Residential House Plans

Residential house plans stages in the construction

If you are looking to construct a new building that may be used for residential or commercial purposes and you are not an expert in this field, As an architectural firm, we provide various Residential house plans in Bangalore; before working on the house plans, we need to know all the requirement and tasks.

All the tasks involved in the process must be accomplished stepwise to construct a durable building and serve the purpose as well. The first thing that needs to be done is to gather information regarding the stages of building construction.

Well, the steps are simple but need to be followed carefully for constructing the building. You can even hire experts in this field who will guide you through the entire process of construction.

Plan according to the local regulations

The first step in the construction process is selecting an appropriate site for the construction of the building. You can seek the help of a local contractor, architect, real estate agent, or engineer to finish this task.

You can visit our works gallery, where we have uploaded  30×40,40×60,30×50,40×40,50×80,60×60 house plans in Bangalore. The designs are then planned for the building, which must meet the local and state regulations and must be reviewed by our architect.

The builder or architect should then obtain the essential permits for the building. The land must be cleared of trees, bushes, and shrubs by using large machines like excavators, and a path is created for accessing the exact location of the building.

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Preparation of the layout of the building

The next step for residential house plans is to prepare the layout of the building by an engineer or contractor. The project coordinator may then look to begin the setting up of septic tanks, wells, or other accessories or leave them to be finished at the end.

The large and heavy machinery and equipment are then used for digging the land and arranging it for footings. The masons then pour the footings, and the forms are shredded to accommodate the foundation walls. The pouring of the concrete floor is then done, and the excavator fills back the holes created earlier.

The structural detailing of walls and sections

To secure the walls collectively, certain contractors look to set the floor joists before the back-filling is done. A framing squad then frames the floor truss or carpenter, and a decking substance is then applied.

The framers or carpenters construct the external walls, but the internal partition walls are generally built once the roof is installed. The carpenter then frames the roof along with the sheathing at which the walls may also be sealed.

Building finishes

In residential house plans Bangalore, you need to finalize the house designs before selecting a building contractor. An inspector then investigates the portions of the building that have been constructed so far to check whether they have been built properly. After this, the roofing contractor installs the shingles on the roof, and the carpenters install the doors and windows.

The siding is then done for the new building, and air conditioning, heating, and ventilation facilities are installed.  The plumbers and electricians then begin their work, and tasks like insulation, installation of drywall and floors, and painting are accomplished.

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The ultimate concrete work is composed of a concrete porch in the front, footpaths, and garage floors. As an architectural designing firm in Bangalore, we provide residential house plans in Bangalore or any other architectural services at reasonable costs.

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