Getting a water connection in Bangalore from BWSSB?

Are you Building a House in Bengaluru? If YES, then know about the Procedure of getting water connection in Bangalore and the government regulations required as well as provide the documents needed for getting water connection from BWSSB.


Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB) is the leading governmental agency that is responsible for the provision of sewage disposal as well as water supply to the city of Bangalore. It was established back in 1964 and has been in operation to present.

Before you apply for getting the BWSSB water connection you need to know exactly under which category that the application should be submitted. There are many such as Domestic Single dwelling, Residential apartment, Commercial building, etc.

The charges will also vary depending on the type of connection whether it’s residential or commercial.

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The procedure of Getting BWSSB Water connection in Bangalore

Whenever you have made up your mind to get a water connection before or after building your home, then the first thing that you need to do is get in touch with BWSSB.

The first and foremost step is submitting the sanctioned plans from BDA/BBMP/BMRDA. In case you don’t have the plans then you can as well provide tax paid receipts from the BDA/BBMP or from any local authorities like gram panchayat, BMRDA, KIDB, etc

In cases, where the building is more than the ground floor then one needs to produce more than one occupancy certificate which is provided by the BDA/BBMP. Generally, Occupancy certificates are required from multi dwelled units such as apartments/rowhouses/group housing development.

One needs to get a letter of permission from the authorities which can be official or unofficial as it gives one the permission to pay fees. You are also required to get an application letter from BWSSB or BWSSB online website which shows that you have paid for the water connection and sanitary connection charges.

One is also required to submit the required documents to the engineer or apply it through a certified plumber. This fee can either be for domestic individual houses or on the ground floor for other floors.

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How to APPLY for BWSSB water connection in Bangalore?

Just after the completion of the Cauvery Phase II project in Bangalore, the residents are now able to get up to 500 million gallons of water per day.

Documents required for BWSSB water connection Bangalore

This project is benefiting residents from seven municipal councils which include Bommanahali, Yelahanka, Mahadevpura, Rajarajeshwarinagar, Byatarayanapura, K.R. Puram, Dasarahalli and Kengeri Municipal council.

BWSSB has received over 100,000 applications for water connection in Bangalore with over 50,000 of them having been approved and the rest pending approval since the applicants have not completed payment.

For any individual who wants to apply for a water connection from BWSSB then they need to submit a form that can be bought from the sub-division office within your area.

These forms are also available online from the BWSSB portal and one can download them, make sure that you submit two copies of the completed form.

Documents required for BWSSB water connection:

  • Building Plan sanction plan or a tax paid.
  • Proof of address that is telephone bill or electricity bill.
  • A stamp paper.
  • Rainwater harvesting adoption document.
  • Photograph of the house.
  • The beneficiary of Capital Contribution Receipt.

BWSSB water connection charges in Bangalore:

The total amount to be calculated in this form; Total fees + Parota charges + Beneficiary capital contribution. The breakup of total fee charges entails meter charges, inspection fee, three months fee, sewage line fee as well as a connection fee.

The Parota charges are only applicable for houses that have more than one story and a site that measures 1200 sq ft and above. In case you reside in a house that has more than three stories’s then the Parota charges apply from the second floor upwards.

Where to submit these forms?

These forms are to be submitted to the nearest BWSSB subdivision office. It takes around 15 days for the water to be connected since inspection might take a few days. Under the Karnataka Guarantee of services, Citizens act the following deadline of service connection is covered by the act.

There is permission for new connection/Additional connection for water supply as well as the underground drainage for residential and buildings which exclude apartments.

There is also the permission for new connections/ Additional connections for water supply as well as underground drainage for multi-stored buildings all of which take a maximum of 7 days.

How much water does BWSSB supply?

BWSSB is the supplier of over 200 million gallons of water a day to the city of Bangalore despite a high demand of approximately 1 billion liters. The water that is supplied in the city comes from a variety of sources with 80% of the water supply coming from the Cauvery River and the other from Arkavathy River.

The average water supply that BWSSB is able to provide per capita ranges between 100 to 125 liters per day. The actual availability of the water in poor areas is greatly affected by infrastructure and can be as low as 40 to 45 liters per day.

The national standard for the city the size of Bangalore is between 150 to 200 liters.


Most of the water supply in Bangalore comes from the Cauvery river and is imported by BWSSB. Initially, water was being drawn from a reservoir in a village near the city.

However, so as to meet the ever-increasing demand the water supply was taken over by BWSSB and has completed the construction of all the phases.


20% of the water that is supplied in Bangalore comes from the Arkavathy river which has two reservoirs. In 2007, the volume of water in the river reduced to a point it was running dry.

BWSSB had to look for alternative means so as to address the issue. They started providing water up to one hour per day as well as diverting water from other parts of the city.


In order to address the issue of water supply, BWSSB has come up with several rainwater harvesting techniques such as the one that is being used in Chennai. Such methods have greatly reduced the supply of water within the city and they are becoming mandatory in Bangalore.

It’s now mandatory to show the rainwater harvesting provision on the plan approval drawings/blueprint and also implement it.

Do you need to PAY additional charges for getting BWSSB water connection?

There are a lot of complaints regarding bribery when it comes to water connections in Bengaluru. Most people complain that they are being forced to pay bribes for new connections.

The problem is that these people use the services of plumbers rather than dealing directly with BWSSB.

Most of the BWSSB certified plumbers just sit in the offices and will ask for extra figures however if you choose to deal directly with BWSSB you will get better services at lower rates.

The cases of bribery have been very rampant where there are instances where BWSSB plumbers have been reported to collect as much as Rs 500 for just accepting the applications. These charges are not mentioned anywhere in the application forms.

As a matter of fact, the plumbers are not allowed to collect any form of additional charges. What they are allowed to collect is labor charges which are only applicable during the time of laying pipes.

There are instances where individuals have paid more than Rs 10,000 for connection, pipe laying, and meter fixing. What is even more absurd is that the case involves single-story houses in a 30 X 40 site

Some of the plumbers may be very mischievous in that whenever they may lie to you that your application form has been misplaced at the BWSSB offices and that you will need to make additional payments for you to get assistance.

Why does BWSSB collect operational Cost?

Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has recently made a move on mandatory occupancy certificate a move that offers huge relief to hundreds of homeowners who are looking to have new water connections.

The move is expected to benefit hundreds of homeowners who were unable to benefit from these new connections due to the conditions that were put in place.

Just after the relaxation of the rule close to 400 new water connections were issued. The only requirement is the residents to provide an affidavit that shows they will apply for OC certification.

That is the only requirement along with the non-refundable deposit for a new connection. The water supply board levies penalties on connections which work out at 50% for monthly water bill and 100% for commercial complexes.

The OC certification needs to be possessed by the homeowner of the house running 300 square meters as well as those that are equipped with more than four kitchens apart from the commercial apartments. The penalty that is levied is handed back once the OC certificate has been handed to the water supply board.


Bangalore sewerage system was built in 1922 when the city was still much smaller and it only served at the heart of the city. The city greatly expanded by 1950 a project that was initiated by the expanded sewerage system.

After it was formed BWSSB programs implemented a new system to its sewers where the current system makes use of stoneware pipes of up to 300 millimeters in diameter and mains and outfalls up to 2,100 millimeters in diameter. The three main stages in the sewerage plan include treatment plant as well as two other additional mini-plants.


When it comes to applying for sanitary connections in Bangalore then one needs to provide the floor area of the building, number of toilets, number of sanitary plumbing as well as the plumbing connections that are required, water points as well as the overhead and sump tank capacity with the vast information provided you will find it very easy applying for water connection.