Marble Flooring know about Marble Tiles Advantages, Disadvantages, Maintenance and Durability

Where Marble can be used?

One should go for Marble tiles or Marble flooring suggested by the Architects as this will refine the beauty of the flooring. Marble flooring is used for centuries for residential applications for house construction, facade elevation, wall cladding, etc. The rich look that you will get through the Marble flooring is unique.

The tiles can be prepared artistically. Hence, they have become a classic choice of many. It is the natural stone that was relied upon by ancient Greek and Roman Spas.

If you have special artistic tastes regarding tiles installation, it can be fulfilled through the marble tiles. Initially, procured tile flooring can be obtained from Italy, Spain, and Turkey. You can take advantage of varied colors such as white, red, brown, and beige.

You can deploy marble tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, and hallways. If you can manage the best tiles per your commercial or residential needs without compromising on the quality, marble tiles can be adopted.

We advise purchasing marble tiles from a reputed retailer so that you will be able to procure high-quality tiles which had gone through extensive and very high-quality standards. Even though you get a discount on tiles, you should not get cheap tiles.

Cost Factor

Indian Marble Cost : Rs 120 to Rs 180 / sq ft.
Italian Marble Cost : Rs 350 to Rs 900 / sq ft.

Additional Polishing Cost with chemical surface treatment: Rs 40 to Rs 90 / sq ft.

Advantages of Marble Flooring

• Very durable and long-lasting.
• The attractiveness of the flooring will increase.
• Water-resistant and bacteria resistant.
• Can be re-polished again to maintain a glossy / shine effect.
• Allergen resistant.
• Ideal for designer flooring with inlays.
• Attractive appearance.
• Take advantage of a wide range of colors.

Disadvantages of Marble Flooring

• Hard and cold underfoot.
• Polishing required after lying.
• Soft material can’t take drop-down impacts.
Expensive than other kinds of flooring.
• Regular maintenance is required.
• Marble tiles should be installed professionally.

The durability of Marble Flooring

The hardness factor of marble durability for flooring done with tiles prepared with Dolomite additional strength will be obtained. It is harder than a marble that is prepared with calcite.

The variation of hardness will take place through the presence of impurities. The durability of the marble tiles is dependent upon the hardness and surface texture.

The floor maintenance plan should be followed regularly through which the beauty of marble flooring can be enhanced. It is also possible to increase the value of the property.

The durability is also dependent upon the procurement of marble from a natural source. The type of heat and chemical treatment will also influence the longevity of tiles.

Maintenance of Marble Flooring

Marble tile is formed through the metamorphic limestone. It is primarily prepared with a form of calcite or dolomite. In some cases, it is prepared with a combination of calcite and dolomite.

The Marble flooring Maintenance should be maintained very carefully as it’s a soft material compared to Granite. Certain kinds of acids and alkaline chemicals can damage. The maintenance method should be followed as per the kind of surface treatment given. These treatments include thermal treatment, honing, and polishing.

The Marble maintenance should happen at different levels. These levels include initial maintenance, daily or routine maintenance, periodic maintenance, and restorative maintenance.

In most of the initial maintenance operations, the technician will strive to bring the marble to a matte finish or would treat it to a high gloss. In rare cases, thermal and frame-cut surfaces will also be used.

To remove the installation soiling, either dust mopping or web mopping is carried out. Sweeping or vacuuming should take place as part of the daily maintenance of tiles.

The sweeping should be in tune with the soil collected on the floor, and the traffic present in the location will influence it. If the soil cannot be removed easily, periodic maintenance should be carried out through light scrubbing. These will be honed and polished by using diamond disks which are done as part of restorative maintenance.

Suggested Italian Marble

Dyna, Baltic Brown, Blue Pearl, Telephone Black, Jet Black, Ashoka Brown, Corona Cream, English Teak, Golden Oak, Ikon Brown, Imperial Gold, Italian Beige, Ivory Fantasy, Ivory Brown, Dark Emperador, Botticino.

Suggested Indian Marble

Morwad White Marble, Majholi, Green Marble, Toronto, Makrana White, Agaria White, Katni.

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