Role of Building contractors and Labor Contractors

As Architects, we feel that Whenever you start constructing a building, it is obvious that you will become cost conscious and tap all avenues available so that you can save as much money as possible.

In so far as construction of buildings is concerned, you can save a considerable amount of money by hiring a reliable contractor.

The contractor must be qualified, experienced and above all honest. At the same time, you must also be aware that there are two main classes of contractors namely Building contractor and labour contractor.

Now, you will have to decide whether to prefer Building Contractor or the labor contractors. Its, therefore, necessary that you will have to understand the advantages of a Building Contractor when compared to Labor Contractor.

Advantages of BUILDING Contractors

• Service offered:

Hiring Building contractors in Bangalore who undertakes to provide every service required for the building. He will help you to get the building plan prepared by a qualified architect.

He will do all the paperwork for getting the approval of the competent authority for the building plan. He will construct the building, procure the required materials, employ his labor, supervise the building and complete the building in all respects. In short, the Building Contractor works similar to a turnkey project.

• Save money:

On the other hand, He ensures that the materials procured by him are of a very good quality which needs to be signed off with the guidance of an Architect. He will procure the materials at the competitive price.

Any savings earned in the materials procured will be passed on to the client or the owner of the building. This contractor provides the guarantee for the materials used in the building. As a result, the client will be able to save a considerable amount of money and also get a strong building.

• Drawbacks/Disadvantages:

Many people believe that although the building contractors procure the materials at the competitive price, he will not pass on the savings to the client.

Further, it is also said that in some cases the contractor will not use quality materials and in the long run, it may affect the structure of the building.

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Our Opinion: If you are a Busy person having Jobs/Business with a hectic schedule of working 5 to 6 days a week or your only Free on Weekends, then a Building contractor is the Best option for you and you needn’t visit the site on a regular basis.

Advantages of LABOR Contractors

Ask yourself . . ? These Questions before Hiring Labor Contractor….!

Can you Handle a Labor contractor (concerning communication and timelines) . . ?
– Do you Know where to Source the Best raw-materials for your Construction work . . ?
– Are you a good negotiator. . ?
– Are you prepared by delayed Timelines for your Project . . ?
– Do you feel your Architect can make him understand the working drawings. . ?
– Are you Prepared to bear the Redo works done at your own cost . . ?

• Paid for the work executed:

As the very name suggests, a labour contractor works on the labour contract basis. In other words, this is a piecemeal work where the labour contractor will execute specific job entrusted to him. Labor contractor will not procure any materials.

All the materials required will have to be procured by the owner of the building. Once all the materials are made available, the labor contractor will depute the owner of the building gave his workforce who would commence the assigned work and complete the work as per the directions. They will be paid on an hourly basis or by plinth area of work completed.

• Owner of the building procures the materials:

In this case, since the owner of the building procures the materials, he can save a considerable amount of money. He will procure materials of good quality and buy only the required quantity, and as a result, there will be no wastage.

But, as the owner of the building is not experienced in construction work he may procure inferior quality material which can affect the building. He is not responsible for the materials used in the building.

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Our Opinion: It’s a Fact that if you Hire him, you can easily Save almost 8% to 12% for the same work carried by the building contractor.

Even before you commit yourself for hiring labour for getting your work done you need to