One should have a good house design To build any Dream House; With the help of proven and experienced residential Architects in Bangalore, you can manage the best residential House plans and elevations.

Hence, one should want to choose the Architect very carefully. One should also know about the type of work accomplished by the Architect, their charges (Design and project consultancy) and their ability to deal & produce house concepts that meet the client’s needs.

The Architect also plays a crucial role to make sure the proposed residential construction cost for the project doesn’t exceed by more than 5 to 10% of the overall proposed project cost. The current house construction cost for a house is around Rs 1750/sq ft to Rs 2500/sq ft considering premium finish like using Red bricks, Granite, SS railings for the internal and external staircase.

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Many Architects work on residential projects. You should like their previous projects done by the Architect team so that you can engage or Hire him in the execution of your project.

You should like the style as well as the taste of his concepts and creativity. He should be aware of the kind of new construction materials used for construction will make a huge impact on the delivery of quality building both physically as well as aesthetically.

The architect should follow the local building guidelines like Plan sanction process and fees by BBMP/BDA. He should be able to translate your ideas into concrete solutions. The services of Architectural consultancy are needed to make sure that the project construction would be under the guidance of him.

It also helps the selected residential civil contractors execute the project as per proposed design in the process the Architect will give all supported Architectural working drawings like Sectional details, Elevations details, Electrical working drawings, Civil work details, Electrical, Plumbing etc.

He will consider the design feasibilities based on the given requirements for which Architectural floor plans will be proposed which shows the arrangement of furniture’s, Room dimensions, Staircase position, Placement of doors and windows, Main door, Balconies and lobby area and the total super built-up area along with carpet area.


Architects will calculate the fee based on various factors like total project area, project duration, no of site visits during construction etc. The charges are in proportion to the complexity of the project. Even though there is a great difference in the charge from one architect to another architect, the reputation, skill and demand for the architect will make a difference.

Architects will charge money based on the services offered by them. The level of involvement depends upon the agreement between the customer and the architect. In addition to the design and arrangement of permits, He will participate in the preparation of construction estimation for builders and materials.

They will help you in choosing the right kind of builder. The builder should be able to understand the drawings and should have prior experience in translating the design into the structure.

Info: Sample Estimation for 30×40 House
The fee for the architect can be based in various ways. It can be done on the basis of the project, hourly rate or percentage of the project cost.


You are advised to hire a local and qualified architect so that the project execution will be seamless. The local architect will be familiar with the State or City-specific building construction guidelines and it is possible to get approvals from the local bodies very easily.


To find the most appropriate architect, you should figure out the budget. You can find information about best architects through the word of mouth, magazines and websites.

You are advised to get quotations from two or more reputed architects. If you go through the past accomplishments of various architects, the assessment of architects can be done very easily.

You should be able to communicate with the architect in a very efficient manner. The architect should be accessible to offer customized solutions.

You can sign a contract when the design, skill, expertise, budget and support will match your requirements. If there are negative remarks about the architect, you should avoid the architect.

HOW to select the Best Architects to Design your HOUSE?
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