Home is one of the most important things or decision which a person can take in their life. To erect a perfect and appropriate house, it is always very important to opt for an effective house plans.

In choosing the best kind of houses for your house, it is highly recommended always opts for the right kind of style for your home. Do not fret for the new ideas which will not be going to fit with your style and pattern.

In the available house plans, there are many variations may find and they are used according to the demand of the individual.

Especially the house plans in Bangalore are seen of a perfect blend of the contemporary and modern designs along with the old traditional one, with the twisted flavours.

30x40 house plans east facing

Sample 30×40 house plans east facing

East facing 30x40 duplex house plans built on a 1200 sq ft plot and constructed g+2 floors with ground floor having one 2bhk and 1st and second floor having an duplex house design

East facing 30×40 duplex house plans


House plans are available in many different kinds like 1200 sq ft house plans or 30×40 east facing duplex house plans, and one can have variant options to choose between.

Among the variant option of the plans, the first should be the adobe in which its ruggedness can be seen with the details of coverings of stucco and within the smooth walls. In the list, the next important one is the cottage home which is a modernised country home.

The house plans for the cottage homes concentrate on the large wall of the room and obviously with the beautiful porch. The home plans of the country home are seen to emphasize the vastness of the house and the parts of the home which is also big.

SAMPLE East facing house plans on 30×40 sites

duplex house plans on 30x40 east faciing plans having g+2 floors on a plot size of 1200 sq ft with 2600 sq ft built up area.

duplex house plans on 30×40 east facing

In the long run of the different types of homes, the option of the duplex home is very much family styled. Nowadays, different modern style had been adopted in the house plans of the particular homes such as wood or stucco mainly in the outside areas.

Designing rooms

To provide the split bedrooms gives the idea of the ranch houses in which the bedrooms are found into two opposite ends. In the different types of houses, you can find the several variant types of east facing plans which are implied according to the demand of the individuality of the houses. If the professionals are preparing all the plans, all the structures will find their new kind of raptures of their enormity.

The proper selection of the house plan largely depends on the personal preferences and the personality of yours. For creating a most exclusive style, you can take a look at your neighbourhood and try to explore what style dominates the locality.

Then by proper research chose a house plan which is different from the entire locality and also as beautiful from the best ones. The most important factor behind the chosen style should provide you with the feeling of joy, pleasure and course comfort ability too.