Understanding Eco-friendly Hosue Plans

As you know, since the recent past, people are becoming more eco-conscious; ecological degradation has become the cause of several problems like improper rainfall, environmental warming up; to name a few.

With every bag of sand or log of wood we use for our building, we are robbing the nature of its precious treasure and causing severe ecological imbalance.

To arrest this situation, architects and engineers have evolved on eco-friendly house designs in Bangalore.

Green buildings are built by using natural resources available locally and it is a balance between conventional steel or mortar and Geen building products. But, there are arguments for and against such eco green designs. These arguments are briefly summarized here:

Advantages of Eco friendly House Plans

  • Energy efficient:

    The buildings based on eco-friendly house plans in Bangalore which can be termed as eco-friendly houses use products which have high embodied energy as compared to those constructed using steel, sand and other such materials.

    By making proper use of solar and wind energy even the necessity for fans or air conditions can be eliminated. Thereby, operational energy can also be reduced considerably.

  • Cost Factor:

    Of course, green buildings involve a higher investment. But, you would agree with the long-range, it is certainly economical to build this type of building.

    For example, green buildings save a considerable amount of water and time. Experts say green buildings are economical by about 10% to 20% as against conventional buildings.

  • Indoor comfort:

    Experts have found that the quality of indoor air in an Eco-friendly building is much higher than a conventional building. This has become possible because of the use of natural resources which allow circulation of natural air.
  • Efficiency in material use:

    As you know, eco-friendly buildings are constructed using natural resources. These are non-toxic materials and they are available in plenty. Therefore, it involves less expenditure.
  • Enjoy tax rebate:

    Many governments allow considerable tax rebate for those buildings constructed out of eco-friendly materials.

Disadvantages of Eco friendly House designs

  • Weather condition :

    As you know, some of the materials used in eco friendly house plans where the buildings react to weather conditions. One example could be wood and it can emanate bad smell during winter and rainy season.

    The smell will tend to destroy the interior atmosphere of the building. In fact, the bad smell can cause several ailments like asthma and various types of viral infections.

  • Cost:

    Eco friendly buildings involve huge maintenance cost. For example, the wood used in the building may have to be periodically treated against weather and termite. Such maintenance cost could be considerably huge.
  • Durability:

    Even experts agree that eco-friendly buildings are not as durable as compared to conventional buildings. Further, with the passage of time, you may not find enough natural resources in the vicinity to rebuild the structure. In such cases, rebuilding such green structure would certainly become uneconomical.

Overall: Of course as an Architect, we feel that eco-friendly buildings are a welcome step in the right direction. But, before constructing such buildings, you should ensure issues like the regular supply of green building materials, the location of the buildings and the overall cost and durability of the building.

It is advisable that you should start construction work only after consulting with experts in the field.