Why Design House Plans as per Vastu and the Importance of Vastu in House Plans


Once you meet your selected Architects for designing your house in Bangalore, make sure that the House plans will be designed as per Vastu Shastra for the Living room, Master Bedroom, Kitchen, Water storage, Bathroom, Doors, Windows, Staircase etc.

The main advantage of a civil contractor constructing your house with the help of an expert Architect as per the Vastu Shastra is explained below; One can ensure that there will be natural heating and ventilation system. The available resources in nature should be used to the full potential extent to be free from diseases and sicknesses.

One should follow certain rules and should not follow some others to make the most of the Vastu. You will receive maximum sunlight and air circulation in all seasons by following the best Vastu principles.

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Vastu addresses five elements. Those Five elements considered for Vastu Shastra or Vastu House plans are Fire, Space, Water and Air. You will want to construct the building to get maximum benefit from the life.

It is believed that if one gets the house designed and constructed as per Vastu, the inhabitants will enjoy great comfort and happiness. The Vastu Shastra is based on cosmic energy concentration in people’s lives to succeed in their ventures without any issues.

Sample house plans: 600 sq ft , 1200 sq ft , 2400 sq ft


It is possible to prepare Vastu based house designs or house plans with experts in consultation with your Architect. You can address various parameters while buying the plot and constructing the building. The plot location, size, directions and other requirements should be fulfilled to take care of your needs.

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You will use various natural energies in a very efficient way by following the Vastu. You will utilize the sun, moon, earth, sky, and cosmic energy to derive great benefits. Vastu will also deal with electric, magnetic, thermal, wind and light energy.


You can use Vastu for any house or room. It can be applied while constructing special and complex structures as well. The positioning of various articles, furniture and other things can be implemented as per Vastu. It is meant to get peace and prosperity in everyday life.


To draw maximum energy from the Sun, the entrance of the home should be on the East.


Your house will be lighted naturally with the east-facing door. If you cannot construct your house with east-facing, you can go for North-East facing as well.


It would be best if you did not locate the kitchen directly facing the main door.  As per Vastu Shastra, while designing the house plans, one should give Kitchen’s preferred option in the Southeast corner.


The master bedroom should be located on the south-west corner of the door. When you manage the east-facing door and kitchen located in the South-East corner of your house, you will feel the low noise and best airflow. Hence, you can enjoy the best sleep in the master bedroom.


The toilet location should be ideal for the health aspect as well as in aesthetic appeal. The toilet should be located in the north-west corner of a building. If the north-west direction is not possible, you can go for south-east toilets.

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Even though it is not possible to implement all the aspects of the building as per the Vastu, you should fulfil as many as possible to take advantage of natural light and air to the best possible extent.

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