Are you planning to construct your dream house in Bangalore?

Like any other works, construction of the house involves considerable preparation. The preparation stage involves getting all the documents related to the site, identifying the contractor, submission of documents for a loan, approval from the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), Bangalore Water Sewerage and Sanitary Board (BWSSB) and Bangalore Electricity Company (BESCOM), Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA) Now take a look at each of these different stages:


During the initial stages once the appointed residential Architects finalize the floor plans you need to proceed further to get Plan sanction done by BBMP or the concerned authority and once the approval or plan sanction is received you can apply for Temporary electrical connection from BESCOM to initiate the construction work on site.

Documents needed to Start a New House Construction in Bangalore

As in other cities, even in the city of Bangalore construction of a house needs the approval of the corporation, namely the BBMP. In fact, it is this agency which approves your house plan. For this purpose, you will have to produce the sale deed of the house, Khatha, latest tax paid receipt (all Xerox copies).

If it is an ancestral property, then instead of sale deed, you will have to produce the partition deed or gift deed or will or any orders from the Court. In fact, these documents would also be required for purposes of availing the bank loan.

Identify the Building contractor and Labor contractor required for the Project


Proposed House plans in Bangalore for Mr Vinod on 60×40 site

This could be a challenging task because the contractor you identify must have adequate experience and must be reliable. Some of your relatives or neighbours or your colleagues might able to help you in the matter.

You must have detailed discussions with the contractor. Get the cost break up like the material breakup, labour breakup, and additional costs if any. You must also ascertain the time required to complete the building.

It is advisable that you must visit one or two buildings that have already been constructed by the contractor. You should also ascertain from the past and present clients of the contractor and ascertain about the quality of the works that are executed by him.

Government Approval like Plan Sanctions, Electrical Sanctions, BWSSB sanctions etc

Prepare your plan for the building. Normally, the contractors or architects based in Bangalore will have their professionals to execute the work. The contractor will get the plan prepared by the architects.

The contractor or architect will submit all the necessary records along with house plan and also undertake to obtain the necessary approvals from BBMP to the house plan and also take the necessary approval from BWSSB and BESCOM. You must ensure that the house plan prepared by the contractor is Vastu compliant.

Documents needed to Take Housing Loan

If you are planning to avail housing loan, you can approach any of the nationalized or private Banks. Some of the Cooperative Banks in Bangalore also provide you with the loan.

Carefully go through the terms and conditions of the loan. Provide all the documents required by the bank so that processing of your loan would be much easier. Some of the contractors would also help you in the matter.

Commencement of work

Once you shortlist the contractor, you must enter into an agreement with the Building/Civil contractor or Labor Contractor. It is appropriate that you take the help of an experienced advocate to prepare the agreement. Ensure that you make all the payments through cheque or demand drafts.

You must also make personal supervision of the work and ensure it is by the plan. Wherever necessary, you may also engage your own supervisor to oversee the construction work. But, the supervisor must be technically competent and adequately experienced.

Details: Building Contractor rates at Present at Bangalore and Present Labor rates for Construction

As an Architect, we help you finalizing the required residential plans for construction and then proceed with Selecting and Finalizing the right Building contractors or Labor contractors.

We also do Architectural project consultancy required for your project right from design to execution wherein the project shall be supervised under the Guidance of an Architect.