Vastu for Kitchen is an essential subject in the designing of House plans

While planning up for your ideal nest, it is evident on your part to take proper care not only of the constructional designs, interior decorations and set up but also of the principles governing Vastu as well. It’s advisable to take advise from Architects during the preparation of house plans based on Vastu factors.

Talking of Vastu, it must be made clear right at the beginning that Kitchen Vastu Shastra is the study of the laws of nature and their association with human dwellings in the day to day life.

It is generally in the form of drawings and designs by architects with special attachments made to directions that are North, South, East and West. While planning Vastu Shastra for your house, it is pretty obvious that you would like to know about Vastu for the kitchen too.

Importance of Vastu Kitchen in designing a plan

Ever since the discovery of the study of Vastu has come into being, it has been given importance on the architectural elements and other aspects of day to day living such as vehicles, furniture’s, sculptures etc. Vastu for kitchen based on Kitchen Vastu Shastra is equally important while planning up for the Vastu of your house to keep the safety and integrity of the house intact.

In earlier days people often cooked outside the house in the open space or courtyards but today kitchens are made exclusively inside the house in the most efficient and compatible manner.

Experts on Kitchen Vastu believe that there are several commodities in the kitchen that hold particular importance in regards to Vastu as to where they should be placed to maintain the safety and comfort of your kitchen use.

Vastu for a kitchen takes into consideration the direction of it in the house; the placement of the utensils, cutleries and heavy items or gadgets like refrigerators, gas cylinders etc.

Placement of Kitchen as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu for a kitchen tells that a kitchen must appropriately be placed in the South-east corner of the house. The base or platform on which cooking is done should not touch the walls facing the North or the East. However, it is very important to remember that the person doing the cooking part should face the East while cooking.

Another critical point that one must keep in your mind while taking note of Vastu for your kitchen is that the sink and the water taps should be placed far apart from the cooking gas or stove. This is so because water and fire tend to repel each other.

There is still much more to the Vastu Kitchen like the stove, or the cooking gas should not be viewed from outside as this might cause indigestion amongst the family members. The refrigerator must occupy the South-west corner of your kitchen according to Vastu.

The sink or the basin should be placed in the North-east while the dishwasher (if any) should be placed in the North-west. Water disposer should also take a North-eastern side in your kitchen.

The windows big in size should be facing the East direction while the smaller ones should be facing the south. Microwaves and exhaust fans should be placed in the South-east. The walls should be painted pink or green.