Where Granite can be used . . . ?

Before designing the house plans, the flooring option should be considered very carefully. Although it reflects your interests and lifestyle, you should look into the functional aspect as well and also one needs to take the advice of the hired Architects on what type of flooring can be used for the project.

If the flooring has to withstand high pressure, you can go for granite flooring. Granite Tiles are available in different colours and sizes. You can select colour and thickness as per the Architect recommendation. Flooring with granite is prepared to enhance the value of kitchen counters and bathrooms.

Cost of Granite Slabs: Rs 70 to Rs 300 / sq ft

Suggested Granites

Cateye, Baltic Brown, Blue Pearl, Telephone Black, Jet Black, Ashoka Brown, Corana Cream, English Teak, Golden Oak, Ikon Brown, Imperial Gold, Italian Beige, Ivory Fantasy, Ivory Brown also know about Laying charges.

The texture of granite is identified during the fabrication process. The tiles are readily available for installation. These stones can be determined through the fine or coarse grain. Thus, you will get either granular appearance or speckled appearance. Granite Tiles can be selected as per your budget. You should go through the product reviews so that you will be exposed to the features, pros and cons of various products.

Advantages of Granite Flooring

• The major benefits of granite tiles are that it’s very hard and durable and it is quite easy to maintain if used for flooring.
• The flooring is available in a wide range of textures and patterns.
• It Gives versatile and decent appearance.
• They can resist water seepage as they are not that porous material.
• It has allergen-resistant properties.
• Enhances the value of the property.

Disadvantages of Granite Flooring

• One of the major disadvantages of granite tiles is that they are very expensive than other kinds of flooring materials available in the market.
• They are available mostly in dark colours.
• It should be cleaned on a regular basis.
• Should be installed by professionals.
• It will not give a soft feeling underfoot.
Very heavy when compared to other flooring materials.

Durability of Granite Tiles for Flooring

Granite flooring will enhance the beauty of your house and also has one of the best durability values in the industry. The structural load value will increase with the installation of granite stones. It is a great investment for the future.

You can go for the unpolished surface where slip resistance is required. The surface can resist very high temperature and pressure. It has heat resisting as well as scratch resisting properties.

It is the most durable material for which reason recommended for various purposes in the construction industry.

Maintenance involved in Granite Flooring

Even though granite is durable, you should apply appropriate sealant as per the type of the granite tile. The granite floor will be protected from moisture. Hence, care should be taken on a regular basis.

By using the most appropriate cleaners and polishes, it is possible to maintain these stones with regular maintenance, it will appear like new stone and it will give the bright appearance.

Maintenance will be accomplished at different stages. It should be done during the initial installation stage, daily maintenance and periodic maintenance as well. You can also consult the local retailers to purchase the cost-effective granite stones. The cleaning experts’ help can be taken to make the most of your time, effort and money.

The word, ‘granite’ is derived from ‘granum’ which is a Latin word. Granum means seed or grain. Very high richness is obtained through the installation of these natural stones. Countertops and backsplashes can be decorated beautifully by using this.

They are heavy and expensive; it should be installed in a very careful way. Professionals will accomplish the task in an effortless manner.

If you prefer to depend upon environment-friendly materials, you can opt for granite as it is completely biodegradable.

If you go for restorative flooring, grinding, polishing and honing operations will be carried out. As these are specialized operations, experts should be hired to carry out these tasks.

As part of periodic maintenance operations, neutral cleaner and scrubbing pad are used. Freshwater rinse is also applied so that embedded soils will be removed efficiently. If you opt for thermal or honed surface texture, the polishing is required quite often than that is required for other textures.