Construction cost in Bangalore

The Construction cost in Bangalore 2021 varies from Rs 1650 / sq ft to Rs 1900 / sq ft; it all depends on various factors and requirements. We offer House construction in Bangalore Starting at Just Rs 1650/ sq ft onwards; One can use our advanced construction cost calculator tool below to calculate the approximate cost to build a house.

Construction cost in Bangalore house construction calculator tool

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Total Cost of Construction cost in Bangalore for Building your Residential House of 1463711

Earthwork and Excavation
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
Layering and Curing Concrete
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
Providing and constructing the SSM
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
Providing and laying Concrete
a) Footing
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
b) Column
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
c) Plinth Beam
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
Total Foundation Cost 70524
Steel Structure
Providing and Fabricating steel
a) Footing
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
b) Column
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
c) Plinth Beam
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
Total Steel Structure Cost 70524
Providing and laying Base
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
Providing and laying 1:1.5:3 concrete
a) Column
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
b) Beam
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
c) Slab
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
d) Lintel
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
e) Chijja
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
e) Staircase
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
e) Granite Slab
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
Total Roofing Cost 70524
Super Structure
a) Column
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
b) Beam
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
c) Slab
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
d) Lintel
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
e) Chijja
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
e) Staircase
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
Total Super Structure Cost 70524
Wall Construction
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
Total Wall Construction Cost 70524
Item Quantity Price
Tiles 648120
Material 648120
Labour 648120
Total Price 77760
Total Flooring Price 81260
Wall Tiles
Item Quantity Price
Material 5025
Labour 86 3440
Total Price 8465
Item Quantity Price
Tiles 3015
Material 3015
Labour 56
Total Price
Item Quantity Price
Total Price
Total Tiles Cost 28730
Wood Work
Doors (Main door and Puja Room)
Item Quantity Price
Teakwood Door
Material ft @ ₹
Labour ft @ ₹
Total Price 56550
Doors (Other doors)
Item Quantity Price
Teakwood Door
Material ft @ ₹
Labour ft @ ₹
Total Price 56550
Item Quantity Price
Teakwood Door
Material ft @ ₹
Labour ft @ ₹
Total Price 47850
Item Quantity Price
MS Grills
Material ft @ ₹
Labour ft @ ₹
Total Price 47850
Total WoodWork Cost 70524
Exterior Painting
Item Quantity Price
Material 1368 sqft @ ₹ 18 24624
Labour 1368 sq ft @ ₹ 18 24624
Total Price 24624
Interior Painting
Item Quantity Price
Material 2700 sq ft @ ₹ 17 45900
Labour 2700 sq ft @ ₹ 45900
Total Price 45900
Total Painting Cost 70524
Item Quantity Price
Material 1368 sq ft @ ₹ 18 24624
Labour 1368 sq ft @ ₹ 18 24624
Total Price 24624
Internal Walls
Item Quantity Price
Material 1368 sq ft @ ₹ 18 24624
Labour 1368 sq ft @ ₹ 18 24624
Total Price 24624
External Walls
Item Quantity Price
Material 2700 sq ft @ ₹ 17 45900
Labour 2700 sq ft @ ₹ 17 45900
Total Price 45900
Total Plastering Cost 70524
Electrical & Plumbing
Item Quantity Price
Material sq ft @ ₹ sq ft
Total Price
Item Quantity Price
Material sq ft @ ₹ sq ft 24624
Total Price 147552
Total Price
Total Electrical & Plumbing Cost 70524

Total Construction cost in Bangalore for Building your Residential House of 1463711

Total Cost

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Note/Disclaimer : * The residential house Construction cost / Cost of Construction Calculator/Estimator in Bangalore is calculated on tentatively assumed calculations based on the basic project needs. However, the Actual house construction cost or estimation for building a house will vary depending on Actual project quantities and project requirements.


Cost of Construction in Bangalore 2021/20 for Building a House

cost of construction in bangaloreThis article is about the current Construction cost in Bangalore for building a Duplex house or a rental house.

One can calculate different plot dimensions such as 30×40 40×60 50×80 20×30 40×50 building G+1 G+3 G+2 G+4 floors.

One can also use the construction cost calculator for calculating their building construction cost or cost of building a house by selecting from the various parameters.

The present Cost of Construction in Bangalore varies from Rs 1650 / sq ft to Rs 1900 / sq ft as per the Basic finishes given below.

Basic Finishes for a Construction at Bangalore:

  • Teak wood Main Door.
  • Puja teak Frame / Door.
  • Vitrified tiles of Rs 45 / sq ft.
  • Sal windows.
  • Flush doors.
  • Waterproof doors for bathrooms.
  • Basic elevation cladding, if necessary.
  • SS / Juquar Bath Fittings.
  • Western commode (WC) Basic.
  • Washbasin (WB) Basic.
  • Kitchen Granite platform.
  • Paving tiles of Rs 15 / sq ft.
  • Bathroom tiles of Rs 35 / sq ft.
  • Natural stone at the staircase.
  • Underground sump of 8000 ltrs.
  • Overhead tank of 2000 ltrs.
  • Parking area tiling Rs 35 / sq ft tile.
  • A compound wall can be added.

At, as Architects in Bangalore, we first finalize the floor plan and elevation. The contract can give a specific and exact cost for the project; the construction cost in Bangalore of any structure, whether residential or commercial, depends on some base factors.

Construction Cost in Bangalore Calculator for Cost of construction / Building construction cost / Residential House construction cost 2021


Sl no The Construction cost in Bangalore 2021 per  sq ft
SITE DIMENSION 20×30 30×40 30×50 30×60 40×50 40×60 50×80
SITE area (sq ft) NO OF FLOORS BUILT UP AREA (BUA) Costruction Cost
20×30 Construction cost
1 20×30 600 sq ft G+1 Floors 450 sq ft 8 lacs
2 20×30 600 sq ft G+1 Floors 1000 sq ft 17 lacs
3 20×30 600 sq ft G+2 Floors 1450 sq ft 25 lacs
4 20×30 600 sq ft G+3 Floors 1950 sq ft 33 lacs
5 20×30 600 sq ft G+4 Floors 2450 sq ft 41 lacs
30×40 Construction cost
6 30×40 1200 sq ft G Floor 900 sq ft 15 lacs
7 30×40 1200 sq ft G+1 Floors 1850 sq ft 31 lacs
8 30×40 1200 sq ft G+2 Floors 2800 sq ft 47 lacs
9 30×40 1200 sq ft G+3 Floors 3750 sq ft 63 lacs
10 30×40 1200 sq ft G+4 Floors 4700 sq ft 79 lacs
30×50 Construction cost
11 30×50 1500 sq ft G Floor 1050 sq ft 17 lacs
12 30×50 1500 sq ft G+1 Floors 2400 sq ft 40 lacs
13 30×50 1500 sq ft G+2 Floors 3750 sq ft 63 lacs
14 30×50 1500 sq ft G+3 Floors 5100 sq ft 86 lacs
15 30×50 1500 sq ft G+4 Floors 6450 sq ft 1 crore
30×60 Construction cost
16 30×60 1800 sq ft G Floor 1300 sq ft 22 lacs
17 30×60 1800 sq ft G+1 Floors 2800 sq ft 47 lacs
18 30×60 1800 sq ft G+2 Floors 4100 sq ft 69 lacs
19 30×60 1800 sq ft G+3 Floors 5500 sq ft 93 lacs
20 30×60 1200 sq ft G+4 Floors 6900 sq ft 1.17 crore
40×50 Construction cost
21 40×50 2000 sq ft G Floor 1400 sq ft 24 lacs
22 40×50 2000 sq ft G+1 Floors 3000 sq ft 51 lacs
23 40×50 2000 sq ft G+2 Floors 4600 sq ft 78 lacs
24 40×50 2000 sq ft G+3 Floors 6200 sq ft 1 crore
25 40×50 2000 sq ft G+4 Floors 7800 sq ft 1.3 crore
40×60 Construction cost
26 40×60 2400 sq ft G Floor 1600 sq ft 27 lacs
27 40×60 2400 sq ft G+1 Floors 3600 sq ft 61 lacs
28 40×60 2400 sq ft G+2 Floors 5600 sq ft 95 lacs
29 40×60 2400 sq ft G+3 Floors 7600 sq ft 1.3 crore
30 40×60 2400 sq ft G+4 Floors 9600 sq ft 1.6 crore
50×80 Construction cost
31 50×80 4000 sq ft G Floor 3000 sq ft 51 lacs
32 50×80 4000 sq ft G+1 Floors 6400 sq ft 1 crore
33 50×80 4000 sq ft G+2 Floors 9800 sq ft 1.6 crore
34 50×80 4000 sq ft G+3 Floors 13000 sq ft 2.2 crore
35 50×80 4000 sq ft G+4 Floors 16000 sq ft 2.8 crore
Use Construction cost calculator in Bangalore tool for below site dimensions.
36 20×30 30×40 30×50 30×60 30×70 40×50 40×30 40×40 40×60 40×70 40×80 50×50 50×40 50×60 50×80 50×90 50×100 60×40 60×50 60×30 60×60 60×70 60×80 50×100 50×80 50×90 100×100 100×120 Cost Calculator tool G+1
Floors use calculator
37 500 sq ft 600 sq ft 800 sq ft 1000 sq ft 1200 sq ft 1300 sq ft 1500 sq ft 1600 sq ft 1800 sq ft 2000 sq ft 2200 sq ft 2400 sq ft 2600 sqft 2800 sq ft 3000 sq ft 3200 sq ft 3400 sq ft 3600 sq ft 3800 sq ft 4000 sq ft 4200 sq ft 4400 sq ft 4500 sq ft 4600 sq ft 4800 sq ft 5000 sq ft 5500 sq ft 6000 sq ft 6200 sq ft 8000 sq ft 10,000 sq ft Cost Estimator tool below G+1
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Cost of construction in bangalore break up details for residential construction

Cost of Construction for 20×30 30×40 40×60 50×80 G+1 G+2 G+3 Floors in Bangalore

Below is an Informative Reply to a Query asked by ” Mr. Monish “ in the Discussion column below. He wanted to Know the Different Options possible for Building 2 Houses/2 independent floors on a single site of Buying an Apartment.

His Budget is planned at Rs 1.5cr, including his friend. Below are the Different Options possible.

Cost of construction in Bangalore 2018 for building a house construction bangalore 20x30 30x40 40x60 50x80 construction cost bangalore22

Construction cost in Bangalore for building a house


Site cost: Rs 1cr (Considering HSR Layout)

Building cost : Rs 50 lacs (2200 sq ft)

For 20×30 construction cost in Bangalore for building Ground Floor parking 1st half of 2nd Will Be One Duplex House. The Second Duplex house will be Half of the 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor.
In this Option, the Site will be Located in a very Prime location, but the room size and standard shared common amenities will be nil.

Note: FAR for 20×30 Site at 1.75 as per BBMP Bylaws will be 600 sq ft x 1.75 = 1050 sq ft (Excluding Parking).

Informative: Construction Materials for Building a House | Building Contractor rates | Government Approvals required | Plan sanction process | BESCOM connection


Site Cost: Rs 75 Lacs (Considering Off Sarjapur road at Rs 6000 / sq ft )
Building Cost: 75 Lacs (3800 sq ft)

Ground Floor Parking with Lift up to Terrace. First floor 2BHK House + Second Floor 2BHK House + Third Floor Common Areas like Gym, Home Theater, Open Bar, Terrace Garden, etc.

This would be the best option where the Site will be in a good location on Sarjapur road and also one can enjoy excellent standard amenities on the third floor.

Note : FAR for 30×40 Site at 1.75 as per BBMP will be 1200 sq ft x 1.75 = 2100 sq ft (Excluding Parking).

Details : 30×40 House plans | 30×40 designs | 30×40 construction cost30×40 elevations | Labor rates


Site Cost: Rs 80 Lacs (Considering Sompura Gate, Sarjapur Road )

Building Cost : Rs 70 lacs (4500 sq ft )

Ground Floor / Stilt Floor for Parking only with Lift.

House 1: First floor 2BHK House of 1500 sq ft. House 2: Second Floor 2bhk House of 1500 sq ft.

Third Floor: Common area / Shared area can be developed whenever the Budget is available.

This is also a desirable option Since it would really not be far from your workplace. The major advantage is that the Scope of Architectural design will be better. Hence you can expect a well-Designed house with good landscaping concepts.

Note : 40×60 Site FAR considering 30 ft road will be 1.75 as per BBMP Laws. 2400 sq ft x 1.75 = 4200 sq ft (excluding parking area).

Details: 40×60 construction cost | 40×60 house plans | Building  or labor contractor | BOQ’s


Site Cost: Rs 90 lacs (Considering Sites at Sarjapur Anekal Road).
Building Cost: 60 lacs (3700 sq ft excluding parking).

Ground Floor: 2 Car parking spaces with good landscape gardens along with small play areas. House 1: 2000 sq ft : Ground Floor 2BHK and House 2 : 2300 sqft: Second Floor 2 Bhk with Balconies wherever required. The third Floor Shared Terrace area can be used for the Rooftop garden area.

This Option is the Best if one is looking for Large garden areas with small play areas. In this Option, an Architect can design all the required amenities like landscaping, a small play area, a Terrace garden, an Open bar counter, Gym, etc.

Many more common facilities can be provided as it all depends on the Budget available. The major disadvantage of this Option is that the property will be a bit far from your workplace, which means additional travel time.

Note : 50×80 Site FAR considering 30 ft road will be 1.75 as per BBMP Laws. 4000 sq ft x 1.75 = (7000 sq ft excluding parking).

Detail : Item rate contract | 40×60 designs | Elevation 40×60

REVENUE SITES / GRAM PANCHAYAT Sites Construction cost for G+2 Floors

Site Costs: Rs 70 lacs (Considering Revenue sites or B Khata Sites).

Note: Generally, the cost of these sites is generally lower as they are Revenue plots/Gram Panchayat approved sites/ B Khata.

Informative :

The current construction cost in Bangalore varies from Rs 1500 to Rs 1900 / sq ft for a structure may it be residential or commercial, has a difference in rates as there can be a change in materials used and its planning.

Architect’s role in a construction

Architects fix the cost of construction in Bangalore for a particular building after analyzing various factors.

So, it is wise to estimate the cost of construction for the proposed building before starting with it by having a consultation with us.

We calculate the cost of construction on the basis of different kinds of plots, the basis of the client’s demand.

The major factor which affects the construction cost is the material used for building it.

Even though one can find cost-saving materials in the recent market trend, they may not be a quality item. If it is not the right quality and mixed right quantity, the outcome will not be fine. This will have a serious effect on the durability of the House.

The Cost of construction at Bangalore also depends on the kind of elevation given by the Architect.

So if you are looking for an Architect to start up with the design process, you can fill up the inquiry form or Contact us.

Below is a SAMPLE current Residential Construction cost in Bangalore with BOQ ( Bill of Quantities ) for a Residential House of G+2 Floors Estimated at Rs 66 lacs+.

A EARTHWORK  89,680.00
B P C C WORKS  123,670.00
C R C C WORKS  1,143,162.00
D MASONRY  815,750.00
F FLOORING  563,350.00
G IRON & STEELWORK  1,350,970.00
H PLASTERING  632,600.00
J PAINTING  311,875.00
K SINK & DRAINBOARD  34,560.00
R COMPOUND WALL  227,252.00
TOTAL  Rs 65,93,077.00

BELOW is the Detailed Costs for the above Works with detailed Specifications for each work along with Cost, Quantities, Rate, Unit.. etc


No Description Unit Qty Rate Amount
A EARTHWORK :        
A 1 Earthwork excavation in ordinary/hard
soil  for  foundation,  trenches,  column
footings, including bailing out rain and
subsoil water, if any and removing
excavated material, stocking the same
for any period, filling back around the
foundation and retaining walls, column
footings with the approved soil spread
in layers of 15 cms to the required
gradient & profiles, leveling, watering
a)  Depth up to 5’0″ Cum 220.00 275.00 60,500.00
b)  Beyond 5’0″ depth Cum 15.00 325.00 4,875.00
A 2 Earth cutting Cum 23.00 210.00 4,830.00
A 3 Refilling the area with available earth in
successive 6″ layers including watering &
compaction with manual hand rammer to
avoid voids. Earth filling should be free of
rubbish and refuse matter and all clods
should be broken before filling. Cum 47.00 175.00 8,225.00
A 4 Disposing earth Cum 30.00 375.00 11,250.00
Total 89,680.00
B 1 Providing and laying PCC 1:4:8 using
40mm graded granite aggregate in
foundation & below flooring as leveling
course including edge shuttering and
formwork, consolidation, ramming and
compacting, curing etc.-200mm thick Cum 11.00 3,200.00 35,200.00
100mm thick Cum 16.00 3,100.00 49,600.00
B 2 Providing and laying PCC 1:3:6 using
20mm & downgraded granite aggregate
in Damp Proof Course over the plinth
mixed with a waterproof compound. (Make-
Impermio) including formwork, compacting, curing, etc.,
Cum 2.00 3,850.00 7,700.00
Note: quantity and method of using Impermio
as per product literature.
B 3 Same as above but PCC 1:3:6 below
toilet flooring as leveling course, before
Laying the finish flooring.
a) Base and GF  floor Cum 0.21 3,900.00 819.00
b)FF Cum 0.21 4,000.00 840.00
c)SF Cum 0.21 4,100.00 861.00
B 4 Same as above but PCC 1:3:6 below
flooring as leveling course, before
laying the floor tiles.
a) Ground floor Cum 1.30 3,900.00 5,070.00
b) First floor Cum 1.30 4,000.00 5,200.00
c)SF Cum 1.30 4,100.00 5,330.00
B 5 Providing & laying PCC 1:2:4 below flooring
using 20m & downgraded granite aggregate
as leveling course, including compacting curing
a) Ground Floor Cum 1.00 4,250.00 4,250.00
b) First Floor Cum 1.00 4,350.00 4,350.00
c) Second Floor Cum 1.00 4,450.00 4,450.00
Total 123,670.00
(Note: Rate quoted will be excluding the
cost of steel reinforcement but including
all the cost of necessary centering,
scaffolding, edge shuttering, etc. and
Formwork, mechanical vibration, curing.)
PLY SHUTTERING to be used for columns,
beams and lintels, for others steel
shuttering can be used.
The contractor should use a 53 grade.
portland cement.–ACC, L&T Birla.
The coarse aggregates should be free of
dirt and rubbish, and their size should be
20mm downsize. The sand should be free of
dirt organic matter and rubbish and should
have hard, sharp, and angular grain and
should pass through 5mm square mesh.
C 1 Providing and casting in-situ RCC grade
in column footing
a) M 200 in footing Cum 23.00 5,400.00 124,200.00
b) pedestal Cum 10.00 5,550.00 55,500.00
C 1 Same as above column  up to stilt
Column from stilt to GF Cum 3.32 6,350.00 21,082.00
Column from GF to FF Cum 3.44 6,525.00 22,446.00
Column from FF to SF Cum 3.44 6,700.00 23,048.00
Column from SF to TF Cum 3.44 6,990.00 24,045.60
C 2 Same as above for column and pedestal Cum 17.75 5,550.00 98,512.50
C 3 Providing and Casting in-situ RCC grade
M 200 in lintels
a) Ground floor Cum 5.43 6,700.00 36,381.00
b) First floor Cum 5.43 6,990.00 37,955.70
c) Second floor Cum 5.43 7,050.00 38,281.50
C 4 Providing and casting in situ  RCC
grade M 200 in flat roof slabs
a) Ground floor Cum 49.00 6,000.00 294,000.00
b) First floor Cum 24.50 6,150.00 150,675.00
c) Second floor Cum 24.50 6,300.00 154,350.00
C 5 Providing and casting in situ  RCC
grade M 200 in slope roof slabs
a) Ground floor Cum
b) First floor Cum
c) Second floor Cum
C 7 Providing & casting in-situ RCC grade M 200
in waist slab staircase, steps, side shuttering,
formwork, mechanical vibration, curing, etc.
a) Basement to Ground floor Cum 1.25 7,050.00 8,812.50
b)  Ground to First floor. Cum 1.25 7,250.00 9,062.50
c)  First Floor to Second floor Cum 1.25 7,450.00 9,312.50
d) Second floor to Third floor Cum 1.25 7,650.00 9,562.50
C 9 Providing and fixing in position RCC chajja
& fascia with necessary scaffolding
centering, curing, and finishing the top
surface with a waterproofing compound
b)  Ground to First floor. Cum 0.95 8,900.00 8,455.00
c)  First Floor to Second floor Cum 0.95 9,100.00 8,645.00
d) Second floor to Third floor Cum 0.95 9,300.00 8,835.00
Total : 1,143,162.00
D MASONRY :        
D 1 Providing & laying size stone masonry in the foundation
and plinth up to finished floor level in CM 1:8
in course not less 20 to 23 cm high, using
through bond stones in every course spaced at 2m
intervals including raking out the joints, curing, etc. Cum 70.00 3,350.00 234,500.00
D 1 Providing and laying first-class table
molded brick in CM 1:6 to 225mm thick
walls & above, including raking out the
joints, scaffolding, curing, etc.
b) Ground floor Cum QR 4,875.00
c) First floor Cum QR 5,300.00
d) Second floor Cum QR 5,475.00
e) Third floor Cum QR 5,650.00
D 5 Using 6″ solid cement blocks Cum 125.00 4,650.00 581,250.00
Total 815,750.00
E 1 Teak wood main door Sq Mt 2.50 15,000.00 37,500.00
MS hold fasteners No’s 108.00 40.00 4,320.00
SS hinges No’s 36.00 65.00 2,340.00
Tower bolts-150mm No’s 36.00 90.00 3,240.00
SS magnetic door closer No’s 3.00 200.00 600.00
Mortise lock with handle No’s 18.00 1,000.00 18,000.00
E 2 Flush door Sqm 48.00 6,400.00 307,200.00
Sal wood frame with kutty shutter
4 nos of SS hinges-100mm No’s 88.00 65.00 5,720.00
2 nos buff finished tower bolts-150mm No’s 44.00 90.00 3,960.00
SS buff finished night latch No’s 22.00 1,000.00 22,000.00
SS magnetic door closer No’s 22.00 200.00 4,400.00
SS buff finished aldrop No’s 22.00 250.00 5,500.00
E 3 Toilet door Sqm 16.50 5,500.00 90,750.00
E 4 Hardwood windows Sqm 50.00 6,000.00 300,000.00
Total : 805,530.00
G 1 Providing and laying 50 mm thick cement
concrete flooring with PCC 1:1½:3 using 12mm
downgraded granite aggregate laid in alternate
bays of approximate 1 x 1 m or as directed, top
finished with a floating coat of neat cement
trowelled smooth, including compacting curing, etc Sqm 155.00 400.00 62,000.00
G 2 Providing and laying Vitrified Tile flooring on 20 – 25
mm thick 1:5 CM bed in level and line. Joints are
to be finished neatly with slurry and mixed with
the pigment to match the color/shade of the tile.
(Basic rate of Vitrified Tile: 55/-sft) Sqm 130.00 1,200.00 156,000.00
  Same for skirting Rmt 225.00 125.00 28,125.00
G 4 Providing & fixing Granite flooring laid on 20-25mm
thick CM 1:5 base jointed with neat cement slurry
with pigment to match the colour of the tiles.B.R -120/sft Sqm 120.00 2,500.00 300,000.00
9a same as  but skirting Rmt 65.00 265.00 17,225.00
G 6 Soling Sqm 180.00
Total 563,350.00
H 1 Supplying & providing steel reinforcement bars  
for all RCC works, including cutting, bending,
hoisting and placing in position fabricating /
binding & tying at all levels as per detailed
drawings including the cost of 18 gauge binding
wire to tie the rods & necessary precast
concrete cover blocks to ensure the specific cover
for concrete all complete. (Rate quoted should
include for wastages). Basic rate – 55 /Kg M.T 17.00 65,000.00 1,105,000.00
H 2 Providing and fixing in position purpose made
MS grills to windows/ventilators using standard
sections, flats/bars, etc., outer frame with 20mm
flat & infill with 10mm bars welded horizontally
or at 45* spaced at 100mm c/c all as per design
and details are shown in the drawing including
painting with necessary primer-zinc chromite
putty & finish with 2 or more coats of synthetic
enamel paint.(refer door window drawing) Sqm 50.00 1,850.00 92,500.00
H 2 Same as in item 2 above but with
 a) 20mm at 15cm c/c Sqm 9.00 1,880.00 16,920.00
b)16mm at 15mm c/c Sqm 25.00 2,160.00 54,000.00
c)12mm at 15cm c/c Sqm 13.00 1,850.00 24,050.00
H 3 Weldmesh Sqm 30.00 1,950.00 58,500.00
  Total 1,350,970.00
(Note: Rate quoted should include for necessary    
hacking the RCC surface, scaffolding curing, fixing
necessary chicken wire mesh at the junction of brick &
RCC works) Make of Cement – Blended ACC/Birla
I 1 Providing and plastering 6 to 12 mm thick cement
plaster in CM 1:4 to the ceiling of slabs, soffits and
sides of beams (which are not above walls)
finished smooth with Neeru (lime rendering).
a) Basement floor Sqm 170.00 320.00 54,400.00
b) Ground floor Sqm 170.00 325.00 55,250.00
c) First floor Sqm 170.00 330.00 56,100.00
d) Second floor Sqm 170.00 340.00 57,800.00
I 2 Providing and plastering 10 to 16 mm thick cement
plaster in CM 1:6 to the internal wall finished smooth
b) Ground floor Sqm 233.00 320.00 74,560.00
c) First floor Sqm 233.00 325.00 75,725.00
d) Second floor Sqm 233.00 330.00 76,890.00
I 3 Providing and plastering 12 to 20 mm thick sand
faced cement plaster (sponge finish) in CM 1:6 to
external brick /  RCC surface, providing and
making grooves, drip molding, etc. wherever
necessary as directed. ( all floors)
b) Ground floor Sqm 150.00 340.00 51,000.00
c) First floor Sqm 150.00 345.00 51,750.00
d) Second floor Sqm 150.00 350.00 52,500.00
e)Terrace floor Sqm 75.00 355.00 26,625.00
I 4 Same as above item 3 but rough plaster
below glazed tiles in kitchen and bathrooms
a) Basement floor
b) Ground floor Sqm 500.00 0.00
c) First floor Sqm 515.00 0.00
d) Second floor Sqm 530.00 0.00
e) Third floor Sqm 545.00 0.00
560.00 0.00
  Total 6,32,600.00
J 1 Providing and plastering 18 mm thick waterproof        
cement plaster in two coats under layer:12 mm thick  
cement plaster 1:4 finished with 6 mm thick CM 1:3
to inside walls and bottom, sides of sunken slabs,
slabs, balcony projections, terrace, etc., finished
neatly using waterproofing compound mixed with
cement (as per the manufacturer’s specifications)
Including necessary curing.Rate quoted
will include providing a necessary slope.
Make – high guard c/o ROFFE chemicals.
use as per product literature.
b) Ground floor Sqm 21.00 390.00 8,190.00
c) First floor Sqm 21.00 400.00 8,400.00
d) Second floor Sqm 21.00 410.00 8,610.00
J 2 Each 420.00
J 3 Supplying and filling in with Cinder with
necessary compaction in sunken areas
b) Ground floor Cum 1.30 2,500.00 3,250.00
c) First floor Cum 1.30 2,600.00 3,380.00
d) Second floor Cum 1.30 2,700.00 3,510.00
J 5 Terrace waterproof- brickbat coba Sqm 125.00 675.00 84,375.00
  Total       1,19,715.00
K 1 Same as above but Oil bound distemper
for ceiling.
all floors Sqm 680.00 120.00 81,600.00
K 2 Providing and painting with Plastic        
Emulsion of approved make and shade  
thoroughly sandpapering the surface,
removing loose burrs, dust, dirt. Applying
a coat of cement primer and two coats of
enamel putty, then one more coat of primer
and finally 2 coats of paint including
scaffolding, curing, etc. Sqm 680.00 155.00 105,400.00
K 3 Providing & painting with Sandex mat of approved
make & shade, thoroughly cleaning/preparing
the surface, removing loose burrs, dust, dirt and
repairing of dents, cracks, holes washing and
wetting the surfaces, applying a coat of primer,
followed by two or more coats of paint
including scaffolding, curing, etc.
Sqm 525.00 165.00 86,625.00
K 4 Synthetic enamel  paint
all floors Sqm 90.00 175.00 15,750.00
K 5 Supplying and polishing door shutters, door
and window frames with polish as per
manufacturers specifications including
a basic coat of putty and primer.
a) hand polishing (French) Sqm 45.00 500.00 22,500.00
Total 3,11,875.00
L 2 Providing & fixing Machine cut/ Machine
polished granite slab for kitchen
counter. Sqm 2.16 16,000.00 34,560.00
  Total 34,560.00
 As per work required on Site.
Total 0.00
 As per work on Site
Total 0.00
N 1 Supplying, providing & fixing in position staircase      
  railing approximately 80 to 90 mm high with 16mm      
  MS square bars fixed vertically to every step with      
  with 50 mm x 6mm MSmm flat welded to the      
  square bars as shown in the drawing including      
  supplying and fixing 100 x 50 mm teak wood      
  handrail brought to shape and screwed to 25x6mm      
  flat runner welded on top of square bars as per      
  design, including painting the MS section      
  and polishing the wooden sections Sqm 25.00 3,400.00 85,000.00
N 2 Supplying, providing & fixing with 16mm sq rod and 50mm box sec
  Sqm 10.00 1,900.00 19,000.00
N 3 Teak wood railing        
  Rmt 20.00 1,550.00 31,000.00
Total 1,35,000.00
O Extra /Miscellaneous works:
O 1 75mm thick flagging concrete Sqm 23.00 375.00 8,625.00
O 2 PCC 1:3:6 with bitumen Sqm 25.00 800.00 20,000.00
O 3 RCC drain covers Sqm 12.00 1,500.00 18,000.00
O 4 Granite slab for drain Sqm 20.00 980.00 19,600.00
O 7 Sand filling Cum 10.00 1,900.00 19,000.00
Total 85,225.00
P 1 Providing anti-termite treatment to ground      
floor & foundations by pest control  
agencies.-as per  P.C.I control norms.
A at plinth fitting Sqm 23.00 75.00 1,725.00
B at wall-floor junction Sqm 150.00 75.00 11,250.00
C extnl perimeter Rmt 75.00 75.00 5,625.00
Total 18,600.00
Q 1 RCC water tank-Beams Cum 1.25 9,200.00 11,500.00
Q 2 RCC water tank-top slab Cum 2.25 9,000.00 20,250.00
Q 3 225 brick masonry Cum 4.75 5,250.00 24,937.50
Q 4 122mm thick Rcc wall Cum 2.65 9,500.00 25,175.00
Q 5 Waterproof plaster Sqm 20.00 400.00 8,000.00
Q 6 Ext plastering Sqm 22.00 350.00 7,700.00
Q 7 Cement paint Sqm 23.00 125.00 2,875.00
Q 8  Additional Work
Total 100,437.00
R 1 Earthwork Cum 37.50 300.00 11,250.00
R 2 PCC 1: 4:8 Cum 2.25 3,200.00 7,200.00
R 3 225 mm Brick masonry Cum 9.00 4,600.00 41,400.00
R 4 RCC roof slab Cum 2.25 6,000.00 13,500.00
R 5 Steel (basic price-52000/Ton MT 0.05 65,000.00 2,925.00
R 6 IPS flooring Sqm 15.00 490.00 7,350.00
R 7 Waterproof plaster Sqm 38.00 450.00 17,100.00
R 8 Waterproof -Top Slab Sqm 15.00 400.00 6,000.00
R 9 Rough plaster Sqm 40.00 355.00 14,200.00
R 10 PVC rungs Each
R 11 Chamber cover Each
Total 1,20,925.00
S 1 Earthwork Cum 30.00 300.00 9,000.00
S 2 PCC 1: 4:8 Cum 4.50 3,200.00 14,400.00
S 3 SSM Cum 17.00 3,650.00 62,050.00
S 4 DPC 1:3:6 Cum 10.00 4,950.00 49,500.00
S 5 DPC 1:3:6 Cum 1.00 4,950.00 4,950.00
S 6 112mm brick masonry Sqm 36.00 630.00 22,680.00
S 7 PCC 1:3:6 Cum 0.75 3,700.00 2,775.00
S 8 Rough plaster Sqm 72.00 355.00 25,560.00
S 9 Cement paint Sqm 72.00 125.00 9,000.00
S 10 MS gate Sqm 10.50 2,425.00 25,462.50
S 11 pink granite Sqm 0.50 3,750.00 1,875.00
S 12   Other works if Any
S 13  Extra cost
Total 2,27,252.00
 GRAND  TOTAL : 66,78,302.00


NOTE: The above details are Just a Sample of the current construction rates. These rates may vary from Project to Project, depending on the planning and construction specifications.

How does the Bangalore House Construction Cost Calculator in Bangalore Work to calculate the residential cost of construction for 20×30 30×40 40×60 50×80.. of G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors?

A construction cost calculator is a tool that provides you with a detailed estimate of the cost of constructing a house in Bangalore.

A cost calculator is beneficial while you are planning the budget of your House.

construction Cost calculator in bangalore for house construction

It provides you with an accurate, efficient, consistent, and professional-looking budget, which can be relied on for various aspects of the project.

The tool is suitable for anyone involved in the construction of a building (Architects, Civil and structural engineers, Contractors, House owners, etc.).

What is a Cost Calculator?

A Construction cost Cost Calculator Tool is a free software just like the one provided on this page by Architec4Design that uses advanced algorithms.

Some of the inputs include the cost of materials, painting, flooring labor, etc., which regularly updated information on various construction factors to suggest the most appropriate and exact cost of construction.

Accessing the various factors manually is cumbersome and complex; however, you can easily estimate the cost and plan your budget with the cost calculator. The budget must be based on true and factual data as it is the cornerstone of a project.

An accurate cost estimating software helps organize funds for the project with ease manages risk, overcomes financial hurdles, and helps you stay on top of the project.

This can be achieved with the help of a construction cost calculator. Here is a systematic procedure for using the cost calculator.

How to Use the Cost Calculator?

The cost calculator is a highly intuitive tool designed by even a person with the least technical knowledge. It requires you to feed some information about the project, such as the site area, location, type of House, etc.

Using this information, the cost calculator suggests a detailed estimate of the cost of constructing a house. Follow the below instructions to estimate the cost of your house or to accumulate the required information before using the cost calculator. Here is a systematic procedure of using the cost calculator.

Once you are on the cost calculator page, you will notice that several columns are highlighted Orange, and there are proportional fields in White and Green.

Apart from Sq. Feet, Location, and Floors, the Greenfield highlights the selected Option, whereas the While reflects the unselected options. Follow the below instructions to select the right options.


This is one of the essential fields in the cost calculator as it factors the total area of the plot on which you want to perform the construction. The construction cost calculator will assume several other data, such as material and labour, depending on the plot area.

There are three ways you can fill this Option by toggling each Option – SITE AREA, SITE DIMENSION, or SQ. FT. When you toggle on SITE AREA, you can provide the Site’s specific measurements such as 600 sq ft, 1200 sq ft, 2400 sq ft, 5000 sq ft, 2000 sq ft, or others.

Remember to provide the exact measurement of the plot. By toggling on SITE DIMENSION, you are presented with a drop-down list of site dimensions such as 20×30, 20×40, 30×50, 30×60, 40×50, 40×60 30×40, etc.

Choose the appropriate option.

You are toggling on SQ. FT (square feet), this Option is similar to SITE AREA with the difference that there is a drop-down list of site areas you can choose from. Ensure that you select the right choice and measurement of your Site.


As the site area, the site’s location is also an essential factor as it constitutes a large portion of the project’s total cost. The cost of land varies from one area to the other within the same city.

The cost may be high in a posh area, whereas the city’s outskirts may be priced relatively low. Hence, use the drop-down list in the cost calculator to choose from hundreds of locations in Bangalore.


The next factor is choosing the number of floors you are planning to construct on the Site or plot. The cost of material and labor charges also vary depending on the number of floors in the building.

The building construction cost calculator provides you with options such as (G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4) Ground Floor Only, Ground +1 Floor, Ground +2 Floors, Ground +3 Floors, and Ground +4 Floors. Choose the right option according to your requirements.


The cost calculator allows you to choose between three houses – duplex house, rental House, and duplex + rental.

A duplex house spreads across two or more floors connected by an inner staircase, whereas rental houses are multiple units built for generating rental income.

One can also choose to build a combination of Duplex + rental houses. Select the type of House you want to build.


How many bedrooms, halls, and kitchens you want to build also influences the project’s total cost. The more the number of bedrooms you want in the House, the more the cost will be.

In the cost calculator, you have options from 1BHK to 4BHK. Choose the number of bedrooms you want in the House and move to the next Option.


The materials you use while constructing the House play a significant role in the total cost. Depending on the type of material you choose, the cost will vary.

You have various options such as Cement Blocks (6’), Cement Blocks (8’), and Bricks in the cost calculator. While selecting the material, you should seek the advice of the architect.


The flooring is essential in a house; some materials increase the aesthetics and are easy to clean compared to others.

All the features and the cost of the material you choose must be considered. The cost calculator provides you with options such as Vetrified, Granite, and Marble + Wooden.


Similarly to the above field, you have to select the door you want in your House.

The cost calculator provides you with options – OST Doors, Sal Wood, Honne Wood, and Teak Wood. You can conduct thorough research on the materials before making a selection.

WINDOW: The cost calculator options for the materials used in windows are Sal Wood, Honne Wood, Teak Wood, UPVC, and Aluminum. Select the preferred option.


The last option in the cost calculator is the type of painting you would want to use in the House. The painting also shares a significant portion of the total cost.

The two options available are basic and premium.

After you have provided all the information, click on the button, CALCULATE CONSTRUCTION COST IN BANGALORE, and scroll down for a detailed report.

Factors that Affect the Construction Cost in Bangalore while Building a house

The process of estimating the cost of construction in Bangalore is complex; it involves several variable factors. For the construction estimation to be accurate, you must get each factor right.

This can be done through conducting research, study, and using the experience of the architect or other parties involved in construction.

factors for construction cost

A slight error in one of the variables can significantly impact the final estimate. Therefore, understanding the variables of the cost of construction is essential.

Here is a list of factors that affect the construction cost of a building:


Materials constitute a substantial sum in the final cost of the project. The price of materials includes material cost, applicable taxes, and shipping charges. The cost of materials can change over time; hence, a recent project can provide a useful reference.

You should consider all the variations, such as the changes in taxes and shipping charges, etc. while calculating the material cost.


If the house construction project is large, extending over a long period, there will be an extra cost.

The local labor force might not be sufficient, and additional labor will have to be brought in from other regions, increasing the value of the project. If the project requires laborers with extra skills, that could also add to the cost of the project.


The Site’s location can be a huge factor in the budget if the land is not already procured. The cost of land varies from one geographical region to the other. If the Site is located away from resources, there will be an additional cost in terms of transportation cost of equipment, materials, labor, tools, etc.


A similar project completed in the past is the best reference for preparing cost estimation of the current project or used an advanced construction cost calculator to get a precise estimate.

Using the final cost of the past project, you can obtain an idea of the new project’s value. Use the previous project’s final cost with a cost indication of the current project as a factor of cost estimation.


The condition of the Site can change within a short period, which can increase the cost of construction in Bangalore. The Site may witness heavy rain, which can cause soil erosion, among other difficulties that can add to the price.

Some other site conditions that can increase the cost:

  • Loose soil.
  • Dumped soil.
  • Wetlands.
  • Environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Buried storage tanks.
  • Groundwater and poor soil conditions.
  • Buried storage tanks.


The duration of the project is also a significant factor in the cost of the project. If a project continues for an extended period, the additional cost can be substantial as the cost of materials, labor; equipment will rise, idle cost of manufacturing equipment, and other indirect expenses.

On the other hand, if a project is completed early, it can also be costly as the direct cost will be high in such projects. While estimating the total cost of the project, these variations must be considered.


An Architect outlines the project and decides the most efficient way of constructing the building. A well-laid-down plan makes it easier for every party to work in sync and accomplish the project in time and within a predetermined cost.

It ensures that the roles and responsibilities of every party are clearly stated. A vague or poorly drawn design can confuse and create interruptions and problems during the project, increasing the cost of the project.


A reputed and skilled architect is pivotal to a successful project. While calculating the cost of construction, you should also consider the fee of the architect.

If the Architects fees as a percentage of the whole project, per hour basis, or a fixed sum. It should be included in the total cost of the project.


A construction project can continue for years, during which the cost of materials, equipment, tools, labor, etc., can increase.

Several factors can increase the cost of operations, such as inflation in the economy, a rise in fuel prices, a shift in market sentiment, political reasons, etc.


The wages of labor vary from location to location. If the cost of construction of a house has been estimated months in advance, then the current salaries of labor have to be considered. Labor wages can rise due to government regulations or other factors.


A successful project must flow seamlessly; for this, the reputation of the engineer is essential. A reputed professional will charge more; hence, the cost of the construction will be more.

An experienced and reputed professional can work efficiently with the contractors, which allows the project to run smoothly and, thus, being cost-effective.


Before the project’s construction, several approvals from regulatory agencies like BDA/BBMP/BMRDA need to be obtained before the start of the project.

This can be costly and should be included while estimating the cost of construction for the project.


Insurance is essential for a project as it safeguards you against the additional cost that may arise due to accidents. The cost of insurance should be included in the cost calculation, such as insurance for construction workers, tools, equipment, etc.

Some of the standard house construction cost factors for a  project are site work area insurance, labor insurance, and general insurance requirements for construction material. Depending on the type of construction, some plans may also have other additional costs.


Periodically, the equipment used in a project should be monitored to ensure they are in the right condition to meet a project’s requirements. The cost of such a review should be added to the cost of the project.


Even after all the planning, there is so much that cannot be foreseen in a construction project. 10 percent of the cost of the project should be apportioned for the unexpected cost that may arise during the execution of the project.

How does a House Construction Cost Calculator Help in Planning Your Construction Budget?

A House construction cost calculator in Bangalore is an advanced method of estimating the cost of building a house.

A building estimation tool uses advanced algorithms and up-to-date data on various variable factors of construction such as flooring, construction material rates, doors, windows, paintings, etc., to suggest the most accurate estimated cost of completing the construction.

construction Cost calculator

The tool’s variable factors are the size of the plot, the location of the Site, type of House, no. of rooms – doors, windows, painting type, the material used in the structure, roofing, flooring, etc.

While planning the budget of a house, it is essential that you estimate the cost of the project. This allows you to keep the fund ready for the construction, manage risks, overcome financial hurdles, and stay on top of the project.

Here are some reasons you should use a cost calculator while planning the budget for constructing a house in Bangalore.


The cornerstone on which you build the budget of a project is the estimated cost of the project. Its accuracy is pivotal for the successful planning of the budget. A far-fetched estimate can cause a wide variety of problems during the project, which can jeopardize the completion.

The residential cost estimation tool uses various information on various variables of construction and their up-to-date data to suggest a near accurate estimated cost. With the data obtained, you can effectively plan the budget of the project.

This tool is particularly helpful to novice house builders who do not have the experience or the necessary technical skills to conduct research and study to determine the estimated cost of the project.

As the process of building cost estimation is involved, the soundness of the data obtained may also be questionable. However, this tool uses an advanced formula and well-established principles to provide an accurate cost that can be in budget planning.


Apart from being complex, cost estimation is also a time-consuming process, which you might not be able to afford as a house builder. The cost calculator provides a simple and efficient solution.

Using our cost calculator tool 2019, you can determine the project’s cost within minutes, if not sooner. This helps in fast-tracking the process of budget planning.


If you are a first-time home builder, construction firm, contractor, or someone handling multiple construction projects, consistency in budget planning is essential.

With the cost calculator, you will follow a similar procedure for cost estimation in Bangalore. This will ensure consistency in budget planning across various projects.


A professional-looking budget can be of assistance at all stages of the project. Using the cost estimator tool, you have a construction estimate that goes into the details of the project, such as the cost of roofing, flooring, structure, woodwork, etc.

This information can change the materials and other configurations of the project and alter the cost. A professional-looking budget also helps while hiring architects for the project. It provides a clear directive to the Architect and helps in the designing process.

Apart from the four benefits of using a cost calculator tool for budget planning, several other subtle advantages come with using a cost calculator.

How Does an Architect Help in reducing residential Construction Cost while Building a House in Bangalore?

The role the Architect plays in helping reduce the residential construction cost in Bangalore is quite significant. An Architect involves discussing the project, preparing the initial designs like House plans, Elevations, Floor plans, Architectural working drawings, and overseeing the construction as planned and within the estimated cost.

Architects role in reducing construction cost

However, an Architect’s role extends further, not limited only by the client’s demand. Architects also help select the right building contractors and choose the right construction materials for building a house, amongst other activities.

Nevertheless, even with all the work that he does brings value and quality to a project. Some clients or homeowners still consider them expensive for a project without knowing the advantages they bring for a home project.

However, to the contrary, professional guidance can reduce the cost of construction or keep cost escalation at bay rather than increase it.
So, let’s discuss some points on how an Architect helps in reducing the cost of construction while building a residential house or a residential complex.

What Lowers the Cost of Construction:

When it comes to reducing the house construction cost in Bangalore or building a house on a limited budget, which happens in most cases, there is no one better guidance that one can give other than the hired Architect for your project.

As a professional, he can provide you with efficient floor plans, house designs, project planning, project cost management, cost-effective material selection, and simple solutions for any problems during home construction.

Efficiency during building construction:

He also ensures that the residential project proceeds and completes as per the planned schedule. He acts as a guardian angel of the project, ensuring every aspect of construction is in your favor, minimizing wastage and increasing efficiency. He also negotiates with the contractor on your behalf, among numerous other things.

Apart from the above cost benefits, an architect designs the building before construction, including your ideas and requirements. Making changes during the design process is significantly less in comparison to when the construction has begun.

Due to the experience of the Architect, he can help you with approvals and sanctions early on, so you do not face hurdles when the project has started.

Design is the primary responsibility of an architect. A good Architect draws a well-thought plan that can be used to reduce the cost. Based on the model, the contractor will estimate the cost. Once you have the price, you can decide to go ahead with the construction or alter things to reduce the cost.

Minimizes the Life-cycle Cost of the Project:

It is a well-known fact that the total cost of construction is only 25 percent of the life-cycle cost. Although reducing the upfront cost is all well and good. It would be best if you also cut the remaining 75 percent cost of the building.

During a house’s life, the upfront cost becomes insignificant in front of a project’s maintenance and operations cost. Working with the design team and the architect allows you to make wise decisions regarding the materials and equipment. One can choose materials that would cost less in the long run.

Apart from this, He ensures that the House is built as per the latest construction technology by selecting the right building and construction materials.

A well Designed House Improves Quality of Life & Health:

A house well constructed with the help of the right professionals adheres to all the safety procedures. We often fail to acknowledge the importance of health in terms of money saved. The Architect creates a house that is safe, comfortable, enjoyable, and safe to grow in.

He also gives adequate importance to natural air and light while constructing the House. They will ensure that the ventilation is proper, providing continuous fresh air and appropriate brightness levels for different areas of the House.

All spaces within a house are essential and equal importance should be given before and during building construction. An experienced professional can cleverly design and adapt to new innovative ways to make space even in cramped areas. They are well qualified and skilled in finding creative ways to utilize space.

Increases Efficiency and Productivity:

An architect designs a house in a manner that improves efficiency and productivity. Often, we fail to understand the correlation between efficiency and value in terms of money.

A well-planned house increases efficiency by placing everything in the home at the right distance, making them easily accessible.

One must have heard of the famous proverb “Time is money” By saving your time, An Architect allows you to dedicate more time to important things like your work, increasing your productivity.

When a house is well constructed and efficiently planned to utilize the Site’s total area for construction. This can significantly impact cost reduction during building construction as land is one of the most expensive aspects of construction.

A professional will utilize the space by ensuring that the distance between your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom increases the space for storage. A good architect will think of everything to make your life as easy and efficient in the House as possible.

Increases the Resale Value:

Not all of us like to spend our lives living in one House in one part of the country. One may want to retire in some other part of the state or the country. A well-designed home has a much more resale value than a traditional house.

Not to mention, since the House will have the proper approvals and sanctions from various local bodies, amenities such as drainage and water supply are never an issue with the House, making it ideal for resale.

Due to all the above reasons, hiring an architect is not an expense but a way of ensuring that the House is of the best quality at a desirable cost. We have some of the finest architects in Bangalore who have contributed to numerous housing projects and villas. We can help you design and build the house of your dreams cost-effectively.

What is the Construction cost in Bangalore? For 20x30 30x40 40x60 50x80 Sites?

The Construction cost in Bangalore for a house on 20x30 G Floor Rs 11 lacs G+1 Rs 19 lacs G+3 Rs 38 lacs | 30x40 Construction cost G Floor Rs 18 lacs G+1 Rs 37 lacs G+2 Rs 56 lacs| 40x60 Construction cost G Floor Rs 30 lacs G+1 Rs 69 lacs G+2 Rs 1.1 cr.

What is the Construction cost in Bangalore 2021? For Duplex house / Rental house?

The Construction cost in Bangalore 2021 for building a house both Rental as well as a Duplex house starts from Rs 1650 /sq ft to upwards of Rs 1900/sq ft for building a Duplex house.

What is Cost of Construction in Bangalore 2021? For Residential / Commercial Building?

The Cost of construction in Bangalore 2021 for Residential starts from Rs 1650/sq ft and for Commercial building construction cost starts from Rs 1350/sq ft for bare shell.

How a Construction cost calculator in Bangalore is helpful?

A Construction cost calculator is a free Construction Cost estimation tool that lets you determine the possible construction cost based on various inputs such as Site dimensions, No of floors, Materials used etc.

What is 20x30 Construction cost for Building G+1/G+2/G+3/G+4 Floors?

The 20x30 house construction cost in Bangalore for G Floor: 12 lacs | G+1 Floor: 19 lacs | G+2 Floors: 28 lacs | G+3 Floors: 38 lacs| G+4 Floors: 49 lacs.

What is 30x40 Construction cost for building G+1/G+2/G+3/G+4 Floors?

The 30x40 Construction cost in Bangalore for G Floor: 17 lacs | G+1 Floor: 32 lacs | G+2 Floors: 56 lacs | G+3 Floors: 75 lacs| G+4 Floors: 94 lacs.

What is 40x60 Construction cost for building G+1/G+2/G+3/G+4 Floors?

The 40x60 Construction cost in Bangalore for G Floor: 30 lacs | G+1 Floor: 69 lacs | G+2 Floors: 1.10 crore | G+3 Floors: 1.55 crore | G+4 Floors: 1.90 crore.