Kerala House plans in Bangalore

We provide Kerala house plans in Bangalore based on sloped roofs, wooden sitting arrangements, courtyards, etc. Kerala is one of the beautiful states in India in the southern tip, with the Arabian Sea touching its sand on the long western side. On the eastern side, greenery rich and hilly plantations with tea and spice plantations such as coffee, cardamom, tea, pepper, and lots more.

From the eastern part to the western part, from seashore to hilly green forests, many rivers flow to join lakes and at last flowing down to join with the sea. A real delight for the mind and eyes of any tourist, Kerala is the most striking state of India, and it is also one of the beautiful places in the world.

Some of the Important Features of Kerala Architecture

Selection of the Place for Building the House:

Generally, first, the place is selected, and then the construction process starts after the Kerala house plans in Bangalore are finalized. In a larger plot, it is divided into four equal parts. The Northeastern part of the plot is chosen for building the home. Generally, most of the Kerala architecture first built the house facing east, and other things are considered only there is no access or road to the plot from the east. The facades of the houses are west, south, and north.

Location of the well

Most of the Kerala house plans have central courtyards. It is considered one of the most important things for the house since it is the main source for drinking water, water for a bath, water for agriculture, cleaning, etc. Generally, the well is located on the northeast side of the plot.

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The structure includes a door forming part of the compound wall of the home with the tiled roof on the top.  It is considered the formal entrance of the house.  Now in most of Kerala, houses are built with gates instead of the doorway entrance. The cost of construction in Bangalore varies from 1500 to 1600 / sq ft.


It is the place where you enter the house. Generally, it is built with a tiled roof with supporting pillars. Both sides are open.

Living Room

After reaching the Poomukham, we reach the living room, where the family, friends, and guests get together and enjoy. Usually, living rooms are built-in larger sizes compared to other rooms of the house. According to your preference and plot, we are ready to build a comfortable and traditional Kerala-style house for you.

Family Room

As the formal living room will be used for formal meetings and to meet guests, this place is where the family members could relax and listen to music or watch TV. Nowadays, most of the houses in Kerala have this room or area as a common feature.

Pooja Room

Pooja room is usually built on the North East corner side of the house. Idols must be kept facing towards the east, and the person praying must face the west. These days most of the pooja rooms are finished with wood paneling on the w the, and there is a common design for almost all the pooja rooms in Kerala-style homes.


According to the Vastu, the master bedroom is built at the Southwest corner side of the house, and the head of the cot is facing towards the south. Most of the bedrooms provide easy access to the toilet or bathroom.

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Usually, the kitchen is built on the North East corner side of the house, close to the well or a water supply. Both the kitchen and the well are placed according to the vasthu.

Other Features

There are several house plans and elevation that can be designed based on Kerala architecture; other features are included in the Kerala Architecture such as Chuttu verandah, Charupady, Ambal Kulam, Living Room, Front Foyer, Nadumuttom, Car porch, Rear Foyer, Chitra thoonukal, Aaattu Kattil, Mural paintings, Clay tile laying on roof and floor, Wooden flooring and Interior woodwork with carvings and lots more.

We are Architects in Bangalore trying to make you understand Kerala’s Architecture of today. We are involved in the architectural design and construction of buildings in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Other parts of India whether you need a Kerala architecture design at Bangalore.

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