Vastu for Study Room tips on Study Room Vastu Shastra for better studying for students

Vastu for Study Room helps a child to concentrate

Academics or studies are an integral part of a child’s life. Without proper education and studies, no child can aspire to have a golden future. As residential Architect, we feel that all the rooms should be designed as per basic Vastu.

So it is essential to pay proper heed to Vastu for study room based on Vastu Shastra feels that your child’s mind may get distracted in the presence of negative forces, and your child may not be able to excel in its academics.

Knowing the adequate rules of Vastu will enable you to take all the necessary steps in setting up your child’s study so that your child performs with flying colours all the time.

The Location of the study room

Vastu for study room tells right at the very beginning that the room should be located in a direction that is immensely auspicious for the child’s body, mind, and soul. It is apt to identify it in the East or the North or the North-East of your house.

This helps to improve your child’s concentration power and makes the child more focused on his work. It is also advised that ensure there is no mirror in front of your child while studying as the child might feel more burdened or pressured.

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Study Room Vastu Shastra regarding placement of study table

The next important principle of Study Room Vastu Shastra that the study room indicates the arrangement of the study table should always be in a direction auspicious to the child’s body, mind and soul.

It should be placed in the East or the North with the child facing the same direction too. Make sure that the child is not facing a wall but instead has a wall at his back.

This signifies adequate support to the child and makes it more ready and prepared for higher levels of education. Furthermore, Vastu for a study room recommends that the table should be square or rectangular and neither too big nor too small in size.

Study Room Vastu Shastra also says that the bookshelves or the cabinets should be placed either in the East or the North or the North-East of the room. They should not be placed at the centre as it is suggested to keep the centre position empty.

Ensure that the cabinets or the bookshelves are not set above the child’s head over the table, as this might make it feel stressed. Taking such minor steps may help avoid any hindrances that come in the path of your child’s education.

Vastu Shastra for Study Room suggests going for a Lighter colour

Vastu Shastra for Study Room further guides that the room walls should be painted in light shades of colours rather than in dark shades. Painting the walls in light shades helps you comply with the Vastu Shastra and reflects light, making the space look bright.

It is known from experts of the Shastra that light colours on the walls help increase the students’ learning capacity rather than the darker colours.

Thus, the most effective colours to be put up in this regard are blue, light blue, cream, green or white. It is best to avoid any presence of the black colour.

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