Vitrified Flooring and Vitrified Tiles Know about advantages disadvantages and maintenance for Vitrified

Where Vitrified Tiles can be used?

If you would like to install tiles in areas where water and moisture are exposed or where stains can be formed very easily, you can opt for vitrified flooring. Vitrified tiles can be used for residential as well as commercial applications.

These are tiles are highly preferred by interior designers, consumers, and builders. The tiles can withstand scratches as well. There will not be any change in appearance. As an experienced Architect, we can offer you a proposal for various tile finishes that you can choose from during the construction of your house in Bangalore.

The tiles can be installed in living rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and dining areas. Wallcoverings, as well as décor, can also be touched by using vitrified tiles.

Vitrified tiles are prepared with vitrified tiles whose porosity is very less. The moisture absorption rate is less than 3%.

General Vitrified Tile Cost : Rs 35 / sq ft to Rs 140 / sq ft

Advantages of Vitrified Flooring

  • The advantages of vitrified tiles are the consistency in size, shape, and thickness will be maintained through the machine made vitrified tiles.
  • The performance of vitrified tiles is better than ceramics.
  • The staining offered by vitrified tiles is better compared with ceramics.
  • The sheen is not lost very soon.
  • Cost factor affordable when compared to Marble to Granite.
  • You get Tiles that can imitate Marble and Granite color finish.
  • Various surface finishes like Matt, Glossy, Rustic, and Statin options.
  • It can be used in mild to moderate traffic areas.

Disadvantages of Vitrified Flooring

• One of the Major disadvantages of Vitrified Tiles is that they are expensive compared to the cost of ceramics tiles.

• To ensure steadiness, high-quality adhesives are used. Hence, these are expensive than ceramic tiles.

The durability of Vitrified Flooring

Even though vitrified tiles appear similar to ceramic tiles, you should understand that various elements are involved in this process. When clay is combined with feldspar and quartz, it will get additional strength. Shining glass-like material is obtained when all three ingredients go through the kiln’s heat treatment process.

The durability of vitrified flooring will also depend upon the care taken by you. Using mats at doorways can keep the floor clean, and it will not be filled with sand. The durability is dependent upon the manufacturing process as well.

Hence, sufficient care should be taken while selecting the vitrified tiles. The quality is controlled during the manufacturing process. You can use these tiles in high traffic areas and be considered for internal and external applications. Wrong cleaning solutions should not be used on vitrified flooring.

The maintenance involved in Vitrified Flooring

You should install vitrified Tiles where they can be cleaned and swept daily. Bicarbonate soda and water are used to remove stains. Abrasive cleaners should not be used as the sheen will be lost.

By using few drops of soap-less detergent, it is possible to make the most of your time and effort. The surface should not be left with the soap solution as it will impact the shining ability. Acid-base cleaners should not be used as the tiles will become dull over time.

Who can go for vitrified tiles?

Various kinds of tiles can be selected as per the requirement. The cost-effectiveness, usability, durability, and maintenance aspects will influence your decision.

It is also important to look into the aesthetics. The general appearance of the flooring should be enhanced, and there should be an appreciation of the property.

It is easy to keep the flooring clean and well-maintained if you choose the most appropriate tiles for your needs. To Know about the charges for fixing visit Laying charges to know more, generally, it costs Rs 15 / sq ft to Rs 20 / sq ft for the tile fitter to fix these tiles.

Even though vitrified tiles are prepared with clay, there will be important ingredients that will enhance the tile’s value. The functionality of the tile is extended through the inclusion of feldspar, quartz, and silica.

A glass substrate will be formed throughout the tile when the ingredients are cooked at the right temperatures and for a specific period of time. You will get strong and smooth tiles, and there will be fewer pores than ceramic tiles.

Some of the Good Vitrified companies that are suggested by us

Asain Tiles, Rak Ceramics, Nitco Tiles, Somany, Kohinoor, Johnson, Kajaria, Bell, Regent.
Good Vitrified brands
Our Role

As Architect, we design flooring Pattern which is nearly 80% vitrified and 20% granite. The Strips or patches of patterns can be done in a modern concept by highlighting the house’s entrance, Tv unit, Door entrances, etc.

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