Residential house construction

Stages involved in Construction

Construction of a house in Bangalore is not an easy task at all but has been made much easier by the developments in the fields of science as well as technology which have led to the manufacture of useful tools and machines.

Of course, a proper procedure needs to be followed while constructing a building so that the task is achieved easily, smoothly, and without any interruption; one also needs to know the current cost of construction in Bangalore and how to reduce it.

If you are looking to construct a new residential house and have very little knowledge in this field, it is always desirable to consider experts in this field so that the work is completed without any major hassle and the building is healthy, durable, and safe for living or working.

One of the most frequent questions that generally come to your mind while starting the construction process is what the stages in the construction procedure are?

Stages for Residential house construction:

  • The first step while constructing a building is choosing a proper site for the current cost of building a house which can be done with the help of a real estate agent, engineer, architect, or general contractor.
  • Completion of the schedules and house plans in Bangalore for the building, which must satisfy the local and state rules and regulations by Architects in Bangalore.
  • You can even get these plans reviewed by a well-known architect of your choice before finalizing them. The essential permits for the building should be then obtained either by the home builder or the architects.
  • The next task that needs to be accomplished is one of the most difficult ones while constructing a building. The engineers and contractors then prepare a layout of the location of the home and, after that, begin the installation of the well, septic tank, and other accessories, although the coordinator may wish to put these items at the end.
  • The next step in residential house construction in Bangalore involves the actual construction activity; the construction site is prepared for accommodating the footings with the help of heavy equipment like excavators and diggers.
  • After stripping the forms to house the foundation walls, the floor made of concrete is poured and the types of walls commonly used are poured concrete walls and block foundation walls.
  • Once the centre walls get completed, the excavator is used to fill the holes back. Certain contractors set the floor joists before backfilling so that the walls are tied together. Carpenters and decking material than do the framing of the floor joists is then applied to the floor truss. The outdoor walls are then constructed along with the inner ones, but the walls that are used for separation are generally constructed once the roof is installed.
  • The carpenter then frames the roof along with the sheathing, and the building so far constructed is then analyzed by an inspector. The roof, doors, and windows are then installed, followed by other tasks like plumbing, installation of electric lines, painting, etc.
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