Why everyone wants to make Bangalore their Home. . . .!

Bangalore, widely renowned as the silicon valley of India is one of the fastest going cities in the country. Situated in the centre of Karnataka, the city is the IT hub of India and has contributed a lot to the progress of the country in the IT sector. The cosmopolitan nature of the city in addition to the colourful lifestyle and the pleasant weather has made it highly demanding in today’s world.

The city is considered to house a large number of jobs in the IT industry which has attracted qualified youth from different parts of the country. All the major players in the market are either looking to set up a new business or expand an already existing one in the market.

It is one of the most beautiful, clean and well-planned cities in the country. If you are planning to start your residential house construction in Bangalore, then you need to know the actual cost of construction in Bangalore which at present hovers around Rs 1300 per sqft at Bangalore.


All the above factors have led to the immigration of people from different parts of the globe which in turn has increased the demand for residential as well as commercial buildings. If you are already a resident of the city and have an extra room or apartment to rent, you have a great opportunity to earn some real cash.

Buildings and complexes at prime locations in the city are tough to find and come at a good cost as well. Though the real estate market has seen a drop in the prices after the city was hit by recession in recent years, it continues to enjoy value for properties and buildings in the city. Well, if you are looking to construct a new house in the city, you must gather good information regarding house construction cost in Bangalore.

How to prepare your Self for Construction work

You must be extremely careful and follow certain important steps before preparing the expenditure chart. You should then visit the site of construction repeatedly along with your family members and consider all the important elements of the house like kitchen, bathroom, living room, drawing room, bedroom, etc. carefully and it must also be given equal importance to achieve healthier living.

Since all your family members are going to reside in the building, you must look after their wishes as well before finalizing the deal. The current construction cost varies from 1300 onwards which excludes architects fee.

Know about Construction Materials

If you are looking for a middle-class finish comprising of aluminium or sal or upvc windows and granite or vitrified tiles, you can achieve it easily in a budget of one to two lakhs per hundred square feet. On the other hand, if you are interested in providing an elegant and high-class finish consisting of teak wood and Italian marble, be ready to spend two to three lakhs per square.

Approvals required from respective Authorities

While preparing the budget, you need to keep ten per cent of it for decorating the interiors of the house, sanctioning the plan from BBMP/BMRDA/BDA and for meeting BWSSB and KPTCL charges. Charges involving the hiring of architects, contractors, engineers, electricians and plumbers must also be included in the budget. All the costs must be planned properly and some additional expenses must always be kept into consideration while constructing a house in Bangalore.