A bedroom should create a relaxing ambience

Vastu has been a long followed doctrine or principle expressing the conventional outlook on the association of the laws of nature on the dwellings of humans and their living habits. You need to discuss with your residential architects on the needs that you want to implement on Vastu factor during preparation house designs.

Since time immemorial, Vastu has been followed in different fields of human dwellings like architectures, sculptures, paintings, vehicles, furniture’s etc. It is particularly followed by the Hindu community of people, though other religious communities do follow it too at times.

Vastu for a bedroom which is based on Bedroom Vastu Shastra is of utter importance just like Vastu for any other room or space in your house because at the end of the day it is your bedroom where you look for peace of mind or relaxation.

The bedroom should not be only thought of a place where one rests or takes entertainment during daybreak or night break but rather it is a place, where while you sleep, your soul leaves behind your body and your subconscious mind become activated and plays its part.

So proper attention should be given towards Vastu for bedroom so that while one can sleep or relax without haunted by bad or evil forces, Proper care should be taken towards the mechanisms of Vastu elements like direction, colour, placement of things etc. in the bedroom, so that everything is conducive to your living in the bedroom.

Placements of furniture that meets Bedroom Vastu Shastra

Bedroom Vastu Shastra tells that the position of the bed in the room is of prime importance. Firstly it should not be placed between two doors or should not be facing the entrance to the bedroom.

Placing the head of it just beside the door of the room
can be equally harmful. All this affects the health of the sleeping or relaxing person by cutting the chi of it. It is also said that whenever feet point towards a door directly, it is a position of death.

Vastu for bedroom further notifies that any sharp edge or poisoned arrows which happen to be coming from the doors, cupboards, shelves etc. should not aim at the bed.

Health Benefits of Bedroom Vastu

This again affects the health of the person sleeping or lying down, and it destabilises that person’s health. This mostly happens to children and couples who are newly married. The bed should always be placed in the bedroom under the beam or roof line of the ceiling. Placing it under a directly overhead fan will also be helpful.

According to Vastu for a bedroom, it is of crucial importance that the toilet is not in view from the bed. It should not be placed under a bathroom on the floor above or above a toilet on the floor below.

This makes you and your family susceptible to constant cold, cough, allergy and stomach problems.

So be very careful in keeping it away from the vicinity of a toilet. Lastly, the image of it should not be reflected in any mirror, television screen etc. which might cause separation in your relation.