Vastu for Staircase know Staircase Vastu position as per Staircase Vastu Shastra

The position of Staircase

How to know whether the place and direction of the staircase in your home at the right location and effective or not?

The solution to your problem is Vastu, the age-old branch of science that deals with the laws of nature and universal energies that affect your day-to-day dwellings. As residential architects, we feel that the house designing should be planed as per basic Vastu principles.

While pondering on the Shastras of Vastu, it might strike your mind that whether the staircase in your house will have positive energies of nature. Vastu for staircase as per Staircase vastu can give you the answer to all such queries of yours.

Vastu for Staircase placement

Vastu for staircase tells that the staircases are objects of heaviness and weight and are best placed in a zone is of negativity, like the South. It is best to put it in the South direction of your house.

Building it in the North or towards the East may bring a toll on the fate and fortune of your family resulting from adverse effects. It is wise and advisable too that it be placed in such a way that it rises either from the North to the South or from the East to the West. However, it should never be at the centre of your house.

Staircase Vastu Shastra on its position

Staircase Vastu Shastra also indicates that if the stairs placed outside the house, it has to be in the northwest or the North, southwest in the South, southeast in the East and again southwest in the West.

The most important thing to be kept in mind here is that the number of stairs in totality should be something in an odd figure and must not end in a zero. All of them should be painted in.

Tips on Staircase Vastu

Keep always in mind that Staircase Vastu for staircase guides that a broken, damaged or destroyed stair should be instantly repaired without much delay. The delay in fixing is often said to create mental tension or stress.

So it is best to avoid mental breakdown or tension or stress on you or your family members, to keep up a happy and lucky life. It is best to avoid making the cases for the stairs circular as it fetches bad health and instability. Make sure too that it does not surround the entire building of your house.

Vastu for a staircase suggests that the way to the basement and upstairs should never be connected by the same staircase ever. It has to be entirely different for both. It should further have doors at its beginning or the end for sacred elements.

It should never touch the eastern or the northern walls. It has to be built in such a fashion that it becomes hardly visible to the guests visiting your house as this is considered inauspicious and unholy.

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  1. hi i am prashant, started constructing home so want to know the staircase position in home is southern side of brhama sthana. is it feasible or not.


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