What to discuss with Architects before building a House?

Many of us have a dream to build our own house. But, building a dream house is not an easy task. One has to keep many things in our mind and be prepared to face many challenges.

An Architect is a right person who can design your house and guide you in the right way during the entire process of building a home.

Many questions arise at this time before building a House:

  1. Site Location.
  2. Built-up area.
  3. How many floors can be built?
  4. Getting plan sanctions from BBMP/BDA.
  5. Project costing.
  6. Selecting an Architect.
  7. Selecting a Building contractor.
  8. What building materials should you use?
  9. Project time frames.
  10. Delays and cost escalations.
  11. Construction Quality.
  12. The list goes on…

It goes on and on like Which Architect should one choose? What is the process of building a house? How to manage construction costs? etc.?

The problem can be resolved by discussing all these things crystal clear with the Architect selected to work on your project. So, one won’t face any problem during the house construction because everything is properly discussed and decided.

Things to consider before meeting Architects for your House construction:

Here are some factors which should be kept in mind before starting house construction work. Some of the points are explained below:

  • Some questions should be asked while hiring an Architect for building your house in Bangalore.
  • One should be clear about the cost of designing, construction, and ad-on as any changes to the plans after the project starts will only increase the construction cost.
  • There should be good communication and understanding between the Architect and the homeowner.
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What one needs to Discuss with Architects?

Here are some of the questions which should be asked while hiring an Architect for your house:

Previous projects which meet your requirements:

One cannot hire an Architect only based on other buildings that he/she had made.

One should know about his works. One needs to ask the firm for providing names of former building contractors or clients with whom the preferred Architect has worked.

This will tell about the kind of relationship and behaviour he/she keeps with the clients. After speaking with their previous clients, one can know if they had faced any issues with the Architect.

Discuss the Architectural Fees:

Different Architectural firms have different Architectural charges, which they charge for the projects; it will vary from 3% to 5% on the project construction cost. It also depends if your project is Residential or Commercial.

One should always work with an Architectural company that is crystal clear about its fee structure. On the other hand, it is our responsibility, too, to understand the fee structure clearly.

Clients should reveal their budget to the Architect. So, If you want quality designing your house, then it might get expensive. That’s why you should discuss extra cost also which can come up in between the house construction.

Architectural contract agreement between parties:

The clients should make sure that the Architectural company or firm to whom one is contacting doesn’t have any legal challenges.

It’s the client’s responsibility that he/she should ask the firm about the promised deliverability agreed on, which should be mentioned and signed on a contract agreement.

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Once selected for the project, the Architect has become a party and the homeowner in further agreements signed.

Some of the agreements that might be further signed with the homeowner are Building contractors, Labor contractors, Structural consultants, Plumbing consultants, Electrical consultants, Flooring Contractors, Roofing contractors, etc.

Project duration and Construction costs:

One can get very excited about building his or her dream home and moving into it. During this, one should be familiar with the actual timeline of the project.

One should ask the Architect about the project’s total time duration and the overall project or house construction cost. This will mentally prepare you so that you don’t overshoot the project cost and duration.

On the other hand, if you know the project’s timeline, then the Architect can also suggest different methods through which the project’s time duration can be reduced. For example, the Architect can use precast foundation panels instead of concrete blocks, etc.

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