• Vimal

    The details shared in your site is really amazing epically regarding the current cost of construction in Bangalore, as mentioned here that the Rates are Rs 1450 /sq ft onwards with the specified quality. I am having 40×60 site planning to construct 4 bhk duplex house with 4 bedrooms and 3 car parking spaces. I want full architect services from your end including all structural and architectural working drawings with coordination with the Building contractor at the time of site visits.

    As per my above basic requirements what would be total cost of the project and your complete architectural service charges. We are planning to start this project in the month of May this year.

  • Sanjay

    We are a Group of 3 friends who are to purchase a 40×60 site and make 3 unite which will be equally divided by ourselves. We also would like to develop some common basic amenities like covered car parking, gym and terrace garden if possible. We are planning to spend between 70 to 95 lacs all three put together. The basic layout G+2 floors with 1800 sq ft of 2bhk spacious house on each floor, now based on these details what would be the approximate construction cost in bangalore for a Total built up area of 5400 sq ft.

    Ground Floor: 2 car parking + 2bhk house.
    First Floor: 2 bhk +1 big balcony.
    Second Floor : 2bhk
    Third Floor : Terrace Garden + gym.

    Based on these specific requirements what would be the normal cost of construction and the cost required to develop common amenities. We shall reach you and try to meet the next weekend regarding the same. We are planning to start the project in the month of May.


    • A4D

      The Standard construction cost varies from Rs 1500 to Rs 1700 / sq ft depending on the kind of material finishes like Flooring, bathroom fixtures, Granite tops, Elevation cladding etc. At Rs 1600 one should be able to do a good quality Construction with Standard materials.

  • Diwakar

    i have 30*40 site at BTM Layout, I want to construct a duplex house on this plot it’s a South facing site and want to construct as per vastu only. The kitchen has to come in South east and the master bedroom should be planned in south east only. The main door has to face to East facing with small shoe rack for storing and seating. I have giving through your entire website where you have mentioned that the current cost of construction in bangalore is about Rs 1500 / sq ft which I think might vary from contractor to contractor. I want all floor plans, 3d elevation, structural and all required Architectural working drawings with regular site visits to be done to monitor the site.

    Propose what would be the Architectural consultancy charges stage by stage for concept, structural and Site visits with architectural working drawings. Also let me know if you have any good building contractors who can do my project using quality materials and your experience should help me in reducing the construction cost by reducing the overall built up area.

    • Ravi D Gowda

      Hi sir myself Ravi B E civil I saw ur requirment and here I am introducing myself presently we are doing 6 resedential buildings in electronic city.if u are planning to construct a house wid gud qualities of materials and wid gud inspection pls contact us sir

      Ravikumar S D B E (civil)

      Pls revert back sir thanku.

    • A4D

      Thank you for sharing your detailed requirements about your project. We have sent our detailed designing proposal for the required services to the mentioned email id.

  • Bharat

    Hi sir,
    I am constructing my house in bangalore i want to make outside stair in my new construction home. my entrance of west facing. so that please give me perfect design of stair as per vaastu. further my North side and West side is open with 6 ft.open space in North and 7 ft open space in West.
    so please heartly request to you to give me a best stair design as per vaastu in 3D design.
    Bharat A Babaria

    • A4D

      As per your request we have sent you some sample staircase designs to your mentioned email id. You can reach us for any kind for design and construction related queries.

  • Raman Sharma

    I have a plot 36ft(N-S)&36ft(E-W) and require best house plans for my plot,Dimensions by Main road cross by west ,want to Construct a 36ft x 36ft in north-west facing required , 2 floor( ground floor uses for Darwaja or for functions or for guests and 1st floor 3 BHK flats with balcony ,puja room , study room with library)Full utility , Sun light and air is taken care of, solar energy, water conservation & discharging system is required,Based on the above requirements what will be cost of construction at Bangalore as of today.The most important architectural VASTU views.Based on this i want architectural House designs with considering all vastu aspects.

  • Jaiprakash

    I am planning to construct a 3 floor house in Uttarahalli. Need some expert to guide me in the planning and execution phases.
    Please contact me if u r interested to take up elevation, structural and most important planning the house layout. As shared here you have mentioned here that the current construction cost is Rs 1600 /sq ft, i wanted to know if this mentioned construction rates includes some wood work or interior also.

    Plot size is 30*40.
    Planning to start the construction in April end or May 2015.

  • Anupam Dwivedi

    What will be current residential construction cost in bangalore for my below requirements,
    East to West 38 ft
    North to south 31 ft
    West side road 12 feet
    south side road 16 feet
    East side triple story building leaving space 22 inch
    North side house leaving space 11 inch

    My Requirements
    Want one drawing room
    One bed room
    One dinning hall
    One grill room
    One kitchen
    two Lat/Bath
    one car parking space

    I would like to take Architectural drawings, pls also propose you service charges also..

    • A4D

      We have mailed our Architectural designing cost to your email id. As per your given budget the construction cost might be around Rs 45 lacs to Rs 50 lacs.

  • Ravindra

    have purchased 30×42 site in Sarjapur, Bangalore. I would like to construct
    surrounding wall in the site for safety purpose. It can be the basic wall with
    beam and a 5 feet tall wall using cement
    blocks. Wall has to be on three side (i.e. 42+30+42). Can you please provide me
    an estimate or present house construction cost in bangalore of how much it
    costs including all the labor related expenses as well?


  • Raju

    I am planning to build a house in a 25 * 45 plot in Bangalore. I wanted to knwo the current residential cost of construction in bangalore currently for the my requirements:

    1. Ground floor
    2 car parking and 2BHK(2BHK is for rent)
    2. First floor will be a 2BHK 2 houses. Including – Living room, Kitchen, 1BR with attached bathroom, Pooja room.
    3. Second floor will be a 2BHK 2 houses. Including – Living room, Kitchen, 1BR with attached bathroom, Pooja room.

    My questions are as follows:
    1. Is it possible to build house as per my requirement? (Note: I don’t want any room or anything else to be congested)
    2. What will be the total built up area.I mean total sq ft(all together including ground, first and second floor) ?
    3. What is the construction rate per sq ft as per the current market? I want good quality work(Out of 5 quality of work should be atleast 4)
    4. How much will be the cost of good quality wood work?
    – Any wood work required in living room, Pooja room,
    – Wardrobe in kitchen and all the rooms

    Apart from construction cost and Wood work cost what other expenses will be there?

    Please provide the necessary details regarding the costruction cost for residential construction at Bangalore.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Anil Kumar

    I am planning to start constructing 3 floor house on my BDA site near Kengeri in next 6 months of time frame. It’s 30X40 site (north facing)
    I want to go for structured construction (with strong foundation and pillars) but rest all pretty basic almost like low cost flat.
    Grond Floor – 2BHK (within 700 sq ft) + 2 Car Parking
    First floor – same shape + 1 small bedroom+toilet
    second floor – 2BHK (little bit open space)
    Can you please tell me what would be the quotation or construction cost in bangalore for my requirement and also send your charges for architect designing cost.

    • A4D

      Since your planning to start the Building construction after 6 months there might be a chance of the construction cost varying by +5% . Since there has always been fluctuations in building construction materials like cement, sand, steel and other aggregates.

  • Pradeep

    Hi ,

    On existing ground floor (plot size 40×60) we are planning for first floor, second floor and roof garden with single room at top – third floor. Approximate built up area will be 4000sqft.

    Let me the charges for
    1) Fine tuning the plans – We have plan which is required fine tuning
    2) Complete interior work to be planned with walk through – With specific materials – In detail
    3) Elevation of building

    We don’t need site visit or construction help. Complete details required are only on paper or CD.


  • Roop

    Hi !
    we have a 40×60 site (OMBR Layout) and we want to construct stilt + ground + 1rst + 2nd + floor on top of the roof. we will want a lift till the 2nd floor. we have a rough design ( made by us keeping zoning regulations in mind to an extent) .
    A) do you provide designing service for this kind of construction.
    B) do you provide costing?
    c) do you undertake construction and planning. complete works from getting the license till house is ready to move in,
    can you quote prices ?

    • A4D

      YES, We can provide both the Design and Construction solutions. We have sent our proposal to your shared email id. You can also reach us for further clarifications.

  • Mohmood

    Hi Team,
    What would be the cost for constructing G+2 on a 36×40 plot area as below requirement..?
    1. Ground ; 2 BHK apartment with 2 car parks
    2. 1st floor: 1 unit of 2 BHK & 1 unit of 1 BHK
    3. 2nd floor: 1 unit of 3 BHK
    kindly revert with detailed cost of design and construction
    thanks and regards.

    • A4D

      The Cost of building G+2 floors on a 30×40 site as per the mentioned requirements will cost Rs 40lacs to Rs 45lacs. We have sent our mail, which has the proposal for designing as well as construction.

  • Praveen

    Dear Sir,
    In my query to you, I had asked some very specific queries regarding my budget. I am not aware if you did receive the query asked, hence I am putting forth my query again.

    In my 30-40 north facing site, I wish to construct as follows:
    1. Basement – Completely for Car Parking. A single room with toilet for residential purpose of security and closed gated (closed) car parking with concrete flooring (preferably slightly below the ground level).
    2. Ground floor – Living room, Kitchen, Pooja and 1 Bedroom with attached bathroom and one common toilet
    3. 1st Floor – 3 Bedrooms all with Attached bathrooms and sitout if possible.
    4. Terrace with a Mangalore Tiled shade or with solar panels for a sitout. This can also be done later if budget does not provide for it. I would like to use or make provision for Solar power at my house for maximum use and use BESCOM electricity to the minimum
    5. All of the above with a good smart looking elevation

    I have a maximum budget of Rs.40 lakhs (Building Construction Cost) for all this (excluding the interiors). I would like to know if I can construct a good house in Bangalore 2016 in this budget. I do understand from your website that the average cost of construction is Rs.1600/- per sq.ft, but I am not aware if this cost would apply to the basement as well. I hence need your expert advice so that I can plan accordingly. Once finalized, I would surely like to come and meet you to discuss my requirements in detail further. I would also like to know approximately, how much would interiors cost.


    • A4D

      Thx for sharing your details again. We have asked one of Team members to mail you the requested details about the current construction cost in Bangalore 2016 rates to your given email id.

  • Monish

    We are two friends Staying close by Sarjapur as we are working at WIPRO planning to settle down in Bengaluru, We saw couple of Apartments ranging from Rs 40lacs to Rs 45lacs but decided not buy an Apartment,

    Since we don’t like large gated communities where your Own space and privacy will be compromised. Also I noticed that Apartments do face Devaluation after 10 to 15 years. This will not happen if we purchase a Site and build on it. Hence we both have decided to buy a Residential site and Construct two independent floors that will be equally shared between us.

    Now Based on the above requirements I wanted to Know What would be complete Residential Construction cost in Bangalore for 20×30 30×40 , 40×60 or 50×80 Sites. We both put together have a Total Budget of Rs 1.5 cr including the site value.

    Can you tell us the present Construction cost for the scenarios based on the above given requirements.

    Thank you,
    Monish Sharma

    • A4D

      Thank you for Sharing your request for Building your house. Find here below all the Scenarios possible for constructing a house with Rs 1.5 cr Budget including site. We have posted your request on this Main blog post its self.

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