At Bangalore, whenever one plans of Building a New Residential or Commercial Building with the help of Architects its essential to get a new BESCOM Temporary connection to start the construction process.

Hence, it is essential for anyone to Apply for BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company). It is important to get an Electric connection to your home.

It requires a Minimum of 30 days for new installations to become active. But it will be possible within 30 days only if they produce all the required details and documents without fail. After receiving the application, it is essential to produce a feasibility report within 7 days.

This feasibility report will allow for arrangement of power supply along with issuing of a power sanction letter. One can also take help for the selected building contractors for the project to help in the paper works like preparing blueprints, documentation required and then submitting it to BESCOM for approval.

Documents required for Applying for BESCOM Connection

Below are some of the essential documents required for getting New Electrical connection in Bangalore from BESCOM. After which one has to Fill a new Application form for getting a New Bescom connection and attach the below documents along with the Building Plan sanction copies.

  • Proof to show ownership. You can produce documents such as the latest Katha, sale deed, property tax bill, plan of sanction, plan of architecture which has to be duly signed by a registered civil engineer.
  • Receipt of House tax paid or else commercial certificate if available.
  • One of the identity proofs of the owner of the house such as a voter id card, pan card, aadhar card, driving license or even passport is to be submitted.
  • Passport size photos of the owner of the house.
  • Mobile number or email id.
  • Power Supply Agreement which is nothing but a form that is available and has to be printed on an Rs.200/- stamp paper.

Step by Step Procedure for Applying for BESCOM connection in Bangalore

Once the required documents are arranged candidates need to follow the process given below to apply for BESCOM connection in Bangalore city.

  • 1 : Applicants need to visit the sub-divisional office of BESCOM in that particular residential area.
  • 2 :  There candidates need to take the A Form in order to apply for the domestic electricity connection.
  • 3 : Next they have to fill the form and submit the documents mentioned above.
  • 4 : Once the form is submitted, a Registration number is given which can be used in tracking the status of the application.
  • 5 : The next step will be the Verification of the submitted documents and also the field officer will visit the place.
  • 6 : Once the field officer visits the place, the wiring sketch has to be submitted after the estimate is completed.
  • 7 : Then the applicant has to sign on the report along with the government-approved Licensed Electrical Contractor.
  • 8 : After the power is sanctioned by BESCOM, it is essential that applicants need to make some deposits along with infrastructure charges.
  • 9 : The deposit has to be paid within 1 month from the date of sanction.
  • 10 : These deposits are to be paid at the sub-divisional office of BESCOM for residential areas and they must submit the report on wiring diagrams.
  • 11 : Next, the work order will be issued by the BESCOM office.
  • 12 : After the work order is issued, a particular area engineer will visit and fix the meter.
  • 13 : Once it is fixed, the applicant will be provided with a Revenue Record number and the connection will also be served.

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In order to obtain a domestic electric connection through BESCOM in Bangalore, applicants are required to make the following deposits:

1. Meter Security Deposit – This has to be made depending upon the capacity of the meter that has to be fixed.

2. Initial Security Deposit – This deposit depends on the load.

3. Service Line Charges.

4. Service Connection Charges.


Name Change /Transfer of Electrical connection from BESCOM

Above is the process of applying for a new connection through BESCOM.

In case if the residence is already equipped with the connection but the applicant name has to be changed as they shifted to this residence or Transfer BESCOM ownership. Then candidates are required to submit a formal request letter along with the following particulars.

  • 1. RR number of the applicant.
  • 2. Name of the applicant.
  • 3. Address of the residence.
  • 4. Telephone number of the applicant.
  • 5. Copy of Sale agreement.
  • 6. NOC is required from the builder or owner of that society.
  • 7. Sale deed and payment receipts.
  • 8. Xerox copy of the previous month Electricity bill.
  • 9. Indemnity bond.

In case if the applicant does not provide a consent letter from the last owner of the residence where they lived, it is required for them to make the security deposits once again to transfer the connection on the applicant name.

Hence every resident of Bangalore who resides in the above-mentioned areas is required to follow these instructions for an electricity connection through BESCOM.

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The Process of Applying for a new BESCOM connection

BESCOM basically means Bangalore Electricity Supply Company. This electricity company is responsible for distributing electricity in all the districts of Bangalore both in urban and rural areas.

Areas that BESCOM distributes power include Chitradurga, Ramanagar, Tumkur, Davanagere and Kolar. Therefore, if you plan to move into any of the above areas, you will have to apply for a domestic electricity connection with BESCOM.

Find here the Procedure of getting a New BESCOM connection in Bangalore by visiting any of the BESCOM branch offices in your region and get an application form. The form is also called the A Form. Fill out the A Form and register it together with the following documents.

You will only need to pay about Rs 50 as a registration fee. The following are the documents that you are required to have when applying for BESCOM electricity connection: You must provide proof of ownership, or at least prove that you own a house in Bangalore.


You must either produce property tax paid, sale deed, latest khata, architectural plan as per actual duly signed by a civil engineer, sanction plan or a route sketch. You also have to submit a commercial certificate or house tax receipt. Additionally, a personal ID is a must, you must either have a driving license, a voters ID, PAN card, Aadhar card, passport or email ID.

You will also be required to submit a passport size photo, your mobile number. Lastly, you must agree to the Power Supply Agreement. You can get the form for Power Supply Agreement from the BESCOM offices. You also need to print this document on an RS stamp paper.

After filling in the application form and you are registered, you will receive a registration number which you will use to monitor the condition of your connection. It also verifies that all the documents you submitted were legit.

A field officer will be sent to check on your house, or the place you wish to be connected. Once the field officer confirms the verification of your documents, he will determine an estimate.


You will be required to submit a wiring diagram of your building as well as to report when the wiring is complete, which will then be signed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor as well as you.

One will be asked to pay a number of deposits as well as infrastructure fees once BESCOM has sanctioned your power. You will need to make the following payments after your power has been sanctioned:

Service line charges
• Initial security Deposit based on load
• Service connection charges
Meter security deposit based on the capacity of the meter.

The Sanction is only valid for thirty days. Therefore, you have to make that you make your payments on the deposits within thirty days of receiving the sanction.