Where Ceramic Tiles can be used

When you install the right kind of ceramic tiles, the surface area can be cleaned efficiently. The functionality, as well as decorative purpose, will be served efficiently by using these. Value of the property will be enhanced depending upon the selection of the right kind of ceramic tiles and installation in the best possible way.

By using modern manufacturing methods, it is possible to design new kinds of tiles. Imitating the look of natural stones and hardwood materials are possible. Its also suggested taking the suggestion from good architects who give multiple options concerning the flooring and guides to choose the best option concerning cost.
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Cost : Rs 25 to Rs 50 / sq ft

Advantages of Ceramic Tiles

• The major advantages of Ceramic Flooring are the vast array of colours when you go for flooring.
• You can take advantage of a long-term performance
• These tiles can be chosen for various locations including floors, walls and different kinds of designs.
• The maintenance is easy so that you can save a lot of time.
• An additional level of security is provided through the ceramic tiles. They are fire-proof.
• The beauty of dining rooms and living areas can be enhanced by using ceramic tiles.
• Tiles can be cut and shaped into triangles, rectangles and planks.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Tiles

• As the major disadvantages of ceramic flooring surface are extremely hard, it is easy to clean them and maintain them. However, it is challenging to stand on the ceramic tiles.
• Hard ceramic tiles cannot be softened very quickly.
• Right kind of mortars and tools are required to install ceramic tiles.
• As the weight of ceramic is heavy, you might not be able to consider them for the upper floors.

The durability of Ceramic Tiles for Flooring

If you can take care of the minimum maintenance steps, you will be able to enhance the durability of ceramic tiles. As the surface is very hard not allergens are attracted to ceramic tiles.

The surface is very tough, and it will not crack very quickly in spite of severe impact. The replacement of a tile is very easy. If you efficiently install these, they will give a long life. The best installation and maintenance will last for 10 to 20 years.

Maintenance involved in Ceramic

Ceramic flooring can be cleaned very easily. If you are living in a massive traffic area, mopping is required. You should not use detergent or soap as the shining of the surface will be affected.

To trap the soil effectively, mats should be arranged at doorways. If no mats are arranged other substances will land upon the floor. To avoid scratches on the tiles, protective plastic pads should be arranged to furniture legs. Felt or similar kind of material should be affixed on chairs and tables so that the flooring can be protected.

As dirt and stains are visible on the surface of the tiles, cleaning can be accomplished very easily. As part of regular maintenance, you should want to sweep the tiles and should vacuum with a soft brush. There will not be any debris on the floor.

Heavy duty cleaners are used so that you will not want to worry about the damage of tiles.

How efficient are ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles are manufactured by using a traditional production method, kiln firing. Flooring can be accomplished by using tiles available in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes. The design goal can be achieved very easily. If you opt for the best flooring, there are various choices in front of you. The choices include Daltile, Kaska, Takla and Tarino. The interiors can be enhanced by efficiently installing ceramic tiles.

Good Brands

Asain Tiles, Rak Ceramics, Nitco Tiles, Somany, Kohinoor, Johnson, Kajaria, Bell, Regent.