Landscaping services in Bangalore

Importance of Hiring Landscaping architects in Bangalore it’s important that everyone enjoys public parks, attractive residential areas, college campuses, parkways, golf courses, industrial parks, and shopping centres. Landscape architects generally design these places.

Therefore, they are beautiful, functional, and compatible with the natural environment. We are one of Bangalore’s best landscape architects firms, with several qualified and experienced landscape architects working alongside us.

As for the topography planning based on the roads, walkways, location of the buildings, and the arrangement of shrubs, trees, and flowers, natural resource conservation, and reclamations and historic preservation are other important objectives to which our landscape design might apply our knowledge of the environment, design, and artistic talents.

Bangalore’s construction cost varies between Rs 1500 to Rs 1750 / sq ft, so to prepare the landscape designs, we use one of the most popular and essential tools, computer-aided design or CAD.

Sometimes our team also uses video simulation to help the customers see the proposed plans and ideas. For a bigger scale site planning, we also use the computer mapping system known as geographic information systems technology.

What is the need for hiring Landscaping services?

We are hired by many types of organizations, such as real estate development firms starting new projects and municipalities constructing airport parks for landscaping services in Bangalore. We are involved with the development of the site from its conception.  Working with engineers, architects, and various other professionals, we help determine the best roads, restore natural resources, or build to conserve.

When these decisions are made, we create a perfect and detailed plan showing vegetation, new topography, landscaping details, walkways, decorative features, fountains, and various landscape features and details. We associated with several foresters, environmental scientists, and various other professionals to find the perfect way to restore or conserve natural resources.

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Amenities to be planned in Landscaping

In landscape planning or designing a site based on the elevation and house plans, our team first considers the nature and the purpose of the landscape projects. We complete the projects within your budget or according to the funds available.

We analyze the natural components of the site, such as the soil, climate, slope of the land, vegetation, and drainage; observe where the sunlight falls on the site at several or different times of the day and study the site from several angles; and assess the effect of the existing buildings, walkways, roads, and utilities on the project.

After examining and analyzing the place or site4, we prepare the preliminary landscape design.  To suit the requirements of the customers and the conditions of the place or site, we often make changes before a final landscape design is approved or accepted. We also consider any state or local, or government regulations like those protecting historic resources or wetlands.

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