30x40 house plans in bangalore
As architects based in Bangalore, we do 30×40 house plans in Bangalore based on vastu for the residential building we feel that the architecture history is very interesting, as human technology and mathematical and scientific understanding increases, so to did our capability to construct wonderful buildings.

The architecture was born put the combination of requirements like security, shelter and worship and means, particularly physical ability and local building material. Today we also give 40×60 duplex house plans in Bangalore and have created and design several modern architectures around the country. Most of the architectures and buildings were designed by some of our professional architects, who have more than 30 years of experience in this field.

Importance of building elevation

At www.Architects4Design.com we keep in mind the requirements of the clients who are going to live in those buildings and houses plans or house design of the rooms. Today our building elevation designs are based on modern architecture. Generally, this art or practice of designing is called as interior design.  We, do both exterior and interior designing for any type of building projects. The Feng Shui is the Chinese system of construction buildings and houses according to the factors like sunlight, microclimates.

This Chinese model has become one of the main parts of the interior design in the modern architecture in order to promote pleasant effect on the people accommodating the building or house. Modern architectural houses generally have several rooms and each with specific functions that is eating room, living room, sleeping room, washing areas and lavatory as well. The methods of building modern buildings are utilizing a construction which is the light frame.  Some of the examples of the modern architecture are home with a courtyard, glass façade faces, living room, dining room and kitchen and almost all of the rooms facing natural green. In most of the modern homes, solar panel systems are used for power and heating supplies.

The Cost building a house

The current construction cost in bangalore is soared up by several times in the recent past. Today the cost of construction hovers in between Rs 1300 to Rs 1500 per sq ft. One of the most common and preferred houses of modern architecture  is the single storied rooms since it is affordable and reduces the cost incurred in the building of highly structured houses. As architects in bangalore we feel that Modern architectures should have rooftops with photovoltaic, therefore the panels delivers energy that is sustainable. The steel interiors would maintain the temperature of the rooms during winter’s chill and summer’s heat thus keeping a balance.

As bangalore based architects we create modern homes which we have created and designed have contemporary concrete walls. The amazing feature of the modern house is the concrete walls in the exterior of the home. This home is designed with several blocks for that appears very grand and elegant from the street. The interior of the home is done up with the dazzling natural light that emphasizes the polish finish stone floors. Most of the modern homes have the elements like cobblestone walls in order to give it an urban and stylish look.