Getting DC conversion in Bangalore is a legal process whereby agricultural land if it has to be utilised for any other non-agricultural purpose, requires the explicit sanction from the Deputy Commissioner. If this is not done then the purchaser of the property or the owner of the agricultural plot would be liable for legal action and penalty. It is also seen that due to anomalies that have existed in the past many purchasers who have no idea about the process fall into this trap through brokers and other real estate agents.

DC means: Deputy Commissioner

This is because the land which they may have bought from another person may be a residential home or a commercial establishment without proper property conversion having been made. There are naturally numerous such plots in and around Bangalore that has not been converted properly and still remains agricultural land under the eyes of the law. Hence, to avoid a bad purchase you must, as a potential buyer, make sure that the land has proper documents to support it including of course the DC conversion order.

If you do not do so then the house or the commercial establishment or factory that you have constructed over it would be demolished and penalty served to you. Apart from that, One will not get an “A Khata certificate’ for your land and this is issued by the BBMP or Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike.

Getting an A Khata Certificate’’ for your land would only mean that you have an account with the assessing authorities for your land. This again implies that you may pay taxes on it but it doesn’t mean that you have title-deed over it unless you have the stated documents in your possession. If you have a site and looking for a Architects to design your house in Bangalore then do reach us for more details.


In order to convert your agricultural land to non-agricultural land, you need to understand the legal process. You must also know as to why this is done and what are the consequences when you do so illegally. It is also a matter of grave concern if you happen to be tricked by land sharks, brokers or real estate agents when you purchase a land and at the end of the day realize that it is an agricultural land.

It is the intention of the authorities to keep agricultural lands for the purpose of agriculture only and not for any other purpose. However, over a period of time, there have been numerous encroachments on agricultural lands in Bangalore and building and commercial structures have sprung up with the connivance of crooked brokers, estate agents and government officials.


Understanding What does DC conversion means, If you intend to use an agricultural land which you have purchased from someone, then it is mandatory that the land cannot be used for anything else other than agriculture.

However, for making things easier for purposes other than agriculture a legal process has been initiated and has come into force so that land could be converted into a residential plot, public use, and semi-public use, commercial and industrial use. This legal conversion of land is done through the office of Deputy Commissioner of the District and is commonly known as DC transfer.

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Since real estate is a big problem throughout Bangalore with rampant encroachment and unauthorized constructions especially on agricultural land the Government of Karnataka has made it mandatory for these owners to get sanction for the same from the Deputy Commissioner. Under Section 95 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, it has become important for the occupant or owner of the land to make an application to the DC. This is known as DC Conversion and may be withdrawn or cancelled if the stated property according to the DC office is found as an agricultural land and should be treated as such.


There are several advantages if you apply for your land to be DC Converted or owning a Site which is DC Converted. Due to the widespread problem arising out of the unauthorised constructions in several places the government has made concessions in certain landed properties and allowed them to be converted to non-agriculture land with some conditions attached. As per the present rule certain type of land may be DC Converted if the percentage deviation in illegal structures is within the limits fixed by the authorities.

It also implies that not all landed properties are eligible for DC Conversion. Again, some properties are allowed to be DC Converted through the payment of the penalty is prescribed for structures built on a plot on or after 02-10-1980. For the purpose of tax payment, the government has introduced Khata which is in fact not a Title Deed but simply for receiving taxes.

However, When you pay taxes on your property this doesn’t mean that you have the right to use the property as you like. Having your property in Khata simply means that you have paid taxes on it. Hence, in Bangalore, you often find ‘A Khata’ and ‘B Khata’ land. In order to transfer your land from B Khata’ to ‘A Khata’ you need to file certain documents and the chief among them is the DC Converted order. If not then your land will always remain an agriculture plot.

Some problems you face with land that are not DC Converted is that you will never get loans on it, any structure built on it can be demolished by the authorities without any notice, you will not get building license and trade license.

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documents-required-for-dc-conversion-in-bangalore-sample-imagesThere are several documents that you need to submit for your DC conversion in Bangalore without which you are in danger of losing any structure that you may have built over it as well as pay a penalty on it. The DC Conversion has been made mandatory under Section 95 of Karnataka Land Revenue Act.

For this, One needs to make an application to the Deputy Commissioner of the District seeking his assent for conversion of your land from agricultural to non-agricultural. There are different prescribed forms for applying for Tenanted land and for Patta land. The prescribed forms are Form 1 for Tenanted land and Form No 21 A for Patta land.

List of documents required for DC conversion  for Tenanted land are as follows:

  • 3 copies of R.T.C.
  • 3 copies of the sketch of your land.
  • Certified copy of Land Tribunal Order.
  • Certified copy of Form 10 that states your occupancy rights.
  • Zonal certificate from Urban Development Authority/Town Planning.
  • Authority along with the opinion.
  • Property Title Deed.
  • A certificate stating ‘no dues’ issue from Village accountant.
  • Copy of MR order.

In the case of Patta Land you need the following documents:

  • Submit the certified copy of the document of the land the rights of which has been transferred to you.
  • 3 Copies of the sketch of your land.
  • 3 Copies of R.T.C.
  • No due copy from village accountant.
  • MR order copy.

The above is the case for all land in general yet they may vary if your land property is near the seashore or near the banks of a river and above all if the conversion is for the purpose of commercial activities on the land. These are mainly in the form of No Objection Certificates with the concerned authorities. This is again in addition to the documents you have already gathered for the purpose of DC Conversion.

For land near the seashore or near the banks of a river then you need to submit additional CRZ NOC. If the conversion is for commercial use then you need to submit NOC with the appropriate authority.


The government and the concerned civic authorities have therefore formulated a plan so as to address the problem and so also to thwart any more attempt of converting agricultural land to non-agricultural purpose. The bill passed in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly states the guidelines and rules that would entail some land be allowed to be converted into non-agricultural land on conditions that they comply to a certain percentage level of deviation that has been laid forth.

These lands that could be subjected to DC Conversion so that they can be used for the non-agricultural purpose. Accordingly, a landowner needs to apply under a prescribed form along with some papers enclosed. Under Section 95 of Karnataka Land Revenue Act, an owner should apply in Form 1 for Land Reform Tenanted Lands while it is Form No 21A for Patta lands and should be submitted to the Tahsildar concerned.

The enclosed documents for Land Reform Tenanted Lands are 3 copies of R.T.C., 3 sketches of land and the certified copy of Land Tribunal Order, Zonal Certificate from Urban Development Authority/Town Planning Authority, Title Deed, Certificate of No-Dues from Village Accountant and MR order copy.

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the-procedure-of-getting-dc-conversion-in-bangalore-or-process-of-dc-conversionBefore getting into the Process of DC conversion in Bengaluru, One has to understand the whole process and documentation required for DC Conversion process one must also have a fair idea as to What is DC Conversion means. For those who have no idea about the legalities involved and are quite new to purchasing real estate, must have some idea about DC conversion. In fact, a DC conversion entails that an agricultural land has got the necessary consent to be converted into non-agricultural land.

This order is actually received by the present owner of the land from the Deputy Commissioners (DC’s) of the District so that he could use it for any other purpose other than agriculture. This would include residential homes, buildings, commercial establishments, factories, public use and semi-public uses.


When you wish to get an agricultural land mandatory for non-agriculture use then it means that you wish the land to be used for anything other than agriculture. It is seen that there are numerous lands that do not carry the requisite transfer documents, in this case, the DC Conversion, and therefore is subject to proceedings in the near or future date.

This also means that any construction done on an agricultural land could be demolished by the authorities with or without the land owner’s permission. Apart from that, the stated land would also be heavily penalized for being made non-agriculture land without the proper consent of the authorities.

Hence, those who wish to purchase land should know about the legal process when agricultural land is converted into non-agricultural land. This means that there ought to be proper documents available from the owner so as to get a DC conversion easily otherwise the land would be treated as agriculture land only.

It has also been seen that you may not only have the title-deed over your land but also you may be able to take loans, get building licenses, trade licenses or governmental services for factories and industries. If the same is agricultural land then you will not be able to do any of the above.


If you wish to know the procedure that is mandatory for making your land available for non-agriculture use then you must know some other details. Presently, in Bangalore, there have been in numerous cases of such disputed land and the cases are so widespread that the Government has given consent to certain lands to be made as non-agricultural. This is mainly because huge amounts of land have been utilized for commercial and residential purposes and would thereby prove to be detrimental to a large part of the population.

This, however, comes with a catch and the Government has given consent for only those lands that have deviated within a certain percentage of the rules and conditions laid down. Yet in all these cases DC Conversion is a must.

The first requirement would be to apply for a DC Conversion. This would mean that you need to apply in a prescribed Form 1 for Land Reform Tenanted Lands and Form 21 A for those lands called Patta Lands. The application is filed along with other documents at the concerned Tahasildar’s office.

For Land Reform Tenanted Land you need to file along with your application three copies of R.T.C., three copies of sketch of the land, certified copy of Land Tribunal Order, Certified copy of Form 10 with regard to your occupancy right, Zonal certificate from Urban Development Authority or Town Planning Authority along with an opinion, Title Deed, No Dues Certificate from the Village accountant and copy of MR order.

On the other hand, if you are doing so for Patta Land you need to file along with application the following documents. These include a certified copy of the document of the land indicating the rights for the same has been transferred to you. You then need to file three copies of the sketch of your land, three copies of R.T.C., No-Dues Certificate issued by Village accountant and MR order copy.

You will need to add a few more documents if the authorities so wish and this is especially seen in the case with land near sea-shore or riverside. In such case, you need to furnish CRZ NOC. Again, if you intend to use the land for commercial purpose then also you need to file NOC from the concerned authorities.

Your DC Conversion is seen completed only when you also pay the required fees and penalties as per conditions set down by the authorities.

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getting-or-procedure-of-dc-conversion-certificate-or-order-copy-in-bangaloreIf you own land and the same if found to be agricultural land then all the landfilling expenses and cost of structures that you have constructed over it would be legally void. Obviously, this would mean that you may only use the land for agriculture and nothing else. The same could be used for the purpose other than agriculture could be done so if you get an order of consent from the Deputy Commissioner of the District. And this is not as easy to get as it sounds. However, if you know the procedures and the rules and regulations then you may apply for the same.

If you need DC Conversion certificate in Bangalore or Order Copy one must submit an application in the prescribed forms. For Land Reform Tenanted Land it is the Form I and for Patta land, it is Form no 21A. Along with Form 1 the following documents must be enclosed and these include 3 copies of R.T.C., 3 copies of land sketch, certified copy of Land Tribunal Order, Certified copy of Form 10 indicating Occupancy right and Zonal Certificate from Urban Development Authority or Town Planning Authority, Title Deed, ‘No Dues Certificate’ from Village Accountant and MR order copy.

For Patta land, you need the same. When you have submitted the forms the Tahasildar or Revenue Inspector will visit your land and confirm that everything is found right. You will then get the necessary DC conversion order from the same office.

The DC Converted order may be received by filing an application in the prescribed form. The prescribed Form 1 for Land Reform Tenanted Lands and Form No 21A for Patta land along with certain documents. You may do the same by appointing a lawyer and for which you will need to pay fees. When you have filed all the required documents for conversion you will need to wait for some time.

The Tahasildar or Revenue Inspectors will visit the land for which you have applied for DC Conversion. They will look for approach road to your property and also verify the Land Tribunal’s original records. Then after you have been asked to remit the conversion fees your land will be DC Converted.


You will realize sooner or later that non-agricultural land as stipulated under DC Conversion order may be utilized for any other purposes other than agriculture. If you do not have this order of consent from DC then your land would remain only an agricultural land for all times. Even those people who have purchased residential homes or apartments or commercial buildings face this problem as the land is agricultural land and therefore all construction on it is illegal.

This would not only attract high penalty, but also the authorities may demolish the structures on the land without notice or as they think fit. The government has therefore passed a legislation that would make it mandatory for all occupants to get a DC Conversion order. Again, it is stated that those persons possessing agricultural land and have structures built on it would be subjected to a penalty. The base year for the same is 02-10-1980.

RATE OF PENALTY (per square feet)

The penalty on or before the base year 02-10-1980 would attract as per the rules and regulation by the authorities. It is seen that within the City Corporation Limit of 12 kilometres it is Rs 7.00 while it is Rs 3.00 for Taluk Center and Rs 0.25 for a rural area. This is for residential land only.
For commercial land, the rate per square feet would be Rs. 34.50 for 12 kilometres within City Corporation Limit while it is Rs 14.50 for Taluk Center and Rs. 1.20 for the rural area.


If you have property in Bangalore then you may need to ascertain whether the property that has been transferred in your name is an agricultural or non-agricultural land. You may state that you have purchased the same from authentic brokers or real estate agents or that the house has been purchased by making payment through bank. Yet all these may not prove that the plot is legal even if you have most documents available with you.

The fact of the case is that there has been a surge in investment in residential houses and apartments, commercial buildings and industries in and around Bangalore and these have been done without proper permission or records. Over a period of time due to rampant transfers of the same the present owners think that the property they now possess is quite legal. On the contrary, this is not always the case.

In the case of Patta land you need to enclose along with your Form 21A, a certified copy of the document of the land the rights of which have been transferred to an applicant. Again, you need to submit 3 copies of the sketch of the land, 3 copies of R.T.C., Village Accountant’s ‘No Dues Certificate’ and MR copy. If again the land is near the sea or riverside then you need to submit CRZ NOC and if the said land is to be utilized for commercial purpose then a NOC from the concerned authority.


Know the DC Conversion fees for the Land that is for residential purpose would attract fees (rate per cent of land) of Rs 327.00 within 12 Kilometers of City Corporation limit while for Taluk Center it is Rs 218.00 and it is Rs 89.00 for rural.

As for commercial purpose, the land would be charged (rate percent of land ) at Rs 654.00 within 12 kilometres of City Corporation limit while for Taluk it is Rs 327.00 while it is Rs 218.00 for rural.


In the first place to justify that the land under your possession may be converted into non-agriculture land, you must forward an application to DC or Deputy Commissioner of the District seeking his assent. After the satisfactory assessment of your land is made and the documents found right you may get the order from the same office that DC Conversion of your land has been made.

For this, you need to enclose certain documents while applying to the DC. For Land Reform Tenanted Lands you must apply in the prescribed Form 1 with 3 copies of R.T.C., 3 copies of sketch of your land, certified copy of the Land Tribunal Order, Certified copy of Form 10 indicating occupancy right, Zonal Certificate from Urban Development Authority or Town Planning Authority, Title Deeds, No-Dues Certificate from Village Accountant and MR order copy.

If you possess a Patta land then you need to apply in Form no 21A along with the following documents. You will have to enclose a certified copy of the document of the land the rights of which have been transferred to you and that means the applicant. You also need to enclose 3 copies of the sketch of your land, 3 copies of R.T.C., ‘No Dues Certificate’ from the Village Accountant and MR order copy.

You may also need to submit additional documents if you are going to use your land for commercial purposes or if it is situated near to the sea or riverside. This means in the former case you need to submit a NOC certificate from the concerned authority while for the latter it is CRZNOC.