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There are many Building contractors rates in Bangalore who take constructions either on item rate constructions or on full lump sum project based on square feet proposal. The current running Building cost of construction varies from Rs 1300 to Rs 1650 per sq ft. However Residential building constructions should be given to a well reliable Building contractor which can study house plans and other working drawings given by the Architects.

The construction rates can vary depending on the location and size of the project below is a Sample cost of construction of a House proposal given by one of our current Building construction rates for a residence.


Building contractors rates in Bangalore for building a house                                                                 Basic Costs
  Cost of  construction MATERIALS
Cement – Rs. 370/Bag.Granite/marble – Rs. 120/Sft.
Steel – Rs. 50,500/Ton.Flush door (water proof)  – Rs. 90/Sft.
Ceramic tiles  –  Rs. 35/Sft.Euro external tile- Rs.48/ Sft
Red Sal wood  –  Rs. 1100/Cft.River sand = Rs. 23 /cft
Teak wood  –  Rs. 3000/Cft.6 mm jelly = Rs   ./cft
Solid cement block -22.50/block12 mm jelly = Rs.16/cft
Jet black granite 20 mm  200/sft20 mm jelly = Rs. 20/cft
40 mm jelly = Rs.15/cft




NOTE: The rates quoted for the relevant excavation items shall include the following

Shoring, strutting and protecting the sides of excavation trenches, Consolidation must be done with heavy iron hammers

  • Earth work excavation in ordinary soil for foundation trenches, isolated column footing, depth not exceeding 5′.
  • Earth work excavation in on hard soil for the side of the vertical wall &ramp
  • Refilling in foundation trenches and footings & below flooring with excavated earth including watering, compacting & consolidating in layers not exceeding 6″ thickness, lead not exceeding 100′
  • Do as item no:3 but  Earth brought from outside


  • Providing and laying PCC 1:4:8 using 40mm graded granite aggregate below the footing including normal ramming, compacting and curing.
  • Providing and laying  PCC 1 : 4 :8   using 40 mm graded granite aggregate below the flooring as levelling course including ramming , compacting and curing etc.
  • NOTE: With reference to the following reinforced concrete items, the rates quoted shall include for necessary shuttering and formwork (either steel or wood-centring) machine mixing vibrating the concrete wherever necessary scaffolding and curing, but exclusive of reinforcement steel and fabrication charges. Concrete – 53 Grade, Rest – 43 Grade
  • Providing & casting RCC1:1 1/2:3 with 3/4″ graded granite aggregate for column footings
  • Providing & casting RCC1: 1 1/2: 3 with 3/4″ graded granite aggregate for column
  • Providing & casting RCC1:1 1/2:3 with 3/4″ graded granite aggregate for column footings, but for plinth beams
  • Providing & casting RCC1:1 1/2:3 with 3/4″ graded granite aggregate for column footings, but for, chajjas, facias, lofts, shelves and the like of average thickness of 3″.
  •   Providing & casting RCC1:1 1/2:3 with 3/4″ graded granite aggregate for column footings, but for lintels.
  •    Providing & casting RCC1:1 1/2:3 with 3/4″ graded granite aggregate for column footings, but for roof beams.
  • Providing & casting RCC1:1 1/2:3 with 3/4″ graded granite aggregate for column footings, but for roof slabs..
  •    Providing & casting RCC1:1 1/2:3 with 3/4″ graded granite aggregate for column footings but for sloped slabs.
  • Ready Mix Concrete.
  • Providing & casting RCC1:1 1/2:3 with 3/4″ graded granite aggregate for column footings, but for staircase.
  1. with a waste slab
  2. with folded plate


  • Providing and Constructing concrete block in CM1:6 with a first class solid block for 6″ thick walls including racking out of joints necessary scaffolding, curing etc. complete.Rs.22.50/block
  • Providing and laying size stone masonry in CM1:6 in courses not less than 8″ high for foundation and plinth with a thorough bond stone in every course of 3′ width including raking out or flushing the joints and curing ( water should not be poured at the time of masonry )
  • Providing laying masonry in CM 1 : 4 with first class solid in 4 ” thick walls including supplying and providing 1 Nos 8mm dia M.S. rods as reinforcements in every 4th course including racking out the joints, necessary scaffolding and curing.


  • Supply, fabricate & tie in position MS round and cold twisted ribbed tor steel reinforcement in RCC items including necessary bending, cutting & tying with 16 gauge G.I binding wire including precast concrete cover blocks.
  • Providing and laying Ultra tile or equivalent Cement pigment tile for the flooring of parking ( BP – Rs.45/sft ) Skirting for the same.
  • Providing and laying coloured Ceramic tiles for flooring with first-class tiles of granolite/Asian/marbonite make of 2’x2′ size and fixing them over 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick CM 1:6 backing and pointing the joints neatly with white cement coloured to the tile. (BP35/SFT)   Skirting for  the same
  • Providing and laying of Indian GRANITE using large size marble slabs as specified but not less than 4′ X 5′ .laid on a bed cement mortar 1:6 of minimum thickness 20mm, including curing, machine polishing, tin oxide polishing etc, complete.(BP=140/SFT) Skirting for  the same
  • Providing and laying coloured ceramic tiles for toilet flooring and dado finish with first-class tiles of Johnson/Sonara/Cera make of 12″x12″ size and 8″x12″ for dadoing in toilets fixing them over 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick cm 1:6 backing and pointing the joints neatly with white cement colored to the tile(B.P-35/sft)


NOTE: In the following items,  the rates quoted shall include for all drip moulds, throating arises etc., as and where directed. The rate quoted shall include floor making good chases patches etc. made by other agencies and for necessary scaffolding and curing

  • Providing and laying 1/2″  to 3/4″ plaster in CM 1:4 to the ceiling of slabs including hacking the surface & finishing with a thin slurry of lime
  • Providing & laying 1/2″to 3/4″plaster in cm 1:6 to brick masonry etc, after preparing the surface including finishing with a thin slurry of  lime (internal plastering).
  • Providing &  laying 1/2″ to 3/4″plaster in CM    1 : 6 to brick masonry, RC works, stone masonry, etc. After preparing the surfaces including finishing surfaces with sand finishing – sponge finish. ( External plastering)

a)      Diamond GI 6″ Mesh for Plastering joint ( M/S Arpitha or equ)
b)      b)Providing pleated plastering on external surface 1 .5″ to 2″ plaster in C:M 1:6 on brick wall.
c)      c)Providing texture finish external and internal surface.


Note: The number of coats specified for painting items shall be the minimum specification.  The rate quoted shall include for all necessary tools, scaffolding etc

  • Painting ceiling after sandpapering the surface, applying one coat of primer, one coat of filler and applying 2 finishing coats of Distemper of approved quality, make and shade.

Extra rate with Birla /eqlt cement putty

  • Providing and Painting of internal surface with Premium Emulsion, sandpapering the surface applying one coat of primer, two coat of filler/ putty and applying 2 finishing coats of paint of approved quality, make and shade. (Asian Paints)
  • Painting  External Walls with  Apex or equivalent approved make and shade thoroughly cleaning the surface, removing loose burrs, dust, holes, cracks,etc., washing and wetting the surface with sprayer applying 2 coats and one coat of white cement including scaffolding and curing etc.

(ASIAN APEX in the front side)

Above mentioned for: Compound wall With Apex /weather coat With ACE /Wallmastha coat

  • Providing and painting with synthetic enamel paint of approved make and shade,  thoroughly cleaning surface, removing the loose burrs, dust, dirt, etc. Including scaffolding.
    • (Measurements as per standard coefficient)


Windows and ventilators

Staircase railing, Window grill and grill

  • Providing and polishing on a wood surface.

Melamine polish Ducco


  • Providing and fixing Doors with Teak wood frame of 3″X5″,shutter of 1 1/2″ thick panel of size not less than1’6″ width, 4 panels with top side 8″x1 1/2″, side of 5″x 1 1/2″, centre vertical of 3″x1 1/2″ and centre 3 horizontals 3″x 1 1/2″.


a. Mortice lock of value /Europa or Godrej lock
b. Brass tower bolt 8″size.
c. Brass tower bolt 6″size.
d. 4 nos of Brass hinges 5″size.

  • Providing and fixing in position doors withered Sal wood 5 ” x 2.5 “frame and waterproof flush door, powder coated 4″ hinges,8” tower bolt without handle with mortise lock cost Rs:350 including all necessary fittings and to the specified pattern.


  1. Mortice lock.
  2. Powder coated tower bolt 8″size.
  3. Powder coated tower bolt 6″size.
  4. 4 nos of Powder coated hinges 5″size.
  • Providing and fixing in position Window with Red sal   wood 5 ” x 2.5 ” frame  and Honne shutters of 3″x1.5″ size  with 4 mm float glass, powder coated 4″ tower bolt-2 nos, 3″hinges-3 nos, 3″ handle-1no, 4″ stay without sash bar including  all other necessary fittings and to the specified pattern.


  • Staircase Railing with 3/4″ twisted square bars for each step with 25 mm x 6 mm flats welded on the top, an overall height of handrail is 33″ and fixed with  3″x 2½”sal wood per architectural design and all complete.
  • Balcony Railing with 3/4″ twisted square bars with 5 mm x 6 mm flats welded on the top, an overall height of handrail is 36″ and fixed with  3″x 2½”sal wood railing as per architectural design and brick pillar @ 4″ gap all complete.
  • Providing and constructing parapet wall of 41/2″ thick with Brick pillars at 10 ‘ interval including plastering in CM 1 : 6
  • Parapet wall of 9″ thick
  • Providing and fixing of 20mm  thick jet black granite slab for kitchen, store & utility  (BP  – Rs.140/sft ) Bull nosing Granite
  • Providing of grills of 10 mm  square bars for  windows at 4 ” thick interval  (heavy)
  • Cornice at roof slab level 5″ x 5″ to design
  • Cornice at parapet level 4″x3″x2″ border
  • Grooves in plastering 1″ thick
  • Waterproofing with1:2:4 Concrete mix using 6mm jelly with the required slope in a terrace
  • Providing and laying 4″ thick. Flagging concrete with P.C.C. 1:4:8 using 40mm and downgrade granite aggregate including necessary compaction, nominal edge shuttering, finishing the nominal edge with 3/4″ thick cement mortar including curing etc. complete.
  • Anti-termite treatment.
  • Soling if required
  • Chicken mesh wall using chicken mesh and applying a thick coat of cement mortar on both sides including plastering
  • Providing and fixing Grill for utility wall (Not Included)
  • Acid wash and sunken pointing
  • Acid wash for floor tiles
  • Site levelling
  • Removal of debris from the site

ADDITIONAL WORKS: Extra amount to be paid

  • Providing and constructing underground Sump tank including necessary excavation and Providing PCC 1 : 4 : 8, 6″ thick,  RCC base slab 1:1.5:3, 6 ” thick RCC cover slab 4.5″ thick and 9 ” thick first class TM Brick walls and providing  necessary steps including waterproof plastering, curing, etc., with polyurethane coating.
  • Only RCC sump tank. Spec same as above with complete RCC
  • Providing and constructing Compound wall in burnt brick masonry 4 1/2″ thk. of 4’6″ height with three courses of a foundation, 4′ thk. DPC in CC 1:3:6 including plastering etc. complete but excluding paint. Front side 100 feet required
  • Providing and fixing sintex overhead tank with all necessary fitting and etc., complete.
  • Providing and fixing compound wall gate with 2 “square tubes around and 1/2 ” twisted bars at 4 ” spacing with necessary hinges and fittings.
  • Unbreakable glass window: actual rates to be paid extra


  • Earth Work
  • Concrete Work
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Iron and Steel works.
  • Paving’s / Flooring.
  • Plaster
  • Painting and Decoration
  • Woodwork
  • Miscellaneous
  • Electrification (Anchor wire with Roma Modular with Inverter provision)
  • Sanitation with hot water prov. in bath/kitchen

(ESS ESS, CERA fittings)

Ground Floor + First Floor = Total area

All quantities taken in the estimate are based on the house plans and elevation which given by the architect who is appointed by the owner.
This is an approximate estimate. Quantities may vary based on the structural details and site condition.

Building contractors rates
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  1. Naveen May 23, 2016 at 9:16 am - Reply

    This is by far the best and detailed information site for the people dreaming to build their house….. 5 stars for the Architects4desigm team…. My sincerest gratitude and appreciation…

  2. zabiulla August 15, 2016 at 8:29 pm - Reply

    Well informative website

  3. Madhukesh S February 24, 2017 at 4:34 pm - Reply

    Hi i wanted to construct 1st floor on 30×40 site east facing south road, give me plan & cost for construction.

  4. krishna h April 1, 2017 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    Hey team … greetings. very nice and detailed information.

    I have been a builder my self and actively doing residential and commercial projects. now the prices in the market is as follows. (as on 1st April 2017)
    most of the prices you have mentioned are right and for standard materials. but few of them like,

    1. M SAND (water washed – suitable for coloumn concrete) is Rs.40/- cft
    2. M sand DUST (with less aggregate) is Rs.35/- per cft
    3. Solid cement block 6 inches of Good quality is Rs.30/- per block (Apco company blocks are Rs.45/- each)
    4. Solid cement block 4 inches of Good quality is Rs.26/- per block
    5. 20 mm jelly is Rs.25/- per cft.
    6. Plastering Quality sand Rs.58/- to Rs.65/- per cft

    Some times the prices depends on the working site condition and the distance between the supplier and location of the construction.

    If any one require more information, please contact me.

    • A4D April 2, 2017 at 1:06 pm - Reply

      Thank you Mr Krishna for sharing addition details regarding building contractors rates. We are in the process of updating this page with more detailed cost which will be done soon. We really appreciate for your valuable time given to us by sharing such informative details.

  5. Mahesh Channappa October 5, 2017 at 4:56 pm - Reply

    Top website with lots of detailed info. Hats off to your team.

  6. Radhakrishnan January 10, 2019 at 1:06 pm - Reply

    I am having 30*40 site at @ Ramumurthy nagar west facing
    so please share the quotation for Duplex House

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