Role of Architects in Project Management in Bangalore


An architect in Bangalore will play an important role in project management. The project architect is involved in conceptualising the model, design, supervision and construction of the building.

The Selected Architects for the project will act as a coordinator to fulfil the needs of the client. He will engage in dialogue and discussions with project management staff, including designers, engineers, consultants, technical staff, interior designers and landscape professionals. During the construction phase, the architect will take care of the construction administration or contract administration.


The architect will be involved in the production of construction documents. He will deliver various project-related documents such as detailed house designs/floor plans, elevations and specifications. The professional should be aware of the building code, current construction costs and material specifications.

The drawings will be revised, and quality control will be maintained as per the plan. The architect will support interns and staff to fulfil his responsibilities in a very efficient manner. The project architect will act as a team leader, and he will ensure that the project will be completed as per the deadline.

The architect should possess the qualification, experience and license to perform various responsibilities. He will take decisions to safeguard public safety. He will perform the role in design, environment and construction. The architect should have a passion for designing and executing the project as per the latest standards.

The project architect should prepare and produce construction documents. He should communicate with other consultants so that the work will be completed as per the guidelines.

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The project Architect should manage the staff, consultants, selected building contractors, interior designers, and clients. He should set deadlines for himself and the staff as well. The architect should address various concerns of consultants, and regular follow-up should be done to complete the project as per the deadline.

An experienced Architect can also be a project manager since he knows the construction industry’s in and outs and the timelines required to complete each work. He will analyze the risk factors, costs, time, integration, and communication with stakeholders and ensure that the project is completely executed as per the client’s requirements.

The architect will evaluate the feasibility of the project after getting approval from the client. He will help the client in handling various contracts from engineers, contractors and other staff. The architect will deal with a wide range of financial, legal, technical, economic, and political issues. The suitability of the building for the purpose will be informed to the client by the architect.


The architect will advise and help the client get approvals from the city administrators like BBMP, BDA etc. The development of work will be followed at the technical as well as coordination level. He will follow the development of the previewed planning and will implement corrective actions (if required).

The architect will handle the modifications during the execution phase. He will implement various techniques and engage skilled persons to complete the construction as per the client’s requirements.

The architect will ensure clients select that good designs. He will ensure the project’s completion within the given time frames without compromising the quality of construction executed by the different contractors hired for the project.

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