Hardwood Flooring know about Advantages Durability and Maintenance of Hardwood Flooring cost

Where Hardwood Flooring can be used . . ?

Before installing the tiles, you should calculate the pros and cons. The tiles’ prospects should be assessed so that you can make the most of your time, effort, and money. The right kind of Hardwood Flooring should be selected as per the application, cost, and elegance. Before choosing the flooring options, you need to take suggestions from the Architects on What material to choose as per the available budget for House construction.

There should not be any compromise on the functionality. Natural Flooring prepared with hardwood is very expensive. Due care should be taken so that you will select the most appropriate version for your needs.

If you would like to get great value for money, you should go for flooring that is made of hardwood. The flooring will last for many years. It will remain the same for decades without going for any repair or renovation jobs. The value of your house will increase when you go for flooring that is made with hardwood planks.

There are three different options through which you can install the flooring. You can go for plank, strip, and parquet as per your needs.

Cost factor: Rs 280 to Rs 350 / sq ft

The pricing will be done on a square foot basis. Hence, you should measure the requirements before purchasing the planks for installation at home or commercial establishment. The starting price will be Rs 280 / sq ft per square foot.

It will go up as you go for unique woods. The most inexpensive Hardwood flooring cost can be accomplished through parquet, which will be Rs 350 per square foot. It is possible to apply finishes yourself, or you can opt for pre-finished products. Hours of labour cost can be reduced by going for pre-finished natural flooring.

You can have a customized finish when you purchase unfinished planks. Hence, you should know the available designs and finishes to select the most appropriate ones for your needs.

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

• A wide range of wood types is used in hardwood flooring.
• The major hardwood flooring advantage is it’s easy to maintain.
• Beautiful and durable flooring space is obtained.
• You can add class and elegance to any décor.
• Durability is enhanced.
• The value of the property will go up.

Disadvantages of Hardwood Flooring

• Major hardwood flooring disadvantages are high sharp objects Easily damage them.
• Should lay down rugs and runners so that the sound can be contained.
• If you move the furniture without proper care, scratches will be formed on the wooden surface.
• Not advisable in high humidity regions.

The durability of Hardwood Flooring

As the Durability of hardwood flooring is very much durable, it can be used for heavy traffic applications. The durability is very high. You will not want to perform repairs for many years after the installation of the planks.

Regarding aesthetics, the flooring based on hardwood gives excellent results. They are suitable for any tastes. If you take proper precautionary measures, you will ensure the longevity of the flooring. The flooring will last for many years, and it will withstand high impact without any issues.

Maintenance involved in Hardwood Flooring

It is easy to maintain hardwood flooring maintenance is easy as they are available in various materials, including walnut, birch, maple, and oak. If you clean the surface on a daily basis, it is possible to maintain the flooring for many years.

Environmentally conscious consumers like flooring based on hardwood. Further, the hardwood gives excellent warmth, and it will change the decor of the room efficiently.

Runners and area rugs should be installed on flooring so that the noise is arrested. As there are many types of natural wood flooring options, the maintenance should be in tune with the material type and treatment offered to the planks.

The relative hardness of the wood and finishes will influence the support that you will undertake.

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