Advantages of Hiring Architects and role they play in Design, Estimate, Vastu, and Site Supervision

Advantages of Hiring Architects for a Project?

What are the issues to be considered before HIRING ARCHITECTS?

If you are constructing your dream house, the first issue you will encounter is the house’s design. Some contractors have abundant experience in the construction of houses, and they would suggest you a house plan, and you may accept it because the design is appealing.

Now, give the same design to an Architect based in Bangalore, and you would wonder the architect would show you several pitfalls in the design suggested by the contractor. As a matter of fact, the hiring of an architect has several other advantages also. These advantages can be explained as follows:


The Architect is a qualified person, and he understands your needs, and he can give you a better deal in terms of the house designs. An Architect would ensure that every space available is properly made use of, ensuring your comfort and convenience. He would prepare the building plan to suit your budget and ensures that the entire construction is well within the budget.


The architect will prepare a detailed plan that gives you a clear picture of the building’s frontage, the setbacks, the size of each room, kitchen, living room, the number and size of windows, size of the door, and height of the roof and so on. He would also ensure that the plans are as per the norms of the relevant corporation or municipality.

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The architect role gives a detailed estimate, which includes material cost, labor cost, interiors, landscaping, etc. The estimate will also mention the quality of materials to be used for various works. For example, the estimate would mention the size of steel used for pillars and roofs.

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Vastu is one of the issues haunting most people who construct their building, be it residential or commercial. The architect ensures that the building is fully according to the Vastu principle.


Hiring professionals will give you an advantage in that they will provide you with site supervision. Normally, he will depute a qualified supervisor who will be present at the site and oversee the contractor’s works being carried out. Alternatively, you can also ask for periodical visits. The architect will visit the site at regular intervals and ensure that works are in accordance with plans and estimates.

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The Role of an architect in site visits is to send you a periodical report of the work being carried out. If there is a possibility of cost run over, he will bring it to your notice. If you need any changes in the plan, the architect will make such changes after discussing the issue with you and the contractor.


The service charges of the architect vary between 3% to 5%, on the overall estimated or can be charged on a per sq ft basis which might cost Rs 40 / sq ft to Rs 150 / sq ft cost depending on various factors like the type of construction, overall built-up area and type of service required.

Hence Hiring the architect is considered extremely advantageous because they will be overseeing the work of the Building contractor who will be able to construct as per the proposed design. He will provide you with the necessary technical advice so that your dream building will be elegant, strong, and durable.

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