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What is B Khata / B Khata Property..?

The properties that come under the B Khata or B register of B.B.M.P (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) are those areas that are illegally constructed or in possession that do not have a valid sanction by the civic administration.

This means these properties are liable for litigation or any action taken against them in the future.

This is in sharp contrast to the A Khata properties that have legal status and also ownership rights. The B Khata properties may still be under the ownership of a person or persons, but they do not have any water connection rights, electricity or trade and Plan sanction from BBMP or BDA.

They are also not eligible for any bank loans either, making things a great deal difficult. This is even though the authorities collect taxes from B Khata properties owners.

It’s also essential that the Architects hired for the project explain the building bylaws to the client as one can come across many buildings built on B khata, which have violed BBMP bylaws.

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A recent Karnataka High Court order has asked the B.B.M.P to give a personal identification to all properties irrespective of whether it is A Khata or B Khata. It also said that all B Khata properties are illegal and should be treated in that manner.

This would also bring uniformity in taxes too. However, some parts of B Khata may still have legality and may be converted into A Khata for availing of the various benefits. It is also noted that B Khata properties cannot be sold or re-sold and are legally restricted.

What are B Khata Sites..?

B Khata sites in Bangalore are generally properties formed or developed on Lands without following the government rules and regulations such as BBMP, KIDB, BMRDA, BDA, TPA or any other respected authority coming under.

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These Layouts where the sites are formed without any bylaws like road width, standard amenities like Parks, Playgrounds, CA Sites etc.

The layouts are generally formed without DC Conversion. In many cases, one might come across layout formation done on Greenbelt lands reserved for an agricultural purpose only.

However, there is a huge price difference compared to A Khata sites formed following all bylaws like Land conversion from Greenbelt to Yellow Belt and then converted for residential use by obtaining DC conversion for the formation of sites/plots/Multi-floor apartment development.

Getting a Loan for B Khata properties

Generally, one cannot get Home loans/Site purchase loans / Composite loans for B Khata properties from nationalized banks.

However, many private financial institutes offer loans for these properties at a much higher rate of interest when compared to a nationalized bank.

How is B Khata Properties Treated under the Current Rules?

Khata is a legal identification document for Bangalore residence and contains all relevant information for tax revenue from the property.

Khata is not a Title deed as the latter is an entirely different thing altogether. Khata is only an account with the authorities to properly monitor taxes that the property holders are liable to pay to them.

Although there are details like property owners name, size of the property, location, built-up area and other matters, it does not hold good under law or the civic authorities that the property is under the ownership of that individuals.

Again, the Khata has been divided into A Khata and B Khata for jurisdictional purpose, and therefore the former comes under B.B.M.P while the latter under local jurisdiction. The A Khata properties are regarded as legally authorized construction while the B Khata properties are unauthorized construction.

How to Apply for B Khata for your property..?

Usually, those whose names are not entered in the B Khata properties are the ones that need to apply for B Khata. These are those property owners who are in a residual category according to the civic authorities.

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In most cases, those applying for B Khata properties are likely to be those who own properties or are constructed on revenue land.

Non Converted revenue lands.

The revenue lands are those land that has not been converted from agriculture to non-agricultural category. The application process for B Khata properties is very much similar to the application for A Khata properties. However, here it is to be done in a separate form for the purpose.

You may find that some of the lands under the B Khata properties are not revenue land but has been segregated due to the boundaries are drawn for jurisdiction under different civic authorities.

Hence, you may apply for B Khata if you think and have the reason to believe that your property does not stand on a revenue land and may at least be part of the B Khata properties. Later on, you may even apply for A Khata status to avail of other benefits.

Documents required for B Khata when compared to A Khata

As stated earlier, B Khata needs a separate application form that is not the same as that of A Khata application form. Again, most documents required for the purpose are more or less similar except for some other additions.

In fact, they have to give other documents like the title deed and other proofs that show that they have constructed property on non-agriculture land and that there is no violation of building norms. There must also be enough space for any future road widening too.

  • Layout plan / Master plan (Approved by Panchayat).
  • Property taxes must be paid to date.
  • Betterment charges for the conversion of property have to be paid to BBMP.
  • Title deed and Sale deed of your property.
  • The copy of receipts of property taxes that have been paid in the previous years.
  • Order of conversion of land from agriculture to non-agricultural purpose.
  • Proof of any improvement charges that you have paid, and this is only if applicable.
  • Khata Extract issued by the Panchayat submitted by the developer.
  • Location blueprint that shows where the property is situated and dimensions as well as other certified specifications.
  • Possession Certificate of your property.
  • Occupancy Certificate of your property.
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In the case of A Khata properties, you need the following documents for registering your property with B.B.M.P.

  • You need to apply in the prescribed form only and not anywhere.
  • You must enclose the attested copy of the title deed that you ought to be having.
  • Copy of Encumbrance Certificate EC, known as Form 15, must be submitted for the past 10 years.
  • Conversion Certificate of the Land Conversion that a competent authority has issued.
  • Survey Sketch and the location of your property.
  • Non-Objection Certificate ( NOC) from the Town Planning Authority.
  • Khata Certificate extract that is in the name of the builder or previous owner.
  • Approved Site Plan.
  • Approval letter of Building Plan.
  • Receipts of Tax paid for the past 3 years, and if you have just recently got the property transferred in your name, the builder may have paid the tax receipt.
  • Occupancy Certificate OC.
  • Sale deed notarized.
  • The latestEncumbrance Certificate EC shows the property is under your name.

There may other documents too if the civic authorities think may be good as proof of your property.

The High Court of Karnataka has issued orders to have all properties irrespective of their status as A Khata or B Khata to have a PIN code or Personal Identification code for future requirements.

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