House construction cost in Bangalore is Rs 1300 / sq ft (Basic)

House construction cost in Bangalore is Rs 1500 / sq ft

The current House construction cost in Bangalore is Rs 1400 for a residential building, Its Situated in the heart of Karnataka and is one of the fastest developing cities in India and is currently rated as one of the most popular metros in the country. It is regarded as the IT hub of India and is the major reason behind the rising success of the country in the field of IT sector.

House construction cost in bangalore cost break up for g+2 floors construction cost

The city offers plenty of opportunities to qualified and trained people from different parts of the country as a result of which, people are migrating from various parts of the world to this city.

Many factors play a vital role in the increase of Residential construction cost in Bangalore like rising migration of people in the city has increased the demand of residential and commercial buildings as well as properties to a great extent. It is in these situations where real estate agents are looking to extract maximum profits from this metro city. All the major players in the real estate market are looking to establish themselves in the market.

Sample of 30x40 House plans in Bangalore

House Construction cost in Bangalore for Duplex house

Factors for an increase in residential construction cost

This vibrant city has been one of the most preferred city to make ones home due to cleanliness is one of the major qualities of the city which has made it one of the most livable cities in the country.

The residential construction cost in Bangalore is Rs 1350 to Rs 1500 / sq ft depending on the materials and finishes, The city has been planned in one of the best ways possible. The roads are smooth and clean and the buildings are constructed in an orderly manner in order to enhance the outlook of the city.

The cosmopolitan nature coupled with its extremely pleasant and comfortable climate makes it one of the best places to reside and work. Most of the plots in the city have already been occupied by some kind of building or complex and the ones that are left have been booked by some real estate agent. If you are looking to construct a new house in the city, the first factor that needs to be considered is the current house construction rates in Bangalore.

Booming real estate market one of the main reasons for the increase in House construction cost

Residential construction cost Bangalore Both commercial, as well as residential buildings and plots, are valued at extremely high rates especially in the prime locations in the city. Though you may find some buildings or plots at cheap rates on the outskirts of the city, finding one in the busy areas is undoubtedly going to be a tough task.

Statistics show that the majority of the residential complexes is in the range for high-end residential house cost of construction in Bangalore is Rs 2500- Rs 3500 per square feet which reflects that middle-class people occupy a large portion of the city. Certain factors which play a big role in preparing the budget must be considered carefully.

House construction cost impact on final finishes

House construction cost impacts are the materials used for the finish of the house like the features of the house plans, elevation designed by architects such as kitchen, bathroom, etc. play a significant role in determining the shape and size of the house which in turn affect the house construction rates.

The quality of the materials used in the process of construction and the costs involved in preparing the site and hiring the contractors, engineers, architects and labourers must be evaluated carefully as well. The quality of finishing required also determines the costs involved. Production costs have also increased due to the rise in the rate of service tax from 10.3%-12.36%. Villas, penthouses, independent houses, chalets, apartments and duplex are some of the best options if you are interested in owning a house.

HOUSE CONSTRUCTION IN BANGALORE Cost for G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors on 20×30 30×40 40×60 50×80 30×50 100×100 Sites

Sl noHouse Construction cost in Bangalore 2018 per sq ft
SITE DIMENSION 20×30 30×50 30×40 40×60 50×80 
(Duplex house/rental house)
G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4
@Rs 2500/sq ft
120×30 House Construction Cost in BangaloreG Floor440 sq ft8 lacs15 lacs23 lacs
220×30G+1 Floor980 sq ft16 lacs15 lacs31 lacs
320×30G+2 Floors1440 sq ft24 lacs15 lacs39 lacs
420×30G+3 Floors1940 sq ft33 lacs15 lacs48 lacs
520×30G+4 Floors2440 sq ft41 lacs15 lacs56 lacs
630×40 House Construction cost in BangaloreG Floor840 sq ft15 lacs30 lacs45 lacs
730×40G+ 1 Floor1840 sq ft32 lacs30 lacs62 lacs
830×40G+2 Floors2780 sq ft48 lacs30 lacs78 lacs
930×40G+3 Floors3740 sq ft63 lacs30 lacs93 lacs
1030×40G+ 4 Floors4680 sq ft79 lacs30 lacs1.09 crore
1130×50 Hosue ConstructionG Floor920 sq ft16 lacs37 lacs53 lacs
1230×50G+1 Floor1840 sq ft32 lacs37 lacs69 lacs
1330×50G+2 Floors2780 sq ft47 lacs37 lacs84 lacs
1430×50G+3 Floors3740 sq ft63 lacs37 lacs1 crore
1530×50G+4 Floors4680 sq ft82 lacs37 lacs1.17 crore
1630×60 Construction costG Floor1280 sq ft22 lacs45 lacs67 lacs
1730×60G+1 Floor2780 sq ft47 lacs45 lacs92 lacs
1830×60G+2 Floors4080 sq ft70 lacs45 lacs1.15 crore
1930×60G+3 Floors5480 sq ft93 lacs45 lacs1.38 crore
2030×60G+4 Floors6880 sq ft1.16 crore45 lacs1.61 crore
2140×50 House ConstructionG Floor1380 sq ft24 lacs50 lacs74 Lacs
2240×50G+1 Floor2980 sq ft50 lacs50 lacs1 crore
2340×50G+2 Floors4580 sq ft78 lacs50 lacs1.28 crore
2440×50G+3 Floors6190 sq ft1.05 crore50 lacs1.55 crore
2540×50G+4 Floors7690 sq ft1.30 crore50 lacs1.80 crore
2640×60 House construction cost in BangaloreG Floor1590 sq ft27 lacs60 lacs87 lacs
2740×60G+1 Floor3590 sq ft61 lacs60 lacs1.21 crore
2840×60G+2 Floors5590 sq ft95 lacs60 lacs1.55 crore
2940×60G+3 Floors7590 sq ft1.30 crore60 lacs1.90 crore
3040×60G+4 Floors9590 sq ft1.60 crore60 lacs2.20 crore
3150×80 House Construction cost in BangaloreG Floor2980 sq ft51 lacs1 crore1.51 crore
3250×80G+1 Floor6390 sq ft1.08 crore1 crore2.08 crore
3350×80G+2 Floors9780 sq ft1.67 crore1 crore2.67 crore
3450×80G+3 Floors12,980 sq ft2.03 crore1 crore3.03 crore
3550×80G+4 Floors15,980 sq ft2.71 crore1 crore3.71 crore
36Use House construction cost calculator in Bangalore to calculate the below plot dimensions.
3720×30 20×40 20×60 30×40 30×50 30×60 30×70 40×30 40×50 40×60 40×40 40×80 40×90 50×30 50×40 50×50 50×60 50×70 50×90 50×100 100×80 100×120 100×100Building estiamtion calculator toolG+1
382200 sq ft 600 sq ft 9000 sq ft 1200 sq ft 3000 sq ft 1900 sq ft 1000 sq ft 1300 sq ft 1500 sq ft 1600 sq ft 5500 sq ft 1800 sq ft 4800 sq ft 2000 sq ft 2400 sq ft 2500 sq ft 6000 sq ft 3200 sq ft 4600 sq ft 3400 sq ft 3600 sq ft 3800 sq ft 4000 sq ft 4500 sq ft 5000 sq ft 8000 sq ft 10,000 sq ftBangalore house construction cost calculatorCost calculator tool

The Budget for Building a House varies on various factors such as Location of the site, Site dimension, Design requirements, Construction expenses, no of floors etc.

There is a huge demand for Housing plots in Bengaluru, due to the increase in IT-related jobs which has pulled in the educated crowd from entire pan INDIA this has led to a Boom in population thereby creating a scarcity in land and real estate which eventually unbalances the demand and supply.

House construction in Bangalore cost and others
This is caused the upwards towards cost in real-estate prices which is causing the increase in Budget for a House owner to budget himself for Building and purchase of land.

There are various options available like 20×30 30×50 30×40 40×60 40×40 50×80 which varies from Rs 2000 per sq ft to Rs 15,000 per sq ft again depending on the closeness to the city centre or amenities close by like Shops, Hospitals, Shopping centers, Malls, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hotels and other general daily needs.

Now we have calculated the different possibilities that one might face while building his Home depending on various factors like BUA, Site dimensions, Construction cost, Duplex house or Rental house or a combination of both.

BUA : Built-up Area. Sq Ft: Square Feet
Construction Cost Considered : @ Rs 1800 / sq ft (Building Construction).

Note: Other than the given House Estimate one needs to know that additional expenses will cost extra like Building plan sanction, Meter deposits, Road cutting charges, BESCOM connection, Temporary electrical connection, BWSSB connection, Bore well charges, Main sanitary connection etc.

20X30 G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors HOUSE CONSTRUCTION Cost

Plot Cost : Rs 25 lacs to Rs 40 Lacs.
This is the starting plot size available for construction of a house. These are generally very small sites where one doesn’t leave any kind of setbacks. So, one can expect natural light and ventilation from roadside only. This is suitable for any low-cost Budget. The land cost can even increase if you purchase if you are looking for a plot closer to the city centre.

DUPLEX HOUSE G+1 or G+2 Floors Cost : Rs 20 to 28 lacs

BUA : 1000 sq ft to 1500 sq ft
A 20×30 Site having 600 sq ft where one can build a just a sufficient area available to construct a Duplex house having 3 to 4 bed rooms. The sizes of the bedrooms might be smaller say 10×11 or 10×12 only.

Ground Floor : Parking for 1 car and couple of Two wheeler.
First Floor : 1 small living room + Kitchen + Utility area + Dining room + Common Bath room.
Second Floor : 2 Rooms with one attached bathroom or common room.
Third Floor : Either add one more room or can plan to have additional amenities like Gym, Terrace garden etc.

Note: If you have a requirement to build a Duplex home then this is the First option that comes under consideration. However also one needs to know that, generally these plots have very small approach roads like 15ft to 20 ft. So, it becomes difficult to have guest street parking on these roads.

RENTAL HOUSES G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors COST Rs 27 lacs to Rs 36lacs

BUA : 1500 sq ft to 2000 sq ft.
Ground Floor :
Parking for 1 car with 1 bhk if opting for G+2 floors or Full Parking if G+3 floors +.
First Floor : 2 BHK House with Small Living area + Dine + Common bath + 2 rooms.
Second to Fourth Floor : Same House design as of below floors.

Note : Rental structures are generally considered as ROIs (Return on investments). Considering Today’s market a general G+3 or G+4 Structure can yield a rent of Rs 15,000 per floor. Again it depends on the location of the Home.

Details :  20×30 House Plans | Elevations on 20×30 Site | Building contractors rates

30X40 G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors HOUSE CONSTRUCTION Cost

Plot Cost : Rs 40 lacs to Rs 60 lacs.
These plots of 30×40 having 1200 sq ft land area are the most common dimensions available. As there is a huge demand for these sites as these are commonly affordable by Mid-income families where the entire project cost is within Rs 90lacs including the purchase of land.

DUPLEX HOUSE G+1 G+2 G+3 Floors Cost : Rs 32 to 62 lacs

BUA : 1800 sq ft to 3400 sq ft
This is an ideal dimension to fulfil the minimum client’s requirements and needs to build a House. For an Architect this would be an ideal minimum size, where he can explore the possibilities of implementing his concepts with respect to the planning and elevation. Generally, they are formed have a minimum of 25 ft or 30 ft road.

Ground Floor : Space to park 1 Single car or Leave entire Ground Floor if building G+3 floors and above. For Option 1 – 1 Liv + Kitchen with utility + Dining + Common bath room + Guest bed room + Pujja.
First Floor : 2 Bed rooms having one attached bath + Family area + Small balcony overseeing the road.
Second Floor : Exercise or yoga room + 1 addition room if required + Media room.

RENTAL HOUSES G+1 or G+2 or G+3 or G+4 Floors Cost: Rs 33 lacs to 76 lacs

BUA: 2600 sq ft to 4250 sq ft
One needs to note that nowadays one might come across buildings that are having G+4 floors on 30×40 site. As the Plan sanction will only have approval for a G+3 floors with ground floor for full parking.

This kind of deviation is seen on b Katha site which has more than 35% building bylaws violation which later expected to be rectified when Akrama Sakrama comes into the picture. If one builds G+4 floors, then its expected to yield a Rental income close to Rs 70K + again depends on loc.

Ground Floor : Parking for 3 cars and adequate 2 wheeler parking.
First to Second Floor : 2BHK + 1Bhkon each floor.
Third to Fourth Floor : 1Bhk x 2 + 1 Room.

Info :  30×40 House plans | Elevations for 30×40 Buildings | Cost of construction 

40×60 G+1 or G+2 or G+3 G+4 Floors HOUSE CONSTRUCTION Cost

Plot Cost : Rs 80 lacs to Rs 1.3 cr.

Having 2400 sq ft that are on 40×60 site plot is an ideal space where all the modern designing needs and requirements can be finalized. One can have sufficient space with parking to have to landscape, sit outs, pathways etc.

If the client has sufficient budget to afford this site size then one can expect a good house to be designed by an Architect meeting client needs. The options of designing a Duplex concept are of multiple choices matching the budget.

DUPLEX HOUSE G+1 or G+2 and G+3 Floors Cost: Rs 70 lacs to 1.40 cr

BUA : 3900 sq ft to 7800 sq ft

While designing duplex house design on these plots of 40×60 or 2400 sq ft one can have sufficient space left around in the setbacks for better natural light and ventilation. Also one can get modern amenities landscaped area, Home theatre, Terrace garden, Media room, Terrace bar counter, Gym area etc. It all again depends on the kind of budget that the client intends to add for these additional amenities.

Ground Floor : 2 Car parking slots or leave the entire floor for parking if one needs up to 4 cars. For Option 1 : Large living room + Dining area for 8 persons + Common bath room + Kitchen with attached Storeroom and utility + One can have 1 Master bed-room bedrooms with attached bath with walk-in-closet with Internal staircase leading to upper floors.
First Floor : 1 Big Master bed room with space provided for a provision of walk-in closet with dress area and study table + 2nd master room with attached bath room having shower enclosure + large balcony overseeing the landscaping below + Family living area.
Second Floor : 4th Master Bed room with a provision of Bathtub or Jacuzzi + Family room + 2nd Balcony + GYM room or Yoga exercise area.
Third Floor : BBQ Counter + Terrace garden + Media or Home theatre room + Covered Sit-outs + Other facilities Depending on the Planned Budget.

RENTAL APARTMENT HOUSE of G+1 or G+2 G+3 or G+4 Floors Cost : Rs 75 lacs to 1.75 cr

BUA : 3900 sq ft to 9700 sq ft
When considering House construction on a 40×60 site having 2400 sq ft area Building a Rental house or Apartment complex one needs to make sure that this proposed project would be for building for Sale of independent units which requires plan sanctions with minimum or no deviations.

In this case, it’s also advisable to consider LIFT also. Whereas the other case one can have multiple units just to make sure that the Roi’s (rate of returns are well planned). One can even build 15 to 16 units for just Rental returns while the other case it should be maxed 4 to 5 units only. In this case, also the 4th floor might be a deviation.

Ground Floor : Either full parking with LIFT or partial space for 2 car parks with 1 unit of 2bhk.
First Floor : 2Bhk x 2 nos for Apartment concept or 2BHK x3 nos for multi dwelled units.
Third Floor to Fourth Floor : Can be Changed to 3BHk or the other case 2 Bhks and 2 nos of 1Bhks.

Informative : 40×60 House plans | 40×60 Building elevation designs |  Residential Architects

50×80 G+1 or G+2, G+3,G+4 Floors HOUSE CONSTRUCTION Cost

Plot Cost : Rs 1.3 cr to Rs 2.5 cr.
These are very big plots having 4000 sq ft area on 50×80 site dimension. One can plan a Beautiful residential independent house of 4BHK to 6Bhk with all modern amenities for better living. The Architects have a wider scope to design by implementing the best space designing options with the best possible natural light with ventilation.

DUPLEX HOUSE G+1,G+2 or G+3 Floors Cost Rs 1.44 cr to 3 cr

BUA : 8000 sq ft to 14,000 sq ft
One can have the best of the concepts implements like large French windows, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Open bar, Landscaping with water body etc. One even plan for having two living rooms like formal and informal spaces.

Ground Floor : Covered garage for 2 cars + Foyer + Formal Lining Double height + Bigger Family living + Dining with big French windows opened towards garden area + Island kitchen concept + Store room + Common bath room + 1 Master bed room with work area and large walk-in closet with attached bath + Internal stairs.
First Floor : Can have up to 3 Large Rooms + Family living.
Second Floor : GYM area + Study room + Home theater + Balcony + Sauna room.
Third Floor : Terrace garden + Bar counter + Barbeque area.

APARTMENT CONCEPT G+1 or G+2 , G+3 G+4 Floors Cost Rs 2 cr to 4cr

BUA : 8000 sq ft to 18,000 sq ft
Generally not many construct rental houses on 50×80 sites it’s either would be a Duplex house as proposed previously or an Apartment complex where it can be sold as flats. One should go for a complete basement with a lift for parking this is done bcz the height building can be restricted.

Basement: Space for 8 to 10 car parking / Go for Stilt floor parking.
First Floor : 3BHK x 2 nos : 2 Master bed room with attached bath + 1 Guest bed room + Dining + Living area + Common bath + Kitchen with utility + Puja room.
Second to Fourth Floor : 2BHK x 3 nos on each floor : Living family area + 1 Master room + 1 guest room + Common bath.

Info : 50×80 Plans | Elevations of 50×80

SAMPLE HOUSE CONSTRUCTION COST IN BANGALORE or CONSTRUCTION COST IN BANGALORE for 20×30 30×40 30×50 20×40 40×60 40×40 30×50 50×80 of G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 FLOORS

Below is sample quotation for sites of 40×60 50×80 30×50 40×60 30×60 20×60 20×40 40×60 20×30 30×40 to know the current construction cost in Bangalore 2018/2019 for building G+1 G+3 G+2 G+4 floors with standard specifications:


1. FOUNDATION: Earthwork and Earth Excavation, Layering and Curing, Construction of SSM, Laying of Concrete Footing Column Plinth beam.

2. STEEL STRUCTURE: Roofing Slab, Providing 1:1.5:3 concrete for Colum Beam Slab Lintel Chajja Staircase.

3. SUPER-STRUCTURE: Construction cost details for Chajja, Staircase, Column, Slab, Beam, Lintel.

4. WALL CONSTRUCTION: Cost details for Building walls of 6″ thick cement block and 4″ Block for internal walls.

5. FLOORING: Details costing with material and labour for Vitrified Tiles of Rs 45/sq ft tile cost.

Site dimensions: 20×30 30×40 40×60 50×80 30×50 40×50 40×40

6. WALL TILES: Tiling details for Bathrooms, Utility, Kitchen, Elevation and Compound etc.

7. WOODWORK COST: Costing details for Doors, Puja door, Windows, Door Frame, Window shutter, Teak wood, Sal wood.

8. INTERNAL and EXTERNAL PAINTING: Material and labour cost for Painting of internal and external surfaces of a house with premium and basic options.

9. PLASTERING: Material cost for plastering of all surfaces including Ceiling, internal walls and external walls. This includes labour cost to complete finish.

10. ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING WORK: All electrical works including house wiring, Switches, Sockets, Meter box, electrical fittings but excluding paper works and BESCOM deposit charges.

Note: Below are the details of house construction cost in Bangalore other than these details one can also plan additional costs for Architectural Consultancy, Plan sanction process, BWSSB charges, BESCOM charges, Premium construction materials, Construction cost escalations.

1. FOUNDATION:  Rs 2,56,279

Earthwork and Excavation

Labour2002.00 cubic ft @ ₹12 per cubic ft24,024
Total Price₹24,024

Layering and Curing Concrete

Material201 cubic ft @ ₹ 100 per cubic ft₹ 20,100
Labour201 cubic ft @ ₹20 per cubic ft4,020
Total Price₹ 24,120

Providing and constructing the SSM

Material410cubic ft @ ₹ 120 per cubic ft₹ 49,200
Labour410cubic ft @₹ 20 per cubic ft₹ 8,190
Total Price57,390

Providing and laying Concrete

a) Footing

Material410 cubic ft @ ₹ 235 per cubic ft₹ 96,350
Labour1229 cubic ft @₹ 15 per cubic ft₹ 18,435
Total Price1,14,785
b) Column
Material55 cubic ft @ ₹ 235 per cubic ft₹ 12,925
Labour55 cubic ft @₹ 30 per cubic ft₹ 1,650
Total Price14,575
c) Plinth Beam
Material91.00 cubic ft @ ₹ 220 per cubic ft₹ 20,020
Labour91.00 cubic ft @₹ 15 per cubic ft₹ 1,365
Total Price21,385
Total Foundation Cost Rs 2,56,279


2. STEEL STRUCTURE:  Rs 58,760

Providing and Fabricating steel

a) Footing
Material0.68 Metric Tonne @ ₹ 47000.00 per Metric Tonne₹ 31,960
Labour0.68 Metric Tonne @₹ 5000 per Metric Tonne₹ 3,400
Total Price35,360
b) Column
Material0.20 Metric Tonne @ ₹ 47000.00 per Metric Tonne₹ 9,400
Labour0.20 Metric Tonne @₹ 5000 per Metric Tonne₹ 1,000
Total Price10,400
c) Plinth Beam
Material0.25 Metric Tonne @ ₹ 47000.00 per Metric Tonne₹ 11,750
Labour0.25 Metric Tonne @₹ 5000 per Metric Tonne₹ 1,250
Total Price13,000
Total Steel Structure CostRs 58,760


ROOFING:  Rs 3,78,056
Providing and laying Base
Material1092.00 cubic ft @ ₹ 100 per cubic ft₹ 1,09,200
Labour1092.00 cubic ft @₹ 20 per cubic ft₹ 21,840
Total Price1,31,040

Providing and laying 1:1.5:3 concrete

a) Column
Material275.73 cubic ft @₹ 235 per cubic ft₹ 64,797
Labour275.73 cubic ft @₹ 30 per cubic ft₹ 8,272
Total Price73,069
b) Beam
Material273.00 cubic ft @ ₹ 235 per cubic ft₹ 64,155
Labour273.00 cubic ft @₹ 30 per cubic ft₹ 8,190
Total Price72,345
c) Slab
Material1149.33 cubic ft @₹ 215 per cubic ft₹ 1,150
Labour1149.33 cubic ft @₹ 20 per cubic ft₹ 22,987
Total Price24,137
d) Lintel
Material150.15 cubic ft @ ₹ 235 per cubic ft₹ 35,286
Labour150.15 cubic ft @₹ 30 per cubic ft₹ 4,505
Total Price39,791
e) Chajja
Material382.20 cubic ft @ ₹ 100 per cubic ft₹ 38,220
Labour382.20 cubic ft @₹ 20 per cubic ft₹ 7,644
Total Price45,864
e) Staircase
Material327.60 cubic ft @ ₹ 235 per cubic ft₹ 76,986
Labour327.60 cubic ft @₹ 40 per cubic ft₹ 13,104
Total Price90,090
e) Granite Slab
Material81.90 Metric Tonne @₹ 400 per Metric Tonne₹ 32,760
Total Price32,760
Total Roofing CostRs 3,78,056
3. SUPER STRUCTURE: Rs 5,74,410
a) Column
Material1.64 Metric Tonne @₹ 47000 per Metric Tonne₹ 77,080
Labour1.64 Metric Tonne @₹ 5000 per Metric Tonne₹ 8,200
Total Price85,280
b) Beam
Material2.46 Metric Tonne @ ₹ 47000 per Metric Tonne₹ 1,15,620
Labour2.46 Metric Tonne @₹ 5000 per Metric Tonne₹ 12,300
Total Price1,27,920
c) Slab
Material3.28 Metric Tonne @₹ 47000 per Metric Tonne₹ 1,54,160
Labour3.28 Metric Tonne @₹ 5000 per Metric Tonne₹ 16,400
Total Price1,70,560
d) Lintel
Material0.82 Metric Tonne @₹ 47000 per Metric Tonne₹ 38,540
Labour0.82 Metric Tonne @₹ 4000 per Metric Tonne₹ 3,280
Total Price41,820
e) Chijja
Material0.41 Metric Tonne @ ₹ 47000 per Metric Tonne₹ 19,270
Labour0.41 Metric Tonne @₹ 4000 per Metric Tonne₹ 1,640
Total Price20,910
e) Staircase
Material2.46 Metric Tonne @₹ 47000 per Metric Tonne₹ 1,15,620
Labour2.46 Metric Tonne @₹ 5000 per Metric Tonne₹ 12,300
Total Price1,27,920
Total Super Structure CostRs 5,74,410


4. WALL CONSTRUCTION:  Rs 4,16,325
6inch Thick Cement Block
Material3003.00 sq ft@ ₹ 70 per sq ft₹2,10,210
Labour3003.00 sq ft@ ₹25 per sq ft75,075
Total Price₹ 2,85,285
4 inch Thick Cement Block
Material2184.00 sq ft@₹ 40 per sq ft₹ ₹87,360
Labour2184.00 sq ft@₹ 20 per sq ft₹ 43,680
Total Price1,31,040
Total Wall Construction CostRs 4,16,325


5. FLOORING: Rs 3,60,360
Vetrified Tiles
Tiles3003.00 sq ft@ ₹ 60 per sq ft1,80,180
Material3003.00 sq ft@₹ 40 per sq ft1,20,120
Labour3003.00 sq ft@₹ 20 per sq ft60,060
Total Price3,60,360
Total Flooring PriceRs 3,60,360


6. WALL TILES:  Rs 95,390
Tiles163.80 sq ft @₹ 45 per sq ft7,372
Material163.80 sq ft @₹ 25 per sq ft4,096
Labour163.80 sq ft @ ₹ 16 per sq ft2,621
Total Price14,089
Tiles764.40 sq ft @ ₹45 per sq ft34,398
Material764.40 sq ft @ ₹ 25 per sq ft19,110
Labour764.40 sq ft @16 per sq ft12,231
Total Price65,739
Tiles163.80 sq ft @ ₹ 45 per sq ft7,372
Material163.80 sq ft @30 per sq ft4,914
Labour163.80 sq ft @₹ 20 per sq ft3,276
Total Price15,562
Total Tiles CostRs 95,390


7. WOOD WORK:  Rs 14,60,550
Doors (Main door and Puja Room)
Teakwood Door
Material136.50 ft @ ₹ 2200 per ft3,00,300
Labour136.50 ft @ ₹ 250 per ft34,125
Total Price3,34,425
Doors (Other doors)
OST Doors
Material273.00 ft @ ₹ 200 per ft54,600
Labour273.00 ft @ ₹ 150 per ft40,950
Total Price95,550
SalWood Windows
Material819.00 ft @ ₹ 900 per ft7,37,100
Labour819.00 ft @ ₹ 200 per ft1,63,800
Total Price9,00,900


MS Grills
Material682.50 ft @ ₹ 120 per ft81,900
Labour682.50 ft @ ₹ 70 per ft47,775
Total Price1,29,675
Total WoodWork CostRs 14,60,550


Exterior Painting
Material3549.00 sqft @ ₹ 15 per sq ft53,235
Labour3549.00 sq ft @ ₹ 8 per sq ft28,392
Total Price81627
Interior Painting
Material8190.00 sq ft @ ₹ 20 per sq ft1,63,800
Labour8190.00 sq ft @ ₹ 8 per sq ft65,520
Total Price2,29,320
Total Painting CostRs 3,10,947


Material2730.00 sq ft @ ₹ 25 per sq ft68,250
Labour2730.00 sq ft @ ₹ 15 per sq ft40,950
Total Price1,09,200
Internal Walls
Material5460.00 sq ft @ ₹ 25 per sq ft1,36,500
Labour5460.00 sq ft @ ₹ 25 per sq ft1,36,500
Total Price2,73,000
External Walls
Material3549.00 sq ft @ ₹ 25 per sq ft88,725
Labour3549.00 sq ft @ ₹ 25 per sq ft88,725
Total Price1,77,450
Total Plastering Cost5,59,650


Material2730.00 sq ft @ ₹ 150 sq ft4,09,500
Total Price4,09,500
Material2730.00 sq ft @ ₹ 150 sq ft4,09,500
Total Price4,09,500
Total Price8,19,000
Total Electrical & Plumbing Cost8,19,000



The TOTAL House Construction rates for Building a Duplex house or rental houses on 20×30 30×40 30×50 40×60 50×80 40×50 20×40 30×60 of G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors with above specifications works out around Rs 1800/sq ft.

The cost of construction might increase depending on the kind of finishing materials used for the project like Flooring, Bath fittings, Elevation cladding, Architectural elements, Bathware, Railings, Electrical fittings, Countertops, Window openings etc.


The current House construction cost is based on many factors. One should calculate the cost of building a House well ahead so that there will not be any difficulty in starting the project.

House construction in Bangalore cost factor
As the demand for residential and commercial houses has increased in the recent past, there is a great rise in construction cost as well. The following factors will give you an insight of the cost.


The condition of the proposed residential house construction site will have a great impact on the cost of construction. Groundwater, poor soil conditions, wetlands, overhead lines, buried storage tanks and archaeological sites are some conditions which will lead to the increase in the cost of the development of the site.

If the soil condition is very poor, rectification steps should be taken. You will want to spend more money on the development of the site.


If the materials used for the construction are available locally, the construction cost will be low. On the other hand, if the material is to be procured from a long distance, it is prone to increase.

The choice exercised by you in the selection of various kinds of materials will have an impact on the cost. The quality and type of material will influence the construction cost. You will want to exercise options for painting, flooring, electrical works, plumbing, bore-well, soil, cement, sand, bricks, water, steel, stone aggregate and doors & windows.

You should be aware of the material cost, shipping cost and taxes so that the calculation can be done very efficiently.

Labour COST

The labour cost will be high Rs 280 to Rs 320 / sq ft. It is higher than the cost in rural areas. As the cost of living in urban areas is high, it will affect the labour cost. If the duration of the project is long, the construction cost will increase. There will be a slight reduction in the cost if the contractor manages a dedicated team of workers who will move with him from one project to another project.

The demand for workforce will be high to execute large construction projects. You might want to call workers from other parts of the state or country to execute the project. The labour cost to perform specialized tasks will be very high.


If the construction project goes for many years, there will be the impact of inflation. If there is an increase in the cost of materials, tools, and equipment, there will be the corresponding correction on the construction cost. You should be aware of the change in labour cost as well. Hence, there should be a contract with the builder so that there will not be any risk to the customer.


The contractor should finish the project as per the deadline. If there is an unprecedented delay, it will influence the indirect cost of the project. If the project schedule is reduced, there will be an increase in direct costs. Hence, you should be aware of the project plan so that you can make the most of your money.


The quality of plan and specification will have an impact on the cost of construction. If the idea is good, it can be executed very quickly, and there will not delay in this process. If the plan is not clear, there will be confusion and it cannot be completed fast. As it will take the time to resolve the conflict, the cost of construction will increase.


It is required to ensure the tools, equipment, and workers so that the work will be done very smoothly. Standard construction project cost includes general insurance such as performance bond, general liability and payment bond. In some case, additional requirements should be fulfilled which will impact the construction cost.


The overall expense is also influenced by the ‘location’ of the construction site. If the market value of the site is high, there will be the corresponding rise in the cost of house construction. The transportation cost of men and material will have an impact on the cost of construction.


The role of Architects hired for the project will influence the cost of construction. If you are going for a unique structure, it demands close supervision of the architect, and the construction cost will also increase.

If you hire a reliable and experienced architect, he will ensure that the project will be executed as per the plan. The architect will make sure that all aspects of the project are completed in a perfect way. Hence, by recruiting an experienced architect, you will want to pay higher charges.


The reputation of the engineer will have an impact on the cost of construction. The contractor should be comfortable in working with the engineer so that there will be the smooth execution of the project. Thus, the project will be cost-effective as well.

In some cases, the project should go through the engineering review so that it will serve the purpose without any issues. The review cost will also be included in the construction cost.


You should be aware of the regulatory requirements. If there is a deviation from the plan, you will want to pay the penalty which will increase the cost.


To meet the unforeseen costs, you should want to allocate 10% contingency towards the total cost of the project. It will cover the inflation cost as well.

With the IT industry offering opportunities for more people, the demand for residential property is growing at a great pace. There are various kinds of house construction. Villas and semi-independent houses are affordable when you move to the outskirts of the city

On the other hand; apartments and group housing constructions are very affordable in the interiors. The demand for residential property will increase in the coming days as many foreign companies are attracted to the location because of the sheer availability of qualified and skilful software professionals. As the demand for residential and commercial space increases, the cost of house construction will also increase proportionately.

House construction cost in Bangalore is Rs 1300 / sq ft (Basic)
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  1. Vikram October 28, 2014 at 3:17 pm - Reply

    Thx for sharing these details which i was specifically searching on the current rates running in the market for building construction.
    I will contact you for designing my Duplex house which i am planning to startwithin the next 6 months. I am having a budget of Rs 40 lacs for a 3 bhk house with one car parking.

  2. Rajesh December 12, 2014 at 8:19 pm - Reply

    Is the current House construction cost Rs 1450 / sq ft, As i have received two proposals from different building contractors who are quoting Rs 1650 and Rs 1700 / sq ft.

    Can you guide me in selecting a good contractor for my house, if Yes pls reply to my given email id and also let me know the charges for designing 4bhk g + 1 floors on 50×80 site located in hsr layout.

    • A4D December 12, 2014 at 8:41 pm - Reply

      The rates might vary depending on the specifications provided by the Builder and the sort of Items that are not included in the Quote. You can see one of our sample rates which we have shared in our site which shows the standard specifications given.
      Regarding the Designing services, the cost shall be sent to you shortly.

  3. Shrikanth Reddy January 13, 2015 at 10:42 am - Reply

    am planning to construct my House at Bangalore, I have purchased 30×40 two
    sites which makes it 60×40 with 60ft facing the road can you let me know the
    cost involved for getting a 4 bhk duplex house construction done with 2 car parking
    and landscaping near the main entrance.

    Also let me know if you offer services including construction also, My site is
    located off Mysore road in a gated community. You can reply back with the
    charges you charge for architectural and interior

  4. Monish January 27, 2015 at 11:57 am - Reply

    Hi i have 30*40 plot east facing with the below requirements, let me know what would be your service charges. Also tell me what would be the budget i need to be prepared with.
    a) 2 Nos 12′ x 12′ Bed Room One with Attached Bath & Toilet with WC.
    b) Common Bath & Toilet Indian Style commode.
    c) Kitchen 10′ x 10′ – Non Modular
    d) Drawing cum Dining 14′ x 18′
    e) Open Car Parking Space at the entrance 10 ‘ x 20′
    f) Construction of Septic Tank in the Car Parking space
    g) One 10′ x 20’ Hall on the space above Car Parking space on the Terrace with Bath & Toilet.

  5. Javed Khan January 27, 2015 at 12:01 pm - Reply

    I am having a plot measuring 3000sqft and would like to construct house. Can you please let me know how much it would cost and how much time is needed to complete.The plot is located at dodhballpur and it is corner plot.

    At present i am looking for a 4bhk duplex house construction with 3 car parking and some landscaping in the road side. Do you also provide the entire project on turnkey basis which will really help me bcz it will be a single point of contact rather than engaging a contractor.

  6. Prathap January 27, 2015 at 12:11 pm - Reply

    First of all really, I need to appreciate the details that has been provided in the site.
    I have a small query can you give some solutions.

    Hello,I am planning to construct a house near tumkur. one of the contractor said he will charge 28000/- per square for masonry work (including mould, staircase). He mentioned the squares shall be calculated Roof to Roof. What this measurement means and is there any other way of determining the squares ?

    • A4D December 10, 2015 at 11:26 am - Reply

      The current House construction rates at Bangalore is around Rs 1600 / sq ft including all labor and materials. However Interior charges will additional.

  7. Manish February 3, 2015 at 4:08 pm - Reply


    Your site has one of the best guidance of a laymen like me who doesn’t know anything related to construction work.

    I have a 40×60 plot North facing, Can you tell us the approximate construction cost for a residential building of G+3 floors with the given requirements below.
    Ground Floor + 1st floor (tenant)+ 2nd Floor and 3rd floor Duplex

    Ground Floor
    Parking for 2 Cars.
    Servant quarters: 1 small room with attach bathroom.
    1 Studio room: Open living + Bed + dining + Kitchen + attached Bath room.
    External Staircase (till second floor) for Above Floors.
    Servant quarters: 1 Room with attached Bath.
    Lift(for access inside duplex from Parking) : Lift not required for first Floor tenant.

    Sump tank : 10,000 to 12,000 ltrs

    First Floor – 2BHK Rental House
    North facing Main door
    Kitchen with Utility.
    Common bath room.
    1 Bed room with attach bath room
    1 Bed room

    Second Floor (Ground floor of the DUPLEX)
    Lift will be opening to the main living (inside the house).
    Foyer (with shoe rack and sitting area)
    Spacious Living.
    Kitchen (Semi-open ie privacy from Living) + Utility + Store room.
    Common Bath room.
    Pujja room (for 2 persons to sit inside and do pujja).
    1 Master bed room with attached bath room.
    Internal Staircase upto 4th Floor.

    Third Floor (First floor of the DUPLEX)
    Lift will be opening to the Family living (inside the house).
    2 Master bed rooms with walk-in closet with attached bath rooms (Balconies where ever possible)
    Small study room (8*7 or similar)
    Family living.
    Spacious balcony facing the family living.

    I want complete Architectural support from your end right from designing to appointing building contractors who are capable of doing quality and timely construction work.


    • A4D December 10, 2015 at 11:25 am - Reply

      You need to be prepared with Rs 75 lacs for your project based on the above given requirements. The current House construction in Bangalore is Rs 1500 to Rs 1600 / sq ft. The time duration required for completing the above project will be 9 to 12 months. We have sent our proposal to you email id.

      • Praveen January 17, 2016 at 4:41 pm - Reply

        I am planning to construct house in my 40X50 site in Bangalore. May i know how much construction cost you are quoting per sqft..? (Teak Main Door, Sal wood windows, Vitrified tiles is my spec for Ground floor alone)

  8. srihare March 7, 2015 at 7:18 pm - Reply

    what is the current (7.3.2015) construction cost for per sq ft in bangalore?

    • A4D December 10, 2015 at 11:30 am - Reply

      Pls refer our site we have updated the house construction rates with all specifications.

  9. Varun March 30, 2015 at 12:24 am - Reply

    I have 5000 sq ft land off sarjapur road I am planning to construct 10 apartments for 3 bhk flats which I planning to sell, I would like to know what would be the total Architectural charges for complete consultancy including site visits involving structural design also. The current residential house construction cost mentioned here is about Rs 1500 /sq ft , I want to know whether the construction cost of apartment and residential house will be the same. I would like know thus details since I would like to work on the feasibility of this project. What would be the cost to develop common amenities like swing pool, gyp and small kids play area.

    What would be the FAR available for my site of 100×50 in BBMP limits, through my research I have found out that it might be 1.75 times. I would first go for the concept designing which shows the exact no of flats that I can build without violating bylaws and also would like to know the possibility of designing penthouse on the last floor.

    • A4D December 10, 2015 at 11:29 am - Reply

      We feel that you need to get a project feasibility done initially, where it shows the Floor plans and 3D views of the building by which once can easily estimate what would be the project cost. Pls refer our Charged to know the Concept charges for basic planning.

      • Varun December 10, 2015 at 11:39 am - Reply

        Thx for your reply.

  10. Harsha April 7, 2015 at 10:00 pm - Reply

    I am planning to start my new home construction soon on the outskirt of Bangalore. It’s 40*60 plot. My budget is around 30-35 Lakhs,Pls let me know what will be the Architectural charges and the present construction cost running at bangalore. It has to be like Hall, Kitchen, Puja room and a bed room at base and 2 bed rooms at 1st floor. Can you email me some of your designed plans which falls in my budget?

    • A4D December 10, 2015 at 1:44 pm - Reply

      Considering you have a Budget of around Rs 35 lacs for house construction on you 40×60 site at the current rates of Rs 1500 you can have a built up area of 2300 sq ft. We recommend you to build G+1 floors only with good landscaping at the entrance.

      Note : Additional charges will be required for plan sanction and other paper works which might account to another 1 to 1.5 lacs.

  11. Varun December 10, 2015 at 11:20 am - Reply

    I am planning to construct a G+2 floors house in Bangalore on a 40×60 site. My requirement is to build a rental and duplex house on this. As I require some monthly income generated from my investment on my home. My detailed requirements are mentioned below.

    40*60 G+2 Floors 4BHK Duplex House + Rental Houses (G – Rent 1st and 2nd Duplex home)

    GROUND FLOOR – 2 BHK House
    2 Car parking spaces + 250 sq ft Large Living room with 12 seater sofa arrangement + 10 persons Dining room + Puja room of 30 sq ft + Common bath room + 1 Guest bed room + 1 Master bed room with bath .

    FF -Living for 400 sq ft + Kitchen with store room + Dining room + 2 Master bedrooms with attached bath rooms + Puja room + Common bath room.
    SF – Family living / Home theatre + 2 Master bed rooms with walk in closet +3 Balconies for bedrooms and Family living room.

    Based on my above mentioned details and also pls answer my below queries asap.
    What would be my House Construction cost in Bangalore..?
    What would be the Time duration for completing my home..?
    What is the Current average Construction cost per sq ft..?

    I shall be planning to start my project asap, So pls send a detailed proposal for construction and design.

    • A4D December 10, 2015 at 11:38 am - Reply

      For a 40×60 G+2 floors House construction cost will be Rs 1600 / sq ft including Basic design and construction. The time frames for completing this kind of project will be 11 months. You need to plan a minimum budget of Rs 80lacs for executing this project.

  12. A4D December 10, 2015 at 12:14 pm - Reply

    Thx for showing interest for your services, The House construction rates is Rs 1600 per squre feet or Rs 1.6 lacs per square (100 sq ft). Granite flooring will be additional cost at Rs 200 /sq ft in the the basic granite cost will be Rs 120/sq ft.

  13. Gurupreet Singh December 10, 2015 at 1:32 pm - Reply

    Hi Team,

    I am looking out for a good Residential house in construction in Bangalore on my 30×40 site for G+3 floors for rental purpose only. My requirement is to construct multiple houses of on each floor so that 1 BHKs and 2BHKs can get the maximum rental for my investment. I am putting in my needs and requirement below.

    I require a good house plans designed as per vastu aspect and constructed with the best quality materials. I also want assurance from the building contractor that he would complete my house construction within the specified and agreed time frames.

    30×40 G+2 floor House construction requirements
    G Floor – 2Bhk + 1 car parking (Owners house)
    1 Floor – 1 BHK x 2 nos for rental.
    2nd Floor – 1 BHKs x 2 nos for rent.
    3rd Floor – 2 Rooms for rent if its cmg within my budget

    I have total budget of Rs 40lacs for building my residence, I can stretch or add another 5 lacs and not a penny more. I require a good suggestion from your team weather this budget of Rs 45 lacs would be sufficient enough for my residential construction.

    Thank You,
    Gurupreet Singh

    • A4D December 10, 2015 at 1:37 pm - Reply

      Considering you above requirement of Building residential House of G+3 floors on 30×40 site, We calculated that the built up area will be 800 sq ft x 3 floors = 2400 sq ft.

      At the current house building rates at Rs 1600 the total cost comes at Rs 1600 x 2400 sq ft = Rs 39lacs + additional charges for plan sanction approvals etc. So we feel that you budget of Rs 45 lacs should be more or less sufficient.

      • Rakesh April 20, 2016 at 12:00 pm - Reply

        G+3 Means total 4 . so based on that 4*800=3200 and cost will be 3200* 1600….please revert if i am correct

  14. Shilpa Shree December 13, 2015 at 5:16 pm - Reply


    We are staying in an old house about 35 years old in Jayangar, I am looking forward to get my house renovation done based on the below details. Also send me more details regarding the current cost involved for construction of a House 2015/2016. I really liked the kind for very useful detail that your team has shared on the site. This helped me a lot in understating the construction scenario and the responsibilities of a building contractor.


    A 3BHK old House constructed on a 40×60 site or 2400 sq ft plot built about 35 years ago. The Built up area is around 1600 sq ft only Ground floor and ample space is left for car parking and small lawn/garden area. Since we are already having shortage of space I am planning to add another 2bed rooms on the first floor by adding an internal staircase connecting both floors.

    I have a Budget of around 30 lacs, Now the problem is weather I need to go for a new construction of First floor and Second Floor or Go for a renovation of Ground floor and making a new First floor based on the below load bearing walls.

    I want your expert opinion in suggesting if need to do a renovation or a new construction.

    Thank You again,
    Shilpa Shree

    • A4D December 13, 2015 at 5:22 pm - Reply

      Since your house is 35 years old and being a load bearing structure, Renovating your house into a duplex of G+1 floor would be more or less new construction cost. Since the flooring, Bath fittings, Adding new rooms etc might end up close to Rs 1100 to Rs 1300/sq ft.

      Hence, we recommend to go for a new Duplex house construction on First Floor & Second Floor by adding some new columns and reinforcing the Ground floor structure. This option might cost Rs 35 to Rs 40 lacs.

  15. Sanjeev December 17, 2015 at 1:01 pm - Reply


    I have a 30×50 site in bangalore and planning to start my House construction in near future. Looking for Ground + 2 plan as follows –
    Ground floor – car park, home office, remaining garden
    First floor – living, dining, kitchen, puja, 1 bedroom
    Second floor – lounge, 2 bedrooms, study
    How much typically does this kind of plan cost? Pls contact for further info and discussion.


    • A4D December 17, 2015 at 1:09 pm - Reply

      Thank you for showing interest in our firm, You shall be receiving the house construction proposal by mail asap. A typical 30×50 G+2 floors will have a total built up area of around 1100 sq ft for each floor. So 1100 sq ft x 3 flrs (G+2) = 3300 sq ft Built up area.

      At Rs 1600 sq ft which is the current going rates of a Quality construction work it shall cost Rs 1600 x 3300 sq ft = Rs 52 lacs.

      Note : Other charges shall be additional like Plan sanction, Electrical BESCOM approval, paper works shall always be additional charges for the owner.

  16. Rohit December 27, 2015 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    Hi Team,

    We are two brothers and recently we have purchased a 40×60 site in Vijay Bank Layout Bannerghatta road, Since we wanted to stay in properties next to each other. Now we are planning to start the construction in 2016 and we want to divide the 40×60 into two sites of 30×40 divided equally.

    As per your experience what would be the house construction cost per square feet in bangalore 2016. Your site says rates vary from Rs 1400 / sq ft to Rs 1600 / sq ft do these charges include Main door teak wood and puja door teak. What are the charges per cft rate for good quality Teak wood. Below are the requirements that we required for constructing our dream house.

    At Present : 40×60 or 2400 sq ft site.
    We need to divide into : 30×40 x 2 nos or 1200 sq ft x 2

    We need to construct to identical 2 Duplex houses of 3BHK on these plots.

    3BHK or 4 BHK Duplex House Construction on G+2 or G+1 floors
    – 1 Car Parking space (Innova) .
    – Living room for 150 sq ft with open dining.
    – Kitchen with utility with space for washing provision.
    – Common bath room with small shower option.
    – Space reserved to keep puja mantap.
    – Modern internal stairs for first floor.
    – 2 Master bed rooms on first floor with attached bath room.
    – Family living room for 5 persons sitting.
    – Staircase head room.

    Based on the above given requirement pls send us a draft construction cost or rough estimate for each house. We are planning to start this project within 2 to 3 months.

    Thank You,
    Rohit and Rakshit

    • A4D December 27, 2015 at 12:55 pm - Reply

      Thank you for sharing these details. The construction rate per sq ft 2016 is Rs 1600 per sq feet or Rs 1.6 lac per square or 100 sq ft. At the mentioned rate you we will be providing Teak wood for main door and puja room.

      The cost of teak wood ranges from Rs 3000 to Rs 3900 / cft (Cubic feet), The cost depends how old the teak log is and the quality of the wooden grains. We have sent our proposal for building your house on the shared email id.

  17. Seshumadhav Chaturvedula December 29, 2015 at 12:28 pm - Reply

    I have a 30*40 Plot (East facing). Can you tell us approximate construction cost for residential building of G+2? We are intending to construct this for rental purpose.

    G floor – Parking
    F1 – Tenant
    F2 – Tenant

    • A4D December 29, 2015 at 6:43 pm - Reply

      Thank you for sharing your requirements. One can have Super built up area of around 2500 sq ft for G+2 floors approx 850 sq ft on each floor is considered including balconies and staircase. At the current construction rates at Rs 1600 / sq ft x 2500 = Rs 40 Lacs.

      Note : If Ground floor is only used for parking then construction rate will be reduced by Rs 500 / sq ft to Rs 600 / sq ft.

      Other than the construction cost one has to have an additional +5% of the project cost for Plan sanction, Electrical connection and other additional works etc.

  18. ADITHYA January 3, 2016 at 10:34 pm - Reply

    I am planning to construct a house in an area of 1200 sq.ft in bangalore…Budget is around 30 lakhs..Please suggest me ,what kind of house can be built with these specifications??

  19. Ifte A January 8, 2016 at 1:47 am - Reply

    Hope all is well, I have recently purchased a 20*30 old house. I wish to demolish and reconstruct as below.

    Location – Kormanagala.
    Site – North Facing.
    Ground Floor – – Single BHK with 2 wheeler parking.
    First Floor – – 2 BHK
    Second Floor – – 2 BHK

    Third Floor – – 2 BHK

    I have sent email please respond to same. Please also advise the cost of plan design as well, should we take a new plan approval? the house was built in 2000 (Manual approval).

    I will be demolishing, digging a bore well and will hand over the empty plot for construction.

    • A4D January 10, 2016 at 6:30 pm - Reply

      Thx for sharing your detailed planning requirements and other details. Since your plot dimension is 20×30 or 600 sq ft. In most of the cases sites of these dissensions are generally constructed following wall to wall construction without leaving any setbacks.

      One can have 500+ sq ft built up area on each floor which means you have to construct G+4 floors to achieve 2000 sq ft with ground floor for parking purposes. At the current cost you project can be Estimated at around Rs 32lacs to Rs 35lacs.

      Note : Its always recommended to keep aside an addition an amount of + 5% other than the contractors cost. As its required for Getting Plan sanctioned, BESCOM connection, Water connections which doesn’t include in the construction contract signed between the Owner and Building contractor etc.

  20. Sonia January 8, 2016 at 11:32 am - Reply


    Can you let me know what will the cost of building just ground floor of 30×40 site of 1BHK.
    1 Car Parking
    living room, bathroom with attached bathroom, kitchen, living room, dinning hall and one bathroom in hall. and sump tank of 10,000 ltrs.

  21. ahleenahj January 8, 2016 at 11:42 am - Reply


    Can you please let me know what will be the cost of building 1bhk ground floor of 30×40 site.

    Car parking, bathroom with attached bathroom, living room, kitchen, dinning hall, one bathroom in hall. and sump tank of 5000 ltrs.

    • A4D January 10, 2016 at 6:13 pm - Reply

      For construction of only Ground floor of 1 Bhk with parking + sump tank + external stair case to the First floor will cost in between Rs 10 lacs to 15 lacs.
      We have sent you the proposal by mail.
      Note : One might have additional charges for Building plan sanction by the authority, electrical connection by BESCOM , Bore well etc..

  22. Nanda Gopal January 10, 2016 at 5:53 pm - Reply

    I am starting my House construction in bangalore on my 30×40 plot South facing, Can you tell us the current house construction rates for 2016 for building my building of G+3 floors with the given requirements below.
    Ground Floor (1 Studio room: 1 Bed + dining + Kitchen + attached Bath room.+ 1st floor (tenant)+ 2nd Floor (tenant) with an option to ha internal access to 2nd floor from 1st floor in case we need to stay (convert as duplex house ).

    Ground Floor
    Parking for 2 Cars.
    1 small room with attach bathroom.
    External Staircase (till second floor) for Above Floors
    Sump tank : upto 10,000 ltrs
    Pls. provide an approximate estimate .

    Nanda Gopal

    • A4D January 10, 2016 at 6:08 pm - Reply

      Thx for sharing your detailed requirements about your plans for building a new home. We have sent you our detailed proposal by mail which mentions the current building rates.

  23. Gajendra January 10, 2016 at 6:41 pm - Reply

    I am planning to construct a house in Bangalore, need your quotation for the same. Here are the details basement is 4 feet below for car parking. Ground and first floor is commercial. Second and third floor should be a duplex house with lift access only for residence from basement built-up area is around 5000 sft.

    Its a 30×40 site basement flooring is with parking tiles cost of tile to be considered is 50 rs above retaining wall to HV grills up to beam bottom on all 3 sides. basement to HV sliding folding ms shutter size is 8’x8′ external staircase to HV granite basic cost is 80 rs hand railings are made of ss ground floor shop front to be toughened glass size is 18’x9′ and windows 5’x2′ 6 No’s Upvc Ines with safety grill one toilet with urinals and rolling shutter for the front same for 1 st floor in duplex granite flooring basic price is 90 rs for bathroom n kitchen 60 rs tiles one granite sink cost is 70 rs pooja room to HV wall tiles with circular openings on top for skylight and staircase to be made of ms steel and timber with glass railing one additional spiral staircase made of ms with ma railing and balcony to HV glass railing and shera panel cladding in first floor for elevation of around 200 sft overhead sintex tank with railings all sides capacity 4000 LTS and sump tank 12000 LTS terrace to HV terracotta tiles and custom size lift 4’x4’6″ .these r the details need your quote for the same including materials walls r 8″ & 4″ solid block paint is white n grey.

    Thank you,

    • A4D January 10, 2016 at 6:42 pm - Reply

      Thank you for sharing such a detailed needs about your commercial and duplex house construction with the required materials. We have sent you our proposal for construction along with the rates. Pls go through the proposed Estimate and reply or call us to take it further.

  24. A4D January 13, 2016 at 6:52 pm - Reply

    Thx for sharing the details about your housing requirements. We have sent our detailed proposal for Designing and Construction to your shared email id.

  25. Sharath January 17, 2016 at 4:37 pm - Reply

    Do you construct houses in Bangalore? if YES, I am planning to construct three floors for rental purposes in 27*55 with below details
    ground floor – one 3 bedroom with one car parking and 3 two wheeler parking
    first floor – two 2 bedroom houses
    2nd floor – two single room with attached bath rooms for student rentals
    I am looking at good quality construction but am fine with medium quality accessories.
    Can you pls provide approximate project cost and cost per sq feet.

    • A4D January 17, 2016 at 4:37 pm - Reply

      YES, We can provide both the Design and Construction solutions. We have sent our proposal to your shared email id. You can also reach us for further clarifications.

  26. Nandish January 17, 2016 at 4:52 pm - Reply

    I am planning to start House construction in Bangalore on my 30×40 south facing plot in HRBR Layout. Seek your estimate / prevailing rates for planning and constructing G+1st floor + 2nd floor house that can be used as two independent units or a single duplex house (G+1st floor) with access to the staircase from inside and outside. The requirements are as below.

    Ground Floor: Car Park + Living Room+ Kitchen + Dining Space + one Bedroom with attached bathroom.
    First Floor: Living Room + Kitchen + Dining Space + Two Bedrooms, each with attached bathroom.
    2nd Floor: One bedroom with attach bathroom.
    Sump tank (below car park) : 5000-6000 liters capacity.

    Request you to pls provide approximate cost estimate, taking into account good quality material and workmanship. Thanks.

    • A4D January 17, 2016 at 4:53 pm - Reply

      Thx for Sharing the detailed planning and construction requirements. The approximate house construction rates for G+1 floor Duplex with 2nd floor for rent will have a Built-up area of around 2600 sq ft approx.

      At the current house construction rates of Rs 1600 /sq ft. The overall Budget required to execute the entire project will be Rs 1600 / sq ft x 2600 sq ft = Rs 41 lacs+.

      Note : Its always advisable that one keeps an additional among of + 5% of the estimated construction cost. As its needed for Plan sanction, Water connection, Getting Electrical connection from BESCOM etc. These works will not be under the scope of a Building contractor.

  27. Sudheendra January 17, 2016 at 5:04 pm - Reply

    I am planning to start construction of house in my plot of 20 X 30 site ( 600 sq ft).
    Ground floor:
    1 BHK and car parking,
    First floor
    Kitchen and utility, Pooja room, Hall and small bed room and steps to second floor
    Second floor
    two bedroom with toilet and steps to third floor
    Third floor,
    two bedroom with toilets
    Please let me know what will be the entire construction cost for the above mentioned details.


    • A4D January 17, 2016 at 5:05 pm - Reply

      Thx for sharing you house construction details and your requirements. We have sent a detailed proposal for design and construction to the given email id.

  28. Pramod January 17, 2016 at 5:14 pm - Reply

    We required for concept and working drawings for my residential house construction based on the below given requirements.
    Original Sizes: 441/2 Feet (we need 31/2Feet gap is Require) please consider Length 41Feet (south /North)
    Original Sizes: 341/2 Feet (we need 41/2Feet gap is Require) please consider width 30Feet ( East /West)

    Our Requirement;
    1. One Master Bed Room (Including Toilets)
    2. Normal Bed Room
    3. Pooja Room
    4. Sitout
    5. Car parking
    6. Dining Hall
    7. 1 Hall
    8. Kitchen
    9. Bore Location
    10. Septic tank
    11. Outside Staircase- bottom – Separate Toilet

    Floor Plan
    Architectural Drawing
    Structural Drawing
    Civil Drawing
    3D Drawing
    Plumbing Drawing
    Electrical drawing
    Biller Location.
    Building Construction

    Now Based on the above given information pls propose an affordable house construction cost for my project. We are planning to start the project by this month end.


    • A4D January 17, 2016 at 5:16 pm - Reply

      Thx for sharing your detailed requirements about the construction of your project. We have gone through the requirements for which we will be shortly sending our proposal for Designing and Construction by mail asap.

  29. Amar January 26, 2016 at 10:40 am - Reply

    Hi , I have a 30*40 sqft plot , want to construct G +2 with ground floor only for parking and duplex in first and second floor . What would be the total cost . As I would not construct any room in ground floor , I assume cost would be less compared to normal G+2 construction .
    One more question : what should be the height of ground floor as its only used for parking.

    • A4D January 26, 2016 at 5:46 pm - Reply

      Thx for sharing your details about your house construction requirements. Find here answers to your Queries below.

      What would be the total Cost for G+2 Floors with Ground floor as Parking..?

      Since your plot is about 30×40 or 1200 sq ft leaving all setbacks required for Natural light and Cross ventilation we might get around 900 sq ft on each floor.

      What would be the Height of the Ceiling Height if Ground floor is used for Parking..?

      If you’re Planning to use Ground Floor only for Parking purposed then we call this type of floor as “ Stilt Floor “ where you can have a Ceiling height of 8 ft which should be good enough for Parking most vehicles.

      The Floor of the “ Stilt Floor ” can be +/-3 ft Above or Below the road Level which is considered as 0. In cases where – 3 ft is followed only the remaining + 5 ft is above the road Lvl. This is done Bcz there will be a fewer no of Steps to climb to the above floors. It also keeps the height of the Building under check as there are strict Bylaws to restrict the Height of buildings.

      Note : If the Slab of the Parking area is more or less equal to the road lvl then we can call this floor as Basement floor. Generally Basements are only feasible for plot dimensions above 40×60 or 2400 sq ft. For small sites Basement is not a feasible option bcz more of area will be lost for getting the ramp done.

      TOTAL PROJECT COST Calculated Below.

      Based on this the overall Built up area would be around.
      900 sq ft x 3 (G+2) = 2700 sq ft Built up area (BUA)

      GROUND FLOOR 900 sq ft Parking
      Generally the Construction Rate for parking Only can be considered at Rs 950 / sq ft. However these rates might vary for different contractors.
      Rs 950 / sq ft x 900 sq ft (Parking area) = Rs 8.5 lacs

      FIRST and SECOND FLOOR 1800 sq ft ( 900 x2) Duplex House
      Rs 1600 / sq ft x 1800 sq ft (900 sq ft x 2). = Rs 28.8 Lacs .

      Hence the total House construction cost would be around Rs 28.8 Lacs + 8.5 Lacs = Rs 37.3 Lacs .

      Note : Additional charges are required for Plan sanction, BESCOM connection, Bore well, BWSSB water connections etc. Hence its advisable to keep an additional +5% on that overall project costs to cover additional expenses.

      • Amar January 26, 2016 at 6:47 pm - Reply

        Thank you for the response.From what I understand , you suggest parking to be +3/-3 from ground level for a 1200 sqft plot . Please correct me if I am wrong.

        I am planning to go for one stop shop for all the building materials. There are lot of such service providers available online in Bangalore. Do you suggest any such brick and motor one stop shop you know of.

        • A4D January 27, 2016 at 9:29 am - Reply

          YES, we suggest to go for a “ Stilt floor ” for Parking with +/-3ft Below are above the road with 8ft ceiling height. Also note that with 8 ft height this Floor cannot be used for any Residential occupancy. Since we need a minimum 9‘ 6“ as Floor to Ceiling height for any kind for Residential usage.

          We do take up entire Construction which includes Trunkey services Right from Designing, Getting the Plan approved from the respected authority and getting it constructed as per finalized plans. Regarding this we have already sent our our proposal.

          You can reply us back along with your mobile no so that the concerned person will contact you to discuss more in detail.

  30. A4D January 27, 2016 at 9:46 am - Reply

    Thx for sharing your details, we have sent our detailed proposal of our services to the given email id. Pls go through the mail and call us or reply back any further clarifications.

  31. Ramesh February 15, 2016 at 3:16 pm - Reply

    Hi Team,
    Recently I have visited your site and seems to be very informative.
    I am planning to start building my house based on the requirements shared below.
    I have a plot size 2400 sq ft or 40×60 site on which I would like to build g+3 building. g parking and 2 apartment on each floor with the total area on each floor is coming to 4500 sq fee and 1025 each apt.

    Can you please provide me an estimate cost or a sample of estimate for this project. I want to know the approximate cost. Appreciate your support and awaiting for your response.

    Best regards,

    • A4D February 15, 2016 at 3:23 pm - Reply

      Thx for sharing your details. We have sent our detailed proposal to your email id.

  32. Renuka Jj February 23, 2016 at 4:53 pm - Reply

    we have 30*40 site near attibele,want to build ground plus 1 duplex can u give me the estimated budget with the interiors .

    • A4D February 23, 2016 at 8:53 pm - Reply

      Thank you for sharing your details on building your home. We have sent our detailed proposal regarding the required services to your shared email id.
      You can call us for further clarifications.

  33. A4D February 23, 2016 at 8:58 pm - Reply

    Thank your for sharing your detailed requirements for building your house. We have sent our proposal to your shared email id.

  34. Loki February 29, 2016 at 9:01 pm - Reply


    I have been looking for a page since ages. My search ends here. Appreciate your effort & time.

    I have 1500 sqft , West (West –60 Ft Road and South Road) facing corner site at HRBR Layout. I am planning to start construction very soon. Could you please advice if you have any particular design you recommend for slightly skewed size than standard 30*40. Since I have to consider good amount of time on design which will be crucial in this case I appreciate your advice with as many samples as possible please. Need to be compliant with BDA applicable rules for Parking , entrance etc.

    I have no idea in construction so here is my vague plan at the moment. Could you please advice estimate/do’s&dont’s and design fees and your recommended contractors please.

    Ground Floor

    Open living + 1 Bed incl bath + Kitchen + pooja room, Sump, Car Park and a shop

    First Floor : 2 Bed room House and a bath (Rental) for a rental with basics

    Second Floor Duplex : 3BHK, including pooja room , Family living / Home theatre , 2 Balconies

    Warm regards,

    • A4D March 3, 2016 at 11:23 am - Reply

      Thx for sharing such detailed requirements on building your house. We have already sent you our detailed proposal to your given email id.

  35. A4D March 3, 2016 at 11:58 am - Reply

    We have sent our proposal to your email id.

  36. nisha syam March 6, 2016 at 8:44 pm - Reply

    Hi I am planning to construct a house in bangalore and following is the details. Could you please let me know how much will be the architecture and constuction cost for the same.
    site size = 30 front * 45 square feet.
    2.5 floors.
    2200 square feet.

    Please let me know architecture+ construction cost and the materials you use

    • A4D March 7, 2016 at 11:30 am - Reply

      Thank for showing interest in our firm to know the current house construction cost in Bangalore based on which we have sent our detailed proposal regarding our charges to your shared email.

  37. A4D March 9, 2016 at 11:56 am - Reply

    Thank you for showing interest in our firm. We have sent our detailed proposal regarding house construction rates in Bangalore based on your above requirements to your shared email id.

    Pls go through the mail and call us for more details.

  38. A4D March 9, 2016 at 2:45 pm - Reply

    Thx for sharing your details for building your home. As per your requirements given above that you want to construct only 2BHK Ground floor on a 30×40 site or 1200 sq ft.

    Based on which we have calculated that you might get close to 700 sq ft 2BHK house for which the construction cost will be Rs 1600 x 700 sq ft = 11lacs+ .

    We have mailed our proposal to your given email id.

    Note : There might be additional Fees other than the construction cost mentioned above like Plan approvals from BBMP BDA BMRDA or any other concerned authority, Bore well charges(if you are planning), BWSSB water connection etc.

  39. A4D March 13, 2016 at 9:23 pm - Reply

    Thx for sharing details regarding your request to know the current house construction rates for which we have replied with our proposal to your shared your email id.

  40. A4D March 13, 2016 at 11:41 pm - Reply

    We have sent our proposal to your shared email with us.

  41. praveen kumar March 14, 2016 at 10:51 am - Reply

    We have a site in Marathahally, Bangalore of the dimension 16 X 45 Sq Ft. 16ft is south facing and road facing. WHile, 45ft is the depth. Thus, we are confused about how we can plan to have an effective duplex house:
    1) We are planning to have a duplex G+1 for self use. A car and few bike parking at the entrance. Some space for having the stairs if we could construct 2nd floor in fututre.
    2) PLanning to have a hall, kitcken and a very small room with toilet in GF, having 2 rooms in the First floor.
    3) Can we have the option of East Facing for this house.
    4) We are looking for a space effective plan.
    2) Cost estimate for the complete construction.

    • A4D March 15, 2016 at 12:04 am - Reply

      Thx for sharing your detailed requirements for building your house. We have sent our proposal to your shared email id.

      • praveen kumar March 15, 2016 at 11:27 am - Reply

        Thanks. Could you please share a sample floor plan for the dimensions mentioned to get a broad idea of how much carpet area could I get upon construction of duplex house. Thanks again

  42. Sandeep Haridas March 16, 2016 at 2:59 pm - Reply


    I have an existing house built on a 30*40 plot.The ground floor is completely constructed with an internal staircase leading to the first floor where there is a small hall + 1 bedroom with attached bathroom. I would like to expand the 1st floor and add an 2 additional bedrooms + bathrooms.
    The current construction is a pillar construction and I would like to know if the load bearing capacity/ additional reinforcements can be built in to the existing structure before I start the expansion on the 1st floor ?
    Would you be able to take up the construction ?
    Location : TC Palya, Bangalore

    • A4D March 18, 2016 at 12:04 pm - Reply

      Thank you for showing interest for our services. We have sent our current charges for Designing and the current construction rates for building your house to your suggested your email id.

  43. Ravi Kiran V March 30, 2016 at 11:55 am - Reply

    For 30 x 40 site with single BHK in GF, 1st and 2nd Floor duplex (with 3 bhk, hall, kitchen, dinning, store, study room) and 3rd floor with single bhk what will be the construction cost.

    • A4D April 3, 2016 at 5:54 pm - Reply

      We have sent our proposal regarding the current house construction rates. Pls go through the mail and reply us for more details.

  44. A4D April 3, 2016 at 6:01 pm - Reply

    We have already sent our proposal to your shared email id.

  45. Jayant Iyer April 15, 2016 at 10:24 am - Reply


    I want to build a 1bhk on the second floor in Bangalore. It is going to be 7 squares. That is a Hall, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Dinning Room, and Utility. No staircase required for going to the 3rd floor.
    How much would it cost for 1 sq ft or 1 Square.

  46. A4D June 21, 2016 at 2:14 pm - Reply

    We have sent a mail regarding our charges.

  47. A4D July 4, 2016 at 10:15 am - Reply

    We have mailed our proposal to the given email id.

  48. Venkat August 28, 2016 at 9:43 pm - Reply

    Hi Im planing to construct in 30×40

    My requirements are G+1
    1.Ground floor 1 car (innova) 2to3 bike parking.
    2.Ground floor should be duplex with 1 Bed room ,Kichen ,Puja Room,Livng room ,Common bathroom,Granite flooring,5000 ltr sump.
    3.1st floor in 500sft Master Bedroom with attached bathroom and 1 children bedroom with balcony space facing front side.
    4. in the same floor another side for 600sft 1BHK for rent with certified tiles.. staircase should be outside.
    Please let me know the maximum price for the same my email I’d.

    Thank you.

  49. Vasu August 28, 2016 at 9:48 pm - Reply

    Hi I have 40*70 site (South facing) in Bangalore and planning to go for construction soon with the following needs. Please provide me the rough estimates for this.
    No. of Floors: G + 4 (G floor: complete parking, 2 flats per floor from 1st to 4th floors)
    Lift + staircase
    Good Front elevation
    Plan to use regular bricks and avoid cement bricks
    Teak wood front doors for all flats and inside doors.
    Basic kitchen work.
    Good quality flooring.


  50. Subhas September 2, 2016 at 3:19 pm - Reply

    Hi Team,
    This is the best website that I have come across this has really impressed me a lot, I really appreciate your entire Team of A4D for building such an informative website which helps any new House owner to understand the current building rates.

    My requirement is that I have I have 30×50 North facing site or 1500 sq ft and plan to start House construction at the earliest for which I was looking best house plans to be designed for my dream project. Below are the details and need your assistance on the cost of construction and the architectural charges. What would be the current House Construction cost..? as per the given requirements.

    30 x 50 – 30 feet facing the road and 50 feet from North to south.

    Wish to keep a 4 feet vacant area in the front side of the site for basic gardening & 1& ½ feet around the building as set back.

    1.I wish to keep the complete area in GF reserved for parking. I am looking at a small 200 sq ft servant room or store room, a small kennel for pets and UG sump nothing else in this floor.
    2.Stair case to the First floor preferred on North eastern side of the Building.

    1. One Big size Kitchen.
    2. Dining room.
    3. Pooja room.
    4. Common Bathroom.
    5. Living Area ( Formal & Informal living area).
    6. One large Balcony.
    I don’t need any Bedrooms in this floor.

    1. Master Bedroom with small Balcony.
    2. Living Area / Home Theatre.
    3. 2 Bedrooms for Children.
    4. 2 Balconies for Children room.

    1. Guest room max 200 sft room
    2. Utility area for Washing machine etc
    3. Balance area for Solar / Terrace garden / Drying clothes etc

    1. Top quality Granite for First Floor & Tiles for second & Third floor area.
    2. Staircase in all floors in Black Granite.
    3. Main door Burma Teak and balance doors Honne or Matthi.
    4. Puja Room Door in teak.
    5. CP Fittings Kohler
    6. Railings Internal & external in SS
    7. Solar water heater
    8. LED Lighting
    9. Rainwater harvesting

    Please send me available 30 x 50 plans and the approximate cost for constructing the above.
    Looking forward for your reply,

    Thanking You again.

    • A4D September 2, 2016 at 3:56 pm - Reply

      Thank you for sharing such a detailed query for building your home. The current House construction cost 2016 or 2017 can be proposed at Rs 1650 /sq ft to Rs 2000/sq ft again depending on the kind of internal finishes like Flooring, House plans etc. We have sent our proposal to your given email id.

      • Subhas September 2, 2016 at 4:00 pm - Reply

        Thank you for sending the proposal i shall go through it and get back asap. I would like to know what would be the Total construction cost based on above given requirements.

        • A4D September 2, 2016 at 4:05 pm - Reply

          Since your Site dimension is about 30×50 leaving all setbacks once can easily have about 1100 sq ft of construction area. Now,
          1100 sq ft x 4 Floors = 4400 sq ft (built up area )
          Rs 1700 /sq ft considering the current house construction rates.

          Total Budget : Rs 1700 / sq ft x 4400 sq ft = Rs 74 lacs.

  51. SYED September 30, 2016 at 1:24 pm - Reply


  52. Satish Kumar November 2, 2016 at 11:50 am - Reply


    I have a 30X40 plot north facing. I need to construct ground floor only with car parking. What would be cost of construction including electrical, plumbing, wardrobes & modular kitchen.

  53. Suraj Prakash Gowda February 11, 2017 at 4:13 pm - Reply

    hi, planning to construct a house for rental purpose in mudalpalya, bengaluru. Its a 15*42 sqft plot facing west. Ground floor parking and 1bhk, 1F,2F, 3F – 2bhk houses, 4F 1bhk or a single room. What would be the estimate and could you work on the project?
    Myself Suraj prakash.
    Please get back with the needed at the earliest.

  54. Vinodh March 1, 2017 at 3:03 pm - Reply


    I have 30*40 west facing plot and im planning for house construction. My ideal plan is to have parking space + single room with attached bath in ground floor and 3 BHK duplex in first and second floor with granite flooring with decent interiors. (include false ceiling/wardrobes/jaguar fitting/in hall and bedrooms, italian kitchen) . Could you please share appropriate cost..?


  55. Chiranjeevi Chiru March 26, 2017 at 5:47 am - Reply

    in 10-12 lakh how much sq.ft can u build in 30 40 site?

  56. Manjunath Rao March 27, 2017 at 6:20 pm - Reply

    Hello: I own a site of 30×50 (30-NS) 50-EW). Planning to construct 2 floors G+1 as below:
    GF – 1 car par with 2 bedroom house, outside steps.
    FF – 3 Bedroom House inside steps to terrace.
    Appreciate if you could send me the total cost involved for construction.

  57. Sathisp April 1, 2017 at 10:44 pm - Reply


    I am planning to construct a duplex home on my corner plot measuring 3050sqft. Planning to build a G+2 house. Could you please help me with an estimate for the following requirements?

    BUA – 4000sqft

    Ground Floor : 2 Car parking slots. Large living room + Dining area for 8 persons + Common bath room + Kitchen with attached Store room and utility + 1 Master bed-room bed rooms with attached bath with walk-in-closet with Internal staircase leading to upper floors. 1 Servant quarter

    First Floor : 1 Big Master bed room with space provided for a provision of walk in closet with dress area and study table + 2nd master room with attached bath room having shower enclosure + large balcony overseeing the landscaping below + Family living area.

    Second Floor : 4th Master Bed room with a provision of Bath tub or Jacuzzi + 2nd Balcony + GYM room or Yoga exercise area.Open area leading to wooden patio with BBQ Counter + Terrace garden + Media or Home theater room

    Other requirements: Natural lights, Greenary landscaping inside & outside the house, Water feature, Pooja area in ground floor, Sump – 12000 litres, Provision for rain water harvesting, Energy efficient lighting,landscaping, Wooden flooring for bedrooms, hardwood floors on patio area, marbles in rest of the place, Architectural elevation included.


  58. rao meda April 14, 2017 at 9:33 am - Reply


    I have 50*40 plot at begur road Bangalore.
    Can you tell me approximate cost and duration required for building G+2 floors. G – 2 car parking, 2B house, 1- 3BH, 1BH, 2 – 2 1BH .


  59. Supreeth S May 11, 2017 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    Your site is very informative. thanks a lot.
    Can you please let me know the construction cost (30X40 site) for the following requirements:
    1. Ground floor- Complete parking with 12000 litre sump
    2. First floor- Living room + kitchen +dining hall+ guest room if posiible
    3. Second floor: 2 master bedrooms with attached bath room
    3. Third floor: Kids room with terrace garden

    Thanks a lot in advance for your reply.

    • A4D May 13, 2017 at 11:12 am - Reply

      Thx for showing interest in our firm and sharing your detailed requirements on your house construction requirements. Our team shall send a standard construction proposal by mail.

  60. SADAGOPAN May 23, 2017 at 7:14 pm - Reply

    I Need to construct a house on my site of 1350 sq.ft. the total build up area required is 1400 sq.ft. duplex. can you share the quotation.

  61. Murthy Revanuru June 3, 2017 at 12:37 pm - Reply

    I need to build a G+1 house in 45×55 site. 2 BHK in ground floor and 3 BHK in first floor. What would be the cost

  62. haasini June 27, 2017 at 10:51 pm - Reply

    I have already built a 2bhk house on the ground floor of my 30×40 plot, i would like to build a loft with a large living room, a small kitchen, a huge bedroom with moon roof and a outdoor bathroom with a massive garden. what will be the constructional cost if only the bedroom is on a higher level to the living area?

  63. H /Capt. jayarajan August 24, 2017 at 3:09 pm - Reply


    I have a 30x 40 site east facing T C Palaya Bangalore, Can you tell me the approximate construction cost for a residential building of G+3 floors with the given requirements below.
    Ground Floor + 1st floor + 2nd Floor and 3rd floor
    Parking for 2 Cars.
    aii the floors should be 2 BHK + 1 attached and 1 common Bath room.
    External Staircase.

  64. COASTAL BREEZE ITOUCH COOLING September 22, 2017 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    My site buying procedure is going on and may close another a month site 20*47. I plan for Ground floor only with car parking, 2 bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen. Can you send d approximate budget inclusive of all.

  65. Hemanth Kumar October 17, 2017 at 12:50 pm - Reply

    We have site measuring of 30 x 40 feet east facing.
    I am looking for commercial offer as per the plan mentioned below, you’re prompt response will be appreciated.

    details as follow.

    Duplex house with under ground basement.

    under ground basement for car parking with storage room

    Ground floor will be
    North facing Main door
    Kitchen with Utility.
    Common bath room.
    internal staircase leading to 1st floor

    First floor will be 3 bedroom

    2 bedroom with attached toilet
    1 bedroom with attached toilet, walking wardrobes, small lounge internal staircase leading upto mezzanine floor it for bed, opening to GYM room and terrace sitout/garden.

    We request you to please send us commercial offer accordingly.


  66. Raj November 7, 2017 at 3:12 pm - Reply

    Hi Team,

    I am looking out for a good Residential house in construction in Bangalore on my 30×40 site for G+1. My requirement is to construct as below
    30×40 G+1 floor House construction requirements
    G Floor – 1Bhk + 1 car parking along with kitchen with attached bathroom and toilet in the room
    1 Floor – 2 rooms for us with internal stairs.
    can you please let us know the approximate cost

  67. venkatesh ms December 2, 2017 at 4:10 pm - Reply


    We are currently Staying in Mysore Road locality and our house is 30 years old. We are thinking of reconstructing a house G+1. So what is the Estimation for the same. I want the breakup of the cost.

  68. Kiran January 12, 2018 at 4:03 am - Reply

    Hi I have 30*40 site in Jigini am planning to start construction and my plan is
    1.Ground floor 2bhk and bike parking
    2.1st floor 2bhk + 2bhk
    3. 2nd floor 2bhk +2bhk
    4. 3rd floor 2bhk +2bhk
    5.on terrace 2 small rooms
    how much it will cost to construct and howany months it will take please send the mail with all the details

  69. jani Dar February 12, 2018 at 2:46 pm - Reply

    I’m looking for some assistance/cost estimation for construction of G+2 floors in a plot of size 30*30. I am looking for some cost effective solutions and ideas.

  70. Ravi Kishore November 4, 2018 at 3:57 pm - Reply

    Hi Team,

    Just came across while browsing for some details regarding building my house, As I am new to Bengaluru and planning to settle down I wanted to know current House construction in Bangalore. I am planning to build a duplex house with an overall budget of Rs 1cr including site cost.

    Also, I need to appreciate your team for building such a wonderful website which was very educative for me to help me understand the budget I need to be prepared for building a house.

    Thank you,

  71. Irfan November 18, 2018 at 11:44 am - Reply

    Hi Team,

    A very good website with detailed information on construction. My query is i have a commercial plot in JP Nagar. An existing G+1.dwelling is existing which needs to be demolished and constructed.

    It is a 40*65 plot. I need Under ground parking . Ground+1 commercial space with Glass finish. Second and Third floor with two 2bhk in each floor.

    2bhk specifications.
    Living room with Open Kitchen and dining one common bath room and 1 attached master. Simialr for other 3 2BHK.
    Please let me know the total cost i am looking to spend for this entire structure and completion time.
    A lift to access from G to F3

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