Green Architecture Design

As Eco-friendly architects, we provide house plans and elevations, which are very sustainable in nature; we try to utilize locally available materials to have a minimal carbon footprint. Houses are elementary to make by the impact of the construction should also be considered.

All one needs to do is get in touch with us as we have architects well experienced in that area. The design done for greenhouses would require the client’s undivided attention.

Houses should have less Carbon footprint.

We do have a one-to-one session wherein we discuss all the necessary details in regards to the project. Considering the project revolves around greenhouses, the material used in the making of such houses needs to be settled down.

The regular design usually does not work feasibly with greenhouses. Based on the material being used, the design becomes much easier. We also consider using an eco concept in our landscaping services.

Our team will be associated only with the designing part and a suggestion of the green concept. We go on with the client until the very end. During the construction of any building, there could be a few technical problems. Being in touch with the construction department allows us to get to know the problem simultaneously and ensure that the solution is brought on board just about immediately.

Greenhouses do not cost you as much as regular house construction. The cost of construction in Bangalore is increasing day by day. The reason for this is straightforward; the materials that are used in the making of greenhouses are recycled ones.

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This is not very difficult to get your hands on. Many construction departments these days have a special section dedicated only to greenhouse purposes.

A few clients who are very particular about having a design made to get them a greenhouse aren’t aware of what procedure is followed to get such a house.

The only thing they know is that they need a greenhouse, but how and what will fetch them is explained to them by us.

Architects role in GREEN Design

As mentioned earlier, we have architects assigned to a certain project. They deal with the project by giving their undivided attention. When on one project, it is a must for them to concentrate alone on it, i.e., the client shouldn’t feel that they are being neglected.

Likewise, when explaining certain terminology, the concerned architect will explain the concept in a detailed manner. Like for instance, when it comes to the greenhouse, the fact that it is an eco-friendly option is not sufficient.

The architect goes down in-depth and explains the effects of going in with greenhouses. Why is that a greenhouse as an option good for you? How much would it cost? What kind of materials is being used etc.?

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