Landscape architects in Bangalore

As Landscaping architects in Bangalore, we first understand the design of the topography of the slope. We consult our other professionals, such as hydrologists, civil engineers, architects, and others involved in the project during all stages of the design and planning.  Once the landscape design is finished or complete, we prepare a proposal for the customer.

We make or create detailed plans for the site such as sketches, written reports, photographs, models, cost estimates, land-use studies and submit them for the regulatory agencies and customer approval.
Once the landscape design plans are approved.

We prepare working drawings, which show all the existing and proposed aspects. We also sketch in detail the processes of construction and prepare a list of essential materials. Landscape architects then generally monitor the completion of their design, with our landscape contractors or general contractors generally directing the actual creation of the site and installation of the plantings.

Landscaping types

We also worked on several projects and specialized in a particular area, such as highway and street beautification, shopping centres, residential development, parks and playgrounds, waterfront improvement projects, and lots more. Our team provides landscaping services in Bangalore and works in resource management and regional planning, environmental impact, feasibility, site construction, cost studies, and lots more.

We are becoming involved with projects in environmental remediation, such as restoration and preservation of wetlands or abatement of the stormwater run-off in the new developments. Historic landscape restoration and preservation is another important field where we are increasingly playing a significant role.

We also do residential work at a reasonable cost or within your budget. Generally, residential landscaping projects are very small when compared to residential or commercial projects. No matter what type of landscape design project you need or architectural projects, whether it a budget projector multi-crore or multi-million dollar projects, we are ready to help and guide you from the beginning until the project’s completion.

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We also work for government agencies and do landscape and site design for public parks, government buildings, other government sites, and park and recreation planning in national forests and parks. Moreover, we also prepare studies on environmental and environmental impact statement issues such as public land-use planning.  We also restore the degraded lands such as landfills and mines.

Landscaping working conditions

We spend most of our time in our offices making designs and plans, estimating the project’s cost, preparing landscape models, attending meetings with customers, and doing research about the project. We have several other experts who join together in planning and designing the project successfully. Once the customer and the regulations agencies approve the plan, the rest is spent on the site.

During the planning and designing stage, our landscape architects visit and analyze the landscape site to verify that the design could be included in the landscape. Once the house plans and elevation features are completed, we spend more time supervising or observing the construction.

If we work for large regional or national firms, we spend considerably more time out of the office traveling to the sites away from the local area. We are happy to help you at any time regarding your residential or commercial landscaping projects.

If you need a guide or help for your residential or commercial landscaping project, we provide you with complete high-quality services at reasonable rates. For inquiries and other details, you could log on to our website or mail us or feel free to contact us at any time. When it comes to designing and building homes, we never compromise with the quality.

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