Should you Prefer Eco Friendly House Plans or Conventional House Plans

Which do you prefer? Eco-friendly house or conventional house?

These days the prohibitive construction cost makes people think twice before they start construction of their dream home.

On the other hand, environmentalist suggests that people should build greenhouses because it is Eco-friendly, economical and the building can be constructed within a short span of time.

The question that naturally arises is…what are the points of difference between conventional or green design.

What are Eco-friendly house plans and their Impact on Nature?

• Natural products available locally:

As the very name suggests, these buildings are Eco-friendly because they are constructed out of natural products like wood and other materials available in plenty.

• Easy to construct and maintain:

Further, it is effortless to construct a green building as per plan. As a result, you save on preliminary expenses on water and electricity. Further, eco-friendly house designed buildings are easy to maintenance.

Just apply an appropriate coat of varnish or paint, which would be enough to save the wood from termites and harsh weather conditions.
Eco frienly advantages

• Cost-effective and known for aesthetic beauty:

These natural products do not cost any burden on a budget of the individual. By using eco-friendly products, you are protecting the ecology of the place.

Eco-friendly buildings are popular for their aesthetic beauty and also for their attractive interior designs. In a green building design, you can also use modern gadgets like fans, air conditioner, air cooler, etc. As a result, you find sustainable design is more advantageous than conventional building plans.

What are Conventional House plans and Its Impact on Nature?

• Uses natural resources like sand, steel and so on:

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These conventional house designs involve the use of materials like steel, sand, cement, abundant water, wood, etc. Of course, these are nothing but the use of natural resources. For example, continuous excavation of sand from the river bed can affect the course of the river, and it can, in turn, affect the ecology of the particular region.

But, the use of sand in the construction work will make the building strong and long-lasting. Further, such buildings will present a wonderful aesthetic beauty.

• Construction of multi-storied building:

By using these building materials, multistory buildings can be constructed. Such multistory buildings will provide accommodation for hundreds of families. If you use greenhouse building materials, then it may not be possible to build multistory buildings.

• Cost of construction: Further, the cost of construction of greenhouse building is considerably higher than that of conventional buildings.

The greenhouse buildings require periodical maintenance. It is said that greenhouse buildings require maintenance every alternate year. That would be a burden on a budget of the individual.

As you know, conventional buildings will last for at least 70 to 80 years. On the contrary, the greenhouse building may last for 15 to 20 years. After this period, the greenhouse building should be constructed afresh.

Perhaps we can conclude that conventional buildings have a higher durability ratio than Eco-friendly buildings. Your choice of conventional or sustainable building plans depends on the type of building you are constructing.

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