Vastu for Main Door entrance

Vastu for the main door tells that a holy day must be sorted out for fixing the entrance door after conducting the Vastu Puja at your home. The placement of the door is of utter importance in your and your family members’ life. You need to hire a good Architectural firm in Bangalore for designing your residential plans as per Vastu.

For fixing up the exact position and place of it, the width of the entire building can be divided into nine equal parts. It should be fixed up somewhere between the fourth part in the left side to the sixth part in the right side facing your house inside. The cardinal orientation is said to have own specialties.

While constructing, designing and setting up one’s dream house, one wishes to stay in it happily ever after with the flow of joy, peace, prosperity in life.

All this could be achieved with Vastu which takes into consideration the conventional viewpoint of the effect of the laws of nature on human dwellings.

Vastu for Main Door is not a bunch of superstition instead a branch of science which maps the adequate placement of your house in compliance with the universal forces of energy. As such, Vastu for the entrance of a home is of crucial importance while studying it for your dream house.

Main Door Vastu Shastra tips

While consulting a value expert of the Vastu for your house, the expert would always begin pondering upon the Main Door Vastu Shastra with the Vastu for main door in the Hindu mythology that the main entrance to your house is the way for major Gods and goddesses like God Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi and goddess Saraswati for entering your house.

The main entrance of your house should be well placed for the beneficiary energies to work well. So it is advised to take the necessary steps with proper consultation with a counsellor.

The main door Vastu position for the main door further tells that the directions have their latent powers and benefits. North and West are said to bring wealth to your family; South brings good benefits and east indicates liberation from all evil forces.

Vastu experts believe the North, East and the West directions to be of prime benefit for the central entrance to anybody’s house. It is also advised not to find the main door in the corners of the houses. Make sure that it is always bigger than the remaining entrances to the house you are in.

A good Vastu for the main door can bring in fortunes

Vastu for Main door also specifies that the door with pictures of auspicious Gods and Goddesses like God Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi can bring good fortune to you and your family.

It is also wise and advisable to avoid facing another house on the opposite side or any destroyed and demolished property on the opposite side. Experts advise avoiding the self-closing doors found in the market today.

Ensure that the wood used for the entrance door is of Teak, Matti or Sal instead of Coconut and Peepal. It is best to locate the main entrance somewhere away from a hidden underground tank.