor : Full Car parking (Stilt Floor- Able to park at least 2 cars) (8.5 to 9 ft height is enough)
    First Floor : Second Floor : 3BHK Duplex House.
    First Floor : Hall + Kitchen + 1 Bed Room + Dinning + 1Common Bathroom
    Second Floor : 2 Bed Rooms + 2 Attached Bath Rooms + Balcony + Staircase to Terrace.
    Accommodate pujja Room in First Floor or Second Floor.

    Size Specifications:
    Living area : 15ft x 12ft
    First Floor Room Size : At least 10ft x 10ft.
    Second Floor Room Size : At least 10ft x 12ft
    Master Bed Room Size : 15ft x 12ft

    Special Requirement
    1. Space Utilization
    2. Setbacks as per regulation
    3. Stilt floor height 8.5 to 9ft
    4. Complaints to Vastu as much as possible

    Vastu elements to look into
    1. Kitchen in North West is fine if required.
    2. House entrance in North East side (Either from East or North .. but in East part )
    3. Staircase location from stilt floor.

    Clarification Needed..: Is setback 2.5 ft. is too much violation?? and What is the current residential House construction cost on per sq ft for 2016 /2017.


    • Thank you for sharing your such a detailed inquiry, The cost to Build a house in Bangalore on 20×30 30×40 40×60 50×80 G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 floors is clearly mentioned in this updated page.

      Building a House will cost Rs 1700 to Rs 2500/sq ft it again depends of the Architect planning and finishing materials used like painting, flooring, bath ware, Cladding etc.

  23. Hi guys

    I have a 50 X 80 site in Arkavathy layout, Bangalore. I plan to build G+2/3 with 2BHK/ 3BHK options. Underground parking option ? I will be grateful for any ideas you can throw my way.

    Thank you

  24. I have my 30X40 site, wanted to construct 2BHK house. Can you please give the estimated cost

  25. Pagadala Gopinath

    Hi Team,

    Last year I purchased a 35*42 site north facing in a gated community in Ramamurthy Nagar and now wanted to know the current budget of Building a house,
    I’m thinking a Duplex house construction of G+1 floors (max 2500-2700 sqft) within a budget of Rs 50 lacs including interiors

    My requirements are like:

    1. 2ft depth like part basement/stilt floor 2 cars parking

    2. Ground Floor
    Pooja, Living room, Kitchen cum Dining with small court yard(under Double height), Guest bed room, bath room.

    First Floor
    1 Big Master bed room with attached bath room/dress room, 1 big Child bed room attached bath, Family living with balcony.

    can you please send quotes or specifications?
    Thank You

  26. Hi Team,
    I have a 30×40 or 1200 sq ft site and I am looking for starting my house construction asap. So I want to know the detailed proposal to be shared based on the below details.
    1)I have 30x40ft size east facing plot in bangalore ,
    2) I want to construct a Duplex house with ground floor complete empty for car and for garden. Sump+borewell+rain water conservation sump for plants
    3) My requirements for first floor are: 1bed room, pooja room , big hall, kitchen, dining hall, a common bath and toilet and utility area
    4) Second Floor : 2 master bed rooms and living room, balcony on the second floor,
    5) Complete granite for first and second floor
    6) on third floor a canopy [made of brick tiles roof] for the family to have small events and open space for a roof garden.
    7) Complete building using clay bricks.
    8) Wood work: modular kitchen, tv cabinets, wardrobes and dress table in all 3 rooms and necessary storage units in first and secondary floor.
    9) Solar water heater
    10) Electrical & wiring: Any premium company
    11) would you please give me the information what will be the built-up area.
    12) what would be the approximate estimation for the above said project.
    Please provide me the details

    Thank you
    R Pramod

    • Thank you for showing interest in our firm and letting us know about your requirements in detail. Our team shall send your a proposal soon regarding the same.

  27. Prakash Munireddy

    I am planning to construct new house in Bangalore G+3 in East 40* South 60 corner my requirement is as follows
    Ground floor is parking and it may be constructed of shops for 30* 40 since its corner site
    and parking sum and rainwater harvesting balance 30*40
    1 Floor 2 * 2Bhk, with attached bathroom and dining hall and utility area lift wit
    2nd floor 1.2 Bhk, with attached bathrooms and dining hall and utility area 2. 1 Bhk, with attach bathroom and utility area if possible
    3rd floor 3 Bhk with attached bathrooms and dining and utility area open terrace for bedrooms if possible and 1 Bhk as usual

    Please let me know what will be the architectural charges and present cost to build a house in Bangalore on my 30×40 site of G+3 floors.
    Can you email me the same

  28. I am planning to start House construction on my 25×60 North facing plot in TC Palya.
    I would like to know whats the current sqft rate and rough quotations?
    Based on my below given requirements.
    Requirement is G+1st.
    Ground Floor: Car Park + Living Room+ Kitchen + Dining Space + Two Bedrooms,each with attached bathroom.
    First Floor: Living Room + Two Bedrooms, each with attached bathroom.
    Sump tank (below car park) : 5000-6000 liters capacity.

    Request you to pls provide approximate cost estimate, taking into account good quality material, interior design and workmanship

  29. Tirupathigandhi

    hi, sir planned to construct a house near bannargatta. site dimension 40x50ft 40 ft west facing. i need to construct ground +1 st floor

    1.ground floor = parking+1bhk(rent)+2bhk (own)
    2. first floor 2bhk +2bhk both rent purpose

    pls share rate for total work .


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