Vinyl Flooring know about Vinyl floor Advantages Durability Cost Maintenance of vinyl flooring

Where Vinyl Flooring can be used?

Vinyl Flooring are popularly used in living, Bedroom, Foyer, and commercial office areas. This material offers water-resistant and stain-resistant properties. At, we propose various flooring options so that you can choose the best option as per your budget.

You can install high-quality tiles at a better price, and there is a great deal of versatility as well. As there is great technological progress, you can install vinyl tiles very easily. Installing high-quality flooring at an affordable price is possible.

If you go for Vinyl sheet flooring, the size will be of the order to 6 or 12 feet wide. Many homeowners prefer vinyl sheet flooring as it is easy to install. It replicates the ceramic flooring as well.

If you would like to take advantage of the calm and quiet walking experience, you can go for vinyl tiles. Before choosing flooring options, you should go through the available options.

The flooring that you select should be easy to maintain and cost-effective. You should be able to customize the flooring as per your needs.

Cost Factor: Rs 60 to Rs 200 / sq ft

The flooring should not harbor bacteria. It should be slip-resistant. Vinyl tile flooring will help you fulfill hygienic standards as it will not give room to hide bacteria. You should be able to install the flooring efficiently. There should be a great scope to customize it as well.

Informative: Calculator for building EstimationPresent home construction cost

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

• One of the major benefits of using it where Heavy traffic can be tolerated through.
• Reduces noise under the foot.
• Water / Fade proof.
• Offers great comfort to kids and pets.
• Easy to install and maintain.
• Available in a broad range of colors and patterns.
Inexpensive option.
• Less time to lay compare to other options.

Disadvantage of Vinyl Flooring

• Cannot withstand heavy loads.
• Will be damaged by the fall of sharp loads.
• Deterioration of color occurs with exposure to sunlight.
• Will be damaged through high temperatures.
• Not recommended for outdoor applications.
• It’s not an eco-friendly option.

The durability of Vinyl Flooring

If you install vinyl flooring on a smooth surface, the longevity can be enhanced. The durability is dependent upon the surface smoothness and lack of imperfections.

The durability of vinyl flooring is good compared to other materials; there should not be any bumps or indentations. There should not be more than one layer as it cannot withstand.

You will get a better feel underfoot if you go for the plywood layer. If the right kind of installation is done, the flooring will last for many years. You can maintain the flooring very easily as well.

The flooring is softer and gives great comfort while walking. The flooring is quieter than other kinds of floors.

Maintenance of vinyl flooring

It is easy to maintain properly laid vinyl flooring. Heavy traffic can be managed efficiently. There will not be wear and tear and stains on top of the floor. The economical flooring option can be cleaned and maintained very easily. There will be few seams, and water-resistant properties will further enhance the quality of flooring.

As the seams will be closed automatically, there will be no chance for clogging up of bacteria. Disinfectants and sanitizing chemicals are used not to damage the floor; hence maintenance of vinyl flooring is much easier.

You will be able to maintain hygienic and aesthetic floors, which can help boost the health of the inmates. No asthma patients will suffer from the vinyl tiles. The flooring is available in different designs.

Although vinyl tiled flooring will show signs of wear and tear, it can be tolerated as the cost of replacement is not high.

Because of its price, it is affordable, and you will certainly manage the flooring efficiently. The maintenance of vinyl tiles is straightforward when compared with carpet flooring or solid wood flooring. Hence, it is a versatile option.

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