Site Registration Procedure in Bangalore | Site Registration Process in Bangalore | Procedure of Registering a Site/Plot in Bangalore

The Procedure of Registering a Site/Plot in Bangalore

Property registration in India should be done under section 17 of the Indian registration act, 1908.

The registration will be done at the Sub-registrar office or district registrar office as per the location. At we also suggest that you can read more about Site registration charges in Bangalore if you need to know more details.

Site Registration procedure in Bangalore involves the process of submitting all required necessary documents and fee should be paid so that authorities will release the site registration documents in Bangalore.

If your property falls under the jurisdiction of BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike), you should submit the following documents. There are other approval authorities like like BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) , BMRDA (Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority),  KIDB (Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board) , KHB (Karnataka Housing Board), GP (Gram Panchayat), BIAAPA (Bangalore International Airport Area Planning Authority), DTCP (Department of Town and Country Planning), LDA (Lake Development Authority).


The list of documents required for Site registration in Bengaluru that are required to be submitted to the Register for site registration include Khata or Tax determination statement, Affidavit, Sanction plan or Conversion certificate (If the property is on converted land), Title deed/Allotment order/Possession Certificate/Family Tree if req/Sales document (If the property is allotted by government depart or agency) and Declaration in form 1 under Karnataka Stamp Rules, 1977.

After obtaining the necessary documents, they should be submitted at BBMP by paying necessary stamp duty. The signature of witnesses is also required. The documents will be verified and the site will be registered in your name as per the procedure.

Site Registration Process

The Process of site registration should be done properly as it is the legal document which can be showed as proof if there are any disputes.

If you are registering a property officially, it denotes that you are the legal owner of the piece of land. You should be aware of the terms used in the property registration process in Bangalore. The property registration is also called as ‘khata’ opening or transfer.

The registration should be done as per the document changes in ownership or transactions involving the immovable property. The risk of fraud is avoided when the registration is done properly.


You can go for online registration facility as well. As per the computerized land and property registration system, you should submit an application to the concerned authority who can be Sub-Registrar or SDM of your area.

The application form can be downloaded from the website directly. It can also be obtained from the office in physical form. The deed will be drawn after verifying the documents and the registration process will be completed.

Purchaser’s responsibility

The purchaser of the site should examine the documents very carefully. The original documents of the seller should be verified. It is the responsibility of the buyer to understand how the seller had acquired the property. The EC (Encumbrance Certificate) from the sub-registrar office should be obtained which shows the ownership status for the past 15 years.

You should verify if there is any litigation from the concerned court. You should verify if there are any objections from revenue, municipal office about the inherited property. If you are buying through a power of attorney, you should verify from the principal whether you are dealing with the genuine power of attorney. The validity period of power of attorney should be ascertained.

The transaction that you will carry out should not be opposed by the public policy under Section 22A of the Registration Act, 1908. The document will not be registered if the transaction violates the public policy.

If the property belongs to scheduled caste SC or  ST scheduled tribe, the transaction should be verified to find out if it violates the terms and conditions of the grant. In such cases, the seller should get the permission of the government to transfer the land.

Know your Stamp Duty Charges in Bangalore before you go for Site Registration

As you would like to register documents in your name or business name, you should want to pay the required stamp duty charges in Bengaluru before you registering a Site in Bangalore. It is a kind of tax levied by the government to complete the transaction.

The Stamp Duty charges are required to register a document which creates new rights or transfers rights. Stamp duty will be paid for a variety of document registration. For site registration, you should pay the stamp duty as a percentage of the market value of the property.

The Charges for Stamp duty varies as per the type of the document such as Sale deed, Gift Deed, Partition deed and Power of Attorney. As you pay the stamp duty, the document will obtain the legal value. After getting signatures from registration authorities, you can produce those documents as sings of evidence.


The stamping should be done before or at the time of registration. It can be paid through a variety of ways. You can purchase a physical paper to complete the stamp duty. It can be done through franking. You can make online payment as well in which case it is called as e-stamping.

Documents required for Site Registration procedure for Seller and Buyer

The List of documents required by Seller and Buyer are mentioned below, Both the parties that are the Site Seller and Site Buyer should be present at the time of site registration. Necessary identification cards should be produced.

Original documents, as well as Xerox copies, should be submitted as per the stipulation. You can present the passport, driving license or pan card for identification purpose.

Appropriate registration fee should be paid and at least two witnesses are required at the time of registration. In case of the buyer, a power of attorney can be given so that the registration will be done in his or her absence.

The stamp duty should be paid through the collector of Stamps. You should produce the proof of stamp duty so that your application will be entertained. The payment details which are made to the seller should be shown. You should product Khata certificate and tax paid receipt as well so that the registration process will be implemented.

Documents that are needed to be Produced at the Time of Site Registration

One should submit all the documents such as Title deed, allotment order or possession certificate. The sketch of the property along with the site location and boundaries should be mentioned in the document.

If you are registering a BDA reconveyed areas, the reconveyance document, improvement charges and flowchart of the title should be submitted. The encumbrance certificate for vacant sites should be produced. The flow chart of the title should be submitted.

By producing all the required documents and completing the payment, the registration will be done immediately. You will get your original documents after verifying all your documents.

Thus, you can complete the site registration process in Bangalore. The original documents should be preserved very carefully.

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