Building Contractors in Bangalore and Labor contractor rates

Labor Contractors rates in Bangalore: Rs 230 to Rs 280 / sq ft

Induces: All Civil works, Sump tank, Compound work, Parapet wall, Overhead tank.
Excludes Plumbing work, Electrical work, Tiling / Flooring work, Paper works.

Building Contractors rates in Bangalore: Rs 1550 to Rs 1750 / sq ft (Basic finish)

Induces: All Civil works, Plumbing work, Electrical work, Tiling / Flooring work
Excludes Paper works, Interiors, Modular kitchen.

Construction rates in Bangalore for labour and building contractor get differed quotes based upon the specification of structures. Also, if one wishes to construct a highly innovative architectural design style, they need to spend the extra cash for procuring it.

Also, before opting for a building contractor, it is recommended to analyze whether they will provide service as per one’s requirement.

Also, it is advisable to have a clear discussion regarding the materials that need to be used for the construction process. One should maintain clear detail regarding the costs spent on buying materials and labour for future clarification.

As Architects, we give house plans, always thinking of ways to reduce the construction cost.

sample project as building contractors at bangalore

Construction rates of Labor contractors and Building contractors

Constriction work can be done in two ways labor contractors and building contractors. Labour contractors in Bangalore quote Rs 230 to Rs 280 / sq ft which includes all civil works, including brickwork, concrete work, earthwork, centering work, etc.,

But a labor contractor doesn’t include works like flooring, electrical and plumbing. When one considers the real estate business during the past few years, there are accelerating improvements in this business despite an increase in the rate of interest charged against home loans.

The cost of house construction and the property is kept on escalating but on the other hand, there seems to be prevailing continuous demand among people to procure it. Approximately 39% of the whole count of residential house property launched during the last year cost around Rs 2500 to maximize Rs.5000 per square feet area.

The Current Building Construction rates in Bangalore for labour and building contractor keep on increasing, and demand among customers does not seem to be down.

Building Contractors and Civil residential Construction rates for 20×30 30×40 40×60 30×50 50×80 Sites

As we know, Bangalore’s real estate market is growing at a rapid phase; one of the major driving force behind this is IT technology and related services. Also, several Startup companies prefer Bengaluru for setting up their Business. This is led to an increase in Housing demand.

Costing house bangalore

Hence, One needs to be sure of. What budget one needs to keep aside to build his dream home. Below are different scenarios that one might face concerning the cost of Site purchase and a civil contractors cost for it.

RATE CONSIDERATION: We have considered Rs 1700 / sq ft for the Civil rates. Other charges will include Plan Sanctions, BESCOM Deposits, Temporary Electrical connection, BWSSB water connection charges, Road cutting, etc. BUA: Built-up Area.


Site Cost: Rs 30 to 45 Lacs.

We have considered 20×30 or 600 sq ft at Rs 6000 /sq ft to purchase in decent locations such as Sarjapur Road, Hosur road, Bannerghatta road stretches.

One can also look at the possibilities of exploring further from the city. So that the site purchase cost will be reduced, this will eventually reduce the project costing.

Note: These are small sites where no setbacks or minimum setbacks are seen, which will impact the natural light and ventilation. If one is planning to construct a duplex house with just the minimum budget, this might be his best option.

DUPLEX HOUSE G+1 Floors : Built-up area 1000 sq ft : Contractor rate : Rs 20lacs

Ground Floor: If one is planning to construct a duplex house of 3bhk with one car parking with Living + Kitchen + Small Dining + Common bath + Small bedroom with Internal staircase to First Floor.
First Floor: Small living if possible + 2 Bedroom with one attached bathroom and one balcony facing the road.

RENTAL CONCEPT: G+2 or G+3 Floors: BUA: 1500 sq ft to 2000 sq ft: Rates: Rs 25 lacs to 34 lacs.

Ground Floor: Either this floor can be kept entirely open for parking if one goes for a G+3 structure. In other cases, if it’s G+2 floors, one can have a space of 5 to 10 two-wheeler parking with one 1 bhk concept with an external staircase which leads to upper floors.

First to Third Floor: Can have a 2Bhk rental concept.

Note: This option is widely followed on most of these plots, where it would be optimized for rental houses.


Site Cost: Rs 50 to 80 Lacs.

Generally, these 1200 sq ft or 30×40 sites are the most common plot dimensions seen in Bangalore. Nearly most private layouts or approved layouts by BDA, BBMP, BMARDA have almost 65% of these plots.

Note: These are the ideal plot sizes preferred by most middle-class populations, who account for the majority of a metropolitan city population. In design, there is enough scope to provide excellent natural light with decent ventilation.

DUPLEX HOUSE : G+1 or G+2 Floors : BUA : 1800 sq ft to 2600 sq ft : Contractor Rates : Rs 30 to 45 lacs.

Ground Floor: 1 Car + 2 to 3 Two wheeler parking slots + Living + Open Kitchen with utility + Optional storeroom + Common bath + Guest bedroom Internal stairs to F Floor.
First Floor: Two Master bedroom with bath + One sufficient space for balcony + Family area.
Second Floor: If budget is permitting, one can goof added luxury amenities like Gym room, Media room, Terrace landscaping, bar counter, etc.

Note: The above concept is worked out for a 3Bhk duplex house; one can easily stretch over the available budget if there are sufficient funds to plan on the second floor.

RENTAL CONCEPT : G+2 or G+3 Floors : BUA : 2600 sq ft to 3400 sq ft : Cost : Rs 45 to 60 lacs.

Ground Floor: 2 car parking + 1 Single bedroom. If one is proceeding with G+3 floors, then the entire proposed ground floor must be left for a parking area.
First to the Third Floor: 2 Bhk concepts on each floor.

Note: As per government bylaws, one can build a FAR of 1.75 times of their plot dimension; in this case, it comes close to 1200 sq ft x 1.75 times = 2100 sq ft area. In most cases on such plots, one can see building violations from 10% to 25% of violations concerning government bylaws.

40X60 G+1 OR G+2 G+3 floors BUILDING CONTRACTORS Rates

Site Cost: Rs 80 Lacs to 1.2 cr.

These are one of the best plot sizes that one can think about for planning to build their dream home. These 2400 sq ft or 40×60 plots can be a luxury for an Architect to plan and design as a beautiful house with all modern amenities.

However, the cost is a major hurdle as it’s costly, especially if you plan to buy near your workspace.

DUPLEX HOUSE : G+1 or G+2 Floors : BUA : 3600 sq ft to 5400 sq ft : Cost : Rs 61 to 92 Lacs

Ground Floor : 2 covered car parks or garage + Landscaping + Sit outs + Foyer at the entrance + Formal living area + Open kitchen attached to utility + Adequate store-room + Puja room + Common bath + Master bedroom + Internal stair to above flrs.

First Floor: 2 or 3 Bedrooms depending on the requirements + Family living + Balcony overseeing landscaping below.

Second Floor: Additional to the F Floor, one can plan the continuation of his requirements where the Architect can plan an Open bar counter, Sauna room, Terrace Jacuzzi, barbeque zone, Landscaping, etc.

Note: If one can afford this plot size for building your house, you can get the best-designed space where an Architect can design his best proposals again, which needs to be in sync with the client’s available budget.

RENTAL APARTMENT CONCEPT: G+2 or G+3 Floors: BUA: 5400 sq ft to 7200: Cost 90 lacs to 1.2 cr

Ground Floor: Minimum of 3 Car parking with Servant / 1 Bhk house. If considering executing Apartment type design, G Floor should entirely reserve for parking only with one small security zone.

First Floor : 2bhk x 1 nos or Single 3Bhk with LIFT : 2 Master bed rooms + Dining + 1 Guest bed room + Small Dining space + Utility + Balcony + Common bath room.

Third Floor: Can be a continuation of the below floors or customized if the Owner/Client wants to stay on the last floor, which will be re-Designed to his specifications.

Note: For the above scenario, we have considered at 2bhk at 800 sq ft each and Spacious 3Bhk at 1800 sq ft. There will be added for Lift for a G+3 floor which might cost Rs 10 to 12 lacs depending on the brand you choose.

50×80 G+1 OR G+2 G+3 floors BUILDING CONTRACTORS Rates

Site Cost: Rs 1.25 cr to 1.8 cr.

These 50×80 or 4000 sq ft sites are costly plots that cost a minimum of Rs 1 cr onwards. It’s would best site to build one’s dream house,

As it has sufficient space to meet all the needs and luxury living requirements for any Modern family. Ample space can be left for landscaping with pathways, waterbody, sufficient parking, etc.

DUPLEX HOUSE : G+1 or G+2 floors : BUA : 6400 sq ft to 9600 sq ft : Cost : Rs 1cr to Rs 1.50 cr

Ground Floor : Covered car parking spaces + Internal Lift if required + Conceptualized landscaping + large Veranda with sit out + French windows facing garden area at Living room + Dining + Island Kitchen concept + Utility + Store + 2 Master bedrooms + Common bath + Infernal stairs + 1 Servant quarters outside the house.

First Floor: 2 Large bedrooms with walk-in closet with attached bathrooms with shower enclosures + Balconies wherever required + Family living room + Home theatre.

Second Floor: In continuation, one can design the best luxury amenities like a Sauna /Steam room, Terrace bar counter, GYM room, Landscaping concept, etc.

Note: We have considered living areas of 350 sq ft, Bedrooms at 230 sq ft with a bathroom of 100 sq ft. One can also go for an independent single floor if a first and second floor is not possible within the present budget.

RENTAL APARTMENT : G+2 or G+3 Floors : BUA : 9600 sq ft to 12,000 sq ft : Cost : Rs 1.5 cr to Rs 2 cr

Ground Floor: Since it’s a Multi-floor housing unit, the Parking area should be given the Basement or G floor.
First Floor : 3 Bhks x 2 nos : 1 living + 2 Rooms + common bath + Puja room + 1 Guest bed room.
Second to the Third Floor: 2 Bhks x 3 nos (Plan changed completed to 1st floor)

Note: If the project is sanctioned for Apartment blocks, it should have sufficient parking slots should be given by providing a basement or the Stilt floor to take care of parking. Also, few small open areas can be provided for common amenities, shared by all apartment dwellers like a swimming pool, children’s play area, Lift, etc.

Revenue Sites or Odd Sites which are Formed by not taking any Government Approvals

Site Dimensions : Generally varies like 30×40 30×50 30×60 40×40 (Odd dimensions)

Site Costs: The Plot costs of these unapproved sites in unauthorized will be relatively lower when compared to sites formed with the Approval of government authorities like BBMP, BMRDA, BDA, KIDB, Gram panchayats, etc. These are generally termed as A Khata sites.

Finical Difficulties: These Revenue sites are also called B Khata sites, where the government collects taxes and gives B Khata certificate as a receipt for the tax payment. Most nationalized banks don’t take B Khata when opting for a home loan, Composite loan or Mortgage loan, etc. Hence, Site owners will go to non-nationalized banks to fund to purchase and construct where the interest rates are much higher.

Note: These B Khata plots are present throughout the city. If one has sufficient funds and understands the risks of buying these can go for it. Since land purchase cost is less, they can keep a higher built-up area or budget for building contractors estimate.

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BUILDING a New HOUSE in Bengaluru is no easy task Today…! One needs to go through different hurdles, right from Buying the Site to getting it Constructed.

It’s once in a Lifetime Dream of Building a House..!  So, Decide Wisely..!

procedure of How we build 22We spent hours at a stretch on Researching and Discussing the Hurdles faced by the “Owners ” & “ Contractors “ in the process of Building a House.

It’s taken us more than 3 months to understand the clients’ real problems and come up with Simple but Effective solutions.

sample residential building contractors in bangalore and their construction rates

The FIRST Solution: was to give “ DESIGN + BUILD ” services involving all Professional Designing aspects in all construction works carried on site. Offering Design & Build save valuable Time and Money as it would be a single point of contact from designing to implementation.

The SECOND Solution: was to EDUCATE the Client about all possible construction work that will be carried out, ensuring “CLARITY on WORKS ” without any hidden charges and the Steps taken to ensure the “ Quality of Construction ”. In this regard, we have developed the below aspects :

Pls, Read below…….!
It’s your HOUSE that we are Going to BUILD…!


SITE CLEANING: Removing All debris on the site to confirm whether the Site dimensions are correct.

Client: Has to be on the site in making sure that the Site boundaries are well marked.

ARCHITECT/STRUCTURAL DRAWINGS: All Architectural and structural working drawings prepared once Floor plans are finalized only, which will be approved by the client.

Client: Any minor or major changes to the floor plan or elevation might affect the actual working Architectural/Structural drawings, which might delay the work’s progress or add additional cost for redoing the work. Hence it’s always recommended to finalize and approve the plan before confirmation.

BUILDING PLAN SANCTION: Ensure that the proposed project has the required approvals for building construction from their respected authority like BBMP, BDA, BMRDA, GRAM PANCHAYAT, etc.

Client: Clients’ responsibility to get the required approval. The contractor will Inform/Educate the Client about the FAR available and the deviation that will be done to the actual site.

TEMPORARY ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: Electrical connection would be required for Borewell, Watchman Shed, Storeroom, Curing the cement surface, etc.

Client: It will be the client’s responsibility to get a Temporary connection by submitting all required documents to BESCOM and Pay the monthly bills on time.

TEMPORARY SHED/WATCHMAN ROOM: This would require Watchman to be present on the site to look after the construction work and safety of construction materials.

Client: Responsibility to allow the Shed or Watchman room location if it’s on the adjoining plot. The required permission and duration should be well informed.

SETBACKS: This is the area between the outer wall and the compound of the house. Generally, 3ft is advisable for suitable natural light and ventilation.

Client: Responsibility to inform the adjoining site’s owners about the Setbacks going to be left and Sorting out any Disputes/ Objections, if any, raised by them.

GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES: It’s a well-known fact that during the construction stage, there might be visits done by representatives of government authorities like BBMP, BESCOM, BWSSB, etc., during the entire construction stage.

Client: Responsibility for sorting out any kind of disputes/questions/financial concerns with them.

BORE-WELL POINT: The bore well point will be given only after finalizing the Floor plan and foundation drawings. The Borewell point should be outside the Foundation, as it might be required to be redrilled in the future.

Client: Generally, the bore well point is recommended near the road or parking area, As it’s easy to maintain in case of any repair.

DELAYS/ STRIKES: In any finical year there one might come across Sand /Lorry /Bandh /Festivals / Transport / other Strikes due to which might affect the scarcity of construction labors or building materials. In these scenarios, major construction materials like Sand, Cement, Jelly, etc., might be sold at very premium rates, leading to a slight delay.

Client: These Scenarios might be present from 3 to 15 days. The client needs to bear a premium difference amount other than the mentioned basic costs.

PAYMENT: In the field of construction, nearly 60% of the Cost will be towards purchasing building materials, 30% for the payment of labor, and 10% for miscellaneous works.

Client: The responsibility of a client is to Pay on time at every stage of construction. Failing to do so will lead to a stoppage of work on-site as the Building contractor needs to clear the Credit bill of the employed Labors and construction materials purchased within a week.


COLUMN/BEAM LAYOUT: The Structural Engineer will propose a proposed column and beam layout. In most cases, the Columns and Beams will be proposed so that they will be concealed inside the wall.

Client: Needs to see and APPROVE this layout so that structural drawings will be prepared accordingly.

SOIL TESTING: Structural engineer may Visit the site before Preparing Structural working drawings if there is Loose Soil/Dumped soil noticed on site. In this Case: A Soil testing report will be carried out to know the bearing capacity of the soil.

Client: The load-bearing capacity of the Soil will be informed to the client, and all Structural drawings will be designed as per the report.

SUMP TANK: After getting the foundation drawings, a sump tank of a sufficient quantity in between 9 to 10k liters will be proposed in the Parking/Porch area by the foundation drawings.

Client: Generally, 9 to 10K litters would be sufficient to store water for a Built-up area of up to 3000 sq ft. In the case of multi-units or rental units, it’s advisable to have 12k liters of water storage.

PLINTH HEIGHT: It’s the general height of the Building from them mean road LVL considered as 0 LVL. The plinth height can be +3ft or more from the 0LVL of the road. Plinth height can be kept more if the road is still not a Pakka road or Unfinished surface/Mud road.

Client: Needs to see and APPROVE the informed height of the Plinth and the parking LVL.

PARKING LVL/ HEIGHT: Height or LVL of the parking varies from +1ft to + 1.5 ft above the road LVL generally considered at 0LVL. Note: Once we can have multi-levels by providing landscaping concepts before entering the main Plinth height.

Client: Needs to see and APPROVE the required height of the parking LVL.

SITE MARKING: As per structural drawings with Column Positions, Plinth beam layouts, Pit escalation markings with being marked on the site and approved by the STRUCTURAL ENGINEER before proceeding with the next stage of the work.

Client: First visual markings of the Columns, Beams, and Sump tank positions can be seen. This is a Stage of work where the Client and adjoining neighbours will see the Setbacks.

EARTHWORK EXCAVATION: Soil will be removed as per the given Structural drawings, and the required pit will be excavated ‘, and concrete with 40 mm aggregates will be compacted at the bottom of every pit.

STEEL REINFORCEMENT: All Columns will be Fabricated together erected in every pit concerning structural drawings. The concrete will be cast only after the STRUCTURAL ENGINEER approves the casting of the columns.

CONCRETE FOR FOUNDATION PIT: Make sure that the concrete pit is clear of all debris, and the pit is well-watered before the concrete is cast by using Vibrators to ensure that three are no major voids created in the concrete.

ERECTION OF COLUMN: Make sure it’s perpendicular on all Sides, Know the plinth bottom height, Implementing different levels of the plinth for parking and other areas if required.

INNER PLINTH FINISH: Make sure all Internal Plinth beams are supported by backfilled, well-compacted soil.

OUTER PLINTH FINISH: Make sure that the plinth will be covered by 2ft to 3ft of Size stone / Brick / Block masonry.

BACKFILLING: Make sure that all Soil is filled with and compacted by using water for every 3ft.

ANTI-TERMITE TREATMENT: Once the soil is well settled, anti-termite treatment in the form of Powder or Liquid form is spread onto the surface at the plinth level.

Client: By this process, one can avoid the formation of Termite voids created by the Termite colonies, leading to a collapse of flooring into these voids.

40MM CONCRETE: Once the soil is well compacted up to the top plinth lvl after which. 40 mm concrete will be compacted up-to plinth top lvl.


BLOCK/ BRICK: Brick/Block work construction will be started as per the architectural, civil working drawings.

Client: Needs to visit the site once the brick/blockwork starts. This is the first stage where the client can have a physical look at the Actual dimensions of all rooms.

SKILL LEVEL: This is the LVL of Brick/Block constructed until the Window bottom lvl. After which, the Windows location will be marked and constructed till the lintel level.

Client: Needs to visit the site to see the Exact placement of Windows/Ventilators/Openings as per the approved final floor plan and working drawings.

OPENINGS: In this stage, all Openings will be left like Ventilator, Exhaust, Chimney, Windows, Doors, etc.

Client: Any other openings have to be informed at this stage; only, later on, it might be difficult to create one.

LINTEL: It’s generally a small reinforced RCC structure Cast just above the Window top to distribute the load of the above walls onto the walls below.

INTERNAL LOFT/ SAJJA: It’s generally a 2” to 3” thickness RCC slab cast at Lintel LVL or 7ft above the flooring lvl to Act as storage space inside the room. In Today’s trend, it’s not considered since most of the storage space is taken care of by Wardrobes which also has the loft done in woodwork.

Client: Has an option to get it done in RCC slab or done in Interiors by the carpenter.

EXTERNAL PROJECTION/ SAJJA: It’s generally a 2” to 2.5” thickness RCC slab projected from the External wall to protect the Window from Direct sunlight and rain. All their sides will be the Standard except the roadside, which will be done as per the proposed design.

INVERTED BEAMS: it’s generally given at Balcony/Staircase depending on Structural drawings.

STAIRCASE: It will physically be marked and cross-checked multiples times before the staircase slab is cast. A standard staircase will have a normal Flat slab below. Other premium options are Folding, MS, MS with wood, Spiral, Round, RCC Cantilever, etc.

Client: If one wants to upgrade the Staircase option. It should be well informed in the earlier stage itself so that the reworks will be planned accordingly.

SLAB HEIGHT: Once the Brick/Block work reaches the desired Slab LVL or Beam bottom lvl. So that the Slab Framework can Start.


SUNKEN SLAB: A – 1ft sunken or BEAM Bottom slab is created at all bathrooms above the Ground floor to conceal all the sanitary lines, which later can be backfilled by lighter materials and finally finished at normal flooring lvl.

Client: If a Sunken Slab is not Done, one will have a 6” to 8” Step up^ to access the Bathroom area.

FORM /CENTERING WORK SLAB: Ensuring proper, adequate no of supports to support the slab weight. After which, all gapes should be well plastered and oiled so that no Cement motor leaks from the casting slab.

FORMWORK for BEAMS: Ensuring all the Beam layouts FORM/CENTERING are done as per structural design.

MATT: Mats are used on top of metal sheets so that the casted slab will have a rough texture at the bottom, which will have a good bonding between the cement plaster and the slab.

This also ensures that no cement motor leaks through the slab. Water will be sprayed before pouring concrete on these mats so that gaps will get reduced as these Matts gets slightly expanded in the presence of moisture.

COVERING BLOCKS: A 20mm to 30 mm Elevation for the reinforcement is given through the slab and beams. So that the steel reinforcement doesn’t touch the Formwork below,

STEEL REINFORCEMENT: Make sure and cross-checking multiple times to ensure that all Steel reinforcement is done as per Structural drawings and approved by the STRUCTURAL ENGINEER.

ELECTRICAL: Ensure that all electrical works required, such as Fan Points, Wall Points, Light points, Portico, Parking, etc., are taken care of.

Client: The client needs to visit the Site to see whether he is satisfied with all the required points as mentioned. Once this stage is done, no additional Lighting or electrical points can be provided.

STAIRCASE CASTING: The Staircase can be cast well before the Slab casting, which helps the movement of construction works and materials.

WOODEN PLANKS: Wooden planks will be laid on the Steel reinforcement to pour the Concrete MIX. This step is followed to avoid unnecessary movements on the Steel Reinforcement.

ON SLAB CASTING DAY: All required Adequate Manpower will present like Masons and Labors. Further also Bar benders, Centering and Electrical workers overlook the casting work.

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS: Slab casting ensures that all adequate materials are on site like Steel, Cement, 20 mm Jelly, Natural sand, Water, Storage space, etc.

SAMPLE REQUIREMENT of MATERIALS: For casting a 30×40 site preparation, one needs to have adequate construction materials. Example: 900 sq ft Slab area
Cement : 100 Bags : Natural Sand : 700 Cft : Jelly 20 mm : 700 Cft

COLUMN STARTERS: One needs to raise column starters of 2” to 4” So that it acts as a Support for the column boxes.


As per the Quote, all Basic Standard fittings will be included, such as Health faucet, WC, Tank, Shower, Basic Mixer, Taps, Basins, Geyser valve for Hot and Coldwater.

PREMIUM UPGRADES: Huge cost variations and endless choices for Bath ware make a Client choose premium fixtures, increasing the construction cost.

PREMIUM OPTIONS: Rain showers, Shower partitions, Granite countertop with tabletop washbasins, Concealed flush tanks, Bathtubs, Jacuzzi’s, Solar provisions, etc.

SANITARY: All sanitary lines will be given within the site boundary.

Client: Needs to get the main sanity line connection from the Site to a main sanitary line for which road cutting permission and other charges need to be paid.


As per any Basic Quotation for Building a House, Sal wood window frames and Door frames with Sal wood window shutters will be considered. There might be cases of considering Teak wood for the Main door and Puja room. It again depends on the given specifications.

Client: Besides Sal windows, one can also look forward to going for Premium options such as UPVC Windows, Teak wood windows, etc.

FRENCH WINDOWS / BAY WINDOWS: This will be an additional cost, As French/Bay window sizes will be much bigger when compared to normal window sizes and hence more expensive.

Client: Needs to see the Proposed 3D Elevation design of the building where the possibilities for implementing this option are ideal. The Client needs to be prepared for additional expenses as per the increased window sizes.

UPVC WINDOWS: The cost generally varies from Rs 500 to Rs 1100 / sq ft for UPVC windows again depends on which brand or unbranded fits the overall project budget; hence there is a huge price variation. It’s a better option when compared to Wooden windows as it’s more durable and more or less no maintenance required.

TEAK WOOD WINDOWS: The cost varies from Rs 1000 to 1300 /sq ft again depending on the Quality of teak wood used whether its 1st quality or 2nd quality Indian Teak, Ghana Teak, Burma Teak, etc. Going for this option of the entire Teak will increase the overall Budget.

ALUMINUM WINDOWS: The cost varies from Rs 250 to Rs 400 /sq ft again depending on the Quality of frames used. This can be suggested for commercial buildings or Residential projects having multi-dwelling units such as PG, Rental houses, etc.


We shall discuss the different options available in the market, such as Vitrified / Granite / Italian Marble / Wooden Vitrified / Wooden Flooring / Laminate Flooring / Natural Wood.

A suitable option will have arrived after Finalized, which suits the requirement and overall budget.

Client: Can upgrade from basic to premium materials, say Vitrified to Granite/Marble, etc. Then a revised proposal for the difference in Material cost and laying charge will be proposed accordingly. Also, the wastage in a natural material like Granite/Marble is more than manufactured material such as Vitrified tiles.

Note: The Material cost from BASIC to PREMIUM material will be calculated on the overall Material purchased for the site.

LIVING /DINING/ KITCHEN: Generally, 2×2 Vitrified flooring, flooring options can be proposed and finalized in the initial design stage its self. So that the project budget will be well planned and fits within the proposed budget.

SETBACKS: Generally, the basic finish in the setbacks would be cement finish. The client has an option to upgrade pavers which might cost Rs 30 to 50/sq ft.

PARKING AREAS: Generally, Paver tiles will be proposed in the parking area. Here the client can upgrade to any Natural stones such as Flamed Granite, Stone pavers, etc.

BATHROOM FLOORING: 1 ft x 1 ft Anti-skid tiles will be laid.

BALCONIES / UTILITY: 1 ft x 1 ft Anti-skid tiles will be laid; a client can also upgrade to Wooden Vitrified, Rustic Tiles.

BEDROOMS: Generally 2×2 Vitrified Tiles, Client can upgrade to Wooden vitrified, Wooden laminate, Natural wood, etc.


This is one aspect of the work that plays an important role in the overall look of a “ Building View “, including Elevation, Balcony, Compound, etc.

ELEVATION: A perspective view regarding a 3D View proposed in the very initial stages of concept designing will show the Cladding area in the proposed building. One can increase the cladding area in the initial design phase its self. Also, note more Cladding will increase the budget required for the project.

Client: Needs to choose the right cladding material from the different options available in the market and be within his planned Budget. Some materials include Natural stones, Granite, Composite materials, etc. Price varies from Rs 130 to Rs 350/sq ft.

COMPOUND: A 3D elevation view will also show the Compound concept. A cladding concept, if needed to match the concept of the building, might be proposed.

Note: A simple Building can be designed and executed using Color themes, Architectural grew and projections. Elevation doesn’t come cheap there might be concepts that might require from a few thousand to lakhs to execute.


All Internal Plastering will be done to cover all electrical lines and grew works.
Client: Any requirement for new electrical points must be Finalized and executed before the Internal plastering works are started.

All External Plastering will be done by Final Scaffolding for the structure.
Client: Any Extra additional works that need to be carried out simultaneously while the Scaffolding is in place for plastering purposes.


TEMPORARY ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: A Temporary electrical connection is required to start construction activity on site.

PERMANENT ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: Once all civil works are almost completed, the required power requirement and no meters will be proposed based on the number of houses built.

Client: Responsibilities to pay and get the necessary power supply along with meters.

ELECTRICAL POINTS: All electrical points will be proposed in the Proposed electrical points showing all Electrical light points, Two-way switches, Position of fans, Exhaust fans, etc.

Client: Needs to Visit and ensure that all required Electrical points are being carried as per agreed requirement and placement showed on the drawings. Any Electrical premium points such as Ups points, AC AH points, Light points outside building such as a compound, setbacks, etc., need to be discussed well before the start of internal plastering, which covers the electrical lines.

METER BOX: All Electrical wiring and works will be carried and wired up to the meter board.

Client: Responsibility to get the meter box and government meters by paying the required meter deposits.

MAIN ELECTRICAL LINE: The main electrical will be required from the nearest Electrical pole to the electrical meter box/board.

Client: Might require road cutting permission from BBMP or BDA for digging and laying electrical lines.

ELECTRICAL FITTINGS: All electrical fittings need to be purchased by the Client, like Fans, Tube lights, Geysers, Exhaust fans, Designer lights, etc. A lump-sum charge will be proposed for fixing these fixtures.

Client: Needs to discuss in the very early stage if there need to be specific electrical light requirements on the elevation, compound, etc.


As per standard Quote, MS Railings are included for both Internal and Exterior railings as per agreed design. Grill will be fitted to the windows as per design.

Client: Can upgrade to SS railings for Internal Staircase as per design whose rates vary from Rs 500 to Rs 1800 /rft. Any grill outside the Building in the Setbacks to cover utility will be charged accordingly.


Any Architectural Elements such as Cladding, Grew, Niches, Sloped roof, Tapered roofs, Slab, Wall niches, etc., will not be included in the Basic quotation. A separate estimate will be proposed during the construction stage for each Architectural element that need to be executed at the Site.


The process of Interior Painting will be carried by Lime rendering followed by Primer with 2 coats of Putty followed by 2 coats of Final Asian Tractor Emulsion paint. The Exterior Painting will be carried out by applying 1 coat of primer followed by 2 coats of Asian Ace paint.

Client: Needs to make sure that Once the Final 2nd Final coat is applied, it cant repainted if there is any marks or damages done while Fitting Electrical fittings, Interior work, Hob, Chimney fittings, etc. or any outsourced work /Agencies who are not part of the Building contractors team.

In any such scenarios, a separate Quotation will be proposed for the final quote or repair any patch works accordingly where there will be a considerable difference in rates for these Basic to Premium paints.

PAINTING UPGRADES: The options of premium paint finishes are as mentioned below.

Interior : Premium emulsion, Royal emulsion, Texture paints, Metallic paints, etc.
Exterior : Asian Apex, Apex Ultima, Texture Paint, etc.

WALLPAPERS: If the client plans to go for wallpaper for a particular wall, this needs to be well informed. So that particular wall area will not be painted.


No third-party workers other than the appointed building contractors will work on the site during the construction work. If the client appoints any Outside Contractors/Third parties/Outside contract works other than the duly signed works in the work contract, or agreement duly sighed between the Client/Owner and the Company.

In such scenarios, any damages or loss of material will be liable directly to the client/owner.

Client: Needs to make sure that appointing or getting Outside Contractors/Third parties/Outside contract works. The Client needs to be careful of selecting them as, during this stage, the building will be still under the handover of the Civil Building contractor/Company.

So the risks of loss of materials or damages will solely be the responsibility of the owner/client.

Below are the Ideal localities to purchase a Site or Land to Build your Dream Home.

Due to the demand in the IT sector and related services, this Metropolitan city in Bangalore has seen a huge influx of job seekers from various parts of India. This intern has increased the housing needs and demands of this Urban population which wants to make their home or settle down. Today’s Real estate prices don’t come cheap; they will cost anywhere between Rs 2000 / sq ft to Rs 16,000 sq ft if you are looking for premium locations. Below is some of the Option that you can Explore.

SOUTH: HSR Layout Road BTM Layout Magrath Road Padmanabhanagar Hosur Road Ashok Nagar ShantiNagar Bommanahalli Doddakallasandra Begur Chamarajpet Subramanyapura Rajpet Mission Road Residency Road Wilson Garden Gavipuram Bannerghatta Road Koramangala Hanumanthanagar St. Mark’s Electronics City phase 1 phase 2 JP Nagar Jayanagar MG Road Museum Road Dickenson Road Dasarahalli Langford Town Kathriguppe Madivala Uttarahalli Sankey Road Kasturba Road Peenya Sampangiram Nagar Doddamavalli Ulsoor Konanakunte Vivek Nagar Raj Bhavan Nagarathpet Kumaraswamy Layout Banashankari VV Puram Kammanahalli Rajarajeshwari Nagar.

EAST: Brookefield Indiranagar Kadugodi Krishnaraja Puram Mahadevapura Ramamurthy Nagar Byatarayanapura Old Airport Road Varthur Thippasandra HRBR Layout Domlur Jeevan Bheema Nagar ITPL Kodihalli Vimanapura Whitefield Bellandur Marathahalli Brigade Road KR Puram CV Raman Nagar Jayamahal Road Dooravani Nagar HAL Road.

CENTRAL: Cunningham road Richmond Town Srirampuram Crescent Road Infantry Road Chickpet Vittal Mallya Road Vasanth Nagar Lavelle Road Kumara Krupa Road Cox Town Benson Town Adugodi Richmond Road Subedar Chatram Road Magadi Road Commercial Street Seshadri Road Balepet High Grounds Palace Road RT Nagar Shivajinagar Basavanagudi Austin Town Lady Curzon Road Church Street Avenue road Rajaji Nagar.

WEST: Basaveshwaranagar Kengeri Mahalakshmipuram Vidyaranyapura Bidadi Tumkur Road Mysore Road Vijay Nagar Gandhi Nagar Nagarbhavi.

Note: While buying the plots in these above-mentioned localities, One might come across different plots, which are Approved layouts formed with the approval by BBMP, BDA, BMRDA, KIDB, Village Gram Panchayat, etc. Also, the city has many unauthorized or unapproved layouts, which are generally termed as B khata sites which might be cheaper when compared to approved layouts.

Civil Contractor rates in Bangalore are increasing skywards at Present its Rs 1550 to Rs 1750 / sq ft.

As per a private study, the city seems to possess nearly 9700 units scheduled to get finished within 2013-2014. In common, it’s considered to be a market for ultimate end customers with reasonable appreciation in the value of the land and construction cost.

The real estate market seems to be stable, and that is said to be the prior criteria that stay as a driving force among end-users to move further with a purchase of a house or any kind of property. The real estate promoters target mostly middle-class society customers as they seem to show more interest in purchasing a house. You can check here to see some of our 30×40 house plans in Bangalore, which are aesthetically designed based on the client’s taste and elevation as per the concept.

Increase in demand for Labour Contractors and Civil Contractors

Due to the booming real-estate, the Civil contractor rates / Construction rates in Bangalore have seen a huge increase due to the scarcity of labour contractors. The current building construction cost in Bangalore is Rs 1300 Rs 1650 / sq ft.

At the current stage, approximately 119000 residential properties are under construction at a different level at different stages. When considering the last FY 2013, out of the total constructed property and absorption, 34% of the land priced around 2500-500 per sq.ft area and 31% of which are priced around 5000-7500 rupees per sq ft that were contributed by flats.

There is said to be a continuous and gradual increase in Bangalore’s civil construction rates and the buyer interest shown towards the purchase of a property.

Also, a new innovative model of house property that has gained a huge response from the residents of Bangalore is the oversized kind of homes. With the launch of such residential property, most of the under-construction of property seem to witness rising of such a building structure.

You can take our architectural services for house planning; the customers who plan to purchase a house are left with countless choices. Based upon the area where one prefers to purchase property, the land price might get differed. One can get online assistance to know more details regarding the buying and selling price information in a particular location.


Construction rates in Bangalore current for residential house construction
Below is a Sample of the Current civil construction rates with their detailed specifications. These Quotes might vary depending on the kind of detailed specifications that the Builder provides.

A. Car Porch Area :

  • Flooring: Paver tiles up to Rs 30/sft.
  • Electrical and plumbing points in this area.

B. Entrance Area :

  • Polished granite flooring (steel grey or black) up to Rs 70 /sqft.
  • Teak Wood door with teak wood frames. ( main door).
  • Main door towel bolts, handle and lock to have bronze.

C. Living Room :

  • Vitrified floor up to Rs 60 / sq ft.

D. Dining :

  • Vitrified flooring up to Rs 65/sft.

E. Pooja Room :

  • Granite flooring up to Rs 90/sq ft.
  • Step of granite for the Pooja area as per the design.
  • Teak wood door.

F. Kitchen :

  • 19 mm thick Black color granite top up to 110/sft.
  • SS double-dipper sink.
  • 2′ x 2′ vitrified marbonite finished tiles up to 110/sft.
  • Breakfast counter – black granite.
  • Ceramic wall tiles for dadoing up to 60/sft.

G. Utility :

  • 18 mm thick Black granite top.
  • Double dipper SS sink.
  • 2′ x 2′ vitrified / Ceramic floor tiles up to Rs 60/sft and ceramic tiles wall cladding where ever required up to 65 / sft.
  • Windows as per the Architect design.

H. Guest Bedroom and washroom :

  • Vitrified tiles up to Rs 65/sq ft.
  • Toilet – ceramic tiles for floor and wall up to 7ft height up to 60/sqft.
  • Ventilator window as per the design.
  • Rs 20,000/- allowance for bathroom fixtures.

I. Staircase :

  • Semi-polished granite flooring up to 120/sft.
  • The railing of MS (Mild Steel) Basic.
  • Extra charges for a helical staircase to be charged extra 650/sqft.

J. Master Bedroom and attach toilet :

  • Laminated Wooden flooring up to 150/sft.
  • Toilet – Ceramic wall tiles up to 60/sft for floor and wall tiles. 2 vertical strips of highlighter tiles of length 2 ft wide.
  • A window as per the Architect plan.
  • Rs 25,000/- allowance for bathroom fixtures.

K. Balconies :

  • Anti-skid ceramic tiles for the flooring up to 40/sft.
  • The railing of Mild Steel MS.

L. Terrace :

  • Anti-skid ceramic tiles for the flooring up to 40/sft.
  • 1 Overhead tank of 500 ltrs.

M. Common :

  • Waterproofing – all terrace and all washrooms.
  • Washrooms – Fosroc chemical with plastering.
  • Terrace – 12mm jelly waterproof concreting with fosrok chemical.
  • Main Door and Pooja room door – teak wood up to 2500/cft.
  • All other doors have a flush door with laminate/veneer finish and frames to have red sal wood up to 1450/cft.
  • Windows frame to have red sal wood up to 1450/cft.
  • Window shutters to be of SAL and shall have glass as per the pattern.
  • Grills – all windows and ventilators and main gate and Iron cast railing for balconies.
  • The surrounding area to have paver tiles.
  • Sera stone cladding for the elevation up to 70/sft (for external cladding as per the design details were given by Architect)
  • GF & FF ceiling upto 10’ clear height.
  • The basement ceiling will be at 8 feet in height (if any).
  • The structure of the house will be of RCC and red bricks/ solid bricks.

N. Painting :

  • Plastic emulsion painting (Internal) – Asian.
  • Exterior emulsion painting – Asian.

O. Electrical :

  • Finolex wired and switches – Anchor/Legrand.
  • All conduits and wiring.
  • Switches and switchboard.
  • Connections points provided for UPS/AC points where ever required.


  • All plumbing and electrical work will be done as per the drawing are given by the Architect.
  • A circular staircase will be charged an extra @650/sft.
  • Measurements for the super built-up area will be taken jointly.
  • Architect drawings to be provided in stages to the contracting company during construction, which will be a baseline for design, material and finishing specifications.
  • Any other specifications not exclusively mentioned here means it is good to be covered in the Architect specifications provided by the Architect during construction stages.
  • The contractor will do the interior design plan and implementation/execution.
  • The tapered roof area will be charged at Rs. 200/sft.
  • Wall niches shall be provided as per the Architects’ plan and design.
  • Sump with capacity up to 10,000 ltrs.
  • Drawing Design and interior design will be charged Extra.
  • Govt. Taxes Extra like services tax and vat.
  • Boundary wall, Light Fittings Landscaping, Chimney Stove. Will be charged Extra.
  • Plan sanctions from BBMP BDA BMRDA KIDB Gram Panchayat etc.
  • BESCOM Connection and Temporary electrical connection meter deposits.


How much do Building contractors in Bangalore charge?

Building contractors in Bangalore charge anywhere between Rs 1500 /sq ft for basic construction and upwards of Rs 1700 per sq ft premium construction.

Do Building contractors include construction materials and labor cost?

Yes, Building contractors in Bangalore include all costs like construction materials, labor cost, building materials such as flooring, painting, plumbing, etc.

What is the time duration taken by Civil contractors in Bangalore to finish a project?

The time duration taken by civil contractors to finish a project depends on the site dimensions such as 20x30 30x40 40x60 50x80 etc and no of floors that are going to be built such as G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 floors.

Do Building contractors offer turnkey services?

Yes, Building contractors or civil contractors are capable of delivering turnkey services which may include Architecture, Helping to get plan sanctions, Interiors, Borewell, Electrical approval, etc.

Do Building contractors work on labor basis?

No, Building contractors don’t work on a labor basis as they include both materials as well as labor in their costing. One needs to Hire labor contractors to work on labour basis.

Do Building contractors work along with Architects during house construction?

Yes, Building contractors work under the guidance of professionals such as Architects, Structural engineers, etc. They execute the construction based on the guidance and drawings given by them.