A KHATA vs B KHATA | Difference between A Khata and B Khata in Bangalore BBMP Properties

Differences between A Khata and B Khata Properties …?

There are many differences between A Khata and B Khata properties in Bangalore BBMP, a good sign. For one, you may never lose your B Khata property, and the government or the civic authorities may not be able to do much about it.

The other point is that there are numerous people in Bangalore and adjoining areas, including White Field, who has got the B Khata properties. This is more due to rampant corruption in the bureaucracy and the highest authorities’ connivance to make it even worse.

Also, one has to ensure that selected Architects for designing your house should educate the client about BBMP bylaws, ensuring that the client is aware of the building violation compared to sanctioned plan. There are many cases where if the property has a B Khata, it’s difficult to get a Plan sanction from BBMP or BDA.


This is even though the Karnataka High Court has issued an order that B Khata properties are illegal and constructed on revenue land.

In the country, no mass scale shifting of people has ever been successful, and the social consequences are quite serious. Therefore it would be better for the civic authorities to stop further agricultural land from being turned into non-agricultural land than create any unnecessary spark resulting in a wildfire.

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Advantages of A Khata Properties over B Khata properties..?

As of now or what the present conditions reveal, you have two types of properties in Bangalore city, and these are A Khata properties in Bangalore and B Khata properties.


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Khata, meaning accounts contain all the details although may not be used for declaring or producing or proof of ownership of the property. Khata has been maintained to segregate the good and the bad property for taxation.

The A Khata contains a list of good properties for legally constructed properties, while the B Khata properties are bad as they are unauthorized construction.

However, there is surely some overlapping, which makes some B Khata properties in Bangalore eligible for A Khata criteria. For taxation, the government gets revenue from both.

It is widely seen that all unauthorized constructions have somehow managed to have their water connection and electricity. This means most of the B Khata properties have received amenities from the civic authorities by hook or by crook and are liable to pay tax.


Therefore, it is not a surprise that the civic authorities, for the moment, are going to treat the registration in any Khata for tax purpose only and nothing more.

This would mean that Khata owners may not furnish their tax details like authentic proof of their ownership anywhere else or any other department for any other purposes. This can be done through yet another authentic document only, namely the Title Deed.

However, A Khata properties are markedly reserved by the government and other bodies for certain amenities not given to B Khata properties.

This again brings the core issue to the front as to why collect taxes from the B Khata properties and no action taken against them. Understandably this is the issue largely created by improper planning and rampant corruption of the bureaucracy.

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Differences between A Khata and B Khata Properties in Bangalore..?

The major difference between A Khata properties and B Khata properties is that the former is officially recognized and the latter not.

This means that a property owner in A Khata may apply for water, electricity, and purchase and sell properties at will. He or she may carry out a trade or possess building licenses. Further, they can get bank loans and ask for an extension of their properties or build on them.

The B Khata properties are denied all of the above and made to pay taxes only. They can also not demand electricity or water legally and have no protection from civic authorities about any rights or omissions. The B Khata property, once built by the owner, is his own liability and cannot be re-sold in the market.

Again, you may never get a trade license for your B Khata property, as this is barred. You may not extend your home or building as you never get any permits.

B Khata also cannot take bank loans, and in short, all the documents you have about B Khata property is only temporary and nothing more.

Converting B Khata to A Khata in Bangalore

You may know how to convert B Khata to A Khata property in Bengaluru if you wish to avail of the various benefits. It is seen that in some cases, the B Khata property became such due to demarcation or extension of jurisdiction by the B.B.M.P (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) or the local authority. There are four popular regulatory bodies in Bangalore.

Role of BBMP

The BBMP is the main administrative body that looks after the responsibility of the Greater Bangalore metropolitan area. It also has a well established planned way of developing the city. The next is the BDA, or the Bangalore Development Authority and is a government organization. It is the principal planning authority of Bangalore.

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The next is the BMRDA, the Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority, and an autonomous body that the Karnataka Government has established. It plans, coordinates and supervises the developmental activities within Bangalore.

In this context, you must have a fair knowledge of the type of authorities you are approaching, although BBMP is the main authority behind the segregation of Khata into A and B groups. To convert your property from B Khata into A Khata, you may submit the following documents.

Documents Required for converting B Khata to A Khata

  • It would help if you had DC converted the property in the first place for being eligible for conversion.
  • All property taxes must be paid to date.
  • Betterment charges towards the conversion of the property have to be paid to BBMP.


.Apart from the above, you may need to file other documents if your property is a B Khata one. This shows that the property has been constructed on non-agricultural land with no violation of building norms.

  • Title deed and sale deed.
  • Copies of property tax receipts that have been paid previously.
  • Order of conversion of the land from agriculture to non-agriculture.
  • Proof of any improvement changes paid, if applicable.
  • Khata extract issued by the panchayat submitted by the developer.
  • A blueprint showing the location of the property, including dimensions.
  • Possession Certificate.
  • Occupancy Certificate OC.

Once you submit your documents, you need to wait for a week or so.

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