Rainwater Harvesting

As architects based in Bangalore, the Rainwater harvesting system is earning a lot of importance these days. Millions of people around the world are using this method to save water as well as energy. This is a process of collecting rainwater from the surface that receives rainfall directly. You will be able to do this process in a paved area such as a terrace or your building’s courtyard or an unpaved area like an open ground or lawn.

When installing a rainwater harvesting system in your home, you may have to focus on various aspects. Therefore, it is essential to take the assistance of a professional company to get the work done. Although many people think this is an expensive task, you will obtain numerous benefits if you consider the right aspects.

We at www.Architects4Design.com provide the rainwater harvesting service in Bangalore for the clients. As the present cost of construction in Bangalore increases, people hesitate to implement rainwater harvesting systems thinking it might increase the house construction costs in Bangalore. As an architect, we also have experts and professionals who focus on different areas during the method.

Firstly, the rainwater harvesting should be designed in the house plans stage before finalizing the building elevation; when installing a rainwater harvesting system in your home, you have to build gutters or channels, which can collect the water from your home rooftops. The channels should be connected to a tank or a recharge pit. You will be able to connect one or more pipes to the gutters for transferring the rainwater.
The size of the gutters will be based on the rainfall your area receives during the highest intensity rainfall. Apart from just collecting the rainwater, it is also essential to take the right measures to maintain it clean and safe.

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The first rain spell carries a relatively larger amount of dirt and pollutants from the air and other catchments surface. Therefore, it is essential to have a first-flush system, which will prevent the water from washing the roof and fill it into the rainwater tanks. You will be able to install the first- flush diverter anywhere before the inlet of a water tank. This diverter will make the first spell of rain flush out before the rainwater enters the storage tank or system. Apart from this, there are also many possible choices, which you can use for collecting clean water for your e storage tanks.

Installation of Rainwater harvesting

When installing a rainwater-harvesting system in Bangalore at your home, One can install different downpipes to flush the first rain spell and collect the freshwater. We will also install a filter, which will remove the suspended dirt and pollutants from the rainwater collected on the roof. The filter unit is nothing but a chamber filled with filter media such as coarse sand, fiber, and gravel layers for removing the dirt and debris from the water before it will enter your recharge pit or storage tank.

Although different rainwater harvesting systems are available today, rooftop rainwater harvesting at Bangalore is considered one of the most common and best processes. This process is also prevalent as it is easy to collect the rainwater falling on terraces and rooftops. When you are opting for the rooftop harvesting process, your roof will become the main catchment.

You will be able to store the water in tanks or divert it to the artificial store tanks installed in your backyard or other surrounding areas. Most of the time, the rainwater collected from the roof or trace will be transported using the PVC gutters. The tank will be placed on a small platform, which will be about eighteen inches high. A tap attached to the tank at the bottom will help you collect water whenever you need it easily.

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Environmental Impact

Architects feel that there will be a positive impact on the rainwater harvesting process mentioned above; as people become much more aware of the environmental hazards and water shortage, they install rainwater harvesting systems at their homes. When we are providing this process, we make sure that we provide service according to the needs and budget of the customers. Moreover, we also give specialized care for the materials we use for the process.

When you are installing the rainwater harvesting system at your home, you also have an option to choose the size of the tanks and another process according to the size and needs of your home. Before getting into the installing process, our experts will also provide you with a design of the installed system at your home.

If you are not satisfied with the designs we give, our experts will also help you customize them according to your needs. A rainwater harvesting system could be a great benefit for the areas suffering from a shortage of water. Today, it is not just housed, but also many corporate are installing RWH system. Therefore, when you opt for this process, you should be proud of joining our community of saving water.

Apart from the rainwater harvesting system, we are also providing many other sustainable architect designs and plans for our customers, which will help them to become more nature-friendly. For instance, if you are planning to build a new home, you will be able to make it more eco-friendly with the help of our sustainable housing plans.

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Sustainable rainwater

As an expert in the field of rainwater harvesting, our team of some of the best and experienced architects and experts will provide you with the best designs and plans considering your needs and budget. Therefore, once you consult our experts, they will discuss your needs thoroughly and sketch a plan. Once you are satisfied with the planning we provide, we will immediately start the installation process.

It does not matter where you stay; you will be able to contact our experts through a call or via mail. Once you provide the floor plans and plot size you have, we can sketch different plans, from which you will be able to select the right one. Apart from the local clients, we are also providing services for our international customers.

The above-mentioned are some of the important factors you should consider when planning to install a rainwater harvesting system at your home.

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