Vastu for Master Bedroom know Master Bedroom Vastu Shastra tips

Importance of Master Bedroom Vastu

Everybody wishes for a dream house that would be perfect not only from the constructional aspect but also from the elements of getting up, set up, and the affairs of Vastu.

Many people consult Vastu experts before setting up their dream house for safe and sound living in their dream nest. Vastu for the master bedroom in your house is important not only because it will keep the person relaxing, sleeping, refreshing fit, and fine, but also for keeping your relationships intact and rid of problems. As Architects based in Bangalore, we do design residential house plans which are followed Vastu principles.

Vastu for Master Bedroom for a relaxing ambiance

It is needless to point out that a master bedroom is a place where you relax, refresh, sleep, and spend time with your beloved or loved ones.

So it is vital to know Vastu for the master bedroom as per Master bedroom Vastu Shastra so that it is the most comforting and productive place in your house.

The elements of direction, location, color, placement of things, etc., which govern Vastu should be given proper attention in this regard so that the members living in it should have a stable and healthy life and relation with you.

Vastu for the master bedroom declares that the bed is the central object in it. So its position should be of prime importance. It should never be placed between two doors or should not face the main entrance of the room.

Care should be taken that it is also not placed beside the door of the room. This cuts the chi of it and hence affects the health of the person sleeping or taking rest or having entertainment. Value experts are also of the opinion that the feet of the person sleeping on the bed should not point the main door directly as it is a death position in a general sense.

Master Bedroom positions of furniture’s

In Further Master Bedroom, Vastu Shastra says that the bed should not be hit or aimed by any sharp edges or arrows of poison that are coming from cupboards, shelves, cabinets, etc. this is because the person resting or relaxing or sleeping on it might be affected by negative forces and might have imbalanced health.

This is a common problem with small children or with newly wedded couples. The bed can effectively be placed under the ceiling roofline or beam or an overhead fan. However, it is advisable not to place it at the direct center of the room in a floating manner.

Master bedroom Vastu guides that the toilet should never be in direct view from the bed, nor should the bed be located above a toilet on a floor below or below a bathroom on a floor above.

This is so because the members living in it might be affected with frequent colds, coughs, stomach problems, and other digestive system problems. Last but not least, the image of the bed in it should not be reflected at any mirror or screen to avoid separations or issues of infidelity.

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