If you are planning to have your own dream house, then you need to plan it accordingly. The importance of house plans is growing to a great extent in the recent days as without proper house planning the builder or constructor can never be able to construct any housing structure.

If you are very confused on how to plan your house, then you can either follow any home décor magazines or can take our suggestions from our experienced architects.

Designs of 50×80 elevations on a 4000 sq ft site find 50×80 house elevations based on the contemporary design style

As an architect, we provide different architectural design styles and house designs links for getting the best ideas of how to plan your house in the

Sample design 50x80 elevations with gound floor parking and upper floors having 2 bhk and 3bhk house plans

Sample design 50×80 elevations with ground floor parking and upper floors having 2 bhk and 3bhk house plan

right manner. As architects based in Bangalore, we do residential 50×80 elevations for house designs based modern concepts and house planning normally includes different essential aspects like home space planning, construction budget, meeting schedule with an experienced architect or home building designer, how to utilize the full location which has been selected for house building and lots more. This kind of house planning is usually required in case of either new home construction or in case of home renovation.

Proper house planning is required for constructing a perfect housing structure

Hopefully, you will never want such a house which has a poor foundation, low graded construction materials and unstable base. Therefore, we

Design of 50 x 80 house elevations sample with good garden area on the front

Design of 50 x 80 house elevations sample with a good garden area on the front

regularly conduct thorough discussions or meeting with our selected architect to design 50 x 80 house concepts with modern residential building elevations before constructing your dream house to get everything perfect.

Some of the essential factors which need to be kept in priority include strong foundation or base with long-term durability and modern house design for enhancing the aesthetic value of the outlook of the overall property.

The housing structure must also be constructed following all the established safety rules, codes and regulations of the state in order to avoid all kinds of hazardous or dreadful accidents.

Samples on 50×80 house elevations based on different architectural styles and house designs on a 50*80 site

One of the most important aspects of house planning includes the purchasing of the best location for your house where your house will be constructed. The located must be chosen very carefully by considering a few essential factors including locality, transportation facility, easy accessibility and lots more.

The 50×80 duplex house plans elevations and house designs for residential buildings planning must be so concrete and flawless that the full space of the selected location must be utilized fruitfully for constructing your house. While constructing the house, you must also

Design of 50 x 80 house plans with contemporary building elevation for G+1 floor duplex house plan

Design of 50 x 80 house plans with contemporary building elevation for G+1 floor duplex house plan

considers the preference and need of your family on the basis of which room and bathroom numbers, design and style of living area, dining room and kitchen and other recreational facilities need to be decided. You must also construct your dream house as per your standard in the society, living style and budget.

Budget is one of the most important factors which need to be essentially considered at the time of making 4000 sq ft or 50×80 housing plan. You can also plan your garden area or lawn, garage, backyard and other recreational housing additions like patios or decks, swimming pools, gyms, sprinkler systems and others in order to get everything absolutely in right positions.

In case of choosing the right design and style for your house, you can either consult your architect, follow your neighbours or can make proper online research. Select the most appropriate style, design and pattern for your house which suits your housing structure, family needs and of course must follow the modern trend.