In a developing country like India, there is a continuous demand for housing, especially in metropolitan cities. This holds good to an emerging and developing city like “Bangalore ” also.

Today it’s also called the “Silicon Valley of India” as there many IT companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Accenture, IBM, Oracle, Capgemini, Cisco, Mindtree, etc. These companies are employing lakhs of people. Most of these are IT professionals who are migrated to Bangalore and settle down.

This phenomenon has lead to an increase in housing demand, especially for residential housing. In a city like Bangalore, my layouts were developed by private builders approved by government bodies such as BBMP, BDA, KIDB, BMRDA, Gram Panchayat, etc.

One can come across various layouts developed by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) like HSR layout, HBR layout to name few. There are many site dimensions that one might come across like 20×30 20×40 20×50 30×40 30×50 30×60 40×50 40×40 40×60 50×80 100×110 80×100 etc.

The road also varies depending on the site dimension, right from 25 ft to 100 ft generally smaller the plot dimension lesser the road width. If you want to know your budget required, you can visit the link Cost calculator for a 40×60 site where one can enter various parameters to calculate the cost like flooring options, Door options, Wood, Windows, etc.

If you are building your first house, then it’s essential to know your Budget?

Suppose it’s your first time building a Hosue in Bangalore, then it’s a no joke. As one needs to systematically plan in terms of the overall project cost or construction cost in simple terms, if you have a total project budget of Rs 1crore for Both site and building construction, then it’s advisable to keep 40 to 50% of the overall budget for buying the Plot.

The cost of site purchase depends on the various factors like how close is it to the city center, Metro stations Connectivity, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Shopping malls.

These are some of the factors that determine the land cost of that particular area.

As this article discusses Building a house on a 40 x 60 Site in Bangalore, One needs to know how much the Budget should be spent purchasing the Site. If one goes by market value considering the Site cost alone would come at a minimum of Rs 50 to 60 lacs(Rs 2500/sq ft) for a 2400 sq ft plot. If your site dimensions are 1200 sq ft, then visit this link cost for building a house on 30×40 where it’s similarly explained.

In some prime locations such as Koramangala, HSR Layout, BTM, the real estate market price can go up to Rs 16,000/sq ft. So it’s essential to plan your Budget with the Help of experienced Architects who make sure that the 40×60 house plans in Bangalore are designed within your budget.


“One can build different types of houses possible on a 40*60 or 2400 sq ft site, As this is a larger plot it would be the ideal site dimension for constructing a Independent house with good landscaping with descent setbacks for a good natural light and ventilation.

If thought commercially like with respect to Returns on investment (Roi’s) then once build with combination of rental and Duplex house as explained below.”

SITE DIMENSION: 40×60 / 2400 SQ FT.
FAR (min) of 1.75: 4200 sq ft (2400 x 1.75 FAR).

Note: The FAR for a 40×60 site can be a minimum of 1.75 times the plot dimensions, or in some cases, it can even be greater than that up to 2.25 or more. Greater FAR is possible on plots situated on commercial zones or facing wider roads like more than 40ft width. Once you hire an Architectural firm for designing your house, one needs to make sure that the FAR for the site is clearly discussed with the client, and the Architect needs to explain if there is any violation in FAR, if any, after the floor plans are finalized.

What can i build on a 40x60 site in bangalore or 2400 sq ft


This would be the best option to be built if you are looking to build just one independent house on G or G+1 floor. In this option on the can, we have sufficient parking space sufficient setbacks for good natural light and ventilation? This would be a better option as the scope for architects to design your dream house is much better when compared to the below options. One can have a good 2BHK house designed on the ground floor with all modem amenities with adequate landscaping areas.


If your requirement has a big lavish house with all modern amenities like Home theatre, Gym room, Bbq area, Terrace bar, etc., one can consider this option. Generally, a 2400 sq ft plot is good enough for building a spacious duplex home of 3/4bhk. Also, one needs to note that there will be only one single unit house in this option and will not have any rental units.


If your intention is towards “ ROIs (Returns on investment)”, then you can opt for planning to build the maximum rental units possible on a 40×60 site. This option is more suitable for someone who wants to create a rental income on the property or pay the home loans to the building construction. One can build a combination of 2BHKs and 3BHKs as per the market demand and get the best investment return.


This option is more suitable for the clients who need to have their duplex house and some rental units on the other floors to generate some income from the property. There are multiple combinations to do this either one can build a Duplex home on G+1 or the 2nd and 3rd floor. One can have a personal terrace area restricted for clients to use if they opt to build their home on the upper floors. The detailed combinations are explained below.


If one is planning to go for a 2400 sq ft or 40×60 construction in Bangalore in two phases or running short on a budget then this would be the best option.

As the project can be executed or constructed phases as per the available budget the First phase would be to construct the Ground Floor and on the next phases to build the above floors as per the available budget.

40x60 duplex house construction cost in Bangalore 40x60 duplex hosue plans

But in this option, one should make sure that the selected residential Architect gives the required residential house designs to execute the house plans and all Architectural working drawings to execute the project for all floors.

One should have all supporting Structural working drawings required to execute the structural engineer’s project in the initial design phase itself. These supporting drawings will be needed to execute the next phases of the project without any delay.


This option can build a spacious 2BHK house with two master bedrooms with 3 car park provision and 8 to 12 two-wheeler parking. A normal set back area of around 4ft can be left all around the house except the roadside. One can give a provision for a small land spacing area or create a green zone of around 50 sq ft.

If the upper floors are planned for an apartment concept, one can think of having lift provision. If you are doing this in different phases, you need also have the proposed 3D building elevations for the entire building prepared by your Architect.

Ground Floor: 3 car park + 8 to 12 two-wheeler parking + 1 Master bedroom of 12*15 with attached bathroom + Guest bedroom of 160 sq ft + Common bathroom + Living room of 16*17 + Dining area +Puja room + Kitchen with Storeroom and attached utility area.


In continuation of the above requirements, one can build a 3Bhk independent house with 3 rooms. But in this case, the parking would be from 1 or 2 small cars only with the remaining space for two-wheeler parking with an external staircase to the above floor. Since the parking area is restricted in this option, the best advice is to build fewer units on the upper floors, ideally one Duplex house.

In this option also even though you are building just the Ground floor, one needs to get the Floors plans and all the required working drawings required to construct the upper floors in the next phase.

Ground Floor: Living room of 14*16 + Car park provision for 2 small cars + 4 to 6 two-wheeler parking area + Kitchen of 14*11 + Dining area + Common bath + 1 Master room of 145 sft with attached bath + 2 Guest bedrooms + Common bath + External staircase to upper floors.

The Statistics of 40×60 CONSTRUCTION COST IN BANGALORE DUPLEX HOUSE G+1 BUA: 3000 to 3500 sq ft

Sl no The Statics of 40×60 House Construction cost in Bangalore for Rental / Duplex house No of Floors G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Built-up Area (BUA) Total Cost (Rs 1600/sq ft)
1 40×60 Ground Floor Ground Floor 1610 sq ft Rs 26 lacs
2 40×60 Ground+ 1 Floor G+1st Floor 3580 sq ft Rs 58 lacs
3 40×60 Ground + 2 Floors G+2 Floors 5580 sq ft Rs 90 lacs
4 40*60 Ground + 3 Floors G+3 Floors 7550 sq ft Rs 1.25 cr
5 40×60 Ground + 4 Floors G+4 Floors 9620 sq ft Rs 1.55 cr
6 40×60 Duplex house on G+2 Floors G+2 Flrs Duplex House 5400 sq ft Rs 97 lacs
7 40×60 Rental Houses on G+4 Floors G+4 Flrs Rental Houses 9666 sq ft Rs 1.73 cr

If you are planning to build an independent duplex house on 40*60 site or construction of a duplex house with some additional units, then this would be the options you need to look at below suggestions.

The scope of Architects to design would be much better here compared to other options. During the preparation of Duplex house plans, one needs to discuss the requirements like no rooms; setbacks, etc. one needs to make sure that one finalizes floor plans before proceeding with the designing of a 3D Elevation.

If one has thought about building a duplex house and rentals houses on the above floors of the duplex, In this case, the project can be constructed in a phased manner also. One needs to also ensure the building plan sanction in Bangalore from BBMP/BDA and temporary electrical connection from BESCOM before starting the actual construction on site.

sample house construction cost in Bangalore


Construction of a Duplex home on a 40*60 plot with a built-up area of around 3000 sq ft on the G+1 floor with one car park and 4 to 6 two-wheeler parking space. One can have a decent set back of around 4ft on all the three sides of the property, and towards the roadside, one can have about 6 to 8 ft where one can design small landscaping or veranda, etc., the requirements.

Ground Floor: One car park + Small garden area + Living of 14*17 + Dining area for 8 people open to Kitchen attached with utility area + Puja room 5*6 + Common bath + 1 Master bedroom of 16*15 with attached bath + Guest bedroom + Internal staircase to the first floor.

First Floor: Family living area with a large balcony of 12*6 facing the road with large windows + Master bedroom of 160 sq ft with attached bath area separate study area attached to walk in the closet area + children’s bedroom of 155 sq ft with attached bath.

Second Floor: Terrace area with an overhead water tank.

In continuation of the above requirement to know What would the 40×60 residential construction cost in Bangalore for building a duplex house, In this scenario, we continue considering that one has sufficient budget and requires all modern amenities or premium requirements like having a terrace garden, waterbody, Home theatre, Gym, Bar, barbecue area, deck area, etc.

In such a case, the client needs to add more built-up area, considering adding a floor to meet his requirement. This not only increases the built-up area but also increase the residential construction cost of the project. These premium amenities will also cost more than the standard construction rates, around Rs 1700/sq ft.

Since one is planning to build his House on G+2 floors with a 4BHK concept, one can have a good designer landscape with a water body at the entrance, a small porch area with cover car parking spaces for 2 cars, Good elevation with premium materials used for wall cladding like granite, marble, stacking stones, composite materials, etc. For windows, one can even plan to have bigger windows with frameless glass railings for the balcony.


Ground Floor: 2 covered car parking spaces + 4 to 8 two-wheeler parking + 4 ft setback on all three sides + Foyer of 5*9 + Large living room of 360 sq ft + Island kitchen concept of 190 sq ft with attached storeroom and utility area with access from outside also + Big Master bedroom of 16*18 with work area attached bathroom and walk-in closet + Puja room of 85 sq ft + Common bath + Internal staircase.

First Floor: 2 Master bedrooms with an attached bath of 200 sq ft each + 1 children’s bedroom of 175 sq ft + Family living area of 200 sq ft + Balcony facing the road of 135 sq ft + Internal stairs to the second floor.

Second Floor: Gym area of 160 sq ft + Home theatre of 18*12 + Open reading area +Guest bedroom with attached balcony of 8*5 + Terrace area with Bar or Barbecue provision (as per your need).


In this option, we consider a scenario that one needs to build both a Duplex house and some rental units to generate some rental income on his 40*60 site. But even before one proceeds, one needs to finalize on which floors he wants his duplex home to be planned as there are various possibilities, as explained below. Below its explained in detail about 40×60 Duplex house construction cost in Bangalore along with various scenarios.

First one needs to decide on the parking option as one can even consider leaving the entire ground floor for the parking area and then build the housing units from upper floors or leave space for just one car park with 8 to 12 two-wheeler parking spaces to accommodate rental units also. You have the option of having your Duplex house on G+1 or 1st & 2nd Floors.

If you choose G+1, you have the main advantage of starting the house from the ground floor, which means that even older people can easily access the space without much difficulty. The disadvantage in this option would be the carpet area would be less, which means a smaller living area, bedrooms, etc. This space crunch is caused by leaving the parking area and having an internal and external staircase pass through the same roof.

If your option is to choose planning your Duplex house on upper floors, the tenant or rented units will be planned below the duplex unit. In this option, you have more advantages than disadvantages. Some of the pros are better ventilation and natural light you will be on the upper floors. Less noise and more privacy as you can plan the better placement of windows and doors.

The entire terrace can be privately used where you can plan your future needs like a terrace garden, bar counter, deck area, barbecue zone, gym, etc. More space is available as you needn’t leave space for parking or an external staircase, leading to bigger rooms and living zones.

The main disadvantage in this option would be that one needs to climb one or two floors to reach the duplex unit; this can be solved by providing a lift which will increase the construction cost by an additional 8 to 10 lacs. Also, one needs to keep in mind that the residential construction cost will be more for a duplex unit when compared to rental units. This is caused when one chose premium construction materials for finishes like flooring, cladding, painting, bath-ware fittings, woodwork, etc.



GROUND FLOOR: 1 car park + External staircase to upper floors + Living room of 168 sq ft + Kitchen area of 16*12 + Pooja Room + Dining area + Common bathroom + 1 Master bedroom with attached bath + Internal stairs to the first floor.

FIRST FLOOR: Family area of 150 sq ft with a balcony of 10*5 facing road + 2 Master bedrooms with an attached bath of 14*13 + Guest bedroom of 12*14.


SECOND FLOOR: 3 BHK HOUSE: Living area of 170 sq ft + 1 master room of 14*16 with attached bath + 1 Children’s bedroom with attached bath + Guest bedroom + Common bath + Small dining zone of 150 sq ft + Kitchen with utility.

THIRD FLOOR: 2BHK x 2 NO’s: Small living room of 12*14 + 1 Master room with attached bath + Guest room + Kitchen.

Note: The rental units can be customized as per your needs, like different combinations of 1bhk, 2bhk, 3bhk.


If you are thinking of building a house as just an investment or thinking on ROI’s (Return on Investment), then in this option, we discuss building multiple units. The current 2400 sq ft/40*60 construction rates for building rental units of G+3 or G+4 floors will start from Rs 1700/sq ft. There are multiple options or combinations for building rental houses like G+3 or G+4 floors.

40x60 construction cost in bangalore for 40x60 house plans in bangalore

As per BBMP Plan approval by-laws, one gets Approval for G+3 floors on a 40×60 plot while showing the ground floor for parking use. If the site comes under commercial zone or faces bigger road width in such cases, one can get more FAR of 2.25 compared to a standard FAR of 1.75. Ideally, if you plan to have more tenant units, it is recommended to leave the entire ground floor for parking.

It can meet the parking needs of multiple combinations of 1bhks, 2bhks, or 3bhks built, and one can also consider building an additional floor in the future if required.

As per the current construction cost in Bengaluru 2019 for building a residential house would cost Rs 1700/sq ft for a standard finish. If you want to select premium finishes for your bath-ware, painting, wall cladding, elevation work then it might even go to the upwards for Rs 2500/sq ft.

Before meeting the Architects for designing your home, you need to research the best combinations for houses (2bk 1bhk 3bhk 1hk) to construct to get the property’s maximum rental income.

Once you have your requirements ready, you can meet your selected Architects and give the total requirements like no floors, tenant units, parking requirements, setbacks, no units per floor, water management, etc. Once the Architect’s overall floor plans meet your requirements, the next step would be designing a 3D elevation for the proposed building. This 3D building elevation shows how the building will look once construction is completed.


Ground Floor: Parking area of 850 sq ft + 2BHK of 800 sq ft (1 Small living room of 144 sq ft with an attached dining area of 80 sq ft + Master room with an attached bath of 155 sq ft + Common bath + Guest room + Kitchen) + External staircase to above floors.

First Floor: 3BHK of 1800 sq ft: Living area of 14*16 + Dining room of 12*15 + Master Bedroom of 16*12 with bath + 2 guest rooms + Kitchen area of 140 sq ft with utility + common bathroom.

Second Floor: 2BHK x 2 units of 800 sq ft each: Living room of 14*16 + Small dining room + Master bed room 14*16 with attached bath + Guest room of 13*15 + Kitchen 135 sq ft + Common bath room.

RENTAL HOUSES ON A 40*60 with the Ground floor for parking G+3/G+4 FLOORS:

If you need to construct additional floors requiring more parking spaces to take care of the additional units to be constructed, this option would be more suitable. One can come across 40×60 house constructions that have G+3/G+4 floors being built on them. Generally, most such buildings will have one-floor violations, which means they have additional floors built other than the sanctioned drawings.

Ground Floor: Open Parking Area for 3 cars +15 two-wheelers.

First Floor: 3 Bhk: 1 Spacious living room of 14*18 + 2 Master bedrooms with an attached bath of 150 sq ft each + Dining area of 14*12 + Common bath + 1 Guest room + puja room.

Second Floor: 2bhk x 2nos : 780 sq ft x 2 nos: 1 living zone of 160 sq ft + Dining for 6 persons + Kitchen room + 1 Master bedroom of 14*12 with attached bath + Common bath.

Third Floor: 2bhk x1no + 1 Bhk x2nos: 1 small living room of 145 sq ft + 2 rooms with one attached bath room + Common bath + Dining area + Kitchen. 1BHK: 1 living of 12*13 + 1 Room of 12*11 + Common bath room.

Note: During the design stages, while in discussion with the Architect, make sure that you discuss the no of units required and the different combinations of 1bhk, 2bhk, or 3bhks needs to design as per the market requirement.

40×60 APARTMENT CONSTRUCTION COST G+3/G+4 FLOORS BUA: 6500 to 7800 sq ft

If you plan to build an apartment and sell it, this would be the best option. In the below options, we discuss 2400sqft / 40×60 apartment construction cost in Bangalore and discuss the various pros and cons of building an apartment on a 40×60 site.
40x60 apartment construction Bangalore


YES and No both, the reason being as per BDA norms, one should have a minimum site dimension of around 4000 sq ft if a Builder needs to build multiple units and sell them as independent flats. Since a 40×60 site comes with a 2400 sq ft area less than the permissible limit of around 4000 sq ft, it’s difficult to construct apartments officially, and it will be difficult to get an OC (Occupation Certificate) or CC (Completion Certificate).

If a 40*60 site comes under BBMP limits then one can get a 40×60 Plan sanction from BBMP showing 4 to 5 kitchens max (Note: In most cases its only 4 Kitchen approval) with a minimum FAR can be considered at 1.75 which means a built-up area of 2400 sq ft Site x 1.75 FAR = 4200 sq ft excluding parking area. This means that 4 kitchen on approval means one can construct and sell only 4 houses.

Many small builders build apartments on 40×60 and get the apartment registered to an independent homeowner under multiple dwelling without any OC or CC, which is illegal. Still, one can come across such practices on such site dimensions. These so-called apartments are generally developed on upcoming residential localities where the real estate prices are high.

If a Builder is constructing an Apartment on a 40×60, in most cases, he goes to get a Plan sanction of Stilt or Ground + 3 Floors where the ground floor is completely left open for parking space. One can build 2Bhk x 2 nos of around 800 sq ft each. In some cases, one can come across such a building having an additional floor being built which violates the BBMP plan approval bylaws.


As the Stilt floor is a floor where the flooring level will be +/- 3ft from the nearest road level, it is considered “0 LVL”. Generally, a Stilt Floor will have the minimum height required for parking only, which can be considered as +8 ft compared to a general slab height of around 10ft 6”. A stilt Floor reduces not only the building construction cost but also the building overall height.

You might come across many builders constructed multi-dwelling apartments on a 40×60 site with more than 4 units. Such construction can be seen more on B Khata properties and are generally priced 25% at a lesser cost when compared to an apartment that has an OC and CC around the same locality.

40×60 STILT + G+2 FLOORS:

If you plan to build more than 4units on 3 upper floors, it’s recommended to leave the entire Stilt or Ground Floor for the parking area to take care of the parking requirements. One needs also provide additional amenities like Lift, Power back, Common room on the terrace area, etc.

Ground Floor: Covered 3 car parking + 2 wheeler parking + External staircase + Lift.

First Floor: 2 Bhk x 2 nos: 1 Living area of 15*13 + 1 Master bedroom with attached bath + Guest room of 12*14 + Common bathroom + Kitchen of 14+10 with utility + Dining area.

Second Floor: 2 Bhk x2 nos: Living room of 160 sq ft + Dining for 4 persons + Kitchen of 12*14 with small attached utility area + 1 master bedroom with attached bath + Guest room + Common bath.

Third Floor: 3Bbhk unit: Foyer 8*6 + Living area 16*14 + Dining room of 12*15 + Kitchen with storeroom and utility area + 2 master bedrooms of 170 sq ft with attached bath + 1 Guest room + Common bath.

What is 40x60 Construction cost in Bangalore for Ground Floor or G+1/ G+2 /G+3 /G+4 Floors?

The 40x60 House Construction cost for G Floor: Rs 27 lacs | G+1 Floor : Rs 61 lacs | G+2 Floors : Rs 95 lacs | G+3 Floors: Rs 1.30 cr | G+4 Floors: Rs 1.65 cr

What is the FAR/FSI for a 40x60 / 2400 sq ft Site/Plot in Bangalore?

The FAR (Floor Area Ratio) = Total Built-up Area / Site Dimension. A 40x60 Site in Bangalore can get a minimum FAR of 1.75 for a road width of up to 40ft wide. FAR will increase if the Site is facing a wider road say 100 ft or If the property comes under Commercial zone.

How many Floors can I build/Construct on 40x60 Site/Plot ?

In Bangalore, for a 40x60/2400 sq ft Site/Plot for a Residential usage with a FAR of 1.75 one can Build G+3 Floors or G+4 Floors(G+4 only if G floor is left for parking which can be called as Stilt floor).

What is the Time duration taken for Residential House Construction on a 40x60 Site/Plot?

The duration of Residential House construction for a 40x60 Site of G Floor: 3 Months | G+1 Floor: 5 to 6 Months | G+3 Floors: 8 to 9 Months | G+4 Floors: 9 to 14 months.

What is the minimum Set back for a 40x60 Site or 2400 sq ft plot in Bangalore?

The Setback for a 40x60 Site in Bangalore or a 2400 sq ft plot as per BBMP/BDA/BMRDA Bylaws has to have a minimum Setback of 8% on all three sides and 12% on the roadside with respect to their lengths.

What is the Cost to Build a House on a 40x60 Site?

The Cost to Build a House on a 40x60 Site will be approximately.. G Floor: Rs 28 lacs | G+1 Floor : Rs 60 lacs | G+2 Floors : Rs 93 lacs | G+3 Floors: Rs 1.35 cr | G+4 Floors: Rs 1.66 cr

What is the Cost for a 40x60 Site/Plot in Bangalore?

The Site/Plot Cost for a 40x60 Site varies from Rs 2400 per sq ft (City outskirts) and upwards of Rs 8000 per sq ft (prime locations). The cost of a 40x60 Site in Bangalore depends on the amenities, developments nearby and How close is it to the City center, Malls, Hospitals, Schools etc.