Architecture Design styles

Architects follow many Architectural design styles in Bangalore. We feel architecture is termed in many ways like traditional, modern minimalism, roman gothic, and contemporary. Contemporary architecture is described as the building style of the current day designs. Nowadays, styles, however, are entirely different and have several different influences. Thus, examples of contemporary architecture style don’t necessarily have similar or merely identifiable features as in classical architecture.

Thus the accurate definition clearly defines that contemporary architecture is not always simple. It is commonly known that modern architecture is the evolution of contemporary architecture. At, feel that these two terms are sometimes used anonymously. However, this usage is not correct.

What is Modern Architecture

Modern architecture refers to the building design or style of the early to mid-twentieth century.  Architects in Bangalore define clean lines and highlight functions.  Those things distinguished modern architecture; however, sometimes, these modern designs are considered cold and impersonal.  This belief led to the evolution of the contemporary architecture style, which is recognized today.

Like modern architecture, the contemporary style connects outdoor and indoor spaces; however, it adds some warmth and personal touches all over the living space. One of the fantastic features of the contemporary style is the use of natural sunlight.  This is why expansive and large windows are a standard and straightforward recognized feature of contemporary buildings and homes.

Nowadays, architects based in Bangalore design green buildings, becoming one of the strong elements of contemporary architecture. At, we give more importance to energy efficiency.

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As architects, we can make any greenhouse design using natural, recycled, and sustainable materials, thus creating an environmentally friendly house within your budget. Contemporary houses are also often considerately incorporated into their natural surroundings. This practice is sometimes called organic architecture.  This relation with nature extends from the outdoor landscape to the indoor surroundings.

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