Wooden Flooring Know Advantages Disadvantages Durability and Maintenance for Wooden Flooring

Where Wooden Flooring can be used?

The flooring that is based upon solid wood is also known as wooden plank flooring or timber flooring. The plank flooring is accomplished through the planks that are prepared through the reclaimed wooden boards. At A4D Design, we suggest the best possible window options that suit the need and budget of your house.

This kind of flooring can be adapted to a household as well as commercial establishments. There are different types of timber flooring.

The hardwood flooring is called a ‘tongue and groove’ styling flooring system. The flooring gives you great elegance combined with functionality and durability. There are three grades of woods. They are standard, select, and natural grades. In the case of strip flooring, wooden planks are arranged.

The planks will be affixed parallel to the length of the room. To form panels, aluminium foils are used. This is done to achieve wood mosaic flooring. If you are looking for a quite cheap option, you should want to choose laminate flooring. These are durable as well. Bamboo flooring is durable. These are the most economical and environmentally friendly as well. As bamboos will grow faster than timber, you can access them very easily.

Cost : Rs 350 to Rs 600 / sq ft

Advantages of Wooden Flooring

  • One of the major advantages of wooden flooring is that it creates a beautiful ambiance and gives you sturdy and strong flooring space.
  • There will be minimal maintenance.
  • You can lay down in high traffic areas as well.
  • To retain the original luster, you can re-sand it.
  • There will not be allergens as timber is hypo-allergic.
  • The flooring offers good insulation.
  • Maintenance is very low.

Disadvantages of Wooden Flooring

  • The major disadvantages of Wooden flooring are that it’s very expensive.
  • The shine can be lost, which gives a very dull look.
  • The time taken to construct the flooring is very long.
  • Should walk and run on the floor very carefully as it is slippery.
  • It isn’t resistant to stains.
  • It’s not as hard as Granite or Marble, so it’s prone to scratches.

The durability of Wooden Flooring

The popularity of and durability for wooden flooring made of wood is growing at a constant pace. If you install high-quality and processed wood materials, it will give long life.

You will be able to use it for a lifetime by removing the soil quickly and efficiently. The instructions given by the manufacturer should be followed so that you can make the most of your time, effort, and money. It is possible to choose highly appealing flooring that is designed with wood.

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Maintenance involved in Wooden Flooring

An entirely different approach should be adopted to maintain wooden flooring. The maintenance for wooden flooring is that its water-sensitive and it is abrasive-sensitive. Hence, special care should be taken to manage the longevity of the flooring. The wood used for flooring purposes will be derived from both evergreen trees and deciduous trees.

The timber will be cut from the trees, and it will be processed in the mills, and building materials will be fabricated as per your needs. The maintenance program that should be adopted will depend upon the type of wooden flooring you chose. Hence, it would help if you wanted to know the exact material used for the flooring purpose.

If you install pre-finished flooring materials, there will not be any maintenance requirements for many years.

It would help if you understood that solid wood floors would not be sanded and finished in general. By applying a high-quality coating, the quality of flooring will be enhanced. There will not be any damage due to erosion if a high-quality coating is arranged.

As a maintenance measure, the soil should be removed from the wood completely. The soil attached to the shoe will be collected through the good quality mats that you top up on the flooring. The damage to the surface can be minimized in this manner.

Our Suggestions for Wooden flooring Brands
Armstrong, Euro, Egofloor, Span, Pergo

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